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em Apr 2021
the electricity that you breathe,
sparks the air between me and your high-rise jeans.
i dreamt every night of july
about crushing your lips with mine,
but it's october now,
and i'm watching you recline.
em Apr 2021
she is the kind of pretty that hurts,
sunbeams linger in her presence
just to touch her skin for longer.  
as do i.
em Jan 2021
the electricity between our knees
closes the distance between you and me
my chest heaves ragged
but you don't seem to see
how i shiver when you touch my neck
the shake of my smile
when our eyes connect
its like champagne on an empty stomach
bubbles that eat you away,
euphoric melodies that make my ears bleed.
you are a raging symphony
and i am merely a harmony.
to love a best friend.
em Dec 2020
the sharp pull of yearning,
like the wisp of a spring breeze
with a tail of slight cold,
like the light step of infatuation
meeting the deep sweep of desire.
bitter sweet,
like oranges eaten in the dark.
the tang in that cut on your lip
slices into the sweetness of your breath.
it’s like drowning in june,
the way i’m obsessed with you.
em Mar 2020
his molars
grind my bones,
but it reminds him
to release his jaw
and let air seep in.
so i guess i don’t mind,
at least he stays alive.
em Mar 2020
under my fingernails
the cells from your skin
clump together
like high school hallway cliques.
your hollow stare rages,
its emptiness like a void
so i raked you ******
because you asked me to.
the burning starts to seem like
the hope of feeling,
and his blood looks like a savior,
for his soulless eyes.
collision of two,
ravaging each other,
sacrificing each other,
for a drop of something,
down our sandpaper throats.
it’s a sympathy only we can have,
mutual destruction is a fairytale
at least we can save the others,
from ourselves.
em Jan 2019
we began from the way
you looked at me.
familiarity became the way
you breathed,
heavy under my sheets.
please remember
your heart beat.
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