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Coral Estelle Oct 2013
Salt and sand all over my hands and in the air
Lending that tossed, windy texture to your hair
Sand covered wheels roll us down the boardwalk beside
The push and pull of wanting and waiting  blue waves
My fever and thrill so desperate to hold onto you
Burning and impulsive I ask you to bring me to life.

So the sun laid its hand on my scalp, gentle and beaming
Like the perfect roundness of your eyes, gentle and beaming
I absorb the heat from you both, a seaside pocket of heaven

To be a lover when the air is hot and the vibrant colors burn
To explore the world in the ****** of summer, passionately, together
Is the best way to get to know some one, you said to me.

The water lights up so stunning and bright in the midday heat
Like blinding diamonds across miles of blue disappearing edges
So perfect it makes me forget I am not new, nor the first to find you
But it’s impossible to harbor such feelings before a perfect dreamy horizon
So I let it all go,

I’m aware of what we are
What my hair, my lips, my eyes are all symbols of
Suns, moons, and stars from a world sister to ours
A world without the structure and friction these people know

With you I’m unafraid to take this world, to claim that I belong here
To kiss your lips on the boardwalk, to wear my hair down in the wind
To show my skin under the sunlight, to lift up my arms and beam
One person can ******* alive, one summer, one bright beachy day.
Coral Estelle Sep 2013
Where the air is clean I can be alone, with you
Stretch my legs out over miles of wild woods
Let my hips sway and my hair fall down my back
Free to be a spirit to the fullest extent of this world
Tree trunk drums beat with a rhythm I learn to follow
Fresh air sweeps over my skin and blows into my lungs
Crisp and clean the highest leaves of the forest ceiling
Untouched by anything but sunlight and floating songs

We took no boat or train, but here we are somehow
For a mermaid to tell you to make a wish on a sea shell,
and throw it into the sea
Leading it down to the ocean floor where it can live forever
Changing green and blue while the sky burns red and orange
So we kiss in front of the sunset
Our face's silhouette large as the burning bulb over the horizon
I would not care if the water washed over my feet
and the rocks came out from beneath me
Everything is perfect here with you.
Coral Estelle Jul 2013
At dusk we watch the windows of the hotel tell their stories
Some are a warm summer yellow and inside, their lovers are at peace
Some flash with florescent brightness, as colors slap their eggshell walls
I imagine the lives that other people lead, and am glad I have my own with you
Someone who will pause to look out at the world with me, and wonder what it means

I watch you talk about the contrast and the unity of this city and of nature
About how the city rises up in front of the ocean like a purposeful backdrop
And how it towers above the Earth as men believe we have the right to
Attempting to make natural and unnatural beauty cohabitants of one another
I let my heart agree, and give into the skyline imprinted on the horizon

I suppose I've been waiting to meet you. And now I have
So I can feel my way around a perfect summer's night
So we can drink blueberry wine and watch the sky fade into a similar flavor
A gradient from icy light blue to a full-bodied purple haze

You kiss me perfectly in the easy, mellow middle of nowhere
Sweet like a summer peach and soft like a blanket of sun
Covering me everywhere and kissing right beneath the bones
In a small farming town I learn more about you than ever before
It’s not my home, but I know I would be happy with the change

I let you wonder what I’m thinking because it’s too heavy for the air
The little mystery I withhold from you is my only way of slowing down
This whole hearted, light headed revolution of my brand new soul
This eternal adventure I embarked upon without a second thought

We could do anything together, making new memories as we swap old ones
You say you've only felt this way a couple of times before. But I never have
So I let you win, I let you lead, even when you talk to me sounding like a father.
I come to you like a ****** to love with a blank slate for a heart and a future

Your right for me simply because you do not ground me
You coincide with the dreamer and thinker that no one else hears or sees
And you listen and look at me in a way that no one else comprehends

Your hold on me feels just right against the silence and sleeping darkness
I feel a lot more than the quiet night can hold when I finally let you fall asleep
As your dreaming I’m thinking about you recklessly, holding on as long as I can
If I can feel your breathing, your beating heart, your train of thought
I can slip into your dreams with you, ultimately together in a shared subconscious
And if I wake up to those sun beams and bright blue, I’ll be happy until next time.
Coral Estelle Jul 2013
From all the scripted things I've said to you
To all the brand new and the nerves
I rise and set around you ever since
Wishing everything was mine and yours
It's a slow unrolling gaining force each time
And avalanching into every day's dreams
I wasn't ready to admit it, but now
I couldn't have designed you better
I can't help but concentrate on
How perfect you are
Because you remind me of everything good
And the tone of your voice can level me out
I think about you coming like a flash of lightning
I think about you changing my mind
I would have never given in except over you
You overrule me with any effortless laughter
At the first sign he will be that kind of starry eyed forever
I will sign away my everything, and venture into that wild.
Coral Estelle Jun 2013
We fall into to the night without saying a word
Nothing could be said, nothing should be said
No words are clean enough to cut the peace.
We open our eyes to the morning light with a laugh
I know exactly what that smile means
I’ve learned your expressions like a dialect.
An undeniably happy face, sticky and syrupy sweet
From all the silent praises I’ve planted on your cheek
I let the quiet sing, things I shouldn't yet say.
When we kiss, I leave, like a spirit from a hollow body
Turning completely liquid under a tickled, happy layer of skin
Feeling so content and full, like soul food on the weekend
Hearing the perfect white noise of your record player
While it sings for me during my shower
Inhaling the incense we forgot we lit, so long ago
A day ago, three days ago, but I’ve almost known you always.
We expand the concept of a minute, an hour, a night
Learning more in the framework of a flash
Than some may learn in a lifetime
A paralyzing combination of heat and honesty of heart
We once were parallel, but completely unaware
Now we are perpendicular, in motion, in crossing
In a quick intersection we wish could trap us
We have both been propelled towards different horizons
But that doesn't take away the thrill of the present tense
It makes it all the more romantic
Coral Estelle Dec 2012
Today you wear a black sweater.
Standing in the marshy December atmosphere
With a cigarette between your two most learned fingers
You do not take shame in such a habit
But you make it so appealing.

That day you wore a beige knitted number
I saw you at dinner, and recognized you right away
Your distinctive ****** features peeking out
Over the loosely woven yarn that hugs your torso
That face I still cannot quite figure out.

I watched that beige collared cloth
Hang down your back and angle at your neck
As you danced behind that girl I didn’t know
And then I watched that same sweater
Stumble on over to me, ecstatic to be there
I had no reason not to indulge you.

And when you wear your school’s sweater
I know you need to belong, and play a part
You’re a rugby star, a lettered fraternal success
But I also know that grey cotton crew neck
Clings closer to you, than I ever will.
Coral Estelle Dec 2012
I was a woman on the war path
Chanting, beating my chest, painting my face
I was new at life and bleeding that youthful aura
But now I’ve gone dry, thirsty for what I let go.
I watch him stand over your body,
And painfully remove all I had adorned you with.
I had used you as a sanctuary for all my dreams.
You had seen the best and worst of me
But now you see me worst of all, retired.

I no longer venture into the night and roll into the morning
I don’t climb the walls, or shout to the seasons
I don’t cry with all-consuming  passion
I don’t love with reckless infatuation
I don’t hate myself when I’m high on angst
I even don’t love myself when I’m high on vanity
I was the epitome of extremes and starved for thrills
The runaway, the rolling stone, the troublemaker
The flirt, the fighter, the drinker and smoker.

I’m grateful you’re too fogged to notice me
Because I know you wouldn’t believe
The shrewd and quiet ghost I’ve grown up to be.
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