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Pagan Paul Nov 2018
The Moon doesn't love me anymore,
she may even have forgotten I exist.
Just a phantom roaming the Earth,
a mere trick of an eye in the mist.

© Pagan Paul (29/11/18)
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
He told

Let me be the one
You could flourish with
Being a best version of yours
Of all time long

Even if,
There is 1% chance
I will hold on
Believing the universe
Someday will be
In our favor

Being the witness
That's what, I know
Genre: Observational
Theme: Carry on
Muse the Bobbie, Learned and Scrolling Mentor
For screening this Curtain to show our Task
Basic Words you exhume; Trust, a favour
Later allow us with some Sticks to bask
It takes much swallow to go back to School
And strip us bare with Her Majesty's Words
This how you Speak - With a Rod and a Fool
But then, who cares? Forgans are for the Birds
Now all it takes to supple your behalf
Modelled by the Mad Agent done and pleased
We empty our Fillers; and bid Avast!
Upon Graduation your Skills we take heed.
Thank you so much again, Mentor availed
Success is Reward; Laziness is Failed.
Where as one told me a Girl so Beloved
Whose White Soldiers fought hard to overtake
But Bless her River-Red Defense involved
Un-sully her Soft-Flaming Mind does make
Grateful for the Favour you volunteer
Though Shy, Cross-Country we can still befriend
Souls like you, Countenance; And in Best Cheer
The Angel whose Healing Hands recommend
May I know your Name? So that I Sponsor
At least in Spirit Common Bonds reveal
Hands clasped, and pray for Hope in your Honour
Dear Sweet Maple from Mountie's Duty - HEAL!
I'll let you Rest now. And Mum take over
To Pepper your Dreams on Light's recover.
Genious, that Borrowed Word I will Subscribe
From the Land of Prayer, thanks be to you
With this Device my Social Tracker bide
To stomp Hypocrisy for Friends so True
Yet in Earnings for my Dimed Attitude
This Child did more than just create
Is to be True myself; And pursue the Good
Past Stunning Hassles our Frustrations relate
Must I consider to promote to Prime
If only Assets my Wallet can fill
At least I return the Favour in Kind
And try to maintain my Loyalty still.
Now with that done, our Voices carry on
My Heart uplift; Though Feelings weigh a Ton.
annh Dec 2018
O rapturous heart! O blighted spirit!
Content and malcontent, the same.
Seize not upon thy hapless circumstance to ponder,
But on Fortune’s fickle favour renew thy claim.

For love is best served when least remembered,
An inclination immediate and true.
No rank aftertaste of bitter bile for me,
‘Tis sweet Aphrodite I petition: ‘Grant me my due!’
A parody of the Romantic poetry of the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth centuries. Watched “Mary Shelley” last night - great flick and a bad influence. Up late faffing around with this rather than prepping for the holidays. :)
CK Baker Mar 31
~ Ode to Spring ~

Cherry blossoms filled with bloom
rhododendron’s sweet perfume
warming winds feign summer’s breeze
songbirds singing from the trees

Open windows, déjà vu
sunsets filled with graceful hues
families gather on their strolls
Mother Nature for the soul

Baseball season at the park
evenings lifted from the dark
daylight savings' finally here
patios for wine and beer

Cleaning house and planting seeds
rebirth fills the days and deeds
picnic baskets, hummingbirds
poets find their way in words

Kaleidoscope of bedding plants
shorts in favour over pants
farmers markets, garage sales
power-wash the decks and rails

Hiking, tennis, gardening
inhale the freshness of the spring!
painters, sculptors shape their art
gather here with grateful hearts
Me Jul 15
This is not a poem, really.
I am not a native of English. So, please, if you ever find something that is linguistically super unlogical - feel free to let me know :)
And, yo, I won't be mad.
(what a way to try to make this more poetic.... Haha) ❤️
Thanks for liking it. This is really not a poem, though :D i am really asking you to check on my grammar ^^
Smiles and Cheers as the Pony-Child confirmed
She really does favour you to the Brim
Her Speech speaks Volumes as Harmony adjourned
In keeping your Lamp from casting too Dim
For in this World's Class one is not so sure,
Which Category this Gospel is kept
Whether which Page is Sweet or which is Pure,
Or which those Dreaded Ants would mark Inept
Praises! Hone that Dull Knife to turn so Sharp
Then this Simpleton's Sail will land un-cut
A Good Brew; A Better Play of the Harp
Will tune your Te Deums anything but.
A little Humour, Friend, goes a Long Way
And this same Pony-Child begs you to stay.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Always which the Human in me surpass
When Trite Reunion comes to much Expect
Between us, Birth-Father, the Heart must last
And configure our Values circumspect
After seeing those skinned neighbours battle
And DAD the Inspiration I preserve
Comes your Striking Counsel; Which I rattle
And reimburse the Love you so deserve
But, if Favour pleads, renew the Bald Man
Whose Birthdate his Arm's Course Affection share
Teach this Tanned Diver; To widen his span
Knowing such Open Hands breed Anywhere.
Circles are Dangerous, if Minds are locked
He needs to KNOW that; From his own Best Hug.
lenore Apr 2017
Dance; bathe your heart in sweat:
Make the hurricane jealous of your fervour;
Sing; summon gods with your breath:
Make the stars beg for your favour.
Megan Sherman Jul 2018
In age of old, in time that pass like tides,
When Prometheus lived and Lo! He strived,
As thirsting for Heaven, he climbed its hills, and trees,
Clenching at the Sun, its spark he seize.

The leaves, they warmed, turn bright and evergreen,
As Prometheus, he to fierce fire wean,
Swell lips sip lightning, of the nascent noon,
And divine heat from his hand duly shone,
To Roses, who sing, uprise and sweet rebel,
In bloom to conquer, vanquish concrete hell.

A wish for fire, fulfilled, angered Zeus,
He thought the fire be given, not to choose,
That excellence with fire, laurel his,
"A crime against the Gods Prometheus did."
For glory of the light from Heaven sent,
The hour of his favour now gone, spent.

Smite down the hero, tear ambition down,
Old Zeus, but young ambition wears your crown,
For daring, striving why not badge of God?
The Promethean vision all time hath applaud,
It art of upper world, belong in sky,
Praise Prometheus as fire goes roving by.

Mind gilded by the golden, whirling thread,
You seize from Heaven, through the Earth now spread,
Bringing hope to hearts, life to the dead,
As for forgiveness of the Gods you plead,
For an uncriminal act and sublime deed,
The arrogance of Zeus? Need not to feed.
s Oct 2017
I think it's been four hundred days
since that innocuous defining phase,
But that's if we were keeping count,
and if numbers meant a thing at all.

For isn't time just ornamental,
perhaps even incidental,
when the commodity is sentimental,
or like love, a hypothetical
fundamental ?

Same page?, I ask,
tying to gauge flipping thoughts;
As if I knew where
my book was marked.
But pages, I can dog-ear,
to hold onto a moment
that would otherwise disappear;

An excerpt that I can savour
many moons later,
when love turns to favour
and leaves
a bittersweet flavour.

It's today
I'm looking for,
among shuffling tenses
but the focal lenses
are blurring
And my words
are slurring
for I'm too close
to your near perfect nose,
to find a reason
for why we chose

I'm afraid this poem has turned
into a rhythm & blue,
or maybe it's an untimely cue
to write that song about you and me -
One that's been due
for a month or three.

A nonsense rune
with an infectious tune;
in the four chord beat,
where the lyrics
unfailingly repeat.

A rhythmic monotony
of a romantic comedy -
a stanza about you,
and a chorus about me -
a few things kept true,
and some made up for story.

Something about
wine pink shirts
and warm maroon shawls,
with just a few words
about unsaved phone calls.
A yellow lamp here,
an airport kiss there.
a night spent in fear,
of doubting you'll be there.
A white wall washed
in cinematic glory;
Two kittens tossed in
to make trouble & ***.
And then a pre chorus
about card tricks and foreplay
and the time in the bus,
we talked about a good day.
A few bits borrowed
from the last rhyme I wrote
and that could be followed
by one even before;
For what could I say
that I haven't already proclaimed
in ten odd poems,
gushing with love, unashamed
The walls I build around me, keep me at bay
they are for my protection, I like to say
staying pure to myself and my lives
a guardian of kindness and love

Then suddenly after many years exiled
I find myself in favour again, for a favour
all I lost I have gained
the rules now have changed

So now I have been giving my lands
to her glory that was planned
breaking through the barriers
all the barriers of doubt

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris
karin naude May 2013
each night
while i rest my weary head
god comes and counts my hair
carefully he inspects each strand
to his gentle touch my strands reveal there secrets
the reason for pre-mature greying or braking
his eyes become watery in conversation with my strands
he so wants me to tell him what he already knew
he is the all knowing
he just want me to talk to him
to tell him i need you
to tell him i love you
to tell him thank you for being my father
in return he is always Faithfull
as the night gives way to the new day
second change is revealed in the new sun
enter the chamber of the king
let his favour fall upon you
in bounty rich overwhelming
abby Feb 2016
I never really got the chance to thank you
For the way you put me on a pedestal
Even when I wasn't anything special
Before anyone else noticed my potential
You looked at me with that spark in your eye
And talked to me in song
I tried to return the favour
But it wasn't enough

Thank you for the way you stuck with me
Believed in me
And fell in love with me.
I'm glad you're happy with her.
Devil and evil are not one.
(“Hello, Lucifer...
The fun has just begun.”)
From evil one is to hide and run.
A good conscience says, “Put down the gun.”

The devil does not cause death;
Every choice has an effect.
Don’t blame the bad on Luci;
Have some respect.
Another soul is not responsible for how one will act.

The devil punishes for bad deeds.
Mr. Morningstar makes deals to help succeed.
So if one asks him for some weeds,
He will give one what he needs:
A garden, a shovel, and three seeds.
But he will call, and ask, and plead
For a favour back for the deal to come complete.
And one shall help to spare ingestion by hell’s heat.

Evil is purely man caused;
Lucifer watches man’s suffering in exhaust.
And hell’s pain happens over, and over
Till one feels nailed to the cross;
Till one is weak, and one is lost.
I was bored... kind of inspired by the show Lucifer, and Tom Ellis’ attractive face lmaoooo.

I’m sorry for the nonsense poem :)
Also, I’m not religious, and this poem has nothing to do with religion.
Perhaps by then, should you find us Insane
Which you consider Loony in your Bin
For you, Shy Heart, Compassion do you Feign
And Ignore these Squares they have Worked so since
Mindfully, Tears do their Hands become
And strained the Sweat asking for your Favour
At least, bend your Fast-Numbered Face for once
And see on your own you Missed to Savour
Now Common, yet Elegant in their Theme
Reminding you what really does Matter
Faces! Faces! And Messages post-seam
Holidays bid Cheer; Wee bit of Flatter.
Their Spirits engraved; At their Time's Expense
To sort your Clouds out; And make full of Sense.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
ryn Aug 2014
Time is all that sets us free
To all the wonders, that can be humanly perceived
Time is all that binds us
To mundane, almost emotionless routines we have conceived.

Time is the ticking of the clock
That gnaws at us; leaving no immediate mark
Time is the face that has come to mock
It creeps on regardless; you notice it turn light to dark.

Time is the invisible candle that everyone innately holds
It gets lit from the moment we open our eyes
Time is not the wick that gives berth to flame
Rather it is the waxes that burn and then vaporise.

Time can and will never stop
Moments go by with the blink of the eyes
Time..., it does not favour
It isn't biased, it doesn't get swayed by truths or lies.

Time is the entity that governs almost all
It will tell when it deems it's right
From seedling to tree, hatchling to flight
A weakness to strength, the frail to might.

Time is the quest
That we have strived to conquer
Time is all of us
We have secretly craved for life much longer.

Time would only permit
All that I could pen in time
Time will always suggest to omit
So I could capture it all in rhyme.
annh Dec 2018
I wove my own web and netted my prize,
I cold-pressed my words and refined my disguise.

I goggled at life and faced up to that book,
I tumbled and tweeted and baited my hook.

I blipped and I blogged, I bantered and blushed,
I followed and friended, I grovelled and gushed.

I doled out the instant, ten grams at a time,
To fuel my addiction for caffeine and rhyme.

I reshopped my pic, I swiped left, I swiped right,
I pinned and I posted deep into the night.

I gloated and gossiped, I chatted and cheered,
I logged in and logged out without favour or fear.

For is it not fun - this mad media storm?
Viewing and voting from dusk until dawn.

Yet love me or like me, let it never be said,
That despite how it seems, it’s gone to my head.
Marya123 Mar 2017
I'm a humble piece of bread
Searching for your toasty arms.
When I find you, as I wait
Keep me safe, happy and warm.
Don't burn me to a thin crisp
Don't neglect me to be cold
Savour the balance of the two
As I love you till we're old.
I'll return the favour all day
As you transform to a slice
And I become your oven
In our own quaint paradise.
Sophie Mariff Oct 2018
this blood on my fingers is not mine but yours
don’t hate me as I pull the trigger,
to end this this madness you and I both hate
i’m doing us both a favour as we both call it suicide

so don’t hate me when your blood stains my skin
you will thank me for doing what you couldn’t
My blood, your love
Nassif Younes Apr 2016
Your swagger is an essential component
Of the planet's orbit.
You're as cool as a cucumber
In a freezer
On Triton.
You're so hot
That global warming
Is all your fault.

All hail the loudhailer.
Hail to his handshake that shakes you inside,
Hail to his exchange of pleasantries,
Always unfair in your favour.

All hail the loudhailer,
Inhale the love of the loudhailer
Inhale his wisdom
That shines when you listen
Or his naievety that shows
When you listen carefully,

Or his carefree philosphy
That's lost on the logical
And wasted on those
Not equally wasted,

Or his misery which hides
On the unseen side
Of his lifelong dichotomy,

Or his snap inside
And snap request
For help
From those he told to see misery
As one's own unnecessary
Attachement to quote, unquote
The negative energy.

You're hot stuff now
And one day you'll burn
But we, at least, have learned
Not to mourn
But to sit back
Before the flames
And enjoy the bright side.
Poetria Mar 2017
Guess I'll put down a word or two
for some beautiful people
I could see through.
The way he said
he doesn't smile,
but his smile
lit up the whole **** bus.

Guess you should know
how her eyes shone with youth
and a hidden wisdom.
She would blame it on the contacts,
but God, is she gorgeous.

Guess my friend
couldn't wrap her head around
the treasureworth moments
and she was glowing onstage that day
because she knew
she wouldn't be performing again
anytime soon.

Guess I thought about you
and the trees were singing your name,
and the road was long enough
to let you climb back into my mind.

Guess I was at a significant high,
until 14:10 when I walked away and
I broke apart, saw your text right there and
contemplated dying.

And I would've been fine by now
if you didn't just decide to stay minutes
after being gone for so ******* long,
and maybe you had a bad moment there
but I've been having them too.

Guess I'm burning
and the trees are on fire
and you're just a heartbreaker
with your heart on your sleeve.

But do me a favour?
Either stay, or please just leave.
Yet here I am worrying this might hurt you.
Ayush Gangwar Aug 2018
When you attempt something first time and fail, You will get a next chance...
When you try to create something new and it collapse, You will get a next chance….
When your soul gets hurt and no one helps to heal you out…
When smile is not enough, Don’t make a pout …
When nothing goes in your favour, Please don’t shout ...
Keep your step back and just wait, As you will get a next chance...
When you climbing a hill and suddenly dropped down , you will get a next chance...
When everything goes in vain and you get totally lost, Just stay calm as you will get a next chance…

But what this next chance is?

It is nothing but just a motivating force
When you're in a deep sorrow It will gives you a new hope,
It hold you tight just like a safety rope,
It energies you to a new scope,
So there always be a next chance, Untill and Unless you don’t lose hope…
When failure hits you hard, make a step back, work a little more, step forward again with extra effort, let your failure behind and move towards a shiny day with only success and hope.
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