nish Jul 20
if the sun disappears
and the stars say farewell
would you be the only light
for those left to dwell?
just a short lil something
And there she goes
Off to a far, far away land
Where the pastures are more green
And the people more refined

What a beautiful life awaits her in that town
Clear streams and sparkling brooks
Birds singing like minstrels of old
Nature displayed with utmost majesty

I wonder how she will fare
Will she find joy in that precious escape?
Or yearn for the sweetness of home?
I wield not the power to know

Perhaps we shall meet again
When the stars are right in the heavens
When the call of the heart echoes stronger
Than the shout of wealth or want

As she gallops away into the sunset
Towards the promise of that hopeful land
With her, she carries a piece of my heart
Because she has gone far, far away

From me
To my aunt who went away to Canada
rob kistner Jul 21
What follows here is Science Fiction (SyFy) Poetry.
It is written in long-form, Free Verse, narrative.
It will introduce you to otherworldly people and places,
with names you will find unfamiliar.
Suspend your disbelief, and welcome to my alien world.
I hope you enjoy the journey, as I offer for your considerstion:

"Distant Farewell"


"I've watched golden fire clouds,
hanging in pale green skies,
over the azure seas of Tólurasâ"

"I've seen the copper leaves
of the parmus fronds
flashing from indigo mountains
in the crystal mists of Gémin."

"I have beheld exquisite beauty
in my rich full life
but none so beautiful
as your eyes tonight"

Artheö whispers
his breath warms the tender lobe
of my eager ear

he presses his lips softly to mine
with gentle passion
bids me farewell

now three hours since
I linger in the bittersweetness
I can still taste him

here I am
hurtling through space
standing on the aft deck
reliving the sensations

a sudden chill shocks me sober
a foreboding grips me
my survival instinct peaking
I shiver
peering through the portal
watching the jade-sapphire orb
grow distant
less relevant

it continues to recede
less detail visible through the carbon-Lucite

zero-g frost forms
obscures this breathtaking view
of the lush planet
our home planet

a place
some now on board
will not again see for fifteen years

but only
if they are counted among the fortunate
who do return

we race
approaching light-speed
toward a distant call for help

unknown destiny
in uncharted space
with no idea what we will encounter

the call made it certain
no good lies ahead

I am Séphias
going to Topiârus
to return in a year's time

I am distraught
the anxiety of separation

palpable stress permeates the crew
who are going the distance
to the edge of space
to answer the cry for help

it is contagious
I feel it too

I feel ungrounded
each time I choose to leave my man
to go on mission
my soul mate

our love is deep
it has withstood these essential separations

we understood
when I joined FarWorlds
that separation came with the program

but knowing this
makes it no easier

my anxiety is heightened further
given this mission's ambiguity

at FarWorlds Corp
we are involved
in new-resources exploration

we are scientists
not trained spacetroopers
our expertise not military

this ship
the Thadius
is a space schooner
solar-wind powered

a research vessel
fast and agile
not suited for deep space combat

the security force we have on board
trained to defend
not to attack

they protect us from known threats
on our journeys through known space

this mission's much different
the unknown marks us for danger

the Dextorium was our advance ship
sent to reconnoiter 9 months ago

the Dextorium
did in fact
carry a battle-trained space-trooper force

but it has now fallen silent
for many months
not a word

to distract my mind from things disturbing
I drift to Artheö

to our last kiss

his was a calm
stoic face
at our goodbye
but I knew better

now together two centuries
rest assured
I know my man

as decorated Primests
of the Science-Sect Elite
we are privileged with three birthing cycles

after each
to improve our species
a 40-year no-birthing phase

our second now nears its end

we will enter our third and final
free-birthing cycle

we both welcome the sabbatical
of twenty years
this coming cycle affords

we've begotten two families in the prior cycles
and love them both

we now dream of this newest family
our near future holds in store

this coming family  is most important in our lives
Artheo's and mine

state edicts dictate
3rd cycle families caretake their birthers
through health's decline

when we enter our final stand down
and sustained cryogenic hibernation
this new family will be our comfort
as our last life-phase draws to its close

as I reflect
I am disrupted

a sudden chaos
panicked commotion on the foredeck
there is great alarm

I rush forward
in time to see a startling scene begin to unfold

in front of our speeding ship
a menacing field of strange devices

they begin to spread
with apparent logic
to form a grid blocking our path

acting intelligent
with a single mind
as though a sentient living thing

they are immense
and they are many
as they assemble in net-like fashion
far to the left
and as far right as one can see
from top to bottom

spread far too vast to travel around
their advancing speed
we cannot outrun

as we approach the steely web
their acceleration becomes exponential

there is no doubt
we are on a collision course
there's no escape

my senses jolt
I stagger back in disbelief

it is now quite clear
what fate befell our advance party
others as well

they've been absorbed
by this horrific
living mesh

we are defenseless

we on the Thadius can only stare
filled with fear
and yet spellbound

the crew's emotions now run the gamut
tears fill most eyes
as hell approaches

it's then I see it
in the grey-green carbon and cold blue steel
closing upon us

captured life-energies of the Dextorium crew
and countless others that have come before

their vital essence has been consumed
by this nightmare that now besets us

their images flicker in and out of focus
trapped in the grid
held fast and hopeless

empty looks of complete surrender
bewildered faces
living ghosts

this thing is coming
this host of evil

I feel helpless
so confused
and so alone

its then I rush to my solarcomm
to send a message to Artheö

I begin by sharing poetry
as is our custom

"I've heard the haunting call
of the coral winged Lellurt
in Droon's violet skies
over teal Darpin Bay"

"right now my dear
I want to hear your soothing voice
my precious love
I would give the world to hear your voice."

I am speaking in a tone controlled
yet laced with longing and melancholy

"I love you my dearest
but something bad is happening now
here where I am"

"there is a chance"

then I must pause
collect myself
to start again

"there is a chance
I may not return to you again
to our sweet life"

here my voice quavers
and then it cracks
as I try to add

"nor to our children"

grasping for courage
I continue on

"if this is to be my end
it falls to you to raise them now"

let them see they're loved forever
protect them well
and keep them safe"

it's now a struggle to form the words
but filled with love
I do press on

my eggs are safely stored
at the OffWorld Corp's Reproductive Center"

"my surrogate has been selected
she is tested
and bonded pure"

"you must see our new family
Zenus and Rennar
are healthy born"

then urgently
"please promise me!"

choking back so many emotions
I now fight to conclude the message

this is the last I will ever send
to my beloved

these are the last words he'll hear me speak

"these children
Zenus and Rennar
will be the final connection
between you and I"

"remember forever
they are a part of each of us
my darling one"

"he and she will care for you
and see you through your dimming years"

"they will love you
as you'll love them
give them my love
tell them about me"

voice faltering badly
I rise to finish
and share with Artheö my final words

oh god
how I want you here in my arms
my one true love!"

with that
my heart breaks
as I stare silently into the screen
teardrops streaming down my cheeks

12 hours later
on Artheö's commstation screen
my message arrives

he is gripped by disbelief at what he sees
at what he hears

consumed by horror
unable to move
he stands trembling
frozen by grief

as he sees my message end
my image flickers
and then it fades

Artheö falls to his knees
without sound
silent for some time

with a growing mix of fear and sorrow
branded on his ashen face

he throws back his head
thrusts up his arms
straight and stiff
fists clenched in anger

clenched so tightly
that fingernails cut into palms
and bring forth blood

bloodied hands
whitened knuckles
stab helplessly toward the stars

he keens and moans
then begins to wail
the heart-wrenching wail of a man bereft

a man soul-gored



rob kistner © 2018
SyFy poetic short story about farewells, separation, and death in the line of duty. And about love and the power and importance of family.
duncan Jul 21
i told the girls at work about
time spent with jane.
they seemed awfully excited
for me.
maybe they could smell
that jane is new,
but familiar

like a car bought
used. she is barely driven
though. i still drive over
the skids i left from
trying to stop
too quick. you can see
my tread worn out like
sanded wood.

or maybe they could
smell the hope like dew on
the morning grass.
fresh but dangerous.
to trip me with my eyes
set ahead but not infront.
theyll leave the wire
right where they
got me the last time.

it would be an honor
to be fooled
by something so sweet
to the touch. it almost feels
to not be so upset
by the way the weather
dictates my evenings.

i do not FEEL like i used to.
my love and guilt
helix and weave like code.

i would only kiss you now,
if it brought back the one i poisoned.

i live in a farm upstate now
like a dead house dog.
if ive really moved on
know that i did the impossible
we'll be better off for it.

and if things never work out with
jane, you best pray
someone loves me when im dead
cause they sure as hell
dont love me
Shiloh Reeves Jul 26
It's lonely at the top they tell me--- I'm already a pretty sad guy.

It's chaotic at the bottom & I've grown sick of it.

This farewell is my own decision.
A decision to divorce the past.
A decision to secure my future.

I’d rather die than conform like some of you already have.
Late night thoughts.
A notice for the rest is being written on the back of a shop receipt; for food we've had to make do with bread and cheese, and nothing to drink (we never did get drunk together).
This is an easy kind of sadness. No speeches, no fanfare. Neither of us are dressed for that.
Asher Aug 5
To thineself be true
You did that
It was written
All over you
Godspeed Rick
aka "Zombieboy"

Dhia Awanis Oct 2016
I remember they once told me that
music is the best time capsule

It's where people keep their secrets and feelings;
of their insecurities, their mistakes, their sadness, their first cut,
and even the wounds and bruises that invisible to the eye

It's where people let their wildest dreams alive;
of the one they can never reach, the one that will never come back, the one that got away without proper farewell

It's where people store their most sacred memories;
of their first kisses, their first love, their first dance, their first bucket of roses, their first heartbreaks

So they were right after all,

Music is dangerous, yet addicting; it can either tear you apart or put the pieces back altogether, it depends on what kind of ghosts living inside the interlude

Thus, be careful who you listen the music with
some melody is louder than the others
Today I played the music box you gave me on my seventeenth birthday. How odd it is to realize that music sometimes can be a time machine, how every strings and clinks bring me back to you—towards you
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