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Benzene 2h

If someone asks me what is love, I will tell them to watch "Sita Ramam". No intimate scenes, no kisses, only pure and divine love. Just finished watching it on OTT and I feel sorry why didn't I see it in theatres... man it really made me emotional.
Benzene Aug 18

From first Hii ,
To waiting for your reply .
The bond which has developed,
is enough to fit in the envelope.

From long lasting talks to,
a great person be known to,
It's the time which nurtures the memories,
who knows we have nothing in the galleries.

Many may come and go,
But few remains forever from ago.
And those footprints of yours and mine
Can’t washed away by time.

A beautiful heart of yours ,
Hard to find flaws .
Be the same in life always,
If we ever meet after in the midways .
This is for all those who found their special ones
on a random website/app.
Benzene May 7
We all evolve,
even the plants, flowers.
Think about the flower when it blossoms from a bud.
Such a pretty sight,
Ask the flower how much pain it's going through.
It's tearing itself open, getting ripped apart.
It's the same with certain events in life.
It's all right.
I feel like we are a generation of beautiful words, broken hearts and piles of hopes...It's kinda strange. I don't even have anything relatable but still I relate to every single poetry here......
Benzene Mar 21
The moment you left me
my heart was broke into two  ,
my eyes were filled with pain and sorrow .
And Now
I'm an incomplete poetry without you .

You left your footprints on my heart ,
Even the wave of time couldn't washed them away.
I have stored all your memories in a jar
with those I'm passing my days

I often remain awake at night ,
and keep gazing  those stars
and wish that
One day you'll returned to me like a shooting star .

You'll always  remain
alive in my heart .
Until the day we meet again
A child who lost her mother , A lover who miss his love .
Just tried to write something abt their emotions .
After listening a song which was sad and soothing at same time.
Benzene Mar 5
I saw my friend still look at the picture of a girl, who he used to like in his school days, whenever he gets drunk.

I saw a Grandmother who herself is too old and sick  worries about her grandchild health and appetite more than herself.

I saw my batchmate wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to talk to his girlfriend who lives in London.

I saw people falling in love online and putting enormous efforts even though they hadn't met for a single day.

I saw old couples holding hands in a crowded metro .

I saw a person who loves a girl selflessly without expecting anything in return.

I saw so many stories
And LOVE was in everyone
Hope you all are doing good....
Benzene Dec 2021
It's time to change your living,
time to follow your dreams
Doesn't matter even it requires
passing through all streams.
Steps may falter,
Roads may be steep
But your dreams shouldn't alter
even if you gotta jump or leap.
I know it won't be easy
but it's time to decide.
There'll be people to pull you down
and foxes to mislead you
Turn them away with a tint of frown.
To your dreams you must always be true .
Hope you all are doing good .
Just keep following your dreams .
Benzene Nov 2021
I know
There is time when when you can't keep up with your smile .
People say "stay strong" ,
"stay positive ",
"everything will be alright" ,
Deep inside you know ,
you are tired of being strong
and there is nothing positive for you .
You question yourself "when will everything be alright?".
Only you know your story
only you know what you have been through
only you know how it feels to be you.
.You're not born to please others ,
you are born to be a WARRIOR .
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