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Timothy Joyner Aug 2019
The light fantasia has tripped my ways
I saw it fermenting in it's radiance, imperial, as it sways

Never my fingers touched the luminary egregious examples
I hid myself from their Phundamentalist temples.

Now that shining belongs to a more impetuous self
Lost in their repugnant, lost their personal wealth

A moment in time and space

A fixed moment which time can't erase

That feeling of abandonment degradation
Impeccable defiance for the next generation

Fixed time frigid, derivative of insufferable
Impeccably derived from inner ignorance, impassable

The finality tickets are available at a high lucre

Their souls are tenebrific,  insidiously obscure
Timothy Joyner Dec 2018
Watching from afar
Don't know who you are


They'aa-aa-ah have chaa-
nged you

Too late to turn back now
Putting your Country on a scowl

Perhaps unacquainted with vestment
Your Base keeps them in the basement

Toooo-oo laa-aate now

T L H Joyner
Timothy Joyner Sep 2018
Bears hitchin' to nowhere, little piggie on it's back
What did it all mean so long ago, got lost when real life hit the sack
Wolf Daddy's gone now, the Hopi prayer is coming true
Everything around us is changing and I am not going to try to change you

For one day soon my Maker calls me to the green, green grasses of home
Where there are no sorrows, just happiness I have known
I long to be there, to finally walk by my Husband's side
I am ready for my Maker, take me to that great abide
Some days I just feel like my life needs to be done.
Timothy Joyner Jun 2018
Upon the Day He made the way.
"***** a wall!" to the masses call.
That was the aim that day.

How much more, a Country like a *****,
No nuclearization?

Oh! There is no reconciliation!
Just a Nuclear Wall one day.

Wall to the South of us,
Now to the North...
Dening Allies to the East,
Perhaps Northeast, Gulf...

Are we confused yet
Don't you see...
The Insane One is Walling up

Soon it's the Internet, media, movies.
"Are you a Phundamentalist Khristian?"
"I'll have ya hangin' by or nearest trees!"

This isn't who we are.
Breathe-Stand and GO!
We can't allow this to go this far.
Timothy Joyner Mar 2018
Insinuations, not to be confused with

Constipations, while the mind reels in

Aggravations, over things, people, places going through

Anticipations, could it actually change directions, or

Congregations, rising up to take governments over for their

Generations, thinking now we're understand the

Insinuations, will we make it to 2020 anyway!?
It's my firm conviction that nothing is going to change. This is a fixed moment in time.
Timothy Joyner Mar 2018
I got a Bot
It wants your money

Get on your tele phoney somethin' other
Tellin' somethin' to someone or...

.. just to some crother

Listen my Bot
It wants your dignity

Come to the brightest side, where you will have nothin' hidden
Let us open you wide, let's see what's been unforgiven

OH! Be silent, don't say nothin'

Someone might find out
Our sweet Botty, found out

OH! Be silent, don't say nothin'

They know
Oh yeah, they know

They know

by T L H Joyner
The constant ads from Bots make no sense and yet they do when you realize that they follow you in such perverted ways.
Timothy Joyner Feb 2018
Then the magic Leo Lunar Fairy cast her greatest spell!

"Upon the old broken promise of circuses gone moldy by...
Charlton that you are, Dear King, now you can not tell near a lie!
I call it from far and wide, deep inside your filthy soul...
The hatred you see for others, you'll look in the mirror and be made whole.
For there lies your true hate, your hatred for yourself...
Nothing can save you from that, Dear Insane King, not even your extreme wealth!"

With the casting of her words a mist of stars swirling from her delicate hands. The spell was cast. The Insane King could not tell a lie when he gave his speech to his great Land.
Book of Tibbar
Tibbar Dwarfitelf
by T L H Joyner
The Book of Tibbar is still being written. It chronicles the struggles of the underworld races.
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