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September Roses May 2018
Thick, warm, fuzzy air
Radiates against your skin, making you want to doze off
You sit on the front of a low red car that looks another era, leaning on the glossy hood.
I want to put your lips on mine
The world feels yellow, and orange.
It's as if clear smoke has filled the air
My eyes are dimmed through thick sunglasses, my body absorbing the warmth through jeans and a small black shirt
I'm in a lucid daze
Looking at you through a curtain of straight black hair, not bothered to move it from my face.
You're eyes the crisp refreshing blue in a world tinted amber
Like fresh water, so cooling as I gaze in them.
Like a spray of water on your back
After hours of sunbathing
We sit there
We say nothing
We take in the sun
   We don't need anything else
Jesse stillwater Jun 2018
a breath of fresh air
tickles still-waters
a lone swan's quill
let fall, takes flight
  carpe  diem ―
nigh weightless,
buoyantly skitters
across the water,
laissez faire;
barely dimpling
the shallow peace
on a lake in the wood

a wild feather's
mindless pirouettes
emanate from
the steeping silence
lapping  its
superficial  refection  

the true nature
of wildness,
unspoken freedom,
an untamed
wilder – ness
skims the skinny waters
seeking their own level;
leaving no trace
of  ever being  containable
like a breath of fresh air
unconquerable souls
touching in the
conscious moment ―
a gentle passing breeze
arousing a rogue gust

Jesse Stillwater

01    June   2018
Thank you for stopping to read my soul scribbles :)
Alysia Marie Aug 2016
and for once; she said:

"I can breathe.”

and darling; it was all because of you.

                                       Alysia Marie 2016 ©
This man and I haven’t seen each other in quite a few years, but he’s always in my heart. If only I can muster up the confidence to tell him how I feel.
Stripping away
the pretense
to expose the
***** truth.

Nothing to hide
as the warm water
flows over me.

Washing away
yesterday's mistakes
and disappointments.

Watching as regrets
disappear with the suds
down the drain.

Cleansed of the past.
Ready to start a new day.
Rich Hues Dec 2018
They pretend they're cultured,
But really they're coarse,
Their glittering marriage,
Heads for divorce,
So she'll take her offspring,
Back to Bel-Air,
With its deep, blue blood,
And its bright, red hair,
And its lovely skin,
A diversity brown,
And where Donald will give it,
A gold plated crown.
The wind was gazing through the window
Curtains dancing in the night
Blowing away my biggest sorrows
Waking a feeling deep inside

Never had I felt more alive
Then right there on my well aged bed
Not even thinking about the things
The things that I had never had

‘Cause while outside the wind was storming
Inside it brought me genuine grace
Stayed in this dark room way too long
Until the fresh breeze touched my face
braelynn Jan 15
You were a breath of fresh air during a humid hot day.
One where if you ran too long it would take a few painful minutes to catch that oxygen into your lungs again, a day where sweat seemed to build up in places you had yet to discover.
Yes, you were that breeze that made my hair lift off of my shoulders and bounce all the way to my ears.
You made me feel light and peachy.

But then I realized that you were the one adding all of the extra weight.
You balanced off the scale every once in a while to make it seem like you weren't holding me down by the shoulders.
You tricked me into thinking I was smaller than I really was so I felt vulnerable and trapped.
Made me think the world was too big for me to explore.
You made me think I would get lost.
Made me think I was lost.

Maybe I am lost,
That could be on me.
I want to find you.
I want you and I to be happy.
And it may seem silly that I do feel this way.
But I miss being able to breathe, and I miss seeing you every day.
I do.

I rather have that weight on my shoulders, even though it felt like a ton.
It kept me down on my feet, made sure I didn’t run.
You made me think I would get lost.
Now look where I am.
I feel so small, and I know it may be my fault.
But I want you to know I don’t resent you at all.
You can always talk to me if you need some fresh air.
You can forever come to me, I’ll always be there.
forgive love miss
Poetic T Feb 6
We are more than

      What we etch in
       Collections of breath.

For even though every
     Sentence has a mortality

Every word that's repeated
           Gives it a breath of
                              New life.

Always let your vocalizations
      Be voiced to others so that
         They never expire.

But are a fresh breath
on others
ok okay Dec 2018
For every breath you take
A flower blooms

In the day it opens its petals
At night it's blessed by the moon

Each flower
Trapped by its stem
Longs for a bee

True beauty comes not in the color of a flower
But its desire to be seen
Haven't written a poem like this before. Unprivated this, i kinda hated it, but i guess it held some worth
Donna Mar 11
I can hear a lawn
mower , someone’s cutting grass
Spring will be here soon
:) inspired this morn x
Stu Harley Apr 7
blue scarf
pink ash rose dress
fresh eyes
DuBray Jul 2018
Her eyelashes
Slightly splashes
The water fresh

Her eyebrows
Sinks below
The water fresh

Her **** flesh
Dives into
The water fresh
Mary-Rose H Jul 2017
Five in the morning
feels fresh
and new,
as if
the world has
renewed itself
and left
the early morning air
pure and untouched
against my skin,
within my lungs.

This is air
that the events of the day
have yet to fill;
it is a blank canvas,
whispering its request
to my soul:
for art to be
designed, created,
born, and painted
across its timespan.
Written at 5 o'clock in the morning.
French rose Aug 2018
You smell like love
The scent of arousal with a hint of ****
Desire of an unknown perfume

You taste like ***  
A taste that will last forever
The flavor fresh when my face slipped inbetween your legs

You felt so wet but was as sweet as honey
My hand feeling every inch of your body
Fingered inbetween your virginity

You sound like heaven
Your whining intoxicating like poison
Your voice seductive as it gets

You felt swift as you showed me the woman in you
Riding your hips gliding without hesitation
You felt innocent and naive as I guided your hips

You loved the taste of me thrusting into you
Crying out my name your face filled with pleasure and ****
You love the flavor of me going further than before

You drowned in my attention relished it
Hungered for it you were lit up by my infatuation
You felt a hot spark and electric energy that sent tingles to the very center of you

You just made love my dear
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
╰⊰✿´ℒ♡ⓥℯ '✿⊱╮
Golden, flaky, and so crisp
Layers of flavour
Lemon, honey, cinnamon,
tangy syrup drips
chopped walnuts, almonds,
whipped cream crown
Sixth Epulaeryu! ^-^
Hope y'all ain't getting cavities from my poems lool.
I love baklava! Especially when it's made fresh!
Lyn ***
Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
My wounds are like a canyon
But Your love is like an ocean
Filling it up

My filth is like a mountain
But Your grace is like fresh snow
Falling over it

My rage is like a fire
But Your power is like a hurricane
Blowing it away
Arke Oct 2018
a chemical cocktail spills from your lips
your tongue drips pure moonshine
table varnish leaks on the floor
i've been polishing for hours
can't get it clean, can't get clean
i scrub harder until my skin is red
and blood blemishes the rug nearby
my friends are the beams of sun
that show ashes in the air
i don't want to breathe it any more
i feel it scrape inside my lungs
wanting to get out and escape
white powder, lines of dust
and little pills that keep me sedated
my nose scrunches at the smell
of strong ozone and the taste
of metal forming in my mouth
while ironing out radiation particles
wondering where it all went so wrong
Tegan Apr 13
Even though my heart still beats the hurt through my veins,
All we can do is try and try again.
The sun whispers in to my skin;
"Everything will be okay,
Today is a new day."
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