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Nov 2017
I wish my lotion had glitter in it
I also wish my head didn't hurt
I had a nightmare that I was back in the hospital the day my insurance company denied my medication
I can't afford it,
So I can't sleep now
But yesterday I dreamed I was back in the hospital like when I was a kid
I was only there a couple of times, for testing and for times I forgot my medication
There was a bit of a learning curve for a seven year old
But I'm moving out next year
I've already learned
I take my vitamins, I go to my doctor visits
I finally got my sports clearances,
But I can't drive a car without my medication
I can't work somedays either
So as I lay here, by myself, I can't help but remember the nurse who gave me a friendship bracelet in the emergency room on Christmas
The saline in my arm was cold, and they stopped giving me blankets because I had a fever
I was twelve years old and it was snowing in Atlanta for the first time in years
I couldn't tell from my windowless room
The nurse put lotion on my hands with glitter in it
I had a fever because I was dehydrated
I was dehydrated because I forgot my medication at home in Pennsylvania.
I do want to state that I am fine. I have a chronic medical condition. I've had it for my entire life, I was diagnosed as a kid. Most children grow out of it by age 12, I was that rare exception to the word "most" and so I still struggle with the same condition even as I go into college. I will have it for my entire life. It was only recently proven to be a real disorder and is now finally being properly studied, but my insurance hasn't caught up and listed the medication as necessary for my condition. I am currently in round two of appeal.
Written by
Lydia  18/F/Pennsylvania
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