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Gerard M Jul 2021
He's a straightedge vegan

That has tattoos for from his neck down

Who loves Star Wars and Doctor Who

Has been a drummer for many bands

Is currently the drummer for Fall Out Boy

My Celebrity Crush is Andy Hurley
Gerard M Jul 2021
A band whos music saved me

That has band members that understand me

Who's lyrics get me through life

With songs that I'll always share with people

That has a lead singer who I'll always try to be like

That's What Fall Out Boy Means To Me
Gerard M May 2021
I found them cause of music or YouTube

Some of them I knew who they were

But didn't care about them when I was younger

They're the ones who I say "Top Of The Morning To Ya Laddies" or "Where's The Black Smith" with

Or instead sing Oh Miss Believer or Thnks Fr Th Mmrs with

Most of them I consider my best friends

Some of them are Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy

Others are Jimmy, Chris, Chandler, and Karl

They're there for me when any actual people aren't

They're the ones who don't care about the fact that I'm LGBTQ+

They just see me as another human being that's a fan of their music or channel

I try to remind myself about the Fall Out Boy lyric "You Are What You Love Not Who Loves You"

And tell myself that I'll be like Frank Iero and JackSepticEye

Some of them are the reason why I'm going to be a youtuber

I ask myself all the time how in the world did they somehow wind up being someone I consider friends
SophiaAtlas Mar 2021
F is for Fall Out Boy, who saved rock and roll.
U is for Brendon Urie
Here in our emo community.
Nina McNally Jun 2020
Bring in the new year with love;
Our chance to change and
Better our future.

Don't worry and be happy. It starts with
You--one person to smile and
Like a yawn, the happiness can spread.
Another day, another chance to change.
Now who wants to be happy?!
Wrote this back on New Year's Eve, 2019...
Too bad my hope for 2020 got ****** by Corona and the world going crazy....
Title from Fall Out Boy
Nina McNally Dec 2019
"Dear Future Self," how are you?
Everyone is unique
And different--- "I'm sitting at an Airport bar,"
Relaxing, "drinking cheap whiskey." I hope in the

Future people are more
Understanding of others.
The truth is this world is not so
Understanding of people having different options. And
Reality is, why do we want
Everyone to think the

Same---we are all have different brains,
Everyone thinks and closes their
Live differently; be kind and maybe the
Future can be bright!

(Hold on, wait a minute, life is hard
And can **** sometimes, but
No one can tell you what to
Do and no one can
Say to you 'you're wrong'---

Understanding is key and
People need to realize we are all different!)
Written: 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title, lyric, and inspiration from Fall Out Boy
Nina McNally Feb 2019
Simple life is what we all want.
Understanding each other a little better---
People are messed up---
Each day something new happens in this world,
Real life is unbelievable sometimes.

Finding the good in people is hard
And each
Day it doesn't get
We all need to show love and kindness. We're all human, it doesn't who we love, what our opinions are, or what we believe, we are all human at the end of the day!
Title by Fall Out Boy
McNally, 2019
Nina McNally Feb 2019
City living
Is amazing, but only when it's on
The outskirts
You live. Living

In the city is too busy,
Noisy, and packed

And when you live in the next town over and

Go in the city or work there, it's much better!
And you can enjoy the beautiful city without all the
Rushing around.
Downtown is nice, but not when you live there.
Everyday you can go into the city and
Now it's peaceful in the country!
It's nice to enjoy the city but living in Maine I also love the the quiet. It's nice when you find a place that has the best of both worlds. Maine is that and this is my love to my state. Also the title is Fall Out Boy's love song to to their city.
McNally, 2019
Title again by Fall Out Boy
Nina McNally Feb 2019
Loving you is
Amazing and you make me better!
Keep me safe
Everyday and you make

Everyday better! My
For you are growing
Together and watch our shows

Keep the love and
I will always love you!
Don't forget that!
Sometimes when you love someone so much its hard to find the words but just want to share the love.
Title by Fall Out Boy
McNally, 2019
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