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writerReader Mar 2015
the flowers that we grew together have died now
that you've been away so
i find myself talking to your creaky rocking chair
and sometimes i
swear that
it sings
The echoing sound of seagulls
Flying above the sea
And leaves upon their branches
Such a wonderful harmony.

Nature's inspiration was it
The reason for his call
From a humble shepherd on the land
To packing out town halls.

Music there within his soul
And words inside his head
Singing was his only goal
His future, good as read.

He sang his songs every day
He was asked to join a choir
Little did he realise
His fame would grow much higher.

He made a massive impact
Wherever he would go
Although he never wrote a song
His voice would steal the show.

He found himself a little band
They became like family
He treated like brothers
The way that it should be.

Suddenly his fame was over
The result of a tragedy
Sadly he left us
Leaving behind his legacy.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Yes, I have known how to sing the blues,
for I’ve sung them before we met and know them well.
I‘ve just forgotten how to sing them in tune,
You’ve taught me how to sing them again
With your sad goodbyes and my broken heart.

You’ve taken me from jazz to the blues in one chord.
I have searched again for a song of me.
Reggae, jazz, and rock surround,
Guitars in harmony, with others moving to their music
but the blues is all I hear since you’ve gone.

I’ve been moving to your song for so long,
that I’ve forgotten how to make my own melody.
Singing only cover songs that I’ve heard since you left,
trying to find my own voice again.
Oh lend your voice that we may sing in harmony once more.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
ethan gaskill Nov 2018
someday in the future
i'll sing you to sleep
but for now i'll weep
i’d wait on you forever
I never stop thinking of you,
you always fill up my head.
And not just with thoughts,
but inspiration instead.
This feeling you give,
is something I seek.
It's just so relieving,
anytime you speak.
I love how you sing,
about anything that moves you.
Leaving nothing out,
whether it maddens or soothes you.
Your soul just emits,
an intoxicant that calms me.
And when we touch,
this mood just embalms me.
It binds me tight,
locked in your sweet release.
Then time slows down,
til the silence has ceased.
But during that moment,
I've begun to beleive.
That your voice,
is really,
the only one I need.
savarez Jun 2018
My mother kept a singing bird, just for herself
In the kitchen
By the door
In a cage.

She fed it herself
and talked to it
at 68.
What woman speaks to a bird,
perhaps one who knows
and understands.

All the peaks and trills,
the notes of song
she heard.
She knew its moods
and tunes, she sang along.
Their ritual of conversing
while washing up
and dry with dishcloth
or cooking
or baking her special recipe
apple pie.

Every night, she covered the cage
with a blanket
to keep warm the singing bird and
so the kitchen light would
not disturb
and in the morning,
she took it off again.

Then with silence broken
by welcome twitter,
she would tell
her grey and black wonder
of her plans whilst at chores.
When at elevenses,
she sat near the door
with hot tea and cookie,
she'd offer crumbs
stare ahead, a dreamy smile.

One day the bird died
and into her dishcloth,
she cried.
(For Jubilene, b. 1921)
Let the flow of wealth surround me
Fill my heart with love and peace
Let the energy more freely
Flow through me and never cease

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the sounds of wealth keep ringing
Let my words run clean and strong
Let my cells rejoice in singing
With this happy wealthy song

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the streams of wealth flow to me
Let me share this flow with you
Let my mind see ever clearly
All the tasks which I can do

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the feel of wealth stay near me
Give me confidence to dream
Let me resonate so dearly
With God's never ending stream

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free
This is Prosperity Poem 25 at and you can see it displayed on a background here
MJL Mar 12
With the right voice
Everything is poetry

© 2019 MJL
To Jackson, Dean, Cash, Lightfoot, Hurt, Brooks, Thomas, Elliot, and my lovely bride.
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Garments stripped from worn bones and weary mind
Feet dragged on tile; hands grasp plastic veil
Stepping into a tub; near swoon divine
A pure, naked self emancipation,
before the squeaking running metalware  
that erases the daily equation.
Dancing, singing tunes of own devices:
Cupid, Shooting Star, Sister Golden Hair
Rocky Mountain High, American Pie
****** bosses gonna kiss ***** here
Astronauts, cowboys, and rockstars meet here
Best yet, the individual is here

Although merely hidden by a curtain,
all for your view is but a damp shadow.
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
Rejoice and praise
in all my voice He bestowed
-music upon thee
in shores were the seas meet
-and mountains reached
were the valleys peaking feat

He treasured a song for me
and every day I'll keep
-just as I'd sing
A song only Jesus give,
-comforts my woeful soul
blissfully of His forcing Lo

Nineteen in a world I never
people in strife, unbridled-
broken in the midst of life
hide away in His wings,
-As I find my peace of mind

Thieves strive, a callous ****
to ****** the song I sing,
but of all in all between,
a Cross He carried for lives
to save and shall not parish
a tomorrow for me to sing

Cling as He promised He be
His heavenly touch,
-reaching a thousand as much
Angeles came in joy
as I keep singing this song,
The song of my Savior & Lord

#Cling #God #Heart #Endless #Joy #Sing #Glory

Maybe Its Time To Bring Light in the World, rather than be a part of Darkness
God Bless Poets, may this poem inspires you to Live Faithfully to the Lord, even in troubles and joy. There's always Good News in Gods Presences.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Alyssa Underwood Dec 2016
O morning sky of endless blue
Tinged with purply-pinky hue
You tell me of His mercies new
Whose heart pursues my own

O geese in wingèd winter's flight
Your honking cries arouse delight
And lift my gaze to seek thy sight
As wooing from His hand

O softest breeze which skims my face
And stirs with such mysterious grace
My soul to reach for Love’s embrace
You brush me with His kiss

O snowflakes falling to the ground
You pierce my heart without a sound
To crave a purity only found
Beneath a bloodied cross

O setting sun in half-light glowing
Waning day’s last glorious blush showing
You paint with fire my spirit’s own knowing—
This life is fading fast

O stars of midnight’s blackest sky
Paraded forth, you pull my eye
Toward One Who speaks this ceaseless cry:
“I’m coming back for you.”

O creeping fog to dawn’s light clinging
You whisper, Love’s veiled message bringing,
With haunting echoes faintly singing,
“Lose all of you in Him.”

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world."  ~ Psalm 19:1-4a

Robin Lemmen Jul 2018
There is art
In your heart
Painting pictures
When I lay
My head down on your chest

There are songs in your eyes
Singing lullabies
When you hover
Pin me down
With your stare

There is a poem
On the tip
Of your tongue
I taste it
When I kiss you

You are tortured
My jaded lover
I hear it
When you won't talk
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
Singing up on the fly,
the sea touches the cloud.
Dancing on the ground,
it won't slip off the floor,
it won’t drop a drop!
Curiously algorithmic,
runs on the go,
leaps or dips, but never
is a gone goose!
Ah, holy smoke,
what did you drop?
You tell me to keep singing,
I am. 'Without words, there’d be no songs.'  I made that.
Listen to my sweet, sweet blues,
my high, high reds, and my low, low browns.
I am singing.  I’ve never stopped.
You’ve just stopped listening.

You tell me to keep singing,
And I tell you, I am.  Tell me, what would you like to hear?
Do you want to turn my blues into red, my red into blues,
and for me to have no colours in-between?
To turn me into you?

You tell me to keep singing,
I am singing.  I’ve never stopped.
You’ve just stopped listening.
Knit Personality Aug 2018
Solemn sweet pipes of de o'gan
     Heaven's music I've hyeahd play,
But I'll tell you somefin' truly
     Certain ez is Judgement Day:
Angels present at de service
     Ev'ry Sunday fo'd dey wings,
Fo'd dey wings an' listen quiet
     When Malindy sings.  

julia rose Aug 2016
I join the game,
I act so lame

really I'm a troll
and the tides take a toll

I spout up dank memes
until the non-memers scream

and when pepe comes about,
take the meme-haters out

"stop, stop, noob!" they say
while eating Doritos and singing away

your 360 no scope can't **** me,
cause honestly, your 'friend' is my secret trustee

so bombard all you want

fill me with hate

the memers will meme on

until it gets...



i'm sorry, i can't delete this. it hurts. it's so dumb bUT THE MEMORIES JSNA D
leila Oct 2018
the voice, the singing
cause me dance
behind the green plains
behind the snowy mountains
behind the white flow
behind the white rose garden
the voice, the singing
cause me dance
where the flower excists
where the river excists
where the tall tree is to be
watching me and you
where the heart excists
the heart full of hope
a nice heart
as nice as roses garden..
We love the sun.
   Squirrels run
In trees up high,

Because it's spring
   Birds sing,
And so do I,
CK Baker Jul 2018
through the streets and column cracks
culture weaves and summer smacks
sacred figures, holy shrine
monastery in grand design

cathedrals, convents, heaven’s stars
god of neptune, god of mars
doge’s palace, alley ways
gondolier on full display

winged lions on pastel breeze
cicada singing from the trees
pillar walk of saint mark's square
basilica in all its flare

crosses shade the carousel
a bridge of sigh that leads to hell
golden stairs on placid ridge
arches of rialto bridge

torcello! murano! grigio!
the countess rides the river poe!
sins of seven, fiery hides
poplars bank the levee side

black plague, attila the ***
eden formed before the sun
paradise above the marsh
high alter, gothic arch

middle age, religious wars
celestial fountains, marble floors
sculpted peacock, catholic faith
all is true the great god saith
Mya Jan 26
He hides in my closet
he has a scary look
with ridged nails
and pointy sharp white teeth

But he is shy and doesn't come out
till nightfall
when no one can see him
because he is insecure
and he doesn't want to be made fun of
by the other monsters who wander around

Every time I hear him come out
he is humming a tune
I would softly request him to sing
because I cannot sleep
when he would open his mouth

Wonderful words would come out
sounding excellently in tune
even though there was no background music
in my head, his singing sounded like a symphony
was playing the most lovely melody

If I could I would stay up all night
till dawn
when he would retreat back into the closet
I would listen to him all night

But as he sings
the melody floods me
and my eyes can not stay open
as I slip into a deep slumber
I would still hear him singing

When I wake up
my room is soundless
I would look in my closet to see if he is there
but he is hidden
where I cannot find him
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