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PoserPersona Jun 20
The moon sings the languid flower,
  to bloom at midnight hour
Harmonious feast transpires -
  luminescent choir

Pedals mirror la hue de Luna,
  but pale below her glow
Though the desert sweet aroma,
  is fragrance plus photo

Neither causing nightly failure,
  in idyllic charm
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

The moon a long gone distant rock,
  yet pulls on ocean tops
Cereus lures with sweetest tricks,
  and stings with countless licks  

Battered holy asteroid face,
 woos flawless solar gaze
And even though it causes mire,
  lunar eclipses fire

The cactus thrives in driest sands,
  and chokes in fertile lands
Alluring lonesome wanderers,
  promising mere water

The lucid beauty bewilders,
  as much as it can haunt
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

You, once my cereus and moon,
  were drowned in my love well
Perhaps, I was this to you too,
  though your hole I’d not delve

However, what was first velvet,
  morphed into devil’s horns
Winter shed those thorns in my chest,
  now spring gifts hope and more

The icy grips of each winter,
  provides spring fuel to spark
In fact, those powers are greater,
  together than apart

Although we’ve gone on our own ways,
  I wouldn’t change the past
For each step was necessary,
  to find true love at last

We were once greater together.

I’m now greater apart.
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
Hidden within the earthy depth
only emerges with time
only dances in tangent
now slips out with the butterflies.  
Now the nightingales singing aloud!

One has spoken out, one blew
a kiss out off the dark seed.
Ah, what then broke through?
Up from the sky the blue-nymph  
dropped down on the scene!
One that hid blurring that's image
on the mirror is that now been seen?

Pouring rain singing down to primulas
paints it with all the colours of the wind
now the Spring picked up her paintbrush.

Rain some colour blow a kiss of the flower
paint it out of the mirror!
The life span of humans,
is very similar to flowers,
when you see the big picture.

Flowers start off as buds,
likewise we start off a fetus.

The flower then breaks free of the bud,
revealing a hint of its looks.
And once we are born,
you see our appearance for the first time.

They grow and grow,
needing constant sunlight and water:
to keep them alive.
We too, grow and grow,
our bodies craving the natural substantial resources
which enables us to survive.

When flowers have gone through that process
of all of their growth,
they then hit their peak,
where their petals bloom, and their color pops.
With humans, the highlight of our lives,
can come at any moment.
But there will some when  be a time,
when us humans too, hit OUR peak and shine.

Now obviously,
death can come at any moment for plant or human,
by unnatural causes.
we do share yet another very key similarity with all those beautiful flowers;
the death by natural causes.

When a plant gets old it starts to wither;
petals start crumbling, leaves fall off,
its' once royal blue appearance starts to discolor.
Whereas us humans have different side affects completely.
Skin wrinkles, unsteady hands.
All the typical "old person" stereotypes.
And yes, we humans wither as well; like a wilting plant.
And just like all of those flowers,
the inevitable happens and one day our flower loses its soul,
which is all we have left of us as our beauty along with our youth abandoned us long ago.

You could be the most beautiful flower of them all,
or the most wonderful person of your time.
Yet we all have the same fate.
Doesn't it seem unfair,
that we are of much more relevance than a flower that lives on the ground and just brings more beauty to the earth,
yet we get treated just the same as one.

according to the system:
we are all just huge flowers.
Everything is somewhat insignificant.
Daisy Marrow Oct 2014
I never thought I would fall for you twice,
but here I am writing this poem.
I'm just a dandelion lost in this greenhouse
surrounded by these blooming beauties.
But hoping, hopefully
you would make a wish out of me.
You've got this look that makes me crave adventure.
You've got mountains in your eyes
and the northern wind in your soul.
I can't remember the last thing you said to me
and that's okay.
We never talked much thanks to my anxiety.
I'm not too far but my words have failed me so many moons
how am I suppose to talk to you?
You've got your future gripped tight by the wrist
and my hands are lost in all this space.
Maybe sometime in the years to come, I'll discover your footprints
and remember my high school crush all over again.
I'll stop and think if you're out in California making coffee for people,
like I overheard you say you wanted to do in math class that one time,
or strumming a guitar solo on stage somewhere in the city.
I just hope wherever you find yourself in time to come you're happy and smiling brighter than the stars.
I know not much will happen in these last eight months we have together,
but I want to thank you for the day you introduced yourself to me because you knew no one else in the class.
I know I'm just a dandelion in this great big greenhouse,
but I'm just really happy that you noticed me.
Her shaped belly was the red flower in the jungle
Her voluptuous hips were the storm in the forest
She hypnotized me with her round firm ****

The savage petals took my heartbeat away
The feline viscously attacked my sinful soul
The luscious spark tempted my startled nerves

Like a tropical butterfly she danced freely
Like a mythical snake she glided effortlessly
Like an innocent dove she expressed purely

She cast her spell on my uncontrollable desires
I worshipped the Goddess as she empowered herself
The red flower plucked into nakedness-  for her *****
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