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Nayya Apr 2015
It's not that I can't live without you,
I just don't want to.
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
Come after me, O glorious Divine Possessor.
Conquer, shackle, and entomb my straying,
faithless affections in Your love once more.
Sweep me up into Your strong and jealous
embrace till my heart is fully bent toward Yours.
Have Your way with me until it is all I desire,
until You are all I desire, Lord Jesus.
Unveil me, uncover me and unbind me
before Your penetrating eyes, the perfect gaze
of You with Whom alone I have to do.
Awaken me until I am wholly abandoned
to Your pleasure, completely responsive
to Your touch, utterly enraptured,
enthralled and entangled with You.
Break me for Your glory, sovereign Lord.
Pierce my soul to its deepest hidden parts
and pour Yourself into me until You have
totally claimed me as Your own possession,
Your willing captive, until there is no delight
in my heart but You and Your delight.
O Holy One above, set me to burning!
Inspired by John Donne's Holy Sonnet XIV
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
O Lord Jesus,
I want to live and walk and bow
in constant awe of You,
but I am so easily distracted and waylaid.
Fasten my eyes and heart on You,
for You alone are worthy.
I am not worthy to even peek at Your beauty,
but by Your own worthiness You've invited
me to dwell forever in Your presence,
yet how often I refuse the privilege.
Why would I ever do that?
What is wrong with me?
How hard-headed and hard-hearted I must be!
Save me from my messed-up self
and from this messed-up world,
for I am sorely helpless and lost without You.
Draw me by the force of Your love
into the light of Your glory and goodness,
awaken me to the healing touch of Your Word.

Capture and change me to the core,
for only You can, my Savior.
Rid my soul of its blinding
filth, muck, rot and *******
that I may freely sing, dance,
swim and soar in the wonder of You.
Cause me to crave You with an insatiable,
desperate appetite that expels my fleshly hunger.
Teach me to ever feast on You!
I need You and long for You, Jesus,
but send the burning, ripping ache
deeper, deeper, deeper until nothing
remains but desire for You.
Come and satisfy me, O Delight of delights,
in that glorious and awestruck place
of endless fascination and total possession
where my will is finally drowned in Yours.
Egeria Litha Aug 2018
Hello, Waitress in the sky
So long her fear to fly
She throws the world a smile
bats her eyes in a wink she's gone
hurling through the clouds
calming others through turbulence
**** the corporate scene
Type A personalities acting mean
humiliating her in a board meeting
so she trades blue for green

Goodbye Waitress in the sky
trade her wings for a diamond ring
So long her need for speed
racing on the runway

She was flying with the birds but now
she's swimming with the fishes

Deflated dreams of broadening horizons
a-popped balloon and a rolling stone
nowhere to go but everywhere
Oh Lord, she won't get the answer tonight
Oh sky, give her the strength to fly
Oh Queen, find her a smart place to run
and that's why she took US 66 for a drive
Alyssa Underwood Apr 2016
I asked the Lord that I might grow
In faith, and love, and every grace;
Might more of His salvation know,
And seek, more earnestly, His face.

‘Twas He who taught me thus to pray,
And He, I trust, has answered prayer!
But it has been in such a way,
As almost drove me to despair.

I hoped that in some favored hour,
At once He’d answer my request;
And by His love’s constraining pow’r,
Subdue my sins, and give me rest.

Instead of this, He made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart;
And let the angry pow’rs of hell
Assault my soul in every part.

Yea more, with His own hand He seemed
Intent to aggravate my woe;
Crossed all the fair designs I schemed,
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low.

Lord, why is this, I trembling cried,
Wilt thou pursue thy worm to death?
“‘Tis in this way, the Lord replied,
I answer prayer for grace and faith.

These inward trials I employ,
From self, and pride, to set thee free;
And break thy schemes of earthly joy,
That thou may’st find thy all in Me.”

         ~ John Newton (1725-1807);=False
karin naude Mar 2013
"if it pleases my Lord? Yes it pleases thee"
made famous by the English
formal gibberish saying nothing
well phrased for max words zero knowledge
this is ingrained in there offspring
Jackal smile and fancy words
the goose that could lay no egg
alas injustice is a good egg
penny wise pound foolish
the grandest motto ever
how proud can you feel, wallowing in mud and smiling
being led by the noise, following bread crumbs
who is the real servant and who is the master?

i know you have lost control
you serve the master you choose, thought it
would have been an envy apparent
you wee outsmarted, not outgunned

but know this my master owns it all
creator of all
master of all
I cannot see the end in front of me?



Something about two buckets of soil...



How does the Seer work?

Do You





Why are my skinned eyes?

...crows, crows, crows, crows

L Jun 21
iN mY lIFE. sPARE mY sOUL.

Sincerely Em Nov 2016
Can I skip ahead in line, please?

Surely You can see ..

Plans haven't been going as planned
I've been roaming endlessly  

I need not to say my goodbyes
They've waived me that dance, You see -

I tried jumping out of Earth last time
But I just fell back into the seas

It's like swimming in oceanic galaxies
Suffocating on infinite catastrophes

Just as my head reaches the surface
The heavens collapse over me

They say I know nothing of my tears -
Nor of the world I sense or feel

So they caged me deep within their ribs, You see -
They claim it is safer in here ..

My breaths are only fading, inside
My eyes have not the strength to seek -
The light on the other side of their flesh -
Of their flesh in which they buried me

So I have been roaming endlessly ..

Wounded. Lost. Cannot breathe ..
Befriended by tears. Blinded. I know not of sleep

I see souls in a queue not ready to leave;
They have exhales from inhales yet to be breathed

But I'm just an ink-less broken feather
Over papers I weep
I cannot write down my sorrows
But I'm sure, You can see ..

I'm ready to die oh Lord!

Can I skip ahead in line, please?
Sincerely, Em
Dr zik Jan 2018
I admit your beauty Lord
Alive and matchless
Dr ZIK's Poetry

It is the shorter poem than Haiku (Japanese). In this type of genre a complete poem comprises of two poetic lines; first line contains up to eight syllables while second line contains up-to five syllables and it is also last one.

First "Ziket" is written in English.
I admit your beauty Lord
Alive and matchless
“Ziket” as a new genre has full capability and capacity to express every type of poetic feelings concisely in a few words speaking volumes.
It is the shortest poetic form in English literature which is being rapidly adapted by modern and busy civilizations as a powerful literary tool to express emotions. "Zinet" consists of a single line having up-to seven syllables, giving logical effects and known as a complete meaningful poem.
“Haiku” a Japanese short poem is of three lines while couplet written in “Urdu Ghazal” having full independent theme on its own, can also be considered as a shorter poem than Haiku in this regard.

But the nomenclature of short poems namely “Ziket” and ‘Zinet’ is the breakthrough in this regard.

The best writers of these genres are John Stevens, Richard Riddle, Born and Ernie Hudson
Walter W Hoelbling, Timothy, Rose, Krista DelleFemine, Mack, carol rose james, Ajamu Collins, Donna Jones, Star BG, Jamadhi Verse, Pradip Chattopadhyay, Liz Balise, Kim Johanna Baker, Marian, Jae Okios, Loghain Carvó, david jm, Raj Arumugam, SøułSurvivør, wordvango, David Patrick O'C, Joe Adomavicia, Sally A Bayan, A Lopez, brandon nagley, RW Dennen, patty m, anu, Santiago, Sia Jane, Jimmy Hegan, K Balachandran, PoetryJournal, The Poetic Philosopher, MS Lim, Pax, Maggie Emmett, adhi das, Asim Rafiq Mulla, Pamela Rae, Vanessa Gatley, L Seagull, Sameer Denzi, Stephanie Stoychevska, Lori Jones McCaffery, Akinwale damilare ayomikun, Zoe Nikolopoulou, Traveler, Crazy Diamond Kristy, Sylvia Frances Chan, SG Holter, Musfiq us shaleheen, RW Dennen, Neva Flores Varga, Nikki I, Jack, Michael S Simpson, Jennifer Humphrey, Flower Scent, CG Abenis, Isabelle, raen, TinaMarie, Babu kandula, Hilda,   S-zaynab-kamoonpury and Zoe, Paula Lee are among the world famous poets who likes and writing comments (appreciation) in the favor of  writers.
Dr zik Mar 2015
You are in my conscious, hope, unconscious, wish, doubt
Your existence unshakable, hidden, obvious
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
Hidden in the core of heart, Owner, Tenant You!
Your Messenger has granted me such a caring light
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
You are with me O’ my Lord! soul speech is You!
Send is You receive is You, dealt and deal is You!
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
A call arose in my heart; go towards the Lord!
A wondrous way started: soul; attracted by You!'
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
You made me conscious of day; it’s prime of life
You are recognizer Lord; sign and soul is You!
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
To my mind there is only You; so seeking You!
How could I lose my Lord? Where? nowhere You?
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
I am feeling felt is You; deal and done is You!
I am fan and fun is You; all and One is You!
                                         Start is You and end is You, yes and no is You!
A translation of my own poem written in Urdu language. The name of book is "RAH TAKTI AANKH (راہ تکتی آنکھ)"
Umi Dec 2017
"This heat and this blaze harm and burn me, please turn me away"
She said crying out into the endless hell, her stay

And she continued crying out,
Loud even whilst she was about, to burn to dust
Her boiling blood, gave the surroundings a smell likewise rust
Until the Lord finally answered her call
>"If you are granted this wish, will you ask for anything else at all?"<

In her pain, in her agony she could only respond
"No, I swear by your greatness, I will not go beyond (this wish) "
Her wish was fulfilled, she was out of hell,
But, this made her ask for more, would it suit her well ?

" I beg you oh Lord, bring me forward, just to the gate of paradise,
I have no other wish, I would be nice"
So her Lord would say: >"Didn't you promise not to ask for anything more ?
Woe to you, who swore (by my name)!
Oh you who was created from the treacious you are"

She kept begging and pondered so far
" I swear by your greatness I will not ask anymore,
Am I for you, but a useless ***** ? "
And she will continue to promise and pledge,
Until she was finally brought to the edge
The gate to paradise

When she looks inside, she would see its vigor charm and pleasure
But remembering her promise she would remain silent, in front of this treasure
Then, eventually, unable to bear this...she would scream
" Oh Lord, let me enter paradise, it is my greatest dream "
And again her Lord would add:
>" Did you not make all these oaths and pledges not to ask for anything else ? Is it not enough that I brought you out of hell ? You are still sad !
Oh, woe you, how treacious you are "

Tugged in her misery she couldn't help but feel down
Though she didn't bother to shed more tears, just frown
" Please don't make me the most miserable of your creation,
Please forgive me and make heaven my home, my final station"

And she would continue to ponder until her Lord would laugh
As he did, she was able to enter heaven, its most divine half
When she was in, it was said >" Make a wish, it will come true"<
Happiness overcame her, growing faster than bamboo!
She kept on wishing, until there was nothing left to ask for

And thus, the former human, lived in bliss
From now on and forever, never bored by this

~ Umi
The end of my Falling devil series, I hope you could enjoy it !
Allah has brought my heart to bear,
          become a witness to an Arab plight.

The call to arm's it beckons so...
          division it aches and cremates the care.

Oh Great Holy Prophet show me today,
          as sadness covers heart, soul and mind.

Let judgement pass before it's too late,
          redeem my soul or the martyr's way?
Lamentations 3:60; "Thou hast seen all their vengeance and all their imaginations against me."

I personally enjoy Al Jilani.

7 meter, 8 verse, 4 line rhyme encapsulation 7 x 8 + 4; 60

Verse 1:

Don't tell me that
You miss me

Don't you know
I feel enough
As Is

Don't tell me that
You're broke and

You know that I
Can't handle all
Of This


Don't share with me
Your pain
I can't take
It all

You know I'm
Not as strong as
I was in my
Golden age

I can't fix
Your broken parts
Or soothe your
Aching heart

I am the only one
That I should
Try and save

I still miss you too
But I am
What I was

I can't lift you up
While I am
Lying On the

I still hold
Out hope I'll
Be Back

I'll show up
And make it
All OK

But Not

Don't tell me that
You're broke and
Unfinished song...
Felt strongly today...
Gracie Knoll Apr 2016
I run in the wake of my High King
Swept along by the waves of his grace
Each step is a bound
As I climb up the mountain on the road that leads to his place

I bask in the glory of my Lord
Weighed down by the weight of his love
Each breath is a milestone as I fly on the clouds to the city of his up above

I rest in the peace of my Father
Lulled by the song of his calm
Each verse is a kiss from his beautiful lips as he carries me home in his arms
Dr zik Nov 2017
You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness!
I recall You!
In deep city noises
I request You!
In deep dark nights
I talk with You!
In a solitude
I smell You!
Every where
When I wander about
I have You!
When I need You, Lord!
You are the answer!
Of unseen questions
You are the solution!
Of upcoming problems
O' my Lord!
As You are!
The source of
Pleasure and calmness
For the heart
That recalls You!
With and within heartbeats.
Dr Zik's Poetry
Qweyku Aug 31
An ancient river
an old London chapel
& our last summer rays
of such an august Sun
The promise of niceties...
laughter, drinks, ice cream
& perhaps a softly stolen kiss

Fill my hand with yours.

If you please;
a pleasant walk with you
up on Tower Hill

© Qwey.ku
Who knows?

My words do not matter to Him
Just faith, love, and devotion
My words do not matter to me
Just eternal peace without condition

So why do I still write
And for whom to not listen
Constantly fearing inferiority
While aspiring total self-forgetfulness


I want to reap what is sown
Plant the seeds here,
But let it bloom yonder
Let me be content
To drink the bitter silence here
And taste the sweetness hereafter

I want to bask in the present sun
See the prospect of glory
But let it not shine for me here
Let me be content
To praise the wisdom of suffering, before
As an ordinary sunflower
And receive the everlasting warmth, beyond
Ever closer to the sun


I want the world to love all
As I want to be loved by Him
I want the world to accept itself
As I could never accept myself
With its scars, and flaws, and suffering
With more forgiveness for sinners
Than momentary praises for perfection

I look at the world as a mirror
Fading and scraped bare
By constant cleansing-
A looking glass stained by tears
And broken by hairline fractures
Will not distort the beauty of the
Seeker of obscured truth

But, a non-existent flawless mirror
Where the onlooker refuse to look
Will show nothing of merit
Truth, lies, or otherwise


O world, be not like me
The bard afraid of words
If you keep them to yourselves
Then Hear the silence reign

O world, be not like me
A sinner afraid of imperfections
If you pluck all petals with flaws
Then See a world full of stalks

O world, be not like me
The glutton with thin skin
If you don’t build up your calluses
How unbearably will it twinge


Now heed my plea

The lambs might have autonomy
But what wonder might lie beyond
The glen
What happens,
When in perfect harmony
The uncut wool smothers the sheep
And doom looms
When green turns to earth
Till it waned.


Soon, if I were to be chased
By the clouds of self or man
I will put my faith in the sun
I will lay bare my soul in the sun

For its Warmth,
    Calms the chilling winds of change
    All shadows conquered at dawn
    And at dusk
It yet guides,
    Lending light to the crescent moon
    Even at its bleakest a soothing sight
    And at its brightest
A mother’s love in the summer days
A father’s forgiveness in the winter nights


Fear not the petty scorn and envy of men
Cried I, the pettiest, most scornful, and envious
Of them all
Shame me not, for we are all lost
Let us find together,
The road timelessly traveled
Built for the mass, found by the few
Righteous, yet perilous
Rugged and overgrown
Darkened by the Sun
To give to it to reach the summit
Flesh and soul
Strength and breath
One day aching joyously
Having reached the height
To see the hidden valley of delight
Where we will finally
Taste the Bitter then Sweet
By: Yidhna Yue Xing ****
Written September 17, 2019, from 17:24-19:07

Still reading Shelley, clearly still heavily inspired by my slow sips of his poetry, among others.
#love #fear #envy #forgiveness #mercy
Alex Gifford Sep 4
If I die today,
Speak nothing more than truth,
I didn't die a hero,
I didn't miss my youth.

My legacy in fire,
Burn away the chaff,
not the greatest man you knew,
But missed the makers wrath.

So say "he's a broken light
that craved to mend himself.
He trusted in the Lord who saves,
considered Him true wealth."
I don't want people to pretend I'm a greater person than I actually am when I die. But to remember me with complete honesty, as a flawed person who felt a need for God.

Thanks for reading.
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
If I were to pick a colour
What would it be
If I were to paint the world with it
What would it stand for
What image would it portray
The world strays
Let's bring it back home
With THE LORD'S help
we paint the world
Heart and soul
with the color-
H harmony
A alluring
P peace
P perfection
Y Yielding

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