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emily mikkelsen Jan 2017
I split my lip
& ****** the blood
between my teeth
reminding myself
of how it felt
when you kissed me.
People commit suicide when their soul is dehydrated
When thoughts outside a solid wall can not be gyrated
All embers grow cold and vacant like they've been sedated
Or maybe caved in because once inflated to a certain extent
There's no room to be sated when only knowing wicked intent
A body needs to be caressed and let a broken bone mend
To make it flexible and elastic -first shown how to bend
It's nothing fantastic but merely a lesson on how to cope
How to watch yourself rebound from any and all hope
How to break down and realign then redesign the entire mind
Seeing being beaming retreating
screaming at you
with NOTHING inside

And how that harrowed hole bores into how you're defined
And how time is the only place left to fill an empty space
So hollow at this point it feels like it can just be replaced
The following revolutions come one second at a time
If you can't find the courage for evolution
You're destined to rewind
It manifests as a habit building pressure in your mind
Until one day what's filled up has pressed your luck
Because guess what? it was the same as the last grind

The only healthy circle comes from an innate sense of being
When you reach within all you've been and all that you are seeing
And when you find the epitome of all that you have sought Remember all in practice & nothing that lasts is bought Overcoming tragedy found through glory and no retreat
While marching to the sound of your heart's personal drumbeat Will be lost to you over and again yet returns at a single thought It's no predisposition but practiced, understood, then conditioned When you open your ears and truly listen

Not all times do diamonds glisten.
No footprints are left behind without a vision.
No wisdom is borne without decision.
Nothing changes without remission.
No fault is known without admission.
No script was written without revision.
No skill ever mastered without precision.

So when you spend time wondering how things could have been different.

You'll do yourself a favor instead wondering what it all meant.
gleck Mar 2016
Dehydrated skin, like leather
You being here doesn't make it better

Forehead against forehead
I feel my temperature rise

You make me sick to my stomach
Dear -
Darling -
My little stomach bug
Cindra Carr Feb 2012
Wastelands of dry parched nothingness
Forced pursuit of pale mirages filled with life
Wavering brinks of relief in the scorching heat
Washed away life of golden liquid
Dehydrated stumbles in the dreaming darkness
Faded taste of malicious lies
Water in feverous dreams
Dried up mouth in waking sleep

Christian Ek Sep 2014
The two felt a chemical attraction.
Serotonin leaked onto his uncovered skin.
He couldn't speak, his tongue dried, dehydrated by her heat.
**** those eyes were like Kryptonite, He had pride in himself for being a statue.
Smooth as a razor blade he came out of that conversation dull.
The wrong impression was given since he had handed her rotten flowers.
Give me a second to recollect my thoughts and bring them back from the stunned blackout, wow, you are such a powerful knockout.
I'm fixing my posture and choosing my words right.
Our symbols are well matched and I'm not talking astrology, I'm talking chemistry.
Two different colors mixed together makes her blush and makes me crush.
Standing upon the floating rock
The way this world turns us
The volcanoes that burn us
The furnace of inadequacy
The tragedy of living unhappily
How can it be
Her arms wrapped around me
My heart pumping dust storms of dehydrated lust
by my own heart's desire
All I do is aspire to have greatness acquired
So I’m tired of
pushing myself past the mirrors edge
The glass shattered
My fingers bled
And I tape them with optimism
The mind can be a prison
Or an oasis
The days like birds just keep flying by
I only have time to think about life when I’m away from it
the irony surrounding all of us
I want to be like the birds and let the gusts be my master
my minds a disaster
Everything I’ve wanted seems no longer to matter
searching what I'm really after
Jade Charlotte Oct 2017
I'm worn to a nub --
From harbouring feelings beneath this doc.
I drown in the high tide --
When the waves tuck in the sand
And sing starry lullabies.
I weep emptily --
A dehydrated wallow --
When the sea goes off to work in the early morning.
The same seaweed and tide pool soup for breakfast.
When will the moon return to its home
Within my rib cage?
Negra Jan 2016
You felt good
You went down smooth
I was a bit drunk on you
Elevated for a short time
You started making me sick.
I knew you were bad for my organs
But who cares about the inside anyways.
I vomited all I had of you
Hoping it'd make me feel better.
It was messy but honest.
All that went in was exposed.
So I slept on it.
I slept for a while.
I woke up expecting another day.
But I wasn't drunk anymore.
My organs weren't diluted with your toxins anymore.
I was just dry. Dehydrated. You took all my replenishments away.
I didn't get over it when you were gone though.
I was hung over.
Never wanted to see you again.
At the same time you were still there banging my head.
With time I'll feel better.
Chrissy Jun 12
I have seen you pluck your feathers and give to those that wouldn’t do the same
why must you give and give until you have nothing left
why must you let them stop you from flying beyond restrictions
Can you not see how they are stealing your air and replacing it with carbon monoxide
they are jealous that you flew so much higher than them
they were jealous that the stars would shine so much brighter when you approached
my love have you not bruised your knees enough falling on behalf of others
you do not have to ******* yourself for beings that will not give you water when you are dehydrated
sometimes you have to be selfish because people take advantage of you niceness
wildepick Jul 2018
i feel like dying
and ted I don’t mean figuratively
because it’s true
i want to *****
i want to cry
i want to plead
“please why?”
if I were to describe that dream
that’s a beautiful monster
beautiful yet horrifying
happy yet destructive
i feel for a moment
that i'm complete, whole
for a weird reason
i want to drink lots of water
i feel dehydrated inside
and at the same time
drown this feeling down
like a child
who doesn’t know how to swim
**** him gasping for air
help me
i don’t want to die like this”
but I will say
“i want you to die like that
because i'm thirsty
and I want you to die”
im just hoping
that the kid’s death
will not eventually
**** me in the long run
because I felt that it will
Eric Mar 10
I have loved , and love I shall.
Forever more , till the ticking time tells
You won't come back , but I hope
I stoke the fire , like it hasn't been stoked
I Kindle the feelings , till they blaze
Your the only water I praise
But dehydrated I feel , almost squeezed dry
I know it doesn't help, with each tear I cry.
You've been gone for a year, is this a test?
To see how I take the time I have left ?
I feel like I'm running out of breath
Everyday is like I'm waiting
But a answer , I fall short of getting.
I feel there's a time limit for something
But I can't put the right hands on it .
All I'm left with is three hands
Two of which come to thought , now and again
But every second passes us by like we stand still
Tatiana Dec 2018
The sky is whiter than normal.
The cloud cover makes you sick.
It's the first snow of the season
You wish it didn't exist.
A blizzard beneath your eyelids
when your body grows weak.
You fall off the edge of a precipice
one that has no right to exist.

It all seemed to fade away
in pieces.

The snow is coming down
landing on your face,
and you frown.
You dislike how it collects on the ground.
You wrap your arms tighter
around yourself.
You can't admit you're cold.
You can't ask for help.
And I see you shiver
your way through Hell.
Like you're an icy mirror
You reflect myself.

The ground ceased to exist.
What was once so solid,
so real that the dirt stained
whatever it touched.
It burned away in these
eternal flames.
That I found myself trapped in.
Hell, is my home burning?
It's always so **** hot.
I used to drip with sweat.
I haven't drank water in over a year.
I don't sweat I'm dehydrated.

It all seemed to fade today
in pieces.

The flames are rising high
ready to leave ash in my place.
I'm sure my horror would show
if I could truly feel my face.
I wrap my arms tighter
around myself.
I can't admit I'm burning.
I can't ask for help.
You see me burning
my way through life.
Like I'm the reflection
of your strife.

It all seemed to fade away
in pieces.
It all seemed to fade today
in pieces.

© Tatiana
Here's a little song I wrote (you might want to sing it note by note) lol. But this is a song I wrote. I tend to just play a chord progression on the piano and then sing whatever comes to mind. I record the result of that on my phone and then I collect the lyrics and form them into something that makes sense. And this is that result.
Empire Jun 4
Mascara coats my face
I can’t move
I can’t think
My whole body is exhausted
I’m dehydrated
My phone covered in salt and makeup
Tissues... everywhere.
girl gonzo May 30
my mouth dries from too much caffeine and my head becomes dehydrated
a beetle the size of a thimble slips into my coffee and makes his way into my throat
floating into a tunnel where there's only flooded acid at the bottom waiting for you
all the music is beginning to sound the same and I can't tell them apart at parties
when they ask my opinion my feet vibrate and I try to calibrate all the laughing boys in the back of my head to what I think I know
but the noise tosses my sentences into word salads
unwavering in your methods the song never ends and the candy never dissolves in your mouth completely
you can measure the distance and the dissonance of the people you've met under your belt like a buckle tightening inside a car when it stops
Lou Feb 18
When did I become disposable income?
I was so poor,
I know I must of seemed like a steal.
My bones are made of dehydrated milk and skin of a mothers welfare.

Support came with regrets, you know.
But how you managed to squeeze a penny from a SNAP of my belly-

You must be good with money
How you,
Leave pockets empty with no change
not even a wallet with a memory to care

Eat your heart out through an ***, Jeff Bezos.
Silver spoon deeply exempted and certainly a love affair.
Don't choke on *** of cold hard ****
It's free of charge,

I can't even save a seat for my fathers cooking;
(also dehydrated and distant in taste and substance)
let alone read a book written on saving money for someone special.

I had a bid in those texts you invested in
I hope you are rich and get all the love
Certainly someone must.
Cause I feel I am getting hungry
And you are getting,

jae Nov 2018
“bony is beautiful” you whisper as you reach towards me with your luring, sticky fingers extending out as you wrap them around my cold body.
you sharpen my inhales as they cut my heart on their way to my lungs.
you sear your print into my pale skin claiming me as your child of the night.
the previous marks are melting away into something more, pooling at my feet, bathing me in its sick glaze.
you tremble against my skin as you feed on my fear and insecurities, dragging me deeper and deeper into your fiery hell.
you look me in my eyes and wrap your hands around my delicate neck, my vision fades.

you are my demon;
the fear of others and the depths of human mentality,
the untraceable percentage of human worthlessness,
the detestable attraction to the demise of our minds.

i don’t even know what you look like, but i can feel you here.
your dehydrated skin that reminds me of leather
the ashes you were formed from
that are now clouding my lungs and
i cannot breathe

maybe all it took was my change in scenery;
my hair grew longer, and so did your claws.
and i’m now manifested with the scars you materialized.

a permanent body modification

you said i don’t deserve happiness unless i suffer for it.
and now i can never see you until it’s too late and i’m already bleeding.

i didn’t know having you around would make me want to be so skinny
until you were cutting away at all the edges that had grown soft since i finally left him.

it was a topic that flooded my mind for months.
it looked like a strict diet of fingernails and bones crushed into salt.
it was swallowing chalk dust to begin the day, shoving shards of glass into the scars of my heart.
it was ripping myself from the comfort of my own home.
it was being afraid of the dark.
it was swallowing my own heart.                                                           ­                  
and now, you, my demon, hold my body, empty
my soul scooped out of myself
nothing left but skin
i placed my body in your hands
i allowed you to blight my body
you said you would protect me
i scrawled poetry into broken bits and you laughed

but now?
you and him suffocate on my sunshine
the sugar you two injected in me, to keep me sweet and vulnerable,
is dying off.
until the only part of you two that will remain within me
is the notch in my heart.
and it makes my heart beat for three.
in these moments,
i'll find strength.
i'll have courage and fervor to hold on.

when my inner demon taunts me to let go,
when it smirks because the intensity is burning,
and my soul bleeds and bones ache,
and my will is tested

when the ranking of that boy was so high in the depths of my mind,
and he just blew it all away
and you're left to pick up the pieces

but his punches were so so kind
and now all that's left is the presbyopia of love

you're a "pretty girl with a pretty face"
that your demon and he will infinitely chase.
gripping your heart,
and clouding your mind

but it's all in your head

where an escape is impossible to hide.
Nicole H Feb 7
the land i am from,
how i wish to preserve it in such a matter that
i could keep the dehydrated oceans from
enclosing my crisp pigmented limbs.

the light cannot be reflected from wings in the dark.

hang up your coat by the door, you say.
pin up the membranes of your past under the glass.

radiate upon me as hues pump through my vessels, old and new.
as i seek for the land i am from, a land with you.
from things i found in my room that have to do with you
Mara Dec 2018
I'm sorry for the plant that died
in my hands

I'm sorry your
plants are dying

I'm a bad luck charm
a silent surprise

I bring the worst out of people
(oftentimes myself)

//  haiku -

losing I'm dehydrated  
haven't you noticed the sun
I can make it leave
dove Jun 12
The concert just finished
I had the time of my life
But my body gave out
dehydrated, exhausted
I remember being scared at how pale my hands were
It was midnight
Im inside an ambulance
And my mom was waiting at the hospital
I laid on the bed as if I was dead
I recall my mom telling me that my blood sugar
Was very low— around 60 mg
That moment, I didn’t feel anything
And I liked it
My mind wasn’t jumping from wall to wall
I felt at ease
I was taking a break from myself
Lumi Dec 2018
drowning in shallow water
and liking it just as much
as suffocating in the deep end.

because both are

yet i am still dehydrated and denied of your appreciation
so come and swim in my waters
walk in my valleys
and drown me in your well.

because all are
you always were one for adventure.
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