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DivineDao3 Nov 2016
Perpetuum Mobile
Dialectical Complementary
Opposites *Eternaly Entwined

A Full Definition of Dialectics
:  logic 1a(1)
a :  discussion and reasoning by dialogue as a method of intellectual investigation; specifically :  the Socratic techniques of exposing false beliefs and eliciting truth
b :  the Platonic investigation of the eternal ideas
:  the logic of fallacy
a :  the Hegelian process of change in which a concept or its realization passes over into and is preserved and fulfilled by its opposite; also :  the critical investigation of this process
b (1) usually plural but singular or plural in construction :  development through the stages of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis in accordance with the laws of dialectical materialism (2) :  the investigation of this process (3) :  the theoretical application of this process especially in the social sciences
usually plural but singular or plural in construction
a :  any systematic reasoning, exposition, or argument that juxtaposes opposed or contradictory ideas and usually seeks to resolve their conflict
b :  an intellectual exchange of ideas
:  the dialectical tension or opposition between two interacting forces or elements
karen champagne Nov 2014
dynamic balance in our lives,
chilliness from the heavens,
and warmth from the earth,
the harmony and the beat,
familiar similarities but somehow different,
you receive my creativity,  nonconformed
the seasonal solctice and the equinox,
you see me as black but I am monochromatic white.
Then I heard, "We've met before. I believe countless times in innumerable lifetimes." She looked at me and said, "Boy, we have already done this. Don't you remember?" And the girl in my dreams said to look inside her eyes but not at her eyes. "There is a way out. I can show you if only you believe me. We can be free," she stated. Can the patterns really ever be broken? "You want temporary pleasure for permanent damage. This will **** you," she said. "Your mental imprisonment is an endless cycle, you broken record," she furiously lamented. "There is pain in everything. Pain in pleasure but pleasure in pain. What is growth without death? What is progress in happiness without change? The ultimate comfort is unknowingly repeating the same cycles over and over again. To enter the uncomfort zone is ultimate freedom." A beautiful dream just a brutal nightmare disguised that replays real events of the past in the mind until I wake up to realize they are no longer mine.

I sit still and she whispers for me to look down as she offers me a hot cup of tea. There is a South Korean woman in a red dress in my tea. She wears a lavender rose through her hair while looking at me. The ocean current pushes the waves to the surface of my mouth. She holds my hand softly, then gives a firm grip.

I am alone in a bedroom and there is a beautiful, but haunting Gregorian chant. I go out to the garden to pick foreign fruit from fences near an old church. I eat the fruit and she tells me to watch her hand. She draws three circles in the air. The first circle is small, the second is slightly bigger, and the third is much larger. "What is this?" I asked her with confusion in my voice. "Chaos," she said in an assuring manner. The circles followed each other surrounding me and going up and down. "But...can you see the order?" she asked me. I just watched them. "To understand the meaning is futile. It is beyond your comprehension. Things happen, you see. Maybe you think they are good or bad. It is just nature. Go with it and allow it. There you will become truth."

This woman wore black, she had pale skin, seductive emerald-green eyes, long and straight black hair, with a face so beautiful is was beyond reason. I could not look away. She directed me with her finger to come with her. We were naked and she kissed me in a dark room with the moonlight striking her body from the window of her bedroom. I closed my eyes and I heard her say, "Now try to find me." I opened my eyes and she was gone. As euphoric as I felt, I wondered where she had gone and if I would ever see her again.

I awoke to the oppressing sunlight burning my eyes. I felt an emptiness like never before. I searched lifetimes looking for her, only to receive hints of her echo. Every time it feels for sure I will meet her, I open the door to the beginning again. So I run and run in dreams. My mind is exhausted.

There she is. I have found her. I wait for her to look at me and recognize me, but she never does. She sits alone crying. I wait and then I leave. Something is wrong. Which is worse, I thought: To be rejected by the most important thing you have ever known or for it to disappear forever from your grasp and live each day and night yearning for it again? If only there was a cure for the mind's obsessions.

I woke up with no recollection of anything or who I even was. My phone was near my head ringing. I looked and it said, "Unknown Caller". Usually I never answer, but something told me to pick up and my curiosity got the best of me. I answered but said nothing. I listened and she said, "I found you," then asked, "What are we when our story ends?" There was nothing but pure silence until she responded with the question, "Now are you ready to be free?" I confirmed and followed her into the darkness.
Bella Ayu Jun 1
Kebanyakan orang tinggal bersamanya, saya tidak.
Seperti bisa memasak, tapi tidak terlalu pandai seperti Ibu.
Selalu lebih, kadang lebih asin, kadang lebih hambar.
Pernah saya membencinya, sebelum saya tau isi hatinya.
Memaafkan adalah hal yang sangat luar biasa, entah ada mantra apa di dalamnya, namun setelah itu saya merasa sangat tenang.
Dia bilang bahwa saya mirip dengan seseorang.
Katanya, dia persis seperti saya saat kecil, rambut tipis agak ikal, hidung, bibir dan matanya, katanya persis seperti saya.
Saya menangis, entah sedih, sakit, senang, atau haru.
Saya tidak pernah diajarkan untuk membenci seseorang, sekalipun yang sudah menghancurkan saya.
Sudah saya bilang, bahwa ada mantra ajaib dibalik kata maaf.
Bisa saja saya membencinya, namun saya tidak memilih hal itu.

Bukan hanya saya yang terluka, dia juga lebur.
Josephine Mary Aug 2018
He is my sea and aurora.

He is my sea.
He cannot express not unless the waves within him are out of control.
Just like the sea, its crushing sound gives me warmth.
He calms my heart.

He is my aurora.
In spite of him being the yang to my yin self,
he is calm, gentle and beautiful.
Just like the colorful sky,
he takes my breath away.
Steve Page May 10
I need a strong yin
to rein me in
to be by my side
kicking my shin
when I need to restrain
my under their skin
to pull me out of my dive
and control my fast spin

it's then that my watson,
my bucky, my tonto
comes into their own
and suppresses my ego
So don't go when I strut
when I trigger disgust
just stand by my yang
and balance me up
Thank you radio 4 for a short about side kicks
Leys Oct 2016
namamu yang indah,
dengan sifatmu yang selalu gembira,
wajahmu yang manis membuatkan orang sekliling memandangmu.

walaupun kau suka menyakat orang dengan membuang angin dan sendawa ,
tapi kau membuatkan suasana yang nyaman dan riuh.

kau juga suka dance macam kpopers ,
bila tiba kau menyanyikau seakan-akan lupa orang sekeliling ,
menyanyi dan terus menyanyi.

kadangkala aku selalu melihatmu sedih ,
tapi pantas kau menutup kesedihan mu ,
dengan berpura pura gembira.

gadis yang cekal ,
dengan pipimu yang merah bila matahari memancar ke mukamu ,
Tapi ketahuilah kau tetap jelita ..
Fear, Time
Love, Death
Physical, Mental
All the existence is connected
to one single center.
The Center of the biggest,
But the slightest
Compare to our lifeless.
Today you breathe and tomorrow,
you will just drift.
This is my short version of my life.
ghazal Feb 19
i fell asleep on your lips once again
the taste of pomegranate and champagne
yet morning mimosas couldn't water down the pain
from sunrise
to sunset
your body wrapped around me
and i'm still waiting to feel alive
sin and yang
crooked charcoal paintings on pearl white walls hang
a mix of blue and violet
i sat in darkness hearing the teardrops fall
asleep in my arms
but your warmth wasn't enough to reach my freezing heart
mistake dropped down my lips
you wiped my sins with your soft fingertips

the thing is,
my past is an eclipse
and constantly looking back
gave me scars on my sterling skin
and made me blind
to nights of sin
Ken Pepiton Mar 24
My house is built in the path which
the red leopard butterflies are using in their trek
up the east edge of the valley
where I rest,

peaceful and alive, thank you for the thought.

These red leopard butter flies are passing at
a rate of
a couple dozen every sixty
heart beats, steady

rest in peace, old man, one ******* young'n says,
we're givin' them hikers on the PCT
a run.

Yeah, I say, I'll be Odinic. Watthehey eh
I'll keep an eye out as I go
to and fro on the face o'th'earth

Sing the real song, mask off?

Can't. Won't work. Like make ying
neither ying nor yang,
hermes rules:
no comdemnation here.
Simple as pi.
A caught thought, I know not what to make of it.
Hadiy Syakir Sep 2018
setiap kota
takkan kekal abadi
dan yang ada
di dalamnya
hanyalah penghuni
yang kekal
selamanya ditemani
yang tak berisi
tiada puisi,
tiada seni
tanpa arah
tanpa erti
yang ada hanyalah
dan keuntungan
yang berpuing
di udara kota
yang berlegar
di pengairan kota
terasa muram
apa bezanya
hidup di dalam
lohong hitam?
SenjaBercerita Mar 2017
Jalan menuju hatiku
Bagaikan jalan berliku
Bagaikan jalan berbatu
Yang tikungannya tajam
Penuh rintangan

Jalanan jalanan ini menjadi saksi
Bagaimana cinta bisa membutakan,
Membutakan kalian dari kebenaran Tempat kalian tikung menikung
tanpa memikirkan lagi pertemanan.

Jalanan jalanan ini menjadi saksi
Bahwa cinta itu ada
Dan untuk mendapatkannya
Butuh banyak pengorbanan
Butuh banyak waktu

Jalanan jalanan ini pernah menjadi saksi sebuah kisah cinta
Kisah cinta tentang dua orang
Yang dulu saling menyayangi
Kisah aku dan kamu.
Christian Ek Aug 2014
My pen is a wand. It can write a curse or a powerful charm. My pen is a mirror. It can show you a monster or a beautiful figure. My pen is a key. It can free you from a trapped door or it can lock you inside that door until the oxgen runs out and you can't breath. My pen is a weapon.  It will fight righteous battles or make a gruesome dissection. My pen is a balancing scale.
It is a balancing scale because it tilts when the yin & yang of my being begins to out weight one other.
Nothing is safe from my pen if i choose it not to be, my pen writes freely without filters or censorship.
My pen is a ship in the sea unable to maintain equilibrium set on a course to land. One day it will stay still, but on that day my pen will run out of ink.
Erik Jan 18
perjalananmu pasti cukup melelahkan, bahkan menjadi buta pun bisa melihatnya dengan baik. ini, disini, rebahkanlah kekhawatiranmu yang semakin hari menjadi gusar dalam doa-doa yang tabah. akan kuganti dari setiap amin yang kamu titipkan pada malam diam-diam. hati yang kemarin kamu pertaruhkan untuk menemukanku dalam mereka laut yang kesulitan kamu pelajari siapa Tuhannya, yang telah bersusah payah kamu coba taklukkan.

tidak apa-apa. tenggelamlah sesekali, mungkin lima, teguk pilunya, dan pelajari dengan bijak. pada akhirnya, jiwamu yang diberi nama manusia akan piawai membawa diri. paling sedikit, penjaga yang tahu kapan dan untuk apa waktunya sepadan dengan raga yang tersedia.

aku akan menerima sebutan sialan, menyebalkan! dalam hidup bagai keputusasaan jarum dalam jerami dengan senang hati, malah. setidaknya, kamu adalah pelaut yang cukup handal karena aku, dari jatuh-bangun-tenggelam-terbentur-salah nama dan angkatan telepon yang kesalnya harus diangkat.

bahkan, syukurku akan terpenuhi menjadi sebuah tetes melengkapi lautanmu. aku adalah satu tetes yang akan cukup membuatmu rumpang kapan saja, yang akan kamu kejar dengan bodohnya kapan saja. katakan saja terdengar ganjil. siapa perduli. aku tidak akan menjadi mudah karena aku adalah pembalut kulit dan hati terlukamu dan akan selamanya menjadi tugasku.

namaku lebih dari sebuah harap. aku tak akan pernah dan ingin menjadi harap, sebab payah adalah nama kedua dari harap. aku adalah, “kamu bisa mempunyai bagian besar dari kue ini.” atau, “tentu saja. aku punya alasan untuk mengemudi dengan hati-hati dan kembali.”

namaku sederhana.
sederhana dan akan selalu nyaman.
setelah hari itu yang penuh prasangka dan tanda tanya dari dunia yang kamu kenal dan tidak.
namaku adalah seorang pelindung dan pahlawan yang gigih nafasnya, nama yang ketika rindumu akan lapar dan kehausan menemui pelepasnya.
aku adalah kemenangan dan hadiah kemurahan hati.

Hearty Nov 2018
Aku ikut tertawa
Aku ikut tersenyum
Tapi rasanya berbeda

Aku bersama mereka
Tapi aku tidak bisa menggapai
Dan tidak ada yang menggapai..ku

Ku kira aku air
Ternyata aku hanya embun
Ku kira aku cahaya
Ternyata aku hanya bayangan

Aku berada di kotak ilusi
Berdinding fatamorgana

Bersama tapi terpisah
Hanya aku
Hanya aku yang dipisahkan

Haruskah ku pergi?
Atau mereka yang ternyata berbeda?
Hiii. Im indonesian and not giod at English
Thank you and sorry
Have a nice day! Xo
Julian Delia Sep 2018
I want to apologise.
Broken relationships, I shall eulogise.
To those I know (or, knew);
Forgive my absence when you needed a warm caress and a hug,
But instead got frostbite, a torrent of snow or dew.

I am sorry for drawing a sword
When you were hoping for an olive branch;
I can be as thorny as an all-knowing lord.
I wish my heart was limitless,
And my kindness infinite –
I dream of love that is fearless,
And of joyousness completely exquisite.

Yet, that is not who I am –
I can be a calm ocean or a tempest,
A total commotion, or peacefully at rest.
I can be enigmatic and reserved,
Or, I can be charismatic, if the mood is reversed.
We are not good or bad;
We can be lewd and strikingly mad,
Or cunningly shrewd, or maybe sad.

We are the yin and the yang;
We all tend to sin, to our demons we hang.
We are objects of pure fascination,
In constant fluctuation,
A recalcitrant reconciliation.
So, I will say it one more time –
Look into my eyes, see through my guise.
I apologise to those who had no shoulder to cry on
And sought mine, when I was not there.
I hope you’re fine, and that someone showered you with care.
Finding peace when you feel like you are forever at war is difficult, but it's possible.
aziza Nov 2018
pengecut itu
hidup di sela huruf-huruf
yang diukir oleh jari mahirnya
sambil bersahut bunyi dengan si gadis
di medio sunyinya malam.

pengecut itu
dalam s e n y a p
merayap ke pucuk harapan
seorang gadis dengan
senyuman kecut.

sibuk sembari mabuk
si gadis membingkai peti mati
berbaring harapan si gadis
yang dorman tak tersemai
karena buaian sang pengecut
perlahan menjadi
kata tanpa arti, janji tanpa bukti.

sang pengecut yang pucat pelasi kala bertemu
namun terlampau berani di balik ruang semu
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