The Selected Poems of Wang Wei by Wang Wei
green   hill   river   mountain   light   return   spring   day   rain   hills   cloud   place   empty   will   person   trees   song   cup   moon   mountains   deep   water   heart   blossom   clouds   stream   colour   night   path   door   autumn   gate   man   flowers   dusk   red   bright   willows   people   time   blue   men   pine   forest   enter   wine   cold   evening   farewell   ancient   white   tree   moss   sunset   qin   left   lake   temple   shine   peach   peace   clothes   sun   bird   great   southern   banks   wind   south   pines   open   friend   palace   reach   morning   gentleman   country   quiet   incense   peaks   dust   wei   dark   bamboo   long   hear   town   heaven   round   pass   full   change   meet   bend   sit   birds   fisherman   hard   girl   houses   city   guest   weicheng   walk   grove   clear   yang   find   wood   jade   fields   boat   west   mount   drink   han   source   honoured   poem   ridge   shines   pavilion   general   dawn   friends   apart   ten   rivers   narrow   love   singing   live   doubt   flat   entrance   thatch   arrive   clothing   travel   till   dragon   bamboos   willow   rocks   house   calling   flower   alcohol   shut   reason   yard   girls   horse   ripples   cave   urge   beauty   knew   plan   face   cornel   fine   lodge   robe   silk   miles   set   close   sorrow   feeling   slowly   life   thick   sound   middle   good   lute   remain   sky   silken   stranger   immortal   farmers   bound   huazi   north   apricot   loyang   distance   gather   journey   land   age   fresh   dance   yellow   leads   railing   meditation   case   robes   fall   join   leave   sailed   lights   melancholy   china   kinsfolk   fifteen   wait   bow   golden   call   chu   memory   brings   eaves   fly   word   room   woodcutter   beautiful   high   heard   pond   waters   bloom   chilled   branches   years   window   duckweed   eventually   magic   bank   brightness   rock   crossing   gazing   exhaust   year   enclosure   goldenrain   mengcheng   returning   uplands   fixed   message   mist   chased   dwell   dogs   blows   king   harmonizing   iron   fishermen   steep   ferry   paths   alley   roofbeam   petals   mouth   wingceltis   chariot   surplus   lotus   visitor   scattered   bring   earth   staff   slow   northern   wide   watch   dwellings   yield   shi   view   fragrant   sea   pluck   news   streams   nearby   affairs   flies   reside   sweep   worldly   sing   speak   three   secret   entered   lived   eastern   homes   cast   wild   voice   monk   ready   zhang   woodsmen   sunless   strange   grows   springtime   companion   running   fruit   sets   ravine   spend   ninth   distant   prince   thinking   bell   washing   bid   lady   fortune   facing   audience   soft   valleys   lowly   thinks   lead   broad   cut   tartar   plum   emperor   road   wilds   dagger   flying   lonely   zhongnan   ling   gaze   cogongrass   limit   grass   storing   limpid   floating   shoulders   brothers   peak   sides   pool   lane   gardens   worn   sash   sways   plantations   chain   qian   southland   forbidden   dynasty   outsiders   farms   woods   winds   abundant   wanton   hunting   startled   young   hamlets   zizhou   lord   enjoying   knotted   favours   returned   exalted   rise   coloured   leisurely   decide   month   brows   vast   arrange   dim   prefect   level   wooden   turns   notes   guo   joined   forgets   undone   announced   small   loads   familiarly   farmhouse   pledge   second   street   summer   crescent   chair   shining   stands   magnolia   reaching   favour   capital   tribute   filled   told   satisfy   led   honour   gathered   richest   hundreds   squeezed   ching   undo   dogwood   wearily   strong   blessedly   thirty   study   changed   completely   experience   anxi   smoke   pick   action   chieftain   settled   wangchuan   search   bearing   manage   assemble   names   jackets   darkens   gateway   hermits   budding   eye   troops   sake   rustic   pearl   angels   pavilions   thing   started   autumnal   reign   trail   leans   shelters   central   hole   hold   effort   riverbank   willowcotton   pursue   car   sounded   roof   dew   groves   gathers   foliage   blooming   closing   fortress   quarrel   melons   wang   shepherd   rode   stroke   offspring   garden   pink   rays