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I have memorized it
before I realized I stared too long.
your face,
the faint scent of cigarettes on your shirt,
the smell of your skin
I can trace them,
even when my eyes are closed.
How do I keep you out of my mind?
When all I think about, is your lips on mine.
With the multitude of thoughts in my head,
You standout the most
What are we
but a speck in this universe
of granite, metal and a burning tail
Fiery wild passion
moving in a constant speed
As if we already knew
As if we planned
As if written
As if measured
Do we count in Fibonacci's
in blindfolds eternally spin in this limbo
indulging ourselves in the futility of a dog chasing its tail
are we just asleep in this journey
conversing in our dreams
decoding static noises in the other end of the radio
for flight directions
over shifting planes of time
Like the stars believed that fate is their religion
Or the cosmos just furtive of its secrets?

-Margaret Austin Go, Lost in Orbit
What it is to love about life are the things yet to come.
I sink deep into your eyes
There I found
An ocean of flaming bright lights
Infinite galaxies to explore
More and more reasons for me to adore
You and your stars
The universe and its crimes
And how they connect with mine

-Constellations, Margaret Austin Go
Palutang-lutang sa gitna ng dagat
Gawa ng luha kong
sinubukang saluhin sa tasa
ngunit hindi nagkasya
Sinong sasagip
sa pusong takot malunod?
Hahayaan na lamang bang magpaanod
sa tulirong mga alon
Wari'y sila ring nalilito
Saan nga ba patutungo?
Ngunit ang damdamin,
Sa iyo pa rin gustong dumaong
Umaasang sa dalampasigan,
Sa mga bisig mo, ako sisilong

Parola, Margaret Austin Go
You feel
the need
to fill
the need
to feel.
10word poem
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