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Flatfielder Jan 2021
From A to B
Cold, crisp and sunny
A perfect day
For a hike for us three
A winding path
Obstructions the dog doesn't mind
But us older folks
We had to circumvent
Some tricky climbs
We feel good
Our senses survived
A good afternoon
Bhill Oct 2020
jack and the bat went on a hike
they walked and walked till the nuisance spiked
it’s seemed kinda strange to see a bat walking
it doesn't really matter, as they both were just talking
what in the world could they be talking about
I'm sure it doesn't matter, at least I have doubt
as long as they talk, and talk while they walk
and don't cause trouble as everyone else squawks
there is too much squawking, in the steps of today's life
we are all very different, so put away that old knife
jack and the bat exist only in my mind
if you see something here we must be aligned....

Brian Hill- 2020 # 276
Jo Barber Aug 2020
Wind throws itself through my clothes,
tossing my hair and cooling the sweat of the climb
from my burning, beating body.
I am here. I am where I need to be -
high above the crowds and the clouds,
alone and utterly free.
There is much to see
but little to do,
and earthly troubles melt away
amidst these towering peaks.

It is mine, I declare.
But no, only in the mountains
do you finally realize
that nothing belongs to you.
Jay M Jun 2020
Exiting a vehicle of fading black
Looking about
But not looking back
Eagerly setting out
With a pack in back

Only but a few miles to the real start
This day, starting at the very bottom
River of black rock and a strip of yellow paint
Below eager feet
Trekking up, not stopping for the heat
To the left, tall hill of dry brush and crumbling rock
To the right, a great rocky edge
Overlooking a grand sight
Of distant hills and the city

People ahead, talking of the journey
Laughing and prancing about
Soon I'm passing them,
Getting ahead
Eventually stopping to see the view
Only to hear a distant shout;
A name, called in the wind

Time to turn around?
Leave before it has truly begun?
Sad, indeed it is,
For it was with great disappointment
And great sadness
That lay deep in my chest
As we dragged down the hill
Maybe another day to complete the rest
But oh, this day is not that day.

- Jay M
June 28th, 2020
For Father's Day my family went hiking. It was supposed to be a total of 9 miles, but my family got tired once they almost reached the 0.6 marker. I went ahead, happily, but had to turn around and go back down with them. It was sad- I had hoped so much to go on a long hike. Maybe another day.
S I N Dec 2019
His body’s lying in the river,
It drifts and bears him onward to the
Life after this life; its limbs are stiffened
And swollen because of water saturating
This vessel; the night is young though
Stars are already a-gleaming in the ocean
Of the Darkness above his way; but they
Are indifferent to our sins and miseries
And atonements; for star-rovers are
Higher than we are; they are hitchhiking
The interstellar interstates; complaining
Of high density of the meteors and
Garbage from earth; maybe he’ll join them
For he has nothing to go to no more nor
That he had one you know  but now at
Least he’s provided with a choice to roam
The sky or to be drowned and be a
Plummet and anchor of the progress
nick armbrister Oct 2019
Shared Experience
We hike the mountain together
My neighbour and I
We reach the final peak
The view is wonderful

We both feel raptures
And stand close and hold
Kissing and falling as one
Making love up high

Shared experience alone here
Twenty miles from our city
Which glitters on the horizon
Full of fake people

Oh how good you feel dear
I’ve always wanted you
Now you’re mine and I’m yours
We *** together

In no way clichéd
From here we hear the sirens
As the Red Chinese bombs fall
Our beginning or end?
Starry Aug 2019
When I look up
I see from the
Roof of the autumn forest
A heart shaped clearing
Exposing the Dippers
Shinning bright like
Bhill Aug 2019
As we go on our journey
We      Crawl
Through what we call life
There are things we must do
There are things we must avoid
There are things we must finish
When we arrive here we have no clue
As we get there we will learn
We will
               Make Mistakes
                Fall in love
                 Get a job
                  Lose a job
                   Find a mate
                    Learn what it takes
                     Get older
And then it's over....
Have some fun while doing all of this

Brian Hill - 2019 # 192
Are you having fun yet?
Savannah S Jul 2019
In the museum and
looked at humans bathing
in fresh streams and open

***** bottles on display and
butterflies on display

the evening turned to gold
I was mesmerized by
my own footsteps
their constant motion

the leaves,
plants and bugs left
an orchestra of singing sounds

my feet enveloped by
the mud, pulling me in
to stay

swimming in these deep waters
I say
is the most peaceful experience
I’ve ever had”

In the wetness and
a heron flies by, a symbol of

swimming backwards where the fish
jump out and spring with delight
“I wouldn’t say it if I
didn’t mean it”.

the smile I will never forget
speaking about having
a house on the water
and bathing in streams,
just like the museums

Eye contact
Takes hold
A coming of age
Bittersweetness overtakes

We spoke of how
the pine trees there
so far away from

Yet, we both
felt the
same way.

Getting lost in the darkness
after a cool swim in the
You put a flashlight on

The overwhelming sunset had
and overcoming our confusion,

We watched the bats
with their tricks in the air,
daintily gliding and
searching for
small insects.

I remember my faint
Breaths, climactic
Walking and breathing through the
twigs and leaves

“it would be exciting to glide like

I watch the dance
of four bats,
celebrating our bodies as
intricate lures for
small bugs

small vampires
nip my skin,
unknowing of the
romantic, short
symbiotic relationship

the walk back to my
vehicle is isolated and
wishing I was
swimming in those cool waters
once again
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