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Marina Kay Mar 2014
Scattered are the sentiments that float
About the galaxies growing within me.
Lurking in my veins, cascading down my spine,
Sending shivers to every fraction of my body.
An abundance of the heart never troubled me before, except now it is
Bruising, scratching and numbing my core.
Eventually I'll grow weary.
Eventually I'll quit. For how
Little can I do to possibly cease it?
Acrostic of my real name.
Dark Fjord Nov 2016
flow upon the paved stones
wear these antlers that glow-
    a rich mighty little patient
made your shtick- a burning oven
whose books are thrown into that yawn
who are you, so ancient?
truth betold
for it needs not of labeling
for it is already ceremonial,
my feet touching the earth,
my lungs taking in air

our breathes
are sacred enough

nameless are the trees
and so wondrous they seem
before words could mask their glory
they were whole without their need

for what truly do we know about a tree
about a flower
or the ocean
and the creatures it still harbors
in it's depth






Words are wonderful but they have limitations. This poem centers around that topic.
Words mask the majesty of the world around us.  
I slowly reduce these words into random letter and then into symbols because that's all letters are, symbols. Words are a comfort blanket we throw on the world to make us feel like we know, like we understand.
savspoetry Nov 2018
in my small town
last names mean everything & being a good kid means nothing
perhaps that's why this town is so ******
How many
Does it take till
Your personality
To a sorry
Where you’re not
The protagonist
But the jury
Call you guilty
To your Prerogative
I meant it the other way but no one see it
So what can I sway
One man army
Fight towards believe
Ion really **** with no body
But they against me
Drunk or high they exclude me
From one of the best ideology
I hate that
Couldn’t even turn back time
It could never  rhyme
This isn’t old English
Not a game
Can’t even explain
Poetry is vague
Or even vain
Mark of Kane
I would not  explain  
File a petition
Fairness is not dismissive
Mention something n
That no one listen
I’d share you what I have for your next visit.
It’s a language deeper than we think.
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
It's not like it's gone / it doesn't disappear
I catch your name in the voices that I hear
Passion and love speak but don't understand
That neither of them go hand in hand

I've had a lot / to tell you about
You cannot hear me if I would whisper or shout
The silence is here / it follows me home
I wonder, my dear, if you are alone
If I were to come and be there with you,
Would we do what we always do?

I promised my heart / I gave you my mind
I was nervous to see what you'd find
I haven't changed / my mind's still the same
It still carries the weight of your name
The flowers you bought me
are so pretty. They are
so pretty,

little gloves of colour.
The window is open -
perhaps rain

on the way. And the reds
and whites against grey,
a light breeze

that runs into the room.
I try but don't recall
all the names,

but they smell so lovely
and you will remember
I am sure.
Written: November 2018.
Explanation: A poem written in my own time for university in a deliberately simple style, as this is a pastiche of sorts of the style/subject matter of some of William Carlos Williams's work. A link to my Facebook writing page can be found on my HP home page. I am open to collaborations, though university work can take up quite a lot of time.
zero Nov 2017
I dreamt all my dreams away on that first night,
I spent them on you.
Jack Jenkins Jun 2017
there's a poem I have written
that probably makes no sense
to anybody whom would read

it's simply the names of every
person who has made a change
of great influence in my lifetime

most people probably wouldn't
understand it at all, thinking that
it was just a list of random names

but it's the most precious poem I have
//On friends//
There's many people on here who are in this poem. I hope I have shown you that you mean so much to me, even if we haven't met.

I love you all. <3
They look at me & call me a racist
Simply because of the way I write, rally & protest. They don't know me for what’s in my soul, They don't know me for what's in My mind,nor do they know of my loving caring heart,"Many simply don't know" & many simply don't care about anything at all, the trauma & torture I've suffered,in my life, over the years,at the hands of religious extremists "it's just not funny at all."They come in all creeds & colours"didn't you realise, Didn't you know,& they call me a racist yet their faith has all the colours of the rainbow  I should know. they don't care about the pain & suffering they caused me,
& the millions around the world just like me, They punish me & judge me for having white skin & not believing in what they all believe in, They punish me & judge me & call me a racist yet they don't realise, theirs mixed gens under this beautiful white skin,They don't realise that I had to change my name to escape the family of which I came, I'm mixed race with white skin. I come from an Islamic family, yet I follow a different path to them, & they punish me for it, they say it's a sin, they say I'm possessed by a jinn, I'm proud of the white skin I was born in, it's not a sin, I should not be made to feel ashamed, I am what the divine made me, A white British mixed race man who's proud to wear & wave the Union Jack flag. NEFS © by Vincent von Ellesmere 2019 May 31st.
M-E Nov 2018
An orphan
Is not that one
Who you are calling an orphan
Because he lost a mother
A father or both.
An orphan
Is someone like you
Someone without feelings.
rgz May 31
Brand new day, same old thoughts
branded insane before I could talk
talking crazy before I could walk
waking up about 4 o'clock
scrambled brain deep-fried in a wok

This is your brain on drugs
it's the only one I've ever had
the only thing on my mind
but I don't really mind
they grew on me like a fine wine
cheaper than coal in a mine
and even easier to find

Brand new day, same old thoughts
branded insane before I could talk
brandishing pills before I could walk
bake before I even wake up
scrambled brain engulfed in smoke

Some people tell me to stop
but I pay no mind
just let the bottle pop
and keep paying, it's alright
I just let them whine, it's fine
as long as I keep praying I'll be fine
at least that's what I hear through the grapevine

Brand new day, same old box
branded insane before I had thoughts
thinking crazy before I could walk
thinking too fast, my legs can't keep up
does it even matter what time I got up?

Today's the 4 a.m. walk to the dock
forcing back thoughts of throwing myself off
that's what they say, right? Just walk it off
runaway train full of runaway thoughts
running faster the further I walk
there's no way to stop
Mike Hauser Oct 2018
I'm one of those blessed I know
To get along with my toes
So I took time out in my day
To give them all different names

The big toe I have on the right
I gave him the name of Frank
You may ask the reason why
But frankly it's escaped my mind

The one that's sitting next to him
I went ahead and named him Slim
Skinny is as skinny does
And he's the skinniest of the toes

Then there's the one in the middle
He's the one that loves to wiggle
So he needs a special name
And that is why I call him Dave

The toe that is next in line
Has gotten crooked over time
So I nicknamed him Senator
Which seems to suit him fine

And then there's little Pinky
But doesn't everyone I'm thinking
Try as hard as I might a new name to find
Pinky's the name that comes to mind

Don't you know when it comes to toes
And you have more than one of those
To cut out on the confusion
I gave them all names of my choosing
goodtea Dec 2018
I liked the way you said my name,
Like a man encountering a goddess.

In one breath,
you made my name
Made me beautiful.

I turned my back to you
Out of fear and loathing,
But I'll be listening for the next person
Who says my name
like something to be loved.
an oldie from when I was younger and more accident prone.
Rafael Melendez Jan 2016
I may not remember the names of the songs we used to sing together. Regardless, I adored them as you did. And as much as you can deny now, they once belonged to us.
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