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Stellar Feb 2017
stuffed toys

he always knew you weren't fond of them

so today,
he's gonna chase after scattered rays of light among the shallows
he's gonna write you a prose about love and fire tornadoes
he's gonna read to you Pablo Neruda and Maya Angelou
but he's gonna lie about liking pineapples on pizza and not leaving you
Stellar Nov 2016
who were you
Stellar Mar 2016
here's to making me believe in this world
and in every single thing
i once thought i'm not capable of
like love
and kindness
and all those **in-betweens
  Sep 2015 Stellar
Turn Off The Lights
It only takes a second to melt
To the sight of what once could have been.

Waking up is the worst part.
Stellar Sep 2015
one day you're 16
and broken
and you swore to the universe
you'd never let anyone
hold your happiness for you ever again

then you're 21
and still breathing
and you continue to love yourself
'cause if you won't,
no one else will
Stellar Apr 2015
he used his senses to define her
with every stroke, firm and definite
turning curves into angles,
spaces into holes,
flaws into perfection

she was his world
she was his art

but little did he know
that she's suffocating­
she never wanted to be his world
she only wa­nted to be part of *it
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  Mar 2015 Stellar
I don't want to touch your body.
No, darling. I want to touch your soul.
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