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Keiya Tasire Mar 14
When roaring sorrow
Uprooted me
I envision a lotus flower, staying gently a float upon the pond.
The sun's soothing, comforting light warmed my heart.
Breathing in.... Breathing, gently out.
Releasing both hands
Clasped in pain.
No need to leave
No need to go
The deep sorrow of my heart beating
Rivers of Love's tears upon the pond.
Yet the sunshine never failed.
I am floating gently - to that perfect spot
Within the pond.
I, Lotus flower
Send my tap root deep down below
Taking root, among the other lotus
Beautiful flowers anchored to the pond's murky floor.
In the first year after my son died. I found it best not to make any huge changes within the first year. I needed silence, peace, and stillness of my home and a simple pattern of life. I  needed the love and support of my husband, which he freely gave. Stephan's death uprooted my heart and turned it upside down. It was as though I was floating through my time without even noticing that there was any time at all. There came a time when the worst of the grief subsided and I was able to put my roots slowly back into a simily of a regular routine of time. When I settled in, I found the support and love of friends and family who were open to support me through the rest of my grieving journey. I am grateful because they opened the  doors of compassion, understanding and the insight gained from their own past grieving. It was good to be among other lotus flowers, sharing roots of understanding, love and caring.
jlf Oct 2018
for all the turbulence i sought
and sought
i was pretty good
i was so good

i battled through all the chaos
my kite was finally flying

but i snorted so much ritalin
my pupils are tar pits
and she calls me a hedonist but
i don't know what that means

i do know that
i fear neither death
nor consequence
you can treat me like your last meal
always at my most decadent

i remember i need to eat
then delete the thought
the only thing that sustains me is the rushing

by now
you should know that

it's all about me
we did the maths remember?
hypomania is like having low grade superpowers that you can't co-ordinate to do anything other than self destruct
The Precursor’s Psalms
Book Two
Chapters VI- X: Ragnarök

A sacred parcel to the soul who looks to ―raptured firmaments for their salvific benison. Se'lah.

VI: The Paean of Lovelight (The Paean of Lovelit Life)

1 Every particle in the soil of my epidermis roves for its emanation,
Its musicality, vibrating in pulsing fuchsia shockwaves,
This melodic energy is the Paean of Lovelit Life.
2 It reverberates the remittance in reminiscence;
yes, the Circle of Life breathes through the conduit,
it peregrinates
The ephemerality, even, the eternity in all entity.
(For in us exist dichotomies)

3 In a moment of self-revelation
I know naught but the vagary of the self;
still, the pain remains,
In the benighted truth of epiphany;
4 Yes, even,
Upon the Visage of Creation
All existence groans in groping
For its Nirvanic Pulse, ―like a wraith.

5 Finding meaning in all that I am,
all that I see, all there will be, and all that is,
I understand the fallacy in knowing, the bane in consciousness:
6 In an instant, one must forget

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all they have learned, all they feel, all they sense,
in the diminution of a moment
lest the soul relinquish that which does seamlessly transmit itself through
The Streams of Tempus Fugit.

VII: The Virescent Masquerade

1 Forsake all sorrows of the morrow, for
Beneath the Masquerader’s Virescently Butterfly-Winged Mask, there is a beckoning;
2 O, even amidst foible for which you long to be assoiled, excogitations do roil;
A tremulous heart: eventualities do saunter past, present,
future, and in communing you examine the finitude & the frailty
(Will their Exodus, my Exodus,
Come before I am ready?)
Of those in the Land of the Living.

VIII: Hierarchy of Sacrality

1 Wisdom
Is a cosmos,
2 Love,
―Invictus Dei,
3 Power,
The Cradle of Cosmogenesis,
4 Justizia,
Universal Scales through which Edicts of the Cosmogonist unfurl.

IX: Vagrant Story

1 Profundities lie in our vagrancies,
And in these there lie Faiths;
The faithful hunger for
For through these, we find a Savior.  

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2 Our Deiform-Apotheosis is ordained by of the Arbiter of Fates,
3 He Is Our Nexus to Transcendence,
The Empyrean whom carnal perdition hast braved

X: Nelumbo Nucifera (Sacred Lotus)

1 ―O, Jah,
The Sovereign of Songbirds,
Sing in the Key of Elysium,
The Requiem of Our Swansong;
2 Beseech the Earthen Womb
Of the Terraqueous Mother
To conceive us anew that
We partake of an elemental legacy.

3 O, then
Might we re-alight,
Upon an aforetime wearied land,
―Nelumbo Nucifera: The Impregnable Sacred Lotus
4 Whose aegis’d petals through
Dusk, Dawn, Midday, Twilight, and Eve
Might effloresce
In the Aeonic Light of The Empyrean One.


Written on
May 20th, 2019

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The Book of 1st John
Chapter 3,
Verses 18 -24

(Verse 18)

“Little children, we should love, not in word or with the tongue, but in deed and truth.”

(Verse 19)

“By this we will know that we originate with the truth, and we will assure our hearts before him”

(Verse 20)

“regarding whatever our hearts may condemn us in, because God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.”

(Verse 21)

“Beloved ones, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have freeness of speech toward God;”

(Verse 22)

“and whatever we ask we receive from him, because we are observing his commandments and doing what is pleasing in his eyes.”

(Verse 23)

“Indeed, this is his commandment: that we have faith in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as he gave us a commandment.”

(Verse 24)

“Moreover, the one who observes his commandments remains in union with him, and he in union with such one. And by the spirit that he gave us, we know that he remains in union with us."

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Hearken unto
Resplendent Sol,

The Twilight draweth nigh,
Whence erupts from Sundered skies
Aeonic Light

Let ye soul
The Great Apothecary;
His Panacea of Healing Love.

I am a Loveless
Blight, worn, of Earthly Denizens,
I bid you
Immortal heartsease.

Borne of the Father:

Page | 5

Sired by the Son:

Begotten by the Spirit:
Burgeons in

The Grand Creator's
Magnum Opera:
All of us.

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III.

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SamanthaX Aug 18

I see my dreams
are beginning to
line up
What begins
What ends
It’s the
beginning of a
never ending

That’s why
in my visions
I’ve been seeing
you again

Now my
number is
It’s been burning
behind blue
eyes in the sky

I calculated
my calculations
ran away
I didn’t
maintain them
I forget my

Slowly I slip
back into
my insanity
As I welcome
of the
black void
of my mind
I’ve began
It’s the
of time

So please excuse
me if I
seduced you
The Art
of the
Dark propaganda
I write

I got appealing
to make you
you’ve asked
your whole

These intuitive
Lotus illusions
Queen of the
fallen rose petal

so loud
drown out
the sound
the realities
I’ve seen
the eyes
Dead seas
Rushali Sep 2017
Be perfect they say
Be clean
But who says clean is perfect?
Does the lotus not rise
From the depths of the marshy lands?
Perfection in the harsh, ***** world.
an aquatic plant
flower syrup for bad coughs
the lotus flower
Racquel Davis Jul 2014
Supreme Love,

Through a land of barren fields, leads to a nourishing tree, that rhythms in the wind like a heart of bleeding green.

There, you will find me, prostrating in its lingering boughs, gazing into your sky with smiles of Eros.

A nightgown of innocence awaits you in the lotus, falling amongst the constellations of my parallel.*

©Copyright 2007 Written and Edited by Racquel Davis
Edited 11/24/16
In the midst of darkness,
There shines a bright full moon,
I can see you shimmering,
You're the only flower of all the leaves
You are the only color when everything's black
When you're gone,
I want you back.

You are the lotus of my life,
Lucky charm I call you,
For you make me happy
When I'm blue.

Bloom for me my lotus
My heart is in focus
I'm in love with you
A treasure in my palm
Luckiest I am.
Specially dedicated for my one and only person whom I treasure the most.
SamanthaX Sep 3

~Torn tears
Tearing through
  The broken pieces
A Artist lives in~

Sun rises break
in my 3:15
Shattered glass
Stained hearts
Bitter sweet are
the memories
of the ways I
the bruises you
left me

A broken pretty
reflects in the
eyes of a new

Bare skin
are becoming
my best company

Feeling lighter
I light up the
last cigarette
you gave me

your name
Only exhaling  
so I can inhale
you again

I forgot how
good your
rhythm felt

I always forget

How good it
to be the
of The Gods
and My Men
It’s tempting
so tempting
with their

I’m just a
tragic event
You confused
magic with
I thought only
The Devil could
get me that wet
Still confused
by the feathers
found in my bed

And if you would
let me love you
that’s exactly
what I would
of tried to do

But my love
has become
as cold as
the midnights
who have lost
their moons

The lace of
lovers tell
stories with
their satin
bodies and
silk scars

~Welcome to Heaven
  Avoid it if you can ~
O lady o ,
When I first saw you ,
you’re beauty was it not plucked like a carnation Gods gardens of delight ?
Or had the snake who saw you stand there ,
so to draw blood from my very sight ?
For I have ridden in dark forests by day ,
past pine ,
and firn
for even they could never draw out the love in you’re eyes ,
or the tender way you’re White carnations flew on by .

The sunset with its colours as vast as you’re breast ,
I have awaited every hour of every day ,
and there you are ,
You’re turrets tall and fair  youre  battlements  boast  of ore and steel ,
You’re cannons lit it’s flintlock poised ,

You’re hairs as black as the Lotus flower that gives its scent unto
the night ,
and grows all around you’re turrets so rare .

I will blow a kiss to you this evening ,
for the wind may howl ,
let its spirits deceive ,
this night you’re cannons I shall disarm ,
You’re turrets dismantle ,
you’re battlements besiege.
As for you’re carnations ,
shall I hold tight to my chest ?

For this night our bodies will entwine ,
as the firn and the pine ,
the bark and the yoke ,
to chase the sun ,
past forest glades,
gallop ,
as you hold my thighs ,
together we shall ride ,
Side by side .

This night we shall call our own lost in the pine forest ,
firn and flower .
For are they not dainty ones I shall pick for you this hour .

Then as the last rays of light called it a night ,
and the vast reds in all their array ,
could not stop my tears ,
one white carnation on the ground ,
without a note ,
quite profound ,
an empty space where you once stood ,
lies now a block of wood .

And I still mount thus every night ,
Galloping hopeless in faintest light ,
as faster than any knight ,
to gaze to where you once stood ,
for with thy white carnations must lie
my forever ,
beating ....
heart .
I take my shoes off at the door of your palace floor,
What I brought in my basket, cannot be found at any store,
For the fruit I bear, is stronger then that of Samson's hair,
Most of what I brought to share,
So pull a seat for my hind and feet and pour some tea,
A warm *** is steeping as stories begin seeping in, my throat and heart begin to open,
I put my hope in the back of my eyelids and we both cross our legs to meditate,
We create a pink lotus around us with not a second to hesitate, we start creating a pond around us,
Sitting on the surface of the water, the tea soaks and spirals into our soft pink brain,
Depicting ourselves here as the lotus closes its pedals in around us, it gets dark,
The light within is eternal and white, a bright sight,
The next morning the cold fog tickles the edges of the lotus as it softly opens,
The sky transforms into a golden light,
We open our eyes and the tea is gone,
A neat table sits in front of us,
Namaste and bow,
May we meet again soon,
Perhaps as the light of the nightly moon.
SamanthaX Sep 3

I see you
Looking at me
Through me
Like a broken mirror
Looking at
the broken pieces
of yourself
The broken pieces
of myself
The broken pieces
of everything

The mirror
that broke
in our last
In our life
before that
it was a gift
You made it for us

Because this love
was our blessing
our curse
Since before love
was a word
The word we created

Constructed out
of the sounds I made
When our eyes locked
fingers brushed
When you grabbed my hair
pulling me to you

This word in every form
Like this connection
Like every broken piece
of every mirror and all
we see through it

In it
Past it
Within us
Is us
Ours alone
Two lost
the oldest
of souls

Love to be reborn

Gifted to us
by the Gods
in which is us
The Heaven who needs a Hell
The life who fabricated death
The star that cannot shine
without the sky behind
Nothing would exist
without you and I
Even time itself
can never unionize
without you and I

You will create Eve
I will give birth to Adam
If you are God
I will be your Lilith
If you are the will
of a sinner
I will be the faith
in forgiveness

As love as our witness
My gift to you
Is the love you
the love that made
our world
Racquel Davis Jul 2014
Psychedelic spokes
Spinning out from
An undetermined center

Periwinkle powdered
Spines that invite
Me to feel

Making a point
At my prying fingertips
From smooth to prickly

Quaint you are
When your fragrance
Murmurs a tone of earth  

A lotus of the desert
Silently beaming through
A plump body

An infant
With little

©Copyright 2014 Written and Edited by Racquel Davis
Faster and faster we ride ,
past the woods and firn and pine ,
untill a tree of rings of love ,
bound us together ,
their branches with a crackle and thud .
Down we fell
further down ,
entwined entangled unexplainable love ,
like a whirl pool our two bodies entwined ,
wrapped together for eternity ,
untill beatle fungi , or man ,
Shall choose to **** us ,
or let us be

And so the years of winter ,
Summer , spring ,
our tree dies and gives us birth again ,
Saplings have grown as we grow old ,
birds have nested in our branches ,
ants, bees , flies flees , and butterflies,
have Passed us by ,
without a hoot or a cry ,
and yet ,
the gull rust passes us by .
O  my lady O  ,
can you see the white carnations all coiled for spring ,
for they remind me ,
You are the  most beautiful thing .
Ahnaf Jul 18
A towering wooden frame
Lined with fake lotuses  
Written all over

Here Lovers' promises
Sit unscathed, untested

Words etched
In just a single moment of love
Live forever
As love elsewhere dies away
Joel Jan 29
In this process I’ll die
Oh lotus flower take me to the unknown
Mortal roots of hopes make me yours
This is the story of a dream
Every soul will be one
In this process she’ll survive.
O lady o ,
my rides of late hath seemed lonely out there ,
amugst the tall pines ,
the firn and the breeze ,
untill I saw you’re face ,
you brought love to me .

You smiled once as I rode near ,
I waved back ,
you were so dear ,
and if it wasn’t God in all his glory that placed you there ,
was it Satan came to temp me ,
to draw blood from my very sight ?

For I have rode in evenings light past forests as dark as the night ,
through fern and pine tree tall and dark ,
You called me out as a champagne bottle just past me by .
For now I have seen the colours of evening as vast as youre breast ,
you’re turrets are tall and fair ,
you’re battlements of burning  red ,
You’re cannons linstock lit .
You’re hair as black as the Lotus flower ,
which poison fills the air this very hour
and grow in you’re grounds beautiful and rare .

I will blow a kiss to you this night ,
even if the winds that howl ,
let their spirits deceive,
for this night shall you’re turrets will tumble ,
you’re battlements breached without due care
You’re cannons with no flint to fire ,
you’re broken bottle held tight to my chest ,

For this night through firn and flower ,
dainty white carnations shall I pick for you ,
as we ride two by two .

This night I shall ride faster than any knight ,
to chase the sun untill there is no light ,
to gaze upon ,

yet you have left,
I lift my eyes to where you stood ,
with a bottle of champagne,
I drink ,
to you my dear ,
My ever ,
Heart .
Arianna Jun 12

Humidity coats my limbs with desert rain
as June unfurls in jasmine mists
the stench of summer
about the fragrant bed
where I have tasted draughts of Eternal Slumber,
and drunk my fill of half-dead visions.


Indigo night settles vulture-like
over the silver plains,
swallowing the horizon beneath its wings.

Delirious in the face of Death,
I trace life lines through the stars;
but no path presents itself from the torch-obscured darkness.

Thus, choking on the fuming heat,
I succumb once more to leaden sleep.


Recollections seep from deep-sea marrow,
flooding eyes wide open behind their lids
with blurred impressions, vague distortions.

Bound up in turquoise silk of the Nile,
the slightness of a blink
sails Time and Space
from silken bower to moonwashed grave.

Leopard without spots,
I shed my myrrh-oiled skin upon the banks:
gossamer crumpling into lotus waves,
summoning surrender
slick and serpentine.

A persuasive lover, the River clings
effortlessly along my sinking frame,
dropping gently through the currents
to plumb the peace of still waters
and quiet, spellbound dreams.
A(nother) devastatingly hot day.

Daemonia Nymphe - "Dios Astrapaiou":

Paintings: "Girl in Yellow Drapery", "Dolce Far Niente" (1897), "Dolce Far Niente" (1904), and "Dolce Far Niente" (1906) by John William Godward.
Livaille Oct 2017
flowing river, crashing rain
together troubles sow,
       yet do not mend.

a silent sorrow,
sullens sour solitude.

light mist envelopes autumn,
west wind waves the water,

wind follows blade,
blade follows rain,
rain follows clouds.

soundless slashes scatter clouds,
blossoms fall on flowing water.

memory of spring dazes gaze,
alters flow as whirlwind dashes,

summer's sunlight sets,
dual waltz of lotus leaves,
in memory of cherry blossoms.

blurred shadow forms a phantom,
menacing mist chases hurtling haze,
snow sinks deeper than a dream of snowy winds.
The spider, in many hues rules.
But I never could understand
The comples operational rules.
                                    Still I have
Unflinching  faith,like no other
On the spider, that it knows
The rules of transactions inside out.
I am in the web of a clan of
Spiders, day in and day out.

I just lie supine in comfort  
And let my song bird fly high
In the sky blue oblivion
Of my mind, listening to
The singing of the bard of
The absolute, transcending limits.
        I am more and more lured
in to his cave where light is present
By its physical absence.More and more
An innerbeing after substence
In the company of this siver luminous.

She comes alive, fire risen from smoke,
Her red hot eyes capture my truth quick!

The spider sitting on top of me
And working on me with
Her oceanic mind that seethes
Agile vaginal muscles, I picture
Is still reading "Every Women"1
From memory; I just feel it
as each of the steps to the
thousand petelled lotus is
left behind one by one.

My silver spider
who flies with me from
the conjoined base of
"Mooladhara"2 at the ****.
If she is the fire, I am the sky.
Hear the silver bell she rings,
In mind's eye I see how her
Silver strips gleam, wet with sweat.

As we step out to the garden path
The green spiders of thick foliages
Waved at us.Golden spider of the sky
Hanging low beamed at us.
1."Evcery Woman"(A gynacological guide for life by Derek Liewellyn-Jones)
2.Mooladhara means "the root and basis of existence" according to Tantra Yoga, located at the ***** one of the seven primary energy centres of human body.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
Bud of the winter dew on lips grow,
Snowy boughs surrounding began to unfold,
'Spring it shall flower' you must travel along, to see
When she will flower and in her very first glance,
Shall innovate the ether lapis-lazuli sky,
And the glamorous sun in her luminous dews,
She will cast her gaze towards the infinity,
And the veiled spring-night of tender full-moon,
With millions of star thriving, will be reflected upon;
She will whisper to the sleeping morning breeze,
And that will wake dancing the primrose's aroma,
Smoothly waving over the green meadows!

Who will let it be freely, purely, organic!
In whose innovate warm touch shall dissolve,
Poor winter's covering upon the earth,
Hence, once again green earth shall cast,
A glance to its vernal zenana,
Beneath the sunny sky wherein the air,
Shall sniff the aroma of the radiant rose,
And the birds shall tour around,
Singing the song of freedom!

Endure, yet she is beyond the gaze of the sky!
Now a season poor as she has flown away,
Gone to address the assembly of the Angels!
Therefore, accepting an invitation from the fairies,
To have a bath in their lotus-pool, prior to flight.
Hence, delighted fairies all flew to the palace,
To give the news to Queen Mab!

And soon a while after they return,
Around the pool, they greeted and sang,
The spring while she steps into the pool,
They sing and dance, hail the spring:

'The troublesome thorn mingled into itself,
The long **** arm has collapsed pieces itself,
And the beauty has broken through!
Behold! The shining sun under her shadow!
The beauty by her grace fathomless,
Gorgeous she looks, rosy winsome!
Make all dance her awakening fragrance,
Tenderness she breaths, and caresses the bliss,
With a heart of endless love,
Vivifies the file, pleasant, dynamic!'

Meanwhile, the maid of honour came with the news,
They wanted to hear 'the Houris too shall join them.'
Yet they are flowering themselves alike as they gaze,
Upon the adoring scene of divine, winsome, paragon, fashions,
Impressionist hairs of the Queen of Paradise!
Where lay upon the Throne, and youthful streams,
Flowing, surrounded by, and canopied by the sky
Of glory garnished by the millions of the divine artisans!
There the sun care greatest and offers harvest lights,
And now, she comes to the streams, she shall swim.
Therein the never fading water-lily will please her sight,
She will listen to the divine birds of joyfulness,
Singing the songs of the blissful souls,
In the name of the all praiseworthy,
The perpetual Creator, Allah.
As she will innovate the songs,
And the innovative image of the eternal creations,
Will be bestowed upon the spring and all the houris,
Shall greet the spring as they will pour
Flowery rain over the fairies' pool!

Listen, the angels sing 'Lo, the spring, '
Again and again, as she dives into the fairie's pool,
And dips out up to the earth! See for yourself:
As youthful as ever with the sun shining on her forehead
And the day on her flowers, with her the earth is radiant
Her soil is perfumed, she belongs to paradise!
Elena Mar 27
She has glowing eyes
Gracing the land of skies
Where dreamy times collide
Lily Pad, her float
Lotus flowers, speak
Her fingers trace East to West
Grasshoppers make their leap
Earth fires off canons
As she prepares her sail
Green eyes strike a match
Do you hear that distant wail
Do you smell that burning flame
She certainly is wild
Arrows shooting higher
She was the Archer’s child.
ConnectHook Sep 2018
That Chinese box
Your wares untasted
From whence arose
The lunar doom
Of my obsession.

Some oriental harmony
I never heard

Auspicious omen of prosperity
That passed me by
Like cloud shadow across moon
On a restless night
Long ago.

Your pale and autocratic beauty:
Moon over wall-gate in frontier
Long gone
Like life on a distant planet;
I am out of your orbit . . .

Still you circle
Serving others more worthy
Of your light.

I still love you, Mooncakes
Though I shall never taste you.
The Moon Over Wall Gate in Frontier:
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
And so the Pu'erh and Jasmine Lily
pearls are covered, my attention on
the Phoenix Eye pearls, and I peel back
the foil of a small handful. Ainhana had
carefully remove the infuser and I pour
in the pearls, listening as they gently
hit the glass.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
As soon as Ainhana places the infuser
back in the tea ***, I turn the sand-dial
and watch the cream sands run, and the
pearls steep. I dare not let it run for the
full five minutes - I find the perfect brew is
made in three. The pearls now unfurl, the
green leaves now floating. The clear water
turns into the colour of the finest champagne.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
After three minutes, Ainhara pours me a cup,
the aroma itself puts me more at ease.
'Do not waste it,' I tell her, holding the
handle and saucer. 'Such fine pearls can
be steeped twice, and I will make sure that
I treasure every single cup.'
'Yes, My Lady,' She says with a curtsy.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
With my eyes closed, I blow away some
steam and proceed to sip short and brief.
It is a pleasure that is most welcome, indeed!
Teeming with the fires of the Phoenix itself
and caressing my tongue with floral sweetness.
A delicious moan escapes me as I relax in
my Summer Throne.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
My breathing is calmed as I look at
the horizon with redolent eyes.
The choirs sing as I drink such fine
ambrosia! By a cup of Pearls, mine
own eyes feel inspired, as I think of
the lovely vision that is the Phoenix
that is born of the lotus.
Adieu, stresses of Court!
Adieu, plagues of doubt and anger!
Thy Queen is now jocund dove.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
'Truly the finest Jasmine Pearls I've
had in years!' I beam. 'Be sure to share
this with my fellow Kings and Queens.
Especially Queen Kim. In such a golden
hour, we shall become Dream Children,
to be lost in gardens of distant China.'
'Yes, My Queen.' Ainhara waves her hand,
Semui and Ilazi now resume play.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
As I sip once again, the summer
showers come. Lo! My gazebo
glistens! Cleansed by the light,
and life for my fields of my
fair gardens.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
This blend cleanses the fire of my heart.
This blend casts out sorrows for me to
drink beauty.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
A  liquor the shade of champagne with
the flames of life budding from a
delicate flavour.

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
The Phoenix merges with me, for I
am the star of the morn that graces
my Aurelinaea!

~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
Such a blend of elegance in my tongue,
a heavenly euphony. How I'm forever in
awe of the power of
my Jasmine Pearls.
~ ⚘ ⚪ ⚘ ~
Final part of my Jasmine Pearls free verse!
Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you enjoyed it! ^-^
Lyn ***
Butch Decatoria Jul 2018

“Chest up, shoulders back!

You are a regal beast—“

Light on your feet

A roar of fire

In the belly

Of my heart / the universe

For the perfect dance


A Goddess in gold

Sundress kaleidoscope

Lotus and her Lion

Where there’s love

There’s hope…

“Chest up, shoulders back!”
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