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Cindra Carr Apr 2019
There is an infinite awareness
That each of my days are littered with the past
Bogged down in the sludge of regrets
The fine mist of mistakes coat my hands
As I push through each day
The only relief is the realization of self worth
That is lost in the tides of life

Cindra Carr Apr 2019
I break against the shore of your heart
White caps riding my waves
Endlessly, I reach for you
Cindra Carr Apr 2019
A vast forest of green
Through sleepy eyes as I look
Copper spots of intrigue
You are mine, I whisper
Brillant crinkles in the corners
You are mine, I whisper
Lazy smiles of content
Slowing beats of life
You are mine, I whisper
Oceans of blue closing softly
A blinking story with no words
I am yours
I am yours

Cindra Carr Apr 2019
Sometimes this place is too much
Sometimes, it's me that's too much
The frantic frenetic overwhelms
With all I want to do
Sitting quietly waiting
My life is two disparate sides
Fast paced immediate
Slow and silent
One day it will be okay
Today was okay though
Sometimes, I'm okay too

Cindra Carr Apr 2019
Finders find and the founders await
The dark fears and the light blinds
Shadows abound as the dark gathers
Life greys in feathers of light
Dusk is here and night renews
Dawn will come with the world anew
Clean away what the light has seared
All is not light as the dark views

Cindra Carr Apr 2019
Stretched out limbs reaching for more
Loose lengths of heated skin lined against
Tangled waves in tightening hands
Staccato breaths in long exhales
A brush
A rub
A grind against
Pounding heart with furtive cries
A whisper
A touch
A fueled need
Loose lengths and mussed up sheets

Cindra Carr Jan 2019
Run girl as fast as you can
The serpents are out
And the knot unwinds
The heat unclothes
And the sun stretches long
Run girl as fast as you can
Before the bite and the light
Both bring you down

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