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Lou Mar 25
I woke up with a universe dried to my hands.

Post observable,
Post ****** of;



scratching at a birth canal.

Who is hungry?
Lou Mar 11
In support of health
tired, my mind body and soul
Goodbye to you noise
A lou haiku.
Lou Mar 11
The lie is in the mirror and on our screen.
That like button lies to you
Social media is a salesperson
Each photo uploaded is expired meat
Sold as butchers choice.
We are all tagged and complacent on the block
Glee to be valued and chopped.

Every like charges dopamine into a dope-fiends melancholy viens.
I'm high and heart-liked, thus beautiful.

Where's the button to scream?
Lou Feb 18
When did I become disposable income?
I was so poor,
I know I must of seemed like a steal.
My bones are made of dehydrated milk and skin of a mothers welfare.

Support came with regrets, you know.
But how you managed to squeeze a penny from a SNAP of my belly-

You must be good with money
How you,
Leave pockets empty with no change
not even a wallet with a memory to care

Eat your heart out through an ***, Jeff Bezos.
Silver spoon deeply exempted and certainly a love affair.
Don't choke on *** of cold hard ****
It's free of charge,

I can't even save a seat for my fathers cooking;
(also dehydrated and distant in taste and substance)
let alone read a book written on saving money for someone special.

I had a bid in those texts you invested in
I hope you are rich and get all the love
Certainly someone must.
Cause I feel I am getting hungry
And you are getting,

Lou Feb 14
5 people just before a walk.

1 decides to stay;
Separate from the flock.

4  people out in the shade
1 saw her shadow and out she plays

3 people who don't want to be alone
2 begun to march and left the other on his own.

1 person out in the cold
Sad and lonely, he goes home.
Wrote this one night out when I was 22
  Feb 13 Lou
Morgan Mattingly
Sometimes beach roads remind me of a journey into another reality.
An entry way into spoken word of death becoming real.
Colorful tile when I was brought to my knees
A baptism in the ocean that I didn’t ask for but needed
Flying moths the Mayan people call “signs from traveling souls”
Sometimes this place reminds me of death
Other times I’m reminded of rebirth
  Feb 5 Lou
Don't worry,
it's ok when you cry,
it helps those lilies
to bloom in your eyes
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