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Benzene Jun 2021
She is like water running through the valley
drifting through the rocks
the rocks make unable to move
unable to grow
unable to flow
Takes away her ability to contribute,
Water is meant to flow to the Ocean,
Not to be contaminated,
By the pollution of your opinion.

She is like water
surrounded by things still finds ways
crashing every barrier comes in her way
She want to rehydrate the minds,
That have been compressed,
That have been dehydrated,
She want to refresh the dry ideology.
She'll nurture the barren land of old thoughts .
An Ocean looks so calm and beautiful but when you dive , you know how much depth it has and how much darkness it stores .
Inspired by someone's pain and experience .
you are peaceful like water
and become strong like its waves .
Benzene Jun 2021
She is like different shades of rainbow
Sometime dark , sometime light
She is half agony , half hope
pushing herself to think positive
constantly remembering her soul to be optimistic.

Spinning the wheels of mind
she want just some sunshine
during her those dark nights
when her demons her holding her tight .

She's Suppressing her negative vibes  
but no matter how hard she tries
Sometimes situation push her back in darkest time


She will not defeat in front of her destiny
she will change the reality
because she herself is the author of her book
the dark curtains will unhook
and she will write a beautiful story
full of her glories .
we all are authors of our beautiful book called life ,
so write it as beautiful as you can .

— The End —