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Benzene 3d
She opened her eyes and looked at the sky
The sun was on the high, the heart throbbed to fly.

The society never accepted her
Nor left any chance to slur
But they pulled her back
Making her realize there's something she lacks.
She has a heart of gold
But she was emotionless and cold
All the time lonely and sad
To call someone her own- nobody she had.

Pitying her own situation
Day by day getting into depression
Never did they understand
Nor did they lend a helping hand
She still stood bold
Hiding the pain in multiple fold.

One day She encountered a child
For the first time in a while she smiled
for the child didn't judge her
and it really doesn't matter

It was like she got the Heaven,
her agony has lessen
She was happy
as she put the child to sleep with a lullaby
Benzene Sep 12
Create a World
Where you always
Carry the garden of happiness !
Where flowers in your head ,
Grow every time when  you smile .
Pluck one and give every person you see .

A world where
the light that was connecting  us
is still burning deep down in our heart .
Where river get filled with truth
and not with the rain of tears

Create a World
where lights along the paths
give hope .
where people aren't like shadows
who leave at darkness .
Benzene Jul 29
my mind and heart are constantly at
war ;
to prove to each other their
When I let my heart decide
my mind refuse to take my side
but ;
whenever I let my mind to score a win
my heart goes in a terrible spin.

They both make me confuse with their advice  
It make me over think everything twice

You have to learn to let you mind and heart
and this is a wonderful art .
Sometimes They both give you strife ;
but this is all experiencing
Is this happen with everyone or I'm the only one to face the internal war? .haha , but I'm learning to let them be friends .Hope you all doing good , take care of your health and family .
Benzene Jul 3
Creating art
is like letting your soul breathe
that once choked by doubt
that came to life after one verse .
"Art is just the image of your  soul"

Maybe that's why when I looked at you
your eyes looked like meteors showers
and your iris like moon ,
body barely holds
millions of shattered galaxies
beauty is in the shattered soul
which balancing its sanity .

Sometimes you looked  like a saddest yet beautiful piece of art
which lie at the corner of museum
having a thousand  of tales to tell
yet no soul to listen
maybe they know they won't able to bear it
perhaps it's meant to be that
not everyone is an artist
who can feel your soul .
" Not everyone can understand you because not everyone is an Artist "
find a soul and fall in love with it . which is ageless and Shapeless.
Benzene Jun 26
She is like water running through the valley
drifting through the rocks
the rocks make unable to move
unable to grow
unable to flow
Takes away her ability to contribute,
Water is meant to flow to the Ocean,
Not to be contaminated,
By the pollution of your opinion.

She is like water
surrounded by things still finds ways
crashing every barrier comes in her way
She want to rehydrate the minds,
That have been compressed,
That have been dehydrated,
She want to refresh the dry ideology.
She'll nurture the barren land of old thoughts .
An Ocean looks so calm and beautiful but when you dive , you know how much depth it has and how much darkness it stores .
Inspired by someone's pain and experience .
you are peaceful like water
and become strong like its waves .
Benzene Jun 20
Many poets come and gone
and left golden words about mother
but no stories ,no poetries
and no thank you note to father
even the god have no words that can emote
his hard work  
This is an incomplete reality,
that mother's love is everything
There is some contribution from them too
without which we are nothing .
You will find many who will say that you are their moon
but you will always be the moon
of his sky
he always protect you
with his clouds of different hues
Father is like a coconut , looks so hard and strict from outside but from inside he's very soft and kind hearted .
A very happy father's day to all fathers and grandfathers out there .
Benzene Jun 18
It's always  pleasure to hear your voice;
beautiful and calm in life's noise .
like a beautiful rainbow after an ultimate rain;
and heals all my pain..

Our today small conversation flowed  like wine;
and the shyness  kept decline.
Whenever your eyes meet to mine,
my eyes begin to shine
and make fake scenarios
lining up in my mind .

Those round glasses made me hypnotized;
and my all worries got minimized.
your hairs playing with your cheeks;
making me mad for weeks.

The warmth of your smile;
always make me to call you mine.
but I can't
because you are someone else sunshine.
NOTE: this poetry is power of imagination .
Sometimes being romantic is good .
Hope you like it
Stay healthy and wake up early in morning to get morning sunlight .
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