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Ray Dunn Apr 15
To run through the grasses, grasses of tall blades of purple and emerald.
Splendid views from the final steps.

With weeks passing, each step guiding me to the final destination, time blurred.
So much monotony bring the worst out
in weak-willed men.
A hike of millions of inches.

A backpack full, practically dragging my shoulders to the ground,
Always eliciting shouts of impending scoliosis.
Yet after three days, the bag blended in with the air.
Idk I’m just cleaning out my poetry document and I don’t want to lose this fragment as like a work in progress but I’m too lazy to finish it ****

My feet are big
And growing ever bigger.
Large, wide,
And filling every shoe.
They stick out from me
Making flats look ridiculous.
They are like life rafts,
Falling to the side like pillows
When encountering resistance.


My feet are long
And growing ever stronger.
Supportive, storied,
And deserving special care.
When pointed, they are elegant,
Skeletal and muscular, even when in heels.
They are like canoes,
Chiseled and carved with love,
Gliding forward with intention.
Specs Jan 15
I've woken up in the middle of the night.
I never got around to closing the blinds.
The only sounds are that of my still, sleepy breath,
the near silent roll of tires on the snowy street.

We were hot on our hike,
So we stopped by a spring.
After soaking our feet for a moment, you lay down to rest.
You're asleep now.
The hot sun warming my back,
The water nipping and chilling my feet,
The occasional splash of a from in the shallow pools,
And the steady, pulsing wing breathing fresh life into my lungs.

Ducking underwater when I'm the only one in the pool.
A quiet, turquoise haven.
There's no splashing,
Clinking toys;
Nothing but the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears.
It's as if we're climbing
over mountains,
except by some cruel trick
we trek along the fault line
rather than across
and as we crest each painful saddle
there is no choice
but to slide back down the other side,
blistered, limping, starved,
and carrying too much weight,
hoping the next peak
will be the last.

it's nothing like climbing mountains,
for at least in the mountains
I can breathe.
Lougene F Oct 2018
I never really get tired
of long walks or mountain hikes
but I needed to stop
once in a while
to catch my breath
and eat pies

but when I stop
it doesn't mean I'm done
this is when I get ready
to pack and run

stroll up by myself anywhere
looking for a mystery
wandering to find
a hidden gem
wondering if you'll follow me
I always get tired when do much but I am not stopping for what I do. I rest and go again. #randomthoughts
Losing vision on the mountain, sun begins to set
Find us standing at the summit, shaped by silhouette
Search for answers in the wild, or find inner peace
Let what you know begin to flow, spiritual release
As worries numb, answers will come, time is only now
Succumb to senses, drop defenses, find oneself somehow
Stereo Joy Aug 2018
Yeah, we aren't exactly the most athletic of people
But we did make it up that one hill that's claimed to be a mountain
Yeah, we arrived at what we thought was the top until we saw that there was more
But that only drove us further up

Yesterday atop the sunset colored land the valleys made the world feel that much bigger
Returning home made the world feel so much smaller
Even though I myself live on a hill with a view of the smog above the highway

That moment atop the hills didn't make me feel at one with the world
I didn't even feel at one with myself
I only felt amazed


But you know that didn't beat the look in your eyes
aloe vera
of kingdom
lay within
her burn
the deep
south that
enhance freedom
with catholic
favor now
Big Sur
of my
roundabout squire
heretofore impeccable
that fourth-order
shall measure  
this assurance
of pardon
A note on sin
nick armbrister May 2018
Martian Gothic (short)
Unique environment unique people.
Fifteen thousand metre mountain vertical south face.
Two pretty Goth girls stood on the edge.
One footstep fall to Martian plateau.
Three hundred metres ahead thirty metre layer of Cirrus cloud.
Terraforming worked brilliantly Earth like atmosphere.
Olympus Mons great holiday destination for East European adventurers.
Hanneke had waist length black hair,
Silge shoulder length red hair with lip piercings.
Both beautiful like the magnificent sci-fi film landscape.
Chance to hike,
enjoy stunning views after their Earth based Martian Geology course and field trip.
nick armbrister May 2018
Martian Gothic
It was a unique environment.
They were unique people in a unique place.
A mountain fifteen thousand metres high with a vertical south face.
Two pretty Goth girls stood on the edge.
One footstep forward and it was a huge fall to the Martian plateau.
Three hundred metres in front of the girls was a fine layer of Cirrus cloud,
thirty metres thick.
The Terraforming had worked brilliantly providing a heavy Earth like atmosphere on Mars.
Olympus Mons was a great holiday destination for young East European adventurers like Hanneke and Silge.
Hanneke had waist length black hair and Silge shoulder length red hair with lip piercings.
Both were equally beautiful as the magnificent landscape straight out of a sci-fi film.
They were taking time out of their Earth based Martian Geology course after a short field trip.
A quick hike was a chance to chill out and take in the stunning views.
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