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When my world turned upside down,
And it seemed all forces were against me,
I thought you were the one thing stable,
Something I could cling to blindly.
But instead you are the feet
That have shaken the foundations loose.
You are the winds,
Ripping years of roots from the ground.
I thought you were stable
In my world of instability.
But instead,
You are the world.
A poem loosely based on a story I am writing.
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
Keep blinking  
Don’t think more about it
Just blink
Blink away the dark
Because my lashes are that strong aren't they.
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
Little lies like these
Can hold many
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
A lie
A lie is what I am
A lie is what I am living
A lie is what I am living everyday

But no one knows
Not a soul knows
That a lie is what I am living

'It's nice to meet you' they say
'It's nice to meet the real you' they unknowingly lie

And the lie within me laughs
The lie within me chortles endlessly
The lie within me snickers and prances and chortles and laughs.
For only it knows
That a lie is what I am living,
That a lie is what I am.
A little bit of an exaggeration of how I feel, but what isn't an exaggeration?
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
I know it seems
Like I'm a
But I'm not;
That's just
My facade for
The real me.
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
The flower falls
A petal dies
No nectar for all
The butterflies.
Just a little thing I wrote when I was bored. Not much..
Daisy Ashcroft Dec 2019
The weight of silence is easy
You can learn it too
Just sit and breathe and let
The silence do what it needs to do

Thus when I come to you
You know I don't want your talk
Of 'Just know I'm here'
And you won't expect me to walk
You along the path of my fear

All you do is sit and breathe and listen
Just sit and breathe and let
The weight of silence
Turn on the faucet
Of slow, slow healing
Started to lose its flow towards the end, but the poem just came to me so I had to get it out as quickly as possible.
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