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Michael Kusi May 2018
Message drew out her Celestial Blade Saber and prepared for The Conflict.
But she felt the energy of Nihilist, and knew she was the strongest warrior she tangled with.
Message spoke to The Alliance Project and said, I’ve never encountered a woman who has basically goddess power.
The Alliance Project said on the watch, Stand down and we’ll get you out of there, this fight isn’t yours.
Nihilist, Tell that loved one of yours good-bye, because this is now your end and doom.
The Alliance Project turned on the Isotrain Mechanism and said, We must rescue Message soon.
Breastplate-Bearer ram their ship, and the Projects will go in and help Message fight.
Message is too good a warrior to lose to this type of power, because we have The Insight.
Message knew that her best chances were at long-range, because up close she would have died.
She touched her Celestial Blade Saber all the way up to the end, to fuel the Acidier flames inside.
She then pulled a button on the handle of the Saber, and fired it as Nihilist charged.
Nihilist kept coming as each missile from the Blade Saber hit its mark.
Nihilist grabbed Message by the waist with her hands and held her up, all the time mocking.
She shouted, No enemy can see me and live, and Message taunted, The Federation is coming, keep talking.
Nihilist pushed on both of Message’s sides, and Message felt her hips and ribs go out of alignment.
She started to black out and wondered if it was wise to get this assignment.
Suddenly Message had an idea, and put the Celestial Blade Saber through’ Nihilist’s foot to the ground.
And used the Death-Touch to **** Nihilist’s leg, so it was lifeless, and Nihilist roared with a raging sound.
Nihilists tried to pull the Blade Saber out but it would not come out, it was attracted to the Death Touch.
Message knew that she did not have time so she had to go to the cockpit because she was in a rush.

She ran to the cockpit, and she saw activity all around the ship as they prepared for the fight.
But Message remembered that on spacecraft like this, the cockpit was to the right.
She entered the cockpit, and used the Death-Touch on both of the pilots.
Message then told The Alliance Project, I will join the Isotrain Mechanism by flying into it.
The Alliance Project responded incredulously, You will crash our ship? Message giggled, You was going to do it first.
She started to fly Vibrate’s spacecraft into the Isotrain Mechanism, but made sure to crash into its side.
That way the Projects could get out and fight, and no one on the Mechanism could have died.
The Celestial Blade Saber suddenly snapped into Message’s hand, and she thought Nihilist is free.
And with all that pent-up energy and anger, she is surely coming after me.
The Covenantial Project said, We are on Vibrate’s ship, and are headed to link up with you.
Suddenly Nihilist burst in and said, Tell me, what would it feel like to see your insides on the outside too.
Message wrestled with Nihilist, and although Nihilist was stronger, Message was skilled in hand combating.
Soon Message was on the floor with Nihilist’s foot on her chest, and Message wondered if this was the end.
Nihilist said, You will die by the blade you used so badly, and pulled out a blade to strike her neck
She ****** down but the blade was stopped short, by the Excalibur of the Templarist Project.

Arthur pushed Nihilist off of Message and they soon began to fight with respective blades anew.
Message was so engrossed with Arthur’s blade skill she forgot she had a mission to do.
Meanwhile the Covenantial Project and the Alliance Project were fighting Achilles, and doing well.
So well that Vibrate was aggravated, and she was holding a scepter and muttering about hell.
Message knew that that scepter was the key to something and she resolved to steal.
So she put the Concealment Garment on a Netherbeast, and turned him into Message to be killed.
Message then kicked him to Vibrate, who utterly disposed of this Netherbeast in disguise.
But as Vibrate was doing so, she momentarily turned her eyes.

Message snatched the scepter out of her moving hands, and suddenly she heard a voice.
It was the words of her father the Legate, who said, You were my one and only choice.
To hold the Dahomeyian Rulership and lead the Federation to victory,
This power is now yours, and you wield the Dahomeyian Kingfather Scepter.
Vibrate knew with horror that the scepter was out of her hands.
And was now in the reach of someone who was purposed to command.
Message said to Vibrate, This is your end, you will die here on this ship.
Your reign of terror across the universe is over, because of what I grip.
Message and Vibrate charged, and soon much blood was shed.
But Vibrate saw to her horror that all of it was hers, and that she had bled.
Suddenly Message pushed the Kingfather Scepter into Vibrate’s chest.
Her chest collapsed into her backbone, and she fell dead and lifeless.
Achilles looked up and said, Mother! as he sank to one knee in respect.
The Alliance Project said grimly, You’ll join her, and he put the Abyss Sword between shoulder and neck.
The Alliance Project then held up Achilles and screamed, This **** was made by this face!
This was the weak spot of anyone, The Alliance Project pushed Achilles off the ship into space.
Message took the Kingfather Scepter and roared, Where is Nihilist, I have unfinished business.
A Netherbeast was speaking to Nihilist from afar and said, It is better to retreat than die in this.
Nihilist went into a Beacon Pod that detached from the cockpit, after warding off Arthur’s blow.
She could not believe that someone so righteous could be so strong, so she knew she had to go.
Nihilist said, I will take the place of Vibrate, and Achilles only wanted to conquer a kingdom not there.
Then all will know the name of Nihilist, and when people hear it, they will tremble with The Fear!
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
The Federation stood around stunned because they did not know what to say
Message was the heart of the Federation, and now she was in Drozen’s fray.
Lady of the Night appeared to them and said Message is ok, Drent you have explaining.
Because it was like they were Romeo and Juliet the way they were complaining.
Drent rose up and said, no it was more like Romeo and Juliet were like Drozen and Message.
My father tried to warn her that as an Imperial Candidate she should spurn his vestige.
But Message did not respond, and as Headdress Prince I tried to get together a decree.
That no barbarian could associate with an Imperial Candidate or die painfully.
Message would not speak to me, and Drozen left in a maniacal fury.
Little did I know that Drozen would come back and this time not as a loving suitor.
The Imperial Candidacy went on, and it was between me and Message to be ruler.
I thought Message would win it, but the Brethren never got to pick.
They handed the Advocate Council the paper with their choice, but she never opened it.
Drozen interrupted the proceedings, and captured us both to his Alieno-Machine.
This is what happens when true love turned into violent vengeance, I would never forget that scream.
He destroyed our planet, and took Message to a load to lock her inside.
And as for me he said, Drent you will be a Teremi Mercanary, and if you fail Message already died.

So I came to Earth, because that was my next assignment.
But I did not know that Message was already there, and had broken out of confinement.
I resented Message for the destruction of our world, but I realize love cannot be forbidden.
I guess Message became a courier of the Dragon Power to become better hidden.
The Federation sat there stunned, and Breastplate-Bearer said, This explains so much.
Dragon-Man groaned and Lady of the Night asked, Tell us, how did she get the Death-Touch.
I think the load was so strong that it had a Gretian force-field and in the process of breaking free.
Some got onto her hands, and over time it evolved to become the Death-Touch on her fingertips.
I could never let go of the fact that I let down my Dahomeyians as a Headdress Prince.
Lady of the Night said, No don’t feel that way, and Breastplate-Bearer said, you really dropped the ball.
Boundaries, Lady of the Night and Dragon-Man both screamed, but Breastplate-Bearer continued, Good thing this is like boxing with gloves at all.
Dragon-Man then turned to Lady of the Night and asked, So did you get any intelligence that you heard.
Lady of the Night said, You can use your disembodiment powers to free her, and Dragon-Man replied, I gave Drozen my word.
Lady of the Night said, Well, there is nothing I can do, because Message just has to fight to victory.
Drent replied, I think now that how Message feels about Drozen, victory is not enough.
Breastplate-Bearer called out, Hey, should I take the cloaking mode off the Isotrain Mechanism?
Dragon-Man shook his head and said, No, this is our base we don’t want Drozen to know where we are living.
The Claimant joust was come, and Drozen and Message were both prepared.
But Dragon-Man was shocked for the first time in a while to feel fear.
He knew Message could fight, but Drozen was the Commander of the Numberless Clans.
They must be Numberless for a reason, but at least Message has the Death-Touch in her hands.
Message took her position on the Centaur-Raptor, its wings were spread out to its fullest.
Drozen also mounted a Centaur-Raptor, but when Message looked closely he was sweating bullets.
He seemed to be out of breath, and Lady of the Night taunted, What is wrong can’t get enough air.
Drozen fired back, After I am done with Message I will end all of you who have come here.
Message and Drozen head together each other Message had her weapons ready for combat.
Suddenly Drozen fell to the ground heavily, without Message making First Contact.
Message pulled out her Celestial Blade Saber, and yelled Surrender or die you fiend.
One of the Scimitan referees said, That is against the rules, and Lady of the Night retorted, Hush, you don’t know what you’ve meaned.
Don’t you realize that Message has saved your planet and many countless more.
I don’t think I did it, Message said as she stepped back with Drozen lifeless on the floor.

Can I have his head, No, Heart, No, Kneecap, No, Message and Dragon-Man argued.
His hands, You have hands, stop trying to be greedy and eat this splendid food.
Message huffed, He did not even have the courtesy to die by my hand, how rude.
Drent called out, So what do we do with Drozen’s lifeless body without power.
Dragon-Man replied, Put it in the Acider flames and let them have a feast to devour
Lady of the Night asked, Dragon-Man, don’t you have a pending court case?
Dragon-Man smacked his head and said, Oh yeah, we better get back to Earth in haste.
No don’t go to Earth yet I want to fight you all, the Legate said in the background.
And in the Voidful Midst the Covenantial Project was gathering the Federation without making a sound.
Michael Kusi Apr 2018
Message stood out in front, a target ready to lead the Federation.
She pointed her Winged Fire Lance forward, to defend without hesitation.
Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night ran to her, and took up a fighting stance.
While Breastplate-Bearer yelled out he would fix the Paroah chariot with his hands.
Vibrate on Frequenwave led the Netherbeasts towards these brave three.
And Dragon-Man pointed the Composti Crossbow at them as he looked gravely.
Suddenly Lady of the Night jumped into the throes of the Netherbeasts, and was swallowed by their midst.
Message yelled out, I’m coming Lady of the Night, you should not meet your end like this!
She did the Battlefare dance with the Winged Fire Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber.
All the while wondering if it was too early to die, and too late to be a Savior.
Lady of the Night was stabbed in the back by a Netherbeast horn, and began to lie.
She lay on the ground with a thud, and Message shrieked that every enemy must die.

Vibrate rode up to Dragon-Man, and they began a duel to the death.
But these two superpowers were evenly matched, and so soon had nothing left.
Vibrate grabbed the Composti Crossbow and crushed it in her hands with contempt.
She haughtily said, I am the Conquistador of Worlds, and yours is not exempt.
Dragon-Man stepped back, and realized that they would soon need reinforcements.
He pushed down on his watch to talk to Breastplate-Bearer, and a message to be sent.
Suddenly he could not breathe, and went down on his knees with the sea spinning there.
Vibrate shouting, See, I have cut off your air supply and now you will all die here.
Message was gasping for air, but instead getting in water in drowning.
The Frequenbeasts closed in so tight that soon they were surrounding.
Dragon-Man pushed himself on one forearm, and muttered to Message, Retreat.
It is best to save ourselves then for the Federation to go down in utter defeat.
Then Message and Dragon-Man fell down, and slowly started to fade away.
But Breastplate-Bearer picked up the transmission and knew he had to save the day.

Breastplate-Bearer launched himself from the Paroah Chariot, and yelled, Vibrate!
Did you forget about me, because I am the one who will seal your fate.
Vibrate told her Netherbeasts, Destroy this imbecile, I command thee
But this was the time Breastplate-Bearer’s skills came in most handy.
He destroyed them one by one, until the rest scattered and fled.
Then Breastplate-Bearer pushed a button on his watch to end the Grimchoke.
That Vibrate had put on Message and Dragon-Man, so that it was broke.
Message and Dragon-Man got up weakly, but Lady of the Night did not.
Breastplate-Bearer called down to them I will carry Lady of the Night to the chariot.
Because this doctor needs a soldier to put healing hands and restore her right
Message nodded, and Breastplate-Bearer brought up Lady of the Night.
Vibrate rose up on Frequenwave and sneered, I don’t need fancy tricks to fight.
I will take you both on, and my face would be the last you will ever see.

Message leaped off of Dragon-Man’s back, and brought the Celestial Blade Saber down.
Frenquenwave staggered for a moment, and then shook Vibrate to the ground.
He charged Message and Dragon-Man, and Message said to Dragon-Man, Throw.
I will give you the Winged Fire Lance so that you can toss it down below.
Dragon-Man held the Winged Fire-Lance and knew that he only had one chance.
When Frenquenwave was 15 feet away, he tossed it from his stance.
It hit Frenquenwave right in his shoulder, where the shield wasn’t and life was.
He fell to the ground suddenly, and all that was heard was a buzz.
Message screamed, Move out of the way, he will carry you with him.
But Dragon-Man did not step to the side, AND Frenquenwave moved Dragon-Man off the cliff.

Vibrate cackled, Now your friend is missing, that is a good exchange for Frenquenwave.
Now it is just you and me, and no one is around here so that you can be saved.
Message nodded grimly, and took out her Celestial Blade Saber as a swordman.
Remembering the most vital things of edged warfare, and forgetting the unimportant.
Message and Vibrate fought, and Message was shocked to feel blood on her headdress.
Then Vibrate gave a swip at her that if Message hadn’t ducked, she would be headless.
Message gave Vibrate a stab to the abdomen, or at least what Message thought was a belly.
But then Vibrate took the blade out of her, and shook her head saying This isn’t healthy.
For the first time, despair crossed Message’s face, because she wondered how to win.
Suddenly, the seas brightened, and The Covenantial Project arrived with the Federation.
The Covenantial Project called out,  Vibrate, you are under indictment for crimes against the universe.
Vibrate sneered, In order for me to be under your kangaroo court, you would have to catch me first!
She disappeared, and Message worried to The Covenantial Project, But what about Dragon-Man?
The Covenantial Project intoned, Frenquenwave took him to the Great Beyond, it kills who it touches hands.
Message shrieked and The Covenantial Project continued, We can go through a portal.
That renders whose who would die with the effects of being temporarily immortal.
The Paroah Chariot will not cut it, this is the Federation’s cause to fight.
Because we all must make sure, that Shark-Devil does not come up to the light.
Breastplate-Bearer meanwhile was still working to restore Lady of the Night.
So Message said, I will go with you The Covenantial Project to free Dragon-Man.
Because I am a leader, and no soldier of mine should die under my command.
Message and The Covenantial stepped through the Nebula Entrance, ready for war.
Little did they know Dragon-Man had to fight a battle he was not prepared for.
One was Frenquenwave, the other was hiding in the shadows waiting.
And Dragon-Man had to prevail soon, because this enemy was so patient.
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Message put on Lady of the Night’s garment, and it changed her countenance
Take this watch, Dragon-Man said, it is the access to the Winged Fire-Lance.
You press this button on top and then the Fire Lance is yours to wield.
This is just a reconnaissance mission and Message curtly replied, If Drozen comes I will not yield.
This Winged Lance-fire is the perfect instrument to pierce Drozen’s chest box.
Dragon-Man shook his head but he knew there was no use arguing when the SheTalkMan talks.
So Message left the Isotrain Mechanism to go to the Logre Market to buy
And also to inquire where Drozen was, because Message also appointed herself a spy.

Legate, one of the Federation is here, the traveler with the Nourishless Caravans said with glee.
I don’t concern myself with a mere mouthpiece, that is a tiny morsel, the Legate replied to he.
Message came to the market, and asked, Excuse me, but have you seen the Drozen creature.
I am looking for Commander of the Numberless Clans who is this high with these features.
The being replied, I’m confused, I thought you were here to barter and watch gladiators?
Message yelled, You don’t sound like a Scimitan, and she drew out her Celestial Blade Saber.
He kneeled with terrified pleas, Please, your Imperial Candidacy, I am a Dahomeyian  who came here to survive.
If I tell you where Drozen is, he will make sure I will not remain soon alive.
Message put the Celestial Blade Saber back in the Estateian Scabbard, and said, Subject follow me.
You will use these Premo-Cartridge Gems to purchase the Federation some elite weaponry.
Meanwhile I will hunt for Drozen, using the Decipherment Charter to receive what you know.
Drozen has been reaping Death across these Realmic spans, and it is time for him to pay what he owe!

Message and the Dahomeyian Subject set off, and soon reached the market with this plan to destroy.
Meanwhile Dragon-Man was waiting in the wings with the Isotrain Mechanism, shielded by the alloy.
The Dahomeyian Subject went to the bartering station, and asked, I would like some fire power.
The person threw back his head and laughed mocking, I am sure you would, this is the final hour.
Help, Help! The Dahomeyian cried out, and Message started running to this man’s aid.
The man stood up and said, Diablo-Robots arise, and suddenly the place was filled with with raid.
So you are alone, Drozen taunted, as Message took out the Celestial Blade Saber and Winged Fire Lance.
Is this the way to treat the suitor you spurned because as an Imperial Candidate you couldn’t handle romance?
I have already sunk an Anvilic Block  into this Dahomeyian’s mind, and if you don’t come he will die.
Message was so shocked at this sheer evil that she, for once, was unable to reply.

Message extended her Celestial Blade Saber into the Dahomeyian’s head, and he fell with a thud.
Lady of the Night yelled out, No! And Message down below said, Take heed this is the first shed blood.
Drozen screamed, Attack, attack, and Dragon-Man said, This is the War the Federation was built for.
So let us go as the Federation to conquer in victory, because Message needs us for this  Battlefare war.
The Isotrain-Mechanism began firing, and Breast-plate Bearer was laughing as the missiles hit.
What’s so funny, Lady of the Night barked, Oh it is amusing the one who speaks would start conflict.
Message was on the ground, and used both her weapons to deadly effect.
Dragon-Man told Breastplate-Bearer to stay and fire, while the Federation went in the Paroah chariot.

The Paroah Chariot rumbled over the ground, hitting Diablo-Robots and rolling over their remains.
The battle was sometime fierce, and those who were dead had a better fate than those in pain.
Message was fighting alongside, and Dragon-Man used the Abyss Sword for deadly lightling.
The Diablo-Robots fell back terrified, because the blinding heat was so frightening.
Drozen cried out, Advance, but they stood by sullen, afraid of this fight.
Then stepping forward to speak and break the impasse was Lady of the Night.
I offer a solution for this impasse, because neither you nor us can win this toil
We will offer you Message for a Claimant joust, and the victor will gain all spoil.
Message said I volunteer on behalf of my people-nation, to save this planet I will be a  gladiator.
Because I left one planet that was destroyed, so this one I can be a savior.
Dragon-Man whispered, are you crazy, and Lady of the Night said Reinforcements are coming.
The Covenantial Project is leading them, but we need to stall for the time being.
This Claimant Joust will give us time, and Message can handle herself.
I just need my garment back, so I could disguise as a Diablo-Robot for stealth.

Message was on the Alieno-Machine, and Drozen said, Now we as brethren are united.
We should have a lover’s quarrel every now and then so that none of us are dead.
It is better to step forward in my presence, then hide forever in the shadows.
Message defiantly replied, I stay there because it is my position to continue battle.
Drozen said haughtily, Battle, how could you say such horrible things and who really sent ye?
Message banged on the door and yelled, I come as the Imperial Candidate to pass judgment to execute thee.
Drozen said, Fine, if that is what you wish, you can lose this Claimant Joust and be gone.
In the midst of it all Lady of the Night was watching in her garment, and wondered what the hell  was going on.
Delilah Day Aug 2018
(1) New Message:
(Photo attached: depicting a crab with a knife)
haha is this you

(1) New Message:
i’ll be back late, gotta job, chinese for dinner?
i’m buying

(1) New Message:
haven’t heard from you, you didn’t come home. You okay?
people disappear in this town, you know i worry

(1) New Message:
it’s been three days. Jesus christ, Dan, please text me or call me or something. If you want space, just tell me. i’m worried about you

(1) New Message:
did I do something? i’m sorry, for whatever I did. Please come back. Please answer me. One word is enough. i’m starting to get scared, okay?

(1) New Message:
I asked around town. Someone said that you died.
Answer me. Please.

(1) New Message:
wheeeeere th fuckk r youu
cme back ‘m sorryy

(1) New Message:
it’s been a week. Everyone I ask says that you aren’t coming back. I don’t believe them, I cant.
You’re stuff is still here.

(1) New Message:
I won’t ask any questions. Even if you just come ******* take your stuff, come back already. it’s my turn to buy dinner.

(1) New Message:
I miss you.

(1) New Message:
someone tried to buy your ****** duck carving, the one you said wouldn’t sell for free.
I almost punched them and cried in the back.
I’m so sorry pls come back pls answer me pls be alive

(1) New Message:
you never showed me your favorite movie

(1) New Message:
I smoked one of your cigarettes today. It burned like hell and tasted like ****
I miss you so much

(1) New Message:
it hurts

(1) New Message:
you werent supposed to diei was supposed to protect you you protect me we protect eachother but youre ******* gone im so ******* sorry pls come back i cant do this
i cant lose you

(1) New Message:
I never got to tell you
come back already so I can tell you

(1) New Message:
Happy birthday

(1) New Message:
I left your presents out
as though you’d ******* show up months later
and I bought some of the whiskey we drank our first night out
i’ll leave a glass for you

(1) New Message:
I love you

(1) New Message:
I should’ve told you a long time ago
I love you so ******* much it’s killing me

(1) New Message:
why did you have to die
Ways to cope with loss: Text your (probably) dead ex
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Message said, I ask leave to make a speakage to the Federation troops.
The Covenantal Project nodded and replied, Your Helmetchief, who holds the Dahomeyian Rulership, may address this group.
Message stood on top of the mount and entered into a Battlefare Stance.
The Winged Fire-Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber were in both her outstretched hands.
Message screamed with zealous fervor, Soldiers, Shark-Devil has transgressed the Federation’s Charter and must suffer as an apostate.
This Battlefare struggle will make all you brave troops who were trapped in the land of the unknown great.
Victory is now because death is choked in the air sweetened with the taste of sure progress.
I Message, will lead you forward, into the sunlit uphills with Shark-Devil heart torn out of his breast!
But I thought Shark-Devil was my battle to win and fight
Dragon-Man whispered with concern to the nearby Lady of the Night.
Lady of the Night scolded, Hush Message is the Helmetchief, she can have any enemy prize that she wants.
Message then lifted the Winged Fire-Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber and shouted, ADVANCE!

Dragon-Man urged, You heard our Helmet-chief, Now is the time get into the fight that must be won with bled.
Shark-Devil told Officer Thon, I will make you the Designated Casualty to go out and **** Message dead
The plain was a whirlwind of activity, with The Federation and Shark-Devil at a standstill.
Officer Thon then saw Message and thought, Now is my time to go out for the ****.
Because Message had rushed out too far forward on her Centaur-Raptor, she was helmed in far.
Officer Thon told his soldiers by mind-speak, Keep her cornered until I can come to finish her.
Message used both hands to deadly effect, the body count became mere body calculation.
Because Message was ready to die as Helmetchief for the sake of the Federation.
Officer Thon stuck a Scythe Dagger to Message’s Centaur-Raptor, it fell down with her on.
Message got up bruised and got ready to battle to the death with Officer Thon.

Dragon-Man was searching for Shark-Devil, the one who had destroyed his family tree
Shark-Devil was in the rear protected, directing the Battlefare operations by telepathy.
Dragon-Man suddenly arrived in Shark-Devil’s presence, and Shark-Devil taunted, this is the last face you will see you fool.
Dragon-Man kneeled down and said, No, Shark-Devil, The Great Beyond is where you will go back to rule.
Lady of the Night jumped off of Dragon-Man’s back to leap high, she truly soared in the air.
But by the time she brought her weapon down where Shark-Devil was, he was not there.
Shark-Devil had gone to Officer Thon’s assistance, and taunted Message, my killing offer still stands.
Message retracted the Winged Fire-Lance and Celestial Blade Saber into her watch, and called on the Death-Hands.
Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night were rushing to help Message in her fight, but the odds were against them coming in time.
Suddenly Breastplate-Bearer pulled up in a Paroah Chariot, and cried out, Follow me on this, because I leave no man behind.
Shark-Devil and Officer Thon were closing in, and Message prepared herself to take lives of two.
When Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night showed up behind Message, and Lady of the Night said, We outnumber you.
Then they started to fight, and soon all of them were bloodied, bruised, and battered.
They struggled as if no war before existed, and no war after mattered.
Dragon-Man suddenly readied himself to strike Shark-Devil, he prepared the Abyss Sword for a mighty blow for Shark-Devil’s death.
OWW, MY ARM, cried out Message, and Dragon-Man saw to his horror his Abyss-Sword had pierced Message’s left biceps
Michael Kusi Jul 2018
The Manyman stepped back and waved his hands saying, No, no, I meant my nephew! My beloved one!”The Alliance Project pointed at The Manyman and said, “Seize him.” The Dahomeyian Scepter Guardians put him under guard and led him away. The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons looked on and a shiver ran up his soul. Message called out from her palace, “I am coming to lead you!”
The Alliance Project pointed at the Seragon Mountains and grimly noted to Message “A war is just to determine which side will have a victory parade after people die but before everyone is dead.” Message nodded and started to come down. She took her Dahomeyian Scepter and put on her Galvatar Watch. Message pushed a button and the Celestial Blade Saber came into her hands. Message walked out to where the soldiers were gathered. Suddenly there was a rumbling from deep inside the mountains. They turned black and shifted to the right side. Arthur took his side by The Alliance Project and Message and pulled out Excalibur.
A ominous figure rose from the mountain. It spoke in a conversation of tongues as it set down in front of them. One of those tongues, a deep baritone that was cold in its logic, said, “ Silly Message. Pretending as if you like war because then you can save your people. Your true motives were crouched in the shadows until the bloodshed threw them into the dying light. When others see who you really are  they get ashamed because you are a shame.”
Message said, “ High talk from a person who always disagrees with himself.” The Alliance Project yelled out to the Dahomeyian Army, “Take your positions! This is war.” Message walked out in front of her Dahomeyian Army and cried out, “Soldiers, now is the time to end that monster who afflicted this planet under two heritages!” The Dahomeyian Army gave a shout and then charged.
Message went forward but the Alliance Project held her back saying, “You do us better staying back and directing the battle.” Arthur can lead the head-on charge and I can focus any reinforcements as needed. We have new roles now.” Message huffed and sat down on the grass. It was a small hill, but she felt that she was even smaller because she was no longer part of the action. Message looked up at the sky and noticed for the first time that it had three moons…..
The Alliance Project directed Paroah Chariots to encircle Mythology and to have suppression fire while soldiers kept up the heat on Mythology. Mythology was hit many times but refused to go down. Arthur flashed Excalibur and suddenly Mythology fell to his knees. But when the Dahomeyian saw his face, he was grinning, a smile that was chilling because of its unpacked evil.
Mythology called out to Arthur in a woman’s voice, The light from your Excalibur has freed my forces, and now they are ready to arise and swallow this forsaken planet. Say goodbye now, because no one will remember you later.”
Mythology looked at the moons above and suddenly, ominous warriors began to drop from those moons. Each clad in armor and carrying a weapon that seemed to be half blade, half hand-cannon. The Alliance Project went into the Isotrain Mechanism preparing to fly up to cut off the source, and Message ran after him. Message yelled out, “I am your Dahomeyian Rulership and I demand that I come with you as your commander, and I order to come as your wife!!!” The Alliance Project shrugged and Message sent a note to Arthur on her Galvatar Watch saying, “ Hold off those beings until we can get to the moons and destroy the source. Only use Excalibur for stabbing but don’t use the Light Power because it attracts these fiends.” Arthur said, “Got it. We have to get in close for hand to hand combat.” Message turned around and said, “See I can do a lot better being a part of the action.” The Alliance Project shrugged and piloted the Isotrain Mechanism toward the Tripodate Moons.
Imran Islam Nov 2017
You are a message to me
Message from heaven
A message of my love
You are my first love,
You are a message to me
The message of my first love
A message from heaven.

I haven't ever seen you
and haven't even heard
the words that you love me
You are a message to me
The message of my first love
A message from heaven.

I haven't ever been in love
I've never loved anyone
Yes, you are the first one
You are a message to me
The message of my first love
A message from heaven.

I have never thought of you
never thought you'd be mine
but truly you're my love, mine
You are a message to me
The message of my first love
A message from heaven.
Michael Kusi Jun 2018
Essence looked out on the horizon, her eyes filled with tears. Her face looked to be grim determination, and she murmured to herself, “This time, the Founded will not stop me. I don’t care if they have written this planet off to die, it is too new to do anything else but live.” Crossfire handed Essence her bow and said, “Let’s get moving. Dahomeyia needs us. I heard they have a new rulership called Message.” Essence nodded her head and replied, “ I know of Message because I met her father. He was a good man.”
Crossfire and Essence packed the Whirlship and prepared to head out for Dahomeyia. Crossfire tapped Essence on the shoulder and whispered, “I had packed the Warberite missiles for your Crossed Bow for this special threat. This time, we will get to Dahomeyia before its too late.” Essence and Crossfire set off in the vast realms where space met reality. Essence looked out and said, “The stars look so nice, it is a shame that beings like Mythology are out there.”  Crossfire retorted, “Beings like Mythology are not just out there, they always just are.”
Deep below in Dahomeyia, in the place where it was either water or earth, there was a rumbling. It was light, but there was no happiness there in spite of the shining brightness. An entity got up, and it did not appear that he was talking to himself as it was that all of him was talking at once. And all of the voices were combative. “ Well what we do with the new Dahomeyian Rulership?” argued one voice. “She is too unstable, she will never be able to unite the forces against us in time, replied another. Suddenly the entity sat down and all of the voices said, “We must break free and move to the surface and make ourselves a name. Then Dahomeyia will tremble, and after it will be no more.” A deeper voice said throughout the midst, “Yes, yes, but we need another, outside force to break in so we can break out. We must entice the Dahomeyians to be reckless and attack, so they can force open a way. Their efforts have  to be strong enough to break through, but not strong enough to be a threat. Message will do that job for us, because she operates in haste and is not measured. She is what beings would call impulsive. “
Suddenly on Earth a text appeared on the screen. “Delta Knight Ms. Harris”, a person said to a woman in a wheelchair busy on her phone. "Yes, I was paying attention" said Lady of the Night, still playing a game. The courier cleared his throat and said, “You have a message from the Dahomeyian Rulership.” “Oh so I have a message from Message”, Lady of the Night said laughing. Lady of the Night looked at the screen and Message seemed out of breath. Her words came out so fast that Lady of the Night put her finger to the screen and said, “Honey, I need you to slow down. How can I help you?”
Message gasped and said, There is a force on our home planet that is trying to destroy us. I need the resources of the Federation in order to fight it. Arthur is already here and the Covenantial Project is on his way. I know you are the Battlefare Commander of Earth so can you forward us resources to fight this threat? Lady of the Night replied, I can send a Battlefare Expeditionary Force under Breastplate-Bearer to aid the Dahomeyian Armed Forces. We would need three days to get mobilized and another week to arrive at Dahomeyia. So Message, don’t move until they come. Agreed?  “Yes”, Message said, but she held one of her hands behind her back and crossed her fingers. Lady of the Night sighed and said, “Message don’t think that you are slick. If you do a preemptive strike and it doesn’t go well the consequences are on you.” Message turned from smiling to scowling, crossed her arms in front of her and said. “Alright.”
Message clicked off the screen and Arthur sat there with Excalibur. Message threw up her hands and grumbled, “No one wants me to attack but I don’t even understand the threat. He might as well be an urban legend.” Arthur stood up and said, “Get me a person to pilot a mechanism and I will do a Battlefare Reconnaissance on Mythology. I’ll turn this urban legend into a cautionary tale.” Message clapped her hands and said, “I’ll drive you in my chariot to where the Mechanisms are.”They arrived at the Mechanisms and Arthur was examining them. He said to one of the people in the hallway, “ My good man, do you know how to pilot a machine. "The young man nodded yes and Arthur mused, “You will do.” Arthur got into the Mechanism and Message hollered as he was leaving, “Keep me updated. Use the Mechanism log to record Battlefare data on him. By the time you get back we will be ready for war.” Message giggled at the thought of going to war again and the young man piloting the Mechanism thought that it was strange, but dare not say anything. Arthur took off.
The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons was talking to a Manyman and he was saying, “I convinced my Rulership to do the rational and sane thing and hold off attacking until we are strong enough to win. “The Manyman then asked, “Then what is that ship going to where Mythology lives. The Peacemonger bit his tongue so hard and cursed under his breath and then yelled,
“Message is such an idiot!”
Michael Kusi May 2018
Lady of the Night came down with the Parisia bow to join the fight.
And kept firing at Achilles, who brushed them off as if they were slight.
Suddenly Achilles grabbed the Alliance Project, and took a knife and dug it into his side.
The Alliance Project refused to cry out, because he had too much pride.
Message took her Fire Lance and aimed it at Achilles head.
Achilles warned, One wrong move and your lover man is dead.
Message pointed the Fire-Lance with her hand shaking at The Alliance Project.
She thought of putting him out of his misery, but she hated that prospect.
Lady of the Night screamed out, Don’t fall for it Message, he mastered psychological warfare.
Message’s mind went back to the days when she and the Alliance Project were together, and she teased him about his grey her.
Achilles cried out, You want to fight me with my own weapon, but do you want your lover to live
Choose life for him for now, and hand over my lance spear as a gift to give
Otherwise I will detach him from himself, and it would be such a tragedy
That the one who loved him watched him die in such wretched agony.
Lady of the Night retorted, If The Alliance Project has to die, he knew what he joined.
Message went down on one knee and whimpered, He does not have to die, otherwise what is the point?
She pointed the Fire Lance at the Alliance Project trembling, then handed it to Achilles too.
Achilles then laughed and threw the Alliance Project at them, who said before fainting I will **** you.
Achilles attached the Nike Sling to the Winged Fire Lance, to make the Demihim Spear.
Message and Lady of the Night looked at each other, and knew they had to leave here.
They picked the Alliance Project off the ground and when they got back, gave him to Breastplate-Bearer
But Message cried out, Who in this universe is strong enough to stop Achilles and his reign of terror?
The Covenantial Project said over the intercom, We must go to Avalon, and wake from slumber Arthur.
Otherwise with Achilles and Vibrate, we will all just be targets for the slaughter.

Breastplate-Bearer was working to heal The Alliance Project while Message and Lady of the Night went to Avalon.
Lady of the Night said to Message, I used to read Camelot as a little girl, and the knights I thought I would marry one.
Message laughed and said, You do not strike me as being a damsel in distress for a knight to save.
You would be the one to fight the monster on the Knight’s behalf, because you are too brave.
Lady of the Night blushed, but then the Isotrain Mechanism stopped the location.
Message pulled out a map and said, If I wanted to bury a king, where would I bury one.
Suddenly they saw a cave, and then they went inside to take a look.
Hoping that Arthur was not just a fiction character in Old English books.
They entered the cave and marveled at all the cave drawings.
Showing men seated around a table, with their names inscribed on chairs therein.
Message tripped over something and Lady of the Night laughed and said, Watch your step.

They both looked down and saw King Arthur, or rather what was left.
Message asked, What does your books say we do now with his body.
Lady of the Night scratched her head and said, I did not get to that part, oddly.
But I think if we bring it to the waters where the Lady of the Lake is she can help.
Message said You can bring his slimy body to these waters, speak for yourself.
So they carried King Arthur’s body on their shoulders, hoping not to be seen.
Across to where the Lady of the Lake was supposed to be, and the waters were serene.
We have your king! Message shouted, and Lady of the Night murmured, That is not the way to call.
We must show that we are worthy to serve King Arthur, or he will not come at all.
Lady of the Night looked down below and said, Woman to Woman, only we can save mankind.
Lady of the Lake rose up with Excalibur from the waters and said, That is what I can stand behind.
Put Excalibur into his hands, and he will soon awake from his slept slumber.
I am glad someone came after all these years, his death was a bad summer.
Message and Lady of the Night tried to put Excalibur into Arthur’s hands, but it would not grab.
Message finally cried out, I have an idea, and placed the blade into his fingers, hoping it would scab.
Arthur came to live and coughed, he looked at his blade and said, Caliburn is forever mine.
Message and Lady of the Night looked at each other smiling because they knew it was time.
They told Arthur he was The Templarist Project, the one who could **** Achilles with Excalibur.
Arthur said, Woe to this Achilles, I will deal with him justly as the one fated to **** him as a challenger.
Michael Kusi May 2018
Achilles came out of the ground and quickly shook off the dirt.
He thought to himself, These puny Trojans are in for a world of hurt.
I would have finished the job but I died, and the difference is telling.
Achilles laughed to himself, And their history books say the Trojan War was about Helen.
My son, My son, Achilles heard the voice of Vibrate in his head as he did in the past.
Who are you, asked a soldier holding a gun, as Achilles stood there steadfast.
Are you a Trojan, Achilles asked as he cocked his head to one side.
I am American, the soldier said as he felt uncomfortable as he replied.
Achilles growled, You fought with Troy and left alive, but your time to die is now.
The soldier fired his gun but all the bullets bounced off, and the soldier asked How?
Achilles said, You cannot **** who already died in this war, but I can **** those who cannot survive it.
Achilles pushed their shoulders together so that they touched and crossed. the soldier fell down split.
Achilles then saw a mass of American troops pointing guns and artillery at his face.
He laughed and said in a bellow, Today you will be known both as casualties and a national disgrace.

Message and The Alliance Project came to his condo, and The Alliance Project turned on the T.V
He was glad that Message and him were able to talk and hang out so freely.
Suddenly there was a breaking alert on the news, that a man has killed American servicemen.
He could not be killed by artillery and missiles, so these weapons were all worthless then.
Message said, We have to get him now, and The Alliance Project protested, But we just got here.
Message grabbed him by the arm and said, I have a lot of emotions and all of them is not fear.
The Alliance Project pushed his watch and the Isotrain Mechanism came in front.
Message ran to the Isotrain Mechanism and The Alliance Project called out, Wait for me, ***.
The Isotrain Mechanism was headed to Achilles, because he had forced her hand.
Then Message piped up and said, So there is something that I still do not understand.
There are three projects with three blades, where is the Templarite Project with his blade?
Maxus, the automatic intercom said, His name is Arthur, and he is in Avalon sleeping and laid.
He is to come to protect, when the people need him the most to save their fate.
Because Excalibur is the third blade, but it was taken back by the Lady of the Lake.

The Alliance Project and Message got there and a general said, Stand down we can handle him.
Message yelled, All those dead bodies beg to differ, just imagine all those flags needed to bury them!
The general shook his head and said, In all my years of combat, I have never seen anyone this strong.
The Alliance Project replied, Step aside General, you will not have to see him for long.
The soldiers parted ways, and The Alliance Project and Message approached Achilles.
Message turned up her nose at him and said disdainfully, You smell filthy.
Achilles roared and replied, You smell like a concubine that use to be in my palace.
Message got goosebumps at the way he said it with such malice.
The Alliance Project said, Your reign of terror is over, and Achilles said I bring no rain.
Just misery and destruction, and those who survive will know nothing but pain.

The Alliance Project and Achilles fought, and The Alliance Project was forced back.
Message said, Lay your hands off of him, and put the Winged Fire Lance for her attack.
Achilles stepped back and said, That is my spear I used to **** Trojans, give it to me.
Message retorted, Well it’s mine now, and if you want it, come fight me.
Achilles fought Message, and she did worse than the Alliance Project.
Defeat looked to be inevitable because victory was not a prospect.
Message used the Celestial saber to stab Achilles in the chest, he just grinned.
Message stepped back and wondered what kind of fight they were in.
Suddenly an arrow traveled through the air, and hit Achilles in his heel.
The Alliance Project and Message looked up at who could aim with such skill.
It was Lady of the Night on the hill, seated in a wheelchair with a bow.
The only problem was, Achilles did not fall down dead down below.
He laughed and said, It’s painful, but I’ll live, Do you really think this would make me die.
The Alliance Project, Message, and Lady of the Night did not know how to reply.
The Achilles heel story is for children, you should know that my demise is more than a foot wound.
Nothing did **** me but betrayal, but you fools listened to fairytales and you assumed.
Lady of the Night retracted the wheelchair into her back and stood up, ready for war.
Against an enemy who might just be unstoppable, such power has never been seen before.
Michael Kusi May 2018
Message cocked her head as if to understand what Arthur had just said. She pulled a lock of hair back and questioned, “All of them? How?!” Arthur sighed and said, “When time was not, Mythology
was. He is made up of twelve force-beings who many people in the past had to worship. They were joined by the strength of the Five Arguments, Power, Dominion, Acceleration, Presence, and Existence. There is this legend that an Argument called the Thirteenth was supposed to join and did not. If one of these
arguments are missing, they will not exist, or cease to exist the way Mythology is as a composite being. But these force-beings were always in disharmony, and as a result chaos and calamity was in the world.
The only beacon of hope in the world was Troy.”
Message nodded and said, “So that was how the Trojan War began?” Arthur said, “ Yes. Forget that Helen and most the beautiful woman nonsense, it was only a façade. What Mythology really wanted was to destroy the world, just as he wants to destroy this one. When the Trojans scattered all over the world his mission was deterred at every turn by their descendants throughout time. ” Message gripped her chair so hard that she thought that her veins would pop. Message inquired, “But what can I do about this threat? The Assembly of the Many voted me down and if I try to take action, those fools can take away my Rulership, as they did my father’s.” Arthur grinned slyly and said, “You can’t do
anything, but me and the other Projects can. We serve the Dahomeyian Rulership but are independent, and we don’t answer to the Assembly of the Many. That way, if anything happens….Message and Arthur yelled out together, “The Dahomeyian Rulership is not responsible!”
Message pursed her lips as she said, “ Whatever you need, I can give it to you.” Arthur said, “We first need to go on a reconnaissance mission before we can take further steps to combat Mythology. We need to know the enemy.You can stay back so if we need anything we can contact you and you can
forward it to us by Galvatar watches. I will also give you Lady of the Night’s hook-up so all of the Federation can be on stand-by. “ Message nodded, relieved that something was finally going to be done. Arthur stood up and as his walked out he said, “ Tell The Alliance Project I have a mission for him so his
days as a house husband are over.” Message laughed.
When the Alliance Project came home, he was startled to see Message crouched over the laptop with a familiar look on her face. He thought, “This is the face she has when she is determined to
fight…..””Honey!” Message said as she ran to The Alliance Project and gave him a kiss. “ Don’t honey me, what are you up to?” Message smiling seductively at him and said, “ Just a little Battlefare. I was going to send the Projects to fight Mythology.” The Alliance Project sighed and replied, “ What did the Assembly of the Many say?” Message’s smile turned into a snarl and she snapped, “The Projects are under the Federation and I am their head. It was an executive decision.” She also turned around and
said, “Need I remind you I am your head as well?” The Alliance Project sat down and pondered this decision. He got up and said, “Ok, where is Arthur and the Covenantial Project. We can bring some Scouts from Earth and go. “ “But” The Alliance Project said, waving his hands around, “This is only reconnaissance, not a combat mission.” “Right” Message, agreed, but her fingers were crossed behind her back.” “ Why are you winking” The Alliance Project demanded. “I had something in my eye,”
Message laughed.
Message, Arthur, The Covenantial Project, and The Alliance Project were in the Dahomeyian Arsenal preparing for the mission against Mythology. The Covenantial Project said, “ Mythology can
sense courage, so we need Strength Suppressors to be put on the side of the Isotrain Mechanism. Arthur and the Alliance Project nodded in agreement. The Covenantial Project then said, “I will pilot and Arthur will wield the Lifeforce Seeking Missiles. We have to see who Mythology interacts with on Dahomeyia,
because I am sure he has spies. Then we will disengage, go back up, and Message you try to convince the Assembly of the Many that Mythology is the biggest threat there is. I will send out communications to Essence because we need her in this fight.” Everyone nodded.
Far off in the distance, in a place measured not by light-years but by light-timelines, there should a woman warrior with a wicked recurved bow in her hand. She sighed as she thought of how she was not able to get to Troy, Camelot and Dahomeyia in time. Someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Essence?”
She turned around.
“Dahomeyia needs you now more than ever and  sooner rather than later.”
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Message, Dragon-Man, and Lady of the Night left the Dragon Tower to take care.
Message asked, Where will I sleep, and Lady of the Night asked, What do you mean where?
Just go back to where you came, and Message yelled, Where I came from was destroyed.
Dragon-Man soon realized that more tact would soon have to be employed.
You can stay with me, and both Message and Lady of the Night looked at him without stop.
Yeah I have a fully furnished two-bedroom, very comfortable co-op.
Message wearily asked Is this punishment for when I brought you in front of the Federation.
Dragon-Man said, No, consider it a very special Dahomeyian Rulership invitation.
Message desperately looked at Lady of the Night, but Lady of the Night looked away.
Message then said, Alright, I guess I could stay at you coupe for a couple of days.

Lady of the Night left, and Dragon-Man and Message walked onto a field.
Where is this, Message asked, and Dragon-Man replied, it is one of my hidden skills.
I play as part of a football league for fun, and we need an extra teammate.
Message enthusiastically shouted, I wish to play this toe-spectacle so it will be great.
Soon Dragon-Man’s team came, and he was simply Jonathan Maine, Quarterback.
But Message’s happiness did not equal her football skills, all of them she lacked.
Jonathan threw her passes, and she dropped each and every one.
The one pass she caught, was in the other teams end zone as an interception.
Message huffed at the end of the game, This toe spectacle is silly.
Dragon-Man said, From someone who holds a Dahomeyian Rulership, really?
You have the Death-Hand, but your Death-Hand is made up of Butterfingers.
Message stared at him with a glare that could melt ice, and made that look linger.

They soon pulled up to the co-op, and Message and Dragon-Man were walking.
He was surprised at the newfound ease, with which they were talking.
Message and Dragon-Man arrived at the door, and Dragon-Man held it for she.
He figured there was no harm in displaying a little chivalry.
The door was still opened, he was puzzled but thought that it was nothing.
Little did he know that on the other side, someone’s heart was racing.
So as Dragon-Man took the door and stepped inside, something happened that made him feel weak.
Because Message turned around and kissed him, and that kiss was not on the cheek.
Michael Kusi May 2018
Message stepped off of the Isotrain Mechanism and breathed a sigh of relief. That breath was labored, because of the remains of Vibrate’s destruction of Schmita. “We will rename you Dahomeyia”, she spoke out loud. “You will suffer no more”, she said as her words echoed in the air. She listened for the space to speak back and nodded as if to agree with what she already said. She looked back and saw The Alliance Project gingerly step off of the spacecraft.
Message shouted at him, “You can breathe the air, it is like your oxygen silly”. The Alliance Project looked up and said, “This planet is beautiful it is just like Earth”. “Our Earth”, Message replied. The Alliance Project pointed to Drent, who was directing the construction of the new planet.” I could think of no better man to tell people what to do”, The Alliance Project mused. “I can”, Message  replied smiling, looking into his eyes.
The Alliance Project and Message got to the Rulership Palace in the middle of their new kingdom. It was still being renovated, but the main body was finished. The Alliance Project took off his shoes, grinned and said, “Come here, I want to show you something.”  Message giggled and pulled back and said, Chances are, I already saw it.
He motioned Message over and turned on his laptop. It turned on and The Alliance Project asked, “Did Drent set up the wi-fi yet. I have to watch my movies.” Message pointed,
“The wi-fi is Dahomeyian Rulership and the password is Legate.” She sighed for a second, but The Alliance Project did not notice as he typed.
“Got it!” The Alliance Project yelped as he pulled up their wedding. Message smiled as The Alliance Project pointed out the people of the Federation and his law school who were there.
He then fast-forwarded to the wedding kiss. He teased, “Aww we bumped noses.” “You bumped my nose first!”, Message giggled.
They watched the rest of the wedding until they were in each other’s arms. The Alliance Project whispered to himself, as Message laid asleep next to him. “This is the peace I looked for and that I always wanted. It may be on a different planet, but maybe I needed to come here to find rest.”
“Honey did you say something?” Message questioned as she pushed up on the sofa. “Nope”, The Alliance Project said as he cracked a smile. It was the first smile he had in a while.
Suddenly The Alliance Project’s cell phone rang. “Enjoying the wi-fi?” Drent said laughing.  “It’s like the dial-up in my youth but it would have to do.” The Alliance Project replied.
Message got up and said, I have to go meet with the Peacemonger of Strengthened Weapons, I will be back. They kissed briefly, and Message stepped out of the door. The Alliance Project looked under the bed and pulled out the Abyss Sword.  He held it up in the air and whispered, “Old friend you have been retired.” Then the Alliance Project kissed the Abyss Sword.
“I hope you don’t kiss Message with that mouth!” The Alliance Project rapidly turned about and saw Drent, with a smile that was half-smirk, half-grin. They embraced, former enemies who were now not only friends, but relatives.  Drent sat down on the couch and said, I have to show you something important.
Drent got onto The Alliance Project’s computer and pulled up a Interstellar Map. He pointed to a dot on the Map and said, “See that?” “What, I don’t see anything” The Alliance Project squinted as he looked at a tiny dot moving across the Realmic Span. Drent said, “I think that is Essence and she comes to planets who are in danger of being destroyed. She is headed to our planet.” The Alliance Project questioned, “ But she is so far away, what do we do in the meantime?”
“We wait.”
This poem is not a poem
This poem may be meaningless,
Weightless yet worth reading
This poem lacks vocabulary
It holds nothing unique of poetic essence.
But carries simple words of a message
A message that seeks a place to land
Traveling within the walls of a heart.
Imprisoned, Ignored, Tortured.
Violently cracking the bricks of its cage
A message fighting for its own freedom
Seeking a break through.
A message desirous of overcoming solitary confinement
The message wants to meet others.
But others seem to have no message for this message.
This message refuses to quit fighting to escape the ******* of a home in one heart.
It hopes to locate its friend in another heart.
Futile journeys this message have walked.This night the message is discomforting.
It fights with vigour for escape.
I was up late on my bed
The same bed that puts me to sleep
The bed that invites me to rest
The bed that convinces me to forget unfinished task and rest
The bed with the magic to infect with the virus of forgetfulness for a moment
Is the same bed making me remember the message’s violence
Dreaming wild dreams and thinking wild thoughts
Opened-eye dreams
Plenty dreams
All about one figure.
When will be sleep time?
Having communion in my mind with you
I see you close though you are afar off.
In my heart I hear a voice singing your name.
The song wasn’t harmoniously great but lyrically strong.
The lyrics of the song preach truth.
It says I love you.
I fight against the thoughts with all strength
I knew I would lose the fight.
Nothing in my hands I bring.
Simply to your heart I come
Holding love in my heart.
Love looking for a place in your love
It’s homeless love
Homeless yet not hopeless
Hopeful for a place in your heart.
At your heart’s door I keep sounding the same words of old
I love you.
Dedicated to the lady I admire secretly

Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Dialect and The Legate flew together in the darkness, silence was the moment.
So how did you get out of Dahomeyia, Dialect asked, and The Legate said, Atonement.
I knew I had to crown Message with the new Dahomeyian Rulership, hubris was in my breath.
Because I thought she deserved it after all the pain I had brought her through this death.
I went through the Great Beyond looking, but I could not find her in her presence.
But I felt in my heart she was there, even though she was trapped in an angry essence.
As I was traveling I saw a load with her inside unconscious, I pierced a hole to free.
Then I left before she would wake up, and know that it was me.
What will Message do when she sees you Dialect asked, and The Legate said I don’t care.
I am done wandering from Realmic Span to Realmic Span, I will make my last stand there.

The Nova Knights prepared to leave, and Dragon-Man dreaded that soon was his trial.
Then Message said, The door is locked, and Breastplate-Bearer no longer had a smile.
Shark-Devil called out in the darkness, Message, this should bring back memories.
Breastplate-Bearer said, We have to get out and Dragon-Man grimaced and said My enemy.
Lady of the Night warned, The Isotrain Mechanism will not open as long as we are imprisoned.
Dragon-Man asked The Dragon-Power, How do we get out, and the Dragon Power said, **** him.
Dragon-Man ran down the stairs to the Holdment, and pressed his watch to the stand.
But it was no use, the Isotrain Mechanism refused to open or respond to his command.
Breastplate-Bearer called out, Hey if we will die, at least we died together strong.
Dragon-Man curtly replied, I don’t intend on dying, when my trial would prove me wrong.
Suddenly the Ararian Tower was opened, and the skies were filled with rain.
There is only one man that can do this, Drent said, and I thought I would never see him again.

The Legate touched down near the Tower, and Dialect ordered the Diablo Robots to assemble.
Message watched from the Tower unmoved, because her heart was hurting still.
Dragon-Man urged, Our fight is outside, now that we can go and leave the Tower.
Be careful with these Shark-Devil, called out the wise counsel of the Dragon-Power.
Dragon-Man said, Breastplate-Bearer, you will pilot the Isotrain Mechanism for fire.
Lady of the Night, take out the Paroah Chariot as a Battlefare Platform when things get dire.
Shark-Devil said, I will end you all, The Federation and the hopeless The Legate as well.
The Legate I hope you enjoyed your time at the Great Beyond, this time you are going to hell!
The Legate stepped down, and said, I would like to have a moment with my daughter.
Officer Thon noticed, Could not hurt for a family reunion, before we begin the slaughter.

The Legate went to Drent and Message, and they both looked on him displeased.
The Legate fell down to a Coronation Stance, with one hand down and forward knees.
What are you doing? Shrieked Message, and Drent coldly said, Father this is embarrassing.
The Legate replied, I am claiming the Dahomeyian Rulership as my own, so I can give it in.
You see, I kept the Coronation Verdict on me to give it to Message as Imperial Candidate promoted.
But Drozen interrupted the proceedings with his violence so I held on to it instead.
When I came back to where our home planet was, all of the inhabitants were dead.
Message I warned you about that mercenary fool, but you refused to take heed.
I was stripped of my Dahomeyian Rulership for unbecoming conduct of greed.

Message was speechless, and she did not know what to think or tell.
Shark-Devil mocked, I’ve always wanted to **** a king, and now one is available.
Father get up, Message pleaded, We would need you in this Battlefare to live.
I fear it is too late for me, The Legate intoned, and fell backwards over the cliff.
Message cried out No, as Drent had to be restrained from going after him.
Then Message took the Coronation Verdict and said, I am now the Federation Helmetchief.
As holder of the Dahomey Leadership, Shark-Devil I condemn you to death.
You and what army, Shark-Devil asked, and Dialect said, The Diablo-Robots of the Numberless Clans
And Drent said, the Patriot Knighthood Way stand by them to lend a fighting hand.
Shark Devil your transgressions are ended, said a voice that pierced the darkness.
Flying down from the skies with the Federation on Centaur-Raptors who shook the earth.
The Federation is assembled and now is the time to answer the cry for relief.
It was the Covenantal Project, who came by piercing the Presenceless Weave.
Shark-Devil yelled out Charge, and the Ongolic Horde stepped forward to Battlefare stand.
The Covenential Project told Message, All we wait for your Rulership is for you to say the command.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2018
The message was not racism and slavery,
The message was not lies and daily news fakery,

The message was not war and plunder,
The message was not hate and ******,

The message was not walls and invasions,
The message was not hypocrisy and devastation,

The message was not flags and borders,
The message was not chaos and disorder,

The message was not hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies,
The message was not idols and money,

The message was family and humanity,
The message was love and unity.
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Message and Dragon-Man walk back to the Arurian tower to chase Shark-Devil.
To go to the Great Beyond, and do Battlefare on this evil being’s level.
Here is the Paroah Chariot, Breastplate-Bearer said with anticipation.
Ill join you as a weapons specialist to help you in what you are facing.
Lady of the Night popped out from behind the corner and said, Boo.
You cannot fight in the Great Beyond without the great Lady of the Night too.
Breastplate Bearer continued, so the Paroah Chariot has a submarine mode.
And for those who feel the call of nature, it also has a built-in commode.
Message, Dragon-Man, and Lady of the Night stared at him in astonishment.
Then Dragon-Man asked, would we need more people and what about Drent.
Message replied, Drent can hold down Earth along with the Covenantial Project.
So that when we come back with Shark-Devil’s head, it will end a glorious exit.

Dragon-Man, Message, Lady of the Night, and Breastplate-Bearer hopped in.
Dragon-Man said, There is the lake, and Message murmured, It’s time to win.
The Paroah Chariot transformed into a submarine, and Dragon-Man became captain.
Suddenly the Paroah Chariot stopped, and Dragon-Man demanded to learn what happened.
It must be Vibrate, Breastplate-Bearer said, and Message demanded, Who is she.
Breastplate-Bearer replied, She is the tying fabric of universal history.
She created the Council of the Faceless Tongues, and Drozen.
I think that we disturbed where she was because she was once frozen.
Message yelled, Whatever she is, she can die by the Life-force Missiles.
Breastplate-Bearer fire them, and this Vibration will surely bristle.
Breastplate-Bearer pushed the button, but the weapons system was locked.
Message, Lady of the Night, and Dragon-Man looked at him in utter shock.
Lady of the Night said with concern, So what do we do now we are stuck.
Breastplate-Bearer was about to speak and Message warned, Don’t say we’re out of luck.

He continued by pointing, See these breastplates, we can put on the Helmeted Headdress
And fight our way to the Great Beyond, that is our first option and our best.
Lady of the Night put on the Helmeted Headdress and said, It’s kind of heavy
Breastplate-Bearer retorted, So is a body floating in a lake, so just follow me.
Message piped up and said, Is this a good time to bring up that I can’t swim.
Dragon-Man shot back, No need to swim when we are just going down in.
Dragon-Man kicked in the door after they put in the armor, and said Join.
Message followed muttering, and holding on for luck a Dahomeyian coin.
Lady of the Night took her Nike Sling and hoped that it could cut through water.
Message took the Celestial Blade Saber and Winged Fire Lance and prepped for slaughter.

Vibrate laid in the Perishment Cave, and echoed sound throughout the Lake’s surface.
She knew she would need the Federation’s energies, otherwise effort would be worthless.
Her monster called Frenquenwave touched her chains, and she petted his head.
The army of the Netherbeasts were behind him, ready to make the Federation dead.
Lady of the Night looked and said, What’s that, it looks as if someone is lying there.
Let us go and rescue them, before they go down and start dying there.
Closer, my lovely, closer, murmured. Vibrate as Lady of the Night entered in the cave.
Suddenly Vibrate’s chains snapped, and she leaped onto the back of Frenquenwave.
Vibrate on Frenquenwave said to her Netherbeasts, Now is the time to feast on the Federation.
Message looked and said, I see someone on a fiend, and Dragon-Man warned, Be patient.
She ran into the cave against Dragon-Man’s warnings, but a shot to her thigh stopped her short.
Vibrate rode up on Frenquenwave with a bow and warned, To **** you now would merely be sport.
The problem with fidelity to an organization, is that all organizations must end.
You of all people should know how a Dahomeyian Rulership could be finished, friend.
Message agonized, and took the Racqui arrow out of her own thigh.
And shoved it into one of Vibrate’s eyes, while yelling, You die.
She got up hobbling, as the rest of the Netherbeasts closed around.
Message held onto her weapons in both hands and did not give ground.
The rest of the Federation joined her, for a fight under the sea.
Meanwhile somewhere Shark-Devil was cackling, and roaring with glee.
Andrew Rueter Jan 2018
Scientists made a lofty discovery
The universe continually expands and contracts
In the exact same manner absolutely
So we ultimately live the same lives for all eternity
So we devised a way to send a message to the next universe
A message that would stay in place
Even without the existence of space
A message that would survive time
Even through the end of our line
The message conveyed:
Don't make our mistakes
Correct our sins

Our universe ended
The new one began

The first humans mindlessly worshipped the message
Hearts of the willing sacrificed
They killed for control of its mystic power
It belonged to whoever owned the ivory tower
Until religions were developed
Although they were all somewhat derived from the message
People began to see the message itself as a pagan hieroglyph
An incoherent interference
They killed all that worshipped it
Senseless slaughter
Things got hotter
When people were finally intelligent enough to understand it
They saw all the things we did wrong
And how to avoid those mistakes
But the things we did that were wrong
Seemed much more convenient and easier
They used the weapons we told them not to make
And the ideas we told them to steer clear of
Swords became guns
Racism became genocide
Love became hate
More direct ways of imposing their vision onto the world
Foregoing empathy and compromise
They submitted to the fascism of their subjectivity
And were plunged into the Dark Ages
Steel ***** and chains
Followed by bullet rain
Humanity was lost and found
Humanitarians gagged and bound
People had to make mistakes for themselves
Until they decided to stop living in hell
Humanity collectively decided to follow the message righteously
After they saw hope for the future
Through the vision our message provided
And they realized they should write a message of their own
Can be found in my self published poetry book “Icy”.
Michael Kusi May 2018
The Federation prepared to fight The Conflict, the one that would ensure their survival.
Because Vibrate had come to join her son, and announced her diabolical arrival.
Lady of the Night bent over in her wheelchair and said, I feel something searing in my chest.
Breastplate-Bearer said, It’s not your fault your heart burned your body, it hasn’t learned to rest.
The Alliance Project retorted, Its not heartburn you fool, he looked at Lady of the Night with  fear
Message chimed Do CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver on her, and the rest of them looked at her weird.
Lady of the Night waved them off, It is alright, I will just take some pills and I will be good to go.
The hatred I have for Achilles is more than the paralysis I feel in my right toe.
Breastplate-Bearer said, Oh no your toe is dead, will it have to be buried.
She glared at him and said, Just wheel me into the Isotrain Mechanism, and hurry!

They entered into the Isotrain Mechanism and Drent called out, we are right behind you.
The Alliance Project stepped forward to pilot it, and said, All hands are on deck to fight too!
Vibrate spoke so they all heard, Me and my son are reunited, and we will destroy.
Any ship or set of ships your pathetic Federation and allies seek to deploy.
Lady of the Night said, We must get eyes into Vibrate’s ship so we can penetrate.
She said, I still have my Concealment Garment, and The Alliance Project said, The price is too great.
Message piped up, Yeah your heart just attacked your body, and kicked you in the belly.
Lady of the Night snorted, That’s pregnancy you *****, The Alliance Project replied You aren’t healthy.
You are of more use to us wielding your bow from long range where you are safe.
I will take the garment and go in, because it is better for me to take your place.
The Covenantial Project said, We need you to direct the forces from the outside.
Besides Vibrate can smell those of the Dragon-Power, we could not rescue you if you died.
Message interrupted, I can get in, because they would never suspect that it is me.
Give me the garment I will disguise as a Netherbeast, and open up the spaceship for thee.
Lady of the Night gave the Nebula Garment and Message was transforming.
The Covenantial Project, Just be careful you are not consumed by the evilness of the Netherbeast, that is my warning.

Message left the Isotrain Mechanism, and had to figure out a way in.
She did not have her Death hand but she had claws, so she killed a Guardian.
Nihilist came around and asked, All clear, and Message discovered she could not speak.
So she just nodded her head, and Nihilist left, and Message wondered why she felt weak.
She got into the AuntyShip, and Vibrate was giving Achilles and Nihilist commands.
Message went in closer so she could hear what the Chief Conquistador demands.
Nihilist said, One of the Netherbeasts was acting weird, I think they might be a spy.
Message froze in her tracks, and Vibrate said, Find them and make sure that they die.
Message knew that she had to transform from Netherbeast back to herself to fight.
But she pulled down the garment and instantly she knew something was not right.
Message had forgot to account for the fact she was bigger than Lady of the Night.
Because it was tight, and just would not come off no matter how much she pulled hard.
Finally Message ripped it off, and got out her Celestial Blade Saber to guard.
Message talked to The Alliance Project and told him, I have changed the plan.
She looked up and saw Nihilist who said, You will die here where you stand.
Michael Kusi May 2018
The Netherbeasts all lined up on Planet Earth and Message roared, Now fall!
I am not a Project who will have mercy, I will take this Scepter and **** you all!
The Netherbeasts stood there all with smirks, they thought Message was bluffing.
But soon they were vaporized, because Message fired her scepter and turned them into nothing.
Message! The Alliance Project called out as he suppressed a smile
Play nice with the Netherbeasts, they just lost a war so let them live a while.
Message then turned and walked and Lady of the Night said, It is good to have peace.
Message nodded and replied, Some of us aren’t alive to see it, others died because they wouldn’t fall on their knees!
Lady of the Night laughed and said, Stop being dramatic, as they went to the Arurian Tower.
To meet on how to organize the Federation with the rest of the Dragon Power.

The Dragon Power said, We will be the advisory council to the Projects, and the Federation.
Also to the Dahomeyian Rulership, congratulations to Message on her elevation.
Message bowed her head and said, I am a ruler without a people, a queen without subjects.
So the Dahomeyian Rulership is awesome but it has no more substance.
The Alliance Project spoke up and said, People had been tried to find another home planet.
The people of Schmita were displaced, so you can be their ruler on Schmita and manage it.
We can even rename it Dahomeyia, if you are willing to take on that task.
Message jumped up and down saying, This is what I dreamed of, I am free at last.
She then asked, One more thing, before I leave and rule this kingdom to be.
The Alliance Project, will you come and govern this people with me.
Everyone smiled as The Alliance Project said, I thought I was supposed to propose.
Very well, I accept, because every new planet need a Project for it to grow.

The Covenantial Project said, You will be the Defender for this new Dahomeyia planet.
So no Drozen, no Vibrate can come around to destroy, because of your might.
Arthur, you will be the Templarist Project for Earth with you Excalibur.
There is no warrior in earth or in the stars above with your sword skill and caliber.
Message, as Dahomeyian Ruler you will be the head of the Federation.
And I will be the Commandant Project who overseas the entire organization.
All of them nodded and Message had tears in her eyes because of the joyous news.
After all of this time, she finally have her own new planet to view.
Message and The Alliance Project went home, each one of them proud.
Because they had to prepare for the Coronation, when Message would be crowned.
Michael Kusi May 2018
The Alliance Project raised an eyebrow and said, I have heard of him before.
But I thought he was killed by Paris in the mythological Trojan War
They used a bow, and he was hit in the heel and fell down dead and simple.
I remember I hurt my heel once but I survived, so much for him being invincible.
Message looked at him and continued, He was to get the Parisia Bow that slayed.
Lady of the Night and Breastplate-Bearer looked at each other the same time dismayed.
The Covenantial Project chimed in, He is the son of Vibrate, who was also known as Thetis.
Feces? Asked The Alliance Project, No Thetis, the one who got the remains of Achilles
She vowed that any lifeform who would do this was only worthy of death.
And since Troy was gone, Thetis said that no one could survive who had breath.
Message and Lady of the Night stood there were mouths open, astounded.
The Covenantial Project said, She was given the powers of Vibrate by the Founded.
She then set up the Council of the Faceless Tongues, and made an alliance with Drozen.
But watching them do all of this was a supreme entity called the Committee of the Chosen.

Lady of the Night asked, So what do we do now, and The Covenantial Project said.
We must get that bow to shoot Achilles in his heel, so that we can **** him dead.
His heel is his weak spot, but also he is looking for Hepastionite armor to wear.
But this armor causes madness after a while, because the strength is too much to bear.
The Alliance Project said, Then we must split up, and make sure not to confront Achilles until necessary.
Because if we try to take on Achilles without our full strength, he would get the best of we.
Message said, There is one more thing we need to get, and that is the Myrimidon Helmet.
This Helmet gives the wearer war-vision, and makes him invincible in combat.
The Dragon-Power then spoke as a whole, The resources of the Federation are at your disposal.
Because our brethren dinosaurs are not alive to see this because of Vibrate, they are all fossils.
Lady of the Night took her Nike sling and said, I will get the bow and act as the marksman.
You two lovers get the rest of the other stuff, we should start moving and stop talking.
They set out to find the weapons, which were a needle in a needle stack.

Breastplate-Bearer asked Message, do you measure your life by human years or dog ones?
She shot him a look that told him and everyone else in the room that she was the wrong one.
They walked out of the door of the Arurian Tower, and Message and the Alliance Project left.
The Covenantial Project went to communicate with the rest of the Federation with his heft.
The Alliance Project said, It’s getting late, so we can search tomorrow, today we play basketball.
Message jumped up and down and said, Oh goodie! I bet I can put baskets inside of them all.
The Alliance Project suppressed a smile as they came to the court, and gave Message the rock.
Message kept shooting and missing and The Alliance Project called out in his talk
You’re supposed to shoot as if you want to make it, as Message ran after her shot.
Message held the ball out with her hands and said You take it, This basket hates me a lot.
The Alliance Project took the basketball and shot it, all of his shots were swish.
Message looked at him with her mouth open, as The Alliance Project did not miss.
He said, I used to play college basketball, and I still play pick-up games without defeat.
We can play one-on one to 11, and I will school you on how to play basketball in these streets
Message tried to play defense, but her stance was all wrong and one time she got crossed.
The Alliance Project scored 5 baskets in a row, and she looked very lost.
Suddenly she smiled, and then as he got the ball to shoot she got close.
The Alliance Project looked into her eyes, and suddenly he froze.
Message stole the ball and went in for a lay-up and threw the ball in the air.
She raised her hands in frustration and said, You win! I cant make it and I don’t care.
The Alliance Project got the ball and said, It’s ok, we can call it a tie.
We are all good at certain things, you might be good at,,, at,,, Then he sighed.
Good at what?, She demanded, as she approached him like it was a march.
The Alliance Project stepped back and said, Good at having the keys to my heart.
Michael Kusi May 2018
Message and Lady of the Night brought Arthur back, and he looked at the place.
It is not Camelot but it would have to do, mused Arthur with a smile on his face.
The Covenantial Project walked in and Arthur yelled, Merlin, I thought you were gone!
Merlin?! Said Message and Lady of the Night at the same time, and their surprise was strong.
Yes, I was Merlin to the Britons, but I was there to guard the Excalibur until Arthur was done
The Covenantial Project explained, then when Arthur pulled sword from stone, I knew he was The One.
The second Project in our order, I left you with the Lady of the Lake while I went to gather the Federation.
I also came back to your island as Detective Sherlock Holmes, because I knew that I could not be patient.
What your time called mysticism that time called deduction and investigation, it worked for me either way.
So here I am as the Covenantial Project, defender of the Scythe Sword, standing by you today.
Arthur asked, So where is my Round Table, and should not a man with Excalibur have a throne.
Breastplate-Bearer snorted and said, The only throne you have is porcelain, and you sit on it alone.
Arthur said, I don’t know what you mean, and The Covenantial Project said, Camelot was destroyed.
The Saxons were men sent by Vibrate to ruin the new Troy, Briton, such evilness they deployed.
But instead of annihilating Briton they lived there, so Vibrate now sought to ruin everything.
She knew that you were asleep, but she never could fathom that you could awake my king.
I took on the persona of Detective Sherlock Holmes in the past century, I knew she would be back.
And there were clues left by the Saxons in the past years, as to the nature of her attack.
The people called the Whisperers fought me at every turn, killing and committing crime.
But I knew that if I did not give up, the knowledge I sought would soon be mine.
But what about Watson, Lady of the Night asked, her curiosity heighted by this news.
The Covenantial Project answered, He was one of the first Cloaked Scouts of the Federation, so good.
He is buried in a masoleum, that lies outside the London neighborhood.

Message asked, So what do we do now, we will need the entire Federation for war.
Cloaked Scouts, The Knighthood Ways, and the Projects need to be assembled before….
She stopped short, because she dare not think what would happen if Achilles could rampage.
The Alliance Project sat up and said, Now we can go out and go against Achilles in a campaign start!
To attack him now is futile, because we need to gather the entire forces so he does not tear us apart.
We have to misdirect him, so that he goes off in the wrong direction and it takes him longer.
Because the more time it takes for him to get to us, a greater chance we have because we are stronger.
The Covenantial Project said, I will go, and with my Merlinic powers combined with Detection.
I will throw him off balance so that he is confused and heads in the wrong direction.
I don’t have to engage with him directly, although I have enough power for that son.
Arthur and Message come with me, Two Projects are always better than one.
Lady of the Night stay here, and keep surveillance on Vibrate.
I will put on the Eclipse visor, so that I can open up the eye-gate.
You guys can call the Federation together, so we can attack Achilles when he is frustrated.
To win the ultimate victory against this Son of Banishment, and finally have him defeated.
All of them nodded, and Message asked, But what about Vibrate who is coming.
The Covenantial Project answered grimly, She can share in the fate of her dead son.
The Federation would be formed and reinforcements are coming, we would leave to attack.
And until Vibrate is destroyed there will be no peace, because we will not come back.
The Alliance Project you should heal from the last fight with Achilles, we will need you for this trouble.
Because this fight is more than a battle, it is a universal struggle.

The Alliance Project nodded and lay down, as Breastplate-Bearer and Lady of the Night toiled on him.
Arthur, Message, and the Covenantal Project went out, and boarded the Isotrain Mechanism.
As it took off Arthur said, This does not feel like Llamei, and Message giggled, That is a weird name for a woman.
Arthur shot daggers at her and said, Llamei was the War-horse for a High King, watch your tone.
Suddenly the Isotrain Mechanism was going down, and Message said, I think someone is on it.
Arthur took out Excalibur and said, Hand me the Galvatar Scabbard, a lot of blood is going to be shed.
None of it should be mine, and at the end of all of this, our problem will be stabbed dead.
Message gave him the scabbard and went behind Arthur as the Covenantal Project tried to land.
She kept on shaking her head and said, I thought they were about chivalry, but I don’t understand.
Achilles was standing on top of the Isotrain Mechanism and yelled, You will die, you Trojan
Arthur pulled out Excalibur and calmly said, You must be ended, you menace who is The Unspoken.
Message took out her Celestial Blade Saber and tip-toed saying, This is a wobbly place to yield.
She spoke to The Covenantial Project on her watch, Make sure to land in the next available field.
Achilles and Arthur ran towards each other, two ancient warriors preparing to fight.
Suddenly the Isotrain Mechanism tipped over, and all three of them fell because of that flight.
But Excalibur acted like a parachute, and brought Message and Arthur safe to the grass.
And Achilles was basically undead anyway, so he landed not far past.
Message and Arthur landed together, and Arthur had a strange ****** smile indeed.
What is wrong, asked Message,Arthur replied, I lost the healing scabbard, so I will see if I can bleed.
Michael Kusi Apr 2018
The Covenantial Project and Message went up to the Earth’s surface.
Message was grim all over her face, because she had to fight for a purpose.
To free Dragon-Man from the Great Beyond, because now he was like kin.
The Covenantial Project prepared the Isotrain Mechanism for the battle they were in.
Message protested, No one can touch the Abyss Sword, because no one was deemed worthy.
The Covenantial Project said with reassurance, I know how to override its Lock feature so don’t worry.
He pushed a button on his belt, and suddenly the Abyss Sword was in his hand.
And the Isotrain Mechanism was ready to be at the Covenantial Project’s command.
Breastplate-Bearer was still in the Paroah Chariot, trying to fix Lady of the Night’s broken body.
The efforts of it all made Breastplate-Bearer utter language that was not wholesome or godly.
He called out to Message, You guys go on ahead, she will need the Federation doctors for surgery.
But don’t forget to contact back and don’t play heroine if you require us for an emergency.

Message, The Covenantial Project, and Dialect went down into the Great Beyond’s depths.
Where the dead was separated from the living, and those who couldn’t live from those with breath.
Suddenly they heard a shout in the distance and Dialect readied the Life-force Missiles.
There was suddenly Acider Flame droplets on the windshield because it began to drizzle.
Off in the distance, Message saw two specks fighting and circling each other warily around.
She pointed out, Look there is Dragon-Man, and Dialect replied, we must respect their fight on this ground.
Message bit her tongue, but secretly she wanted to go there and even the odds.
Because what chance did Dragon-Man have against a beast, that carried on it a God?
Message saw Dragon-Man put his hand into Frenquenwave’s mouth and go through the other side.
She had to check twice if Frenquenwave could survive such a blow, but he died.
The Isotrain Mechanism touched down, and Message ran to Dragon-Man and said.
You are free now, and Dragon-Man answered grimly, No I am King of the Dead.

Message stepped back in shock, and Dialect responded, He has breathed too much fumes hard.
The Covenantial Project stepped forward and told Dragon-Man, This is the Abyss Sword.
You are not King of the Dead you are Master of The Lighting Bladed Combat.
Dragon-Man starred at the Abyss Sword, but then it began to get bright so he sat.
The light flashed for a second, and then dimmed down as Dragon-Man shook his face.
He asked, Where am I and why are we in this horrid, wretched place.
Message clapped her hand, and The Covenential Project intoned, The Abyss Sword deems you fit.
To wield this blade in every capacity, where Battlefare calls for it.
You see, when you stabbed Message, The Abyss Sword had to lock itself.
Because it was unsure if you were an enemy of Vibrate in stealth.
But when you killed Frequenwave, you proved your worth once and for all.
So rise up Dragon-Man, and take this sword, because now you can stand tall.
Dragon-Man got up and raised the Abyss Sword with his right arm.
The light from it was blinding, and creatures ran to protect themselves from harm.
Then Dragon-Man boarded the Isotrain Mechanism, he was now installed as pilot.
He told the Covenantial Project, Dialect, and Message, Now we must go hunt Vibrate.
Use the resources of the Federation, and in every Realmic Span we strive.
Because there can be no peace, as long as Vibrate and her evil is still alive.
Julia Oct 2017
If this were a haiku, I'd have
seventeen syllables to explain
why I'm running
out of syllables
to tell you why
the doorknob,
and not between my fingers,
is where your hand shouldn't be.
Message Delivered

If that sounds confusing,
it's because it isn't,
and you're only confused because I
proofread the text messages
and you forget words,
but it's like you forgot "you"
after "I" and "love,"
and you just never thought to put it back.
Message Delivered

I checked the date
and you missed
Monday morning in Lowry
and the morning before that in Farmer Boy,
and we've got a whole calendar
of affections that you're missing
because you opened up
to a month too far back
and now you're in love
with moments that forgot you
Message Delivered

I’m holding out for cycles of goodbye kisses
and I only got them
when you woke up,
and i’m not sure you ever did again
because you’re living
in sweet dreams
that are quietly bitter
and your ideas don’t love you
like you’ve convinced yourself you do.
Message Delivered

If I could go back
i'd give you space,
i’d break my own heart
not listening to the sound
of your breath
as you fall asleep next to me
but you're finding shelter
in broken affection
afraid to be alone
who you are in
in Her
Message Delivered

I’ll fall asleep tonight,
and wake up tomorrow,
the same way I did yesterday,
thinking of something that wasn’t,
or maybe really was
and praying I could fall back into that dream
but sleep isn’t quite that easy,
and blissful ignorance
is granted only to the few
Message Delivered
Always in the background
He doesn't think it's fair
No one really knows him
They don't know that he's there
But soon they will all know him
The world will know his name
He will share with them his message
They will remember that he came
At work he's just a number
They ignore him at school
Wearing plastic Buddy Holly glasses
But, not the kind that's cool
He's determined in his mission
They'll remember him for sure
Like those that went before him
He'll shake this place right to it's core
A shadow in his movements
No one really knows his face
Not many recognize him
By either name or face
But, once this day is over
The world will know his name
He'll make sure he ends up famous
The world will know he came
At work and school...invisible
Like a picture you don't see
But once he spreads his message
"They'll all remember me!"
Four months or so preparing
Making plans and making lists
All things are in order
There is nothing that he's missed
He heads to school that morning
Just a little after eight
He doesn't get there early
He plans on being late
He enters with two backpacks
Then he chains and locks the door
Before he sends his message
He chain locks five doors more
There's no one to disturb him
To distract him from his way
Today he'll become famous
Today will be his day
He heads into the mens room,
Leaves the empty backpack there
Now the doors are locked tight
The truth will come to bear
He opens up the other
And takes the contents out
Once he builds and loads these weapons
They will know what he's about
He heads up to the office
Takes his list out to be sure
Then he fires off the weapon
Blowing holes into the door
It's the first line of his message
"'s me ...I'm Here!"
The staff just stand there startled
"It's okay...the end is near!"
He herds them down the hallway
Past the classes to the gym
Around the school the word is out
They will remember him
He opens up a classroom
Sprays his message there inside
They won't find out till later
From the burst....nine kids died
There's screaming in the hallway
Kids are running from the class
He turns and mows five more down
"They forgot their school hall pass!"
He gathered up three more here
Moved along and shot two more
Then he came up to a classroom
And he opened up the door
The students here were cowering
In the corner, by the wall
He was smiling at them sickly
He was having quite a ball
He went over to the window
Saw the cop cars all arrive
By the time that he was finished
They would not all leave alive
He knew kids would have cell phones
And they'd be phoning right away
They'd call the cops, their parents
But today, would be his day
His Buddy Holly glasses
looked askew upon his face
But he didn't care about them
And he put them back in place
He took them to the gym now
He'd already chained the doors
There would not be any windows
On his way he shot three more
News crews arrived directly
They already knew his name
They'd all tweaked on to his message
They didn't like his game
Phone calls from survivors
Told the police who he was
they didn't know his reason
They didn't know his cause
They went to his apartment
Found the note there on the wall
"Today, you'll know about me..
I'm gonna **** them all"
The SWAT team broke the first door down
And they went from room to room
They hurried out survivors
Past the ones who met their doom
Before they chose to venture
Down the hall into the gym
They had to find a method
To try and contact him
They knew that he had others
He could use as barricades
And they wanted them out safely
Before they tried a full out raid
So they called on one kids cell phone
Got him on the phone to tell
The reason for this slaughter
The reason for this hell
"No one here remembers me"
"I'm a zero, I do not count"
"Before the day is over"
"The numbers, they will mount"
"I'm a cipher in the background"
"I'm the one that no one sees"
"But before today is finished"
"You will remember me"
It was obvious to the SWAT team
He had chosen "Death by Cop"
As a way to spread his message
They would have to make him stop
They kept him on the phone to talk
While they worked in through the roof
He would find out from a snipers gun
His was not the only truth
A small hole in the ceiling
Gave the line of site required
And it only took five seconds
Before the snipers gun was fired
It hit him in the forehead
Threw him back against the wall
And as he slid down floorward
They burst in from the hall
That day he left his message
People would not forget his name
And it's ten years after
And they still all know his name
Outside there is no statue
They built a fountain there instead
On the floor in cobalt tile
Are the names of all the dead
His message reached the world that day
He murdered twenty two
They all know all about him
He got what he set out to do.
It's sad we know the shooters
Victims names to us are lost
So, please forget this young mans message
And remember what it cost.
Michael Kusi May 2018
The Alliance Project was silent as he thought of what Drent said. He then got up and shut off the computer, telling Drent, “Let’s think of happier things for now, when is my palace going to be completed?” “ You mean Message’s palace, she holds the Dahomeyian Rulership after all, laughed Drent.” The Alliance Project laughed as he said, “Okay, our palace, is that better?” Drent looked at the structure and said “It should be 4 months, and it would be like the White House.” The Alliance Project looked up and saw the sun that used to be Schmitan but was now the star that presided over Dahomeyia. He sighed and said, almost to himself, “At least I would have an open roof for the summer.” Drent patted him on the back and said, “That’s the way to think.”
Message looked at the Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons with a harsh eye. The Peacemonger had known wars all over the galaxy, but never had he met a glaze that the one that came from his commander. Message slammed the Kingfather Scepter on the table and said, “Is there any threat you want to tell me about?!” The Peacemonger’s words came out half-apologizing, half-timid, “Well, there is something, but…but.. we always thought it was a myth.”Message pointed the Kingfather Scepter at the Peacemonger’s chest and said, “Tell me what IT is or you will go to meet IT in hell.” The Peacemonger started sweating profusely and said, “It lives under the sea of certain planets, and feeds off of lifeblood and courage. We did not think it was on this planet but we must have been wrong. That is all I know!” Message pointed the Kingfather Scepter away from him as the Peacemonger nervously sat down. He had heard of her father the Legate but even the Legate did not seem as violent as Message. His  new commander seemed….unstable. But he dare not say that out loud or in the presence of mixed company.
Message pulled out a map and said, “ We have to attack IT where he lives and destroy him. Any remnant remaining can multiply in the sea and continue to haunt our world.”  The Peacemonger stammered, “ Well, but…but… we don’t even know where IT is? And I heard when you say IT’s true name, your…I mean our planet starts to die. How can we fight an enemy that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time?” Message looked grimly as she started speaking to herself. She laughed and the Peacemonger thought, “Our ruler is not only unstable, she is insane.” Message then stood up and said, “Ready a submarine powered by the Supernovan force and equip it with Lifeforce-Seeking Missiles. The Federation has its first mission under me as Dahomeyian Rulership. This foolishness will destroy Dahomeyia over my dead body.”
“Yes your Majesty” The Peacemonger said as he walked out the room, his steps closer to a run.
Message pulled up the screen to talk to the Dragon Power about this new threat. The Dragon Power spoke and Venil  of the Dragon-Power said, “ We cannot say his name either, because the destruction that occurred before time warped our tongues so we cannot say its syllables. But it is a powerful deviance from the good, and has the power to destroy planets. We will send the two Projects to assist you, as well as the rest of the Federation.”
Message then pushed a button, and Arthur came into focus. He looked slightly confused as he was telling a cashier, “ No I want a chainmail shirt, not a chain store's male shirt!” She laughed as she said to herself, "They don’t make them  anymore, just like they don’t make you anymore. "Arthur walked into the dressing room and said, “ This is Arthur. Is everything fine, my Dahomeyian Rulership.”
Message nodded and told Arthur,
“Make sure to bring Excalibur, and I hope he is waterproof.”
Michael Kusi May 2018
The night was still as Message lay there trying to sleep. Next to her The Alliance Project was snoring. “I don’t know if something is trying to get into him, or out of him” she grumbled to herself. Soon she fell into the realm of sleep reserved for those who dream.
She held up both hands to see sleeves covered in Dahomeyian royal native dress. Off in the distance, she saw someone running toward her. It was her father, The Legate. He went on one knee and said, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Essence could not come in time. I could not come in time. I don’t deserve you.” Message put her hand to her face and felt that it was full of tears. She cried out,” I forgive you Father, it was not your fault. Father, please come back. I need you.” The Legate started to fade away as he said, “Tell Essence I said thank you.” Message was left alone. She lifted up her hand and it was gone…….
Message sat up, gasping. She touched her body to make sure that she was still there, and she was. She squinted to see if her father was around, and no one else was there. She sat on the edge of the bed and pondered what that dream meant. The Alliance Project was still sleeping, but now had started snoring. Message went downstairs and a servant met her there. “Do you need anything, my dear Dahomeyian Rulership?” “No, thank you”, said Message curtly. The servant stepped back, frightened by the intensity of Message’s words. Message went to go get a glass of water from the Hydration Hookdown that was attached to their house. “Essence, Essence,”she whispered. It was a word that became a chant.

“You know what happens when you drink too much water and go to bed?” Message turned around and gave a weak smile. The Alliance Project was there. “So you woke up. Your snores even wake you up haha”, she said as they giggled together. They went back to bed and Message slept, but that thought still haunted her.

The next day, The Alliance Project went to oversee construction of a new pipeway that would provide the planet with water. Message entered the Assembly of the Many to call for a response to Mythology. Some voices murmured in the background. “We don’t even know if he is the stuff of children’s tales, how do we fight that?” Message overheard their words but did not see their faces. She stood in front of the Assembly and said,

We face a great threat that will destroy us all if we do not take action. Therefore I am asking that we arm a submarine and go and find Mythology. When we attack first we have the element of surprise. If we counter-attack, we might lose. And if we lose, there will be no more we.

Drent, the new Advocate-Counsel, nodded in approval. The Assembly of the Many cast their votes, and the Marshal Peacemonger gave the results to Drent. Drent counted them and said with a solemn voice,

“The Assembly of the Many has said no to the Mythology resolution, your Dahomeyian Rulership.”
Michael Kusi Apr 2018
Dragon-Man sat in the Isotrain Mechanism, ready to command from the cockpit.
He pressed the Abyss Sword, and sat back as the Isotrain Mechanism started.
The Covenantial Project said, I will sit at the Place of Honor on your right side.
Get ready because to reach Vibrate, you will have a tight ride.
The resources of the Federation are behind you, and you will lead us to victory quick
Message sat behind Dragon-Man as the Dahomeyian Ruler, and this was her flagship.
Dialect was in the Communications Room of the Isotrain Mechanism, ready to give orders.
Suddenly the Isotrain Mechanism stalled in mid-air, as it was approaching Earth’s borders.
Message shrieked We are going down, and The Covenantial Project said, This ship must rise.
Vibrate thought that putting the Earth in a Netherlock will be our total demise.
Dragon-Man, fire a Lifeforce Missile in the air and set it to HellBreak mode.
Dragon-Man did as The Covenantial Project said and broke that nefarious hold.
The different Federation Mechanisms behind them were suddenly free to fly-walk.
Message asked, Where are we going , and The Covenantial Project replied To the Schmita planet rock.

There is the Chieftain Caesar and Vibrate seeks to destroy him, he is part of our alliance.
So we must get there and battle with him in this war, otherwise he would not stand a chance.
Message nodded and said, We will rain thunder and fire, and Dragon-Man suppressed a smile.
But to get Schmita was not an easy journey , it would take a little while.
The fleet of Federation Mechanism numbered in the hundreds, all filled with warriors for the fight.
To battle Vibrate and her Netherbeasts of darkness, because they swore to uphold the  right.
Finally they reached Schmita, and when they got there, Dragon-Man could see people running.
He shook his head and said no, and Message piped up saying, She must have known we were coming.
The Covenantial Project said, Good, now she can see the face of those who will bring her to slaughter.
Dialect replied from the Communications Room, It appears that she has cut off all sources of water.
I guess so that this planet rock would be forced to surrender on bended knees.
Or fall to dehydration, and contamination of watered disease.
Message said, We have Hydration Hookdowns to keep the planet stable.
But we must bring Vibrate to battle as soon as possible and we are able.
Dragon-Man interrupted, Excuse me, but we must first have a plan.
Message scoffed, This is why I’m the Dahomey Ruler and you’re Dragon-Man.
If we wait, Vibrate will get stronger and able to attack us on her own ground.
But if we attack and cut off the Gamaid  Airwaves we can weaken her, because she depends on sound.

Dragon-Man nodded reluctantly, and they got off the Isotrain Mechanism one by one.
Message looked at Dragon-Man smiling and said, This is going to be so much fun.
The Federation Mechanisms were up in the air, and Message told Dialect a command.
We are here to uphold our alliance and give Schmita a helping hand.
Vibrate may tamper with the waters, but she cannot destroy our bravery.
Because to die on this planet rock is better than her tyrannical slavery.
Dragon-Man protested, No one is dying, and Message whispered, Hush, It’s Motivation.
Drent called down from his Federation Mechanism, We can hear you two lovers talking on the intercom.
They both blushed, and The Covenantial Project, First we must find Vibrate and get her pinned.
Dragon-Man said, I can use my Disembodiment power to access her and helm her in.
Message replied, Be careful, and Dragon-Man said, I can take someone else with me.
Dialect said, I will come, so that she can not trap you in a place you cant get free.
So Dragon-Man teleported to where airwaves and sound met and man was not.
But he did not know how strong Vibrate was, or what weapons she got.
Dialect took up a position by his side, and Dragon-Man saw a horrific sight.
It was Vibrate with thousands of creatures and soldiers, ready for the fight.
MOTV May 2017
There's a message in a bottle.
Coming in from the tides.
Rapid sea, rapid sea, I am seeing with my eyes.

There's a message in a bottle.
Coming in from waves high.
Crashing down, crashing down, into the sea
Oh, I am high.

There's a message in a bottle.
I can see it with my eyes.
Flowing in and out the world, into me.

There's simple question, tension coming up from the mist,
from the depths of the abyss

From the depths of our subconscious

There's a fleeting pattern, chatter, clatter coming up from the past,
don't want it their atlas, don't want to be that man.

There's a flow coming cold, bringing chills, making them asleep, arise.

There's' a message in a bottle coming full throttle from a tsunami into the sea from every side, into the sea
of my mind, into a sea flowing hot blasting from Earths core from inside .

I just see the bottle passing by, message true testament, proof that there is a perspective on another side.

Turn from sin, levitate higher, keep those wins, turn from a binge, learn control, like a comet hitting the globe, words heard, written down is that so profound I found myself asking now.

There's that bottle with a message.

In a sea of transgressions.
Help me find it and don't let me neglect it, I am reckless like the waves, but the message is still there, clear is sound waters, crashing down it does last I have no impact, at the end when I pass it will grasp a mind not mine but oh Divine help me while I am here find my prime.

Oh, there's a message in a bottle.
Keith J Collard Jan 2013
Resident Facebook by Keith Collard

{remnants of a blood and ice coffee stained diary}


Been working at this mansion for at least four months now. Fellow co-workers are friendly enough. The pharmeceutical researchers are very pompous with their exact demands. Im in charge of the food storage and refridgeration for the mansion. It is the only modernly powered facet of this mansion. Besides the labs in the basement(from which I only heard).


This mansion is too creepy, the architect designed the living quarter and main facade of the mansion in a 1920 neo gothic fashion--with gas lamps and gothic paintings. Every device, even the typewriters in the mansion are old fashioned mechanical. A top researcher told me in casual conversation that these doors and clocks are more durable than current electronic means, built in the same fashion as the pyramids and stonehenge--he was pointing out all the clocks and engraved doors in the dining hall as he was speaking,while I was putting out the food. He's the usual eccentric for as these researchers go, he told me the company president paid him to design classical mantraps along the mansion and guardhouse to keep workers from straying, encrypted with runes and riddles as keys(some odd ducks).


Mansion workers were given each a laptop today by the head researcher Albert Wesker. This guy is like the James Bond of scientists, dashing and suave with a 9mm berreta at his side(wish we were allowed guns). He wears sunglasses--even at night. He said they experimented with a comunications app the scientists have been using to communicate expeiremental data. The only app available on there is something called Facebook, which the scientists call "fbproto."


The f.bproto is neat, we can watch movies , talk to eachother, and to workers at the pharmaceutical's sister facilities. Everything is monitored by the companies security admins Ive heard. The company will be holding raffles via f.bproto for staffers who could win a chance to participate in "beneficial lab trials" from ***** extension treatment to magnetic wave reducing therapy. Sounds unappealing to me...I put my name down on the site just in case.

6 may1996,Been talking to girl who works in sanitation department underneath the guardhouse, her name is Ada, she said there was an important goverment official flying in to the helipad today. She is pretty cute, and one bright light in this shadowy mansion. message from company, we should join democratic party on fbproto. whatever they say,they're the scientists.


Been stayin up too late posting on f.bproto,the company is posting alot of links, of visual images and sentences I don't quite understand. Ben from mansion cleanin services keeps hitting on Ada,I want to defriend him but want to know what he's doing. I put my cat in fbproto company pic contest,with everyone else who was given lab pets by the scientists, I put little gloves on her paws--Im sure to win.


Karl sent me a message on fbproto that he saw a researcher go into his room, and never saw him leave, and when he went to clean his room the researcher was not in there. This mansion is creepy, I mean a statue of a woman cutting her own throat with the inscription "only death shall set you free,"is that a little gloomy or what. fan of smiley faces on fbproto.;)

12 may 1996

man, the doors are like eight inches thick, solid wood, I locked myself out of my room and tried to shoulder the door in. Well, the door with its inlaid wood carving just laughed at me, it resembles a dragon or snake or someshit with two fern looking wings, red and blue. Spooooky stuff. I had to go get the security admin for the mansion staff living quarters. He unlocked the door, and told me that all the doors are solid oak. I asked him what the words at the bottom of serpent meant, he said it says in latin “ the two wings of the beast are red and blue.” I asked him what the hell that means, he says he didn’t know, but that it has to do with the research the scientists are doing.

I stayed up almost all night on fbproto, at first because my shoulder was killing me, but then it went away, and I kept finding myslelf with a ciqerette in my fingers all the way burnt down and my skin charred, geez, fbproto really takes your mind off things, especially this mansion which reminds me of a sepulcre. That Dan thinks he’s hot stuff, posting himself in his living quarters in the guard house, which is better than the mansion staffs. He get’s to go to the guardhouse recreation room, his profile pic is a bottle of Johnny Walker Red in it’s high end package that looks like a coffin, that him and the guards won at dart’s. It’s not hard to win that when Albert Wesker is on your team, that guy sunk three darts WilliamTell style into the bull’s eye. He tagged me in the picture of the Johnny Walker, *******.

13 may 1996

Locked myself in the walk in freezer today by accident, forgot the code….a researcher let me out finally, and asked if I was alright, I said I was fine, he just looked at me curiously. I was in there to clean out these blue vines, that kept on growing into the ducts and stuff, kept on turning the temperature down. But I won’t lie, I had my laptop with me to pass time, but after a while I couldn’t scroll down because my fingers stopped working , so I pressed the keyboard with my tongue. Ada’s pictures kept me warm, oh how I love her…..I want her so bad.


Had a dream about the helicopter ride in and how the dense forest resembled a corpse’s face as we flew past it fast overhead. We touched down on the helipad, and there were dead bodies in the razor wire, they were shaking as if they were in a laughing frenzy from the rotor wash of the helicopter. Then as I entered the main façade (my footstep's echos on the tile seemed to walk away and disapear into the mansion)and stepped on the black and white checkered hall floor, Albert Wesker was there, and he was nicely dressed as a bartender or sumthin, and he asked if " I wanted a ****** mary," and he was squeezing a heart into the glass, then I looked down and there was a hole in my chest where my heart was supposed to be. Then there was a giant ice coffee and dancing with a mirror to moonlight sonata….****** stuff, this mansion is getting to me.


dan is such a ****, keeps posting pics of himself shirtless, he was given some experimental hormone from a researcher and is relleshing in it It was some form of energy drink called Red Bull.

Him and Ada are talking more. Message from company to like republican party page(whatever)Daves three eyed frog won fbproto pic contest,grrrr.


there's been more accidents in the mansion and in the labs below. Fred from the kitchen staff cut off his fingers today,and Ive heard through Chris' post that someone fell into the live feed area where they feed animals to their experiments. Bob put his fbproto password(instead of mansioncode) into the mechanical lock at the observatory springing a trap of spikes that spiked his hand to his head and his head to the wall, the featherduster was still in his hand(or face).;(


the scientist with the always grave look has disapeared, the guards said he transferred,but a fellow researcher said he was fired, shame, I liked him.

There is a plant living in my radiator, keeps growing vine-like tendrils, and is turning up the heat...230 friends on f.bproto,woot woot.


the company is handing out promotional ice coffee that they created in the labs to staffers via f.bproto,I wasn't picked, dang,its said to give you "10x human energy and vitality".I became a fan of Backstreet Boys on f.bproto.


karl found a memo from the missing researcher under his bed when he was cleaning out his room, sent me a message via f.bproto,it read that the researcher concluded that the f.b proto had negative effects on living tissue, decreased brain function,increased tendencies for violence,and not worth the sublimal control contract with the goverment, and that both pre-cambrian ferns pose to much liability for a biohazard and show signs of sentience.........hmm,im up to 300 friends now.

19 may 1996,

more accidents in mansion, Albert Wesker sent message to staffers that he was just promoted to Head of Security,and that if anybody is caught leaving the premises they will be shot. I wouldn't even dare to go out in the surrounding forest, I hear the wild dogs howlin all night amid those dense woods.just became a fan of Ace of base, they are awesome.

20may 1996,

my roomate looks like a hot messs, his skin looks pale with black blotches and he has pitch black circles underneath eyes, he's been taking the labs new painkillers, man he should change his profile pic. I poked Ada.

21 may 1996

message from f.bproto, "outside guards replaced by Hunters.", def would not go out there now, I fed one of those ape reptile thingy's live feed the other day( Phil went missing, I had to do his job, always doing other peoples work), and the feed for that day was a cow, and this thing just poked the cow to death with its razor claws.

Everyone of those brute raptor things have a skeleton key has their middle razor claw, a researcher said they can hear every door open and shut in the mansion, " If you see one, turn around and go out the door you came, if you enter a door your not supposed to, well....." he didn't finish what he was saying, only walked off muttering "what have I done....".....I friend requested him on fbproto, his last post was "god forgive me." His profile pic was his mansion room, with replicas of insects and a fishtank(that is rumoured to be a model of a giant one in the basement). He disapeared soon after and his fbproto was deactivated.

Joined Labville on fbproto.;)


message from company, the labs are combining expieramental ice coffee,painkillers,and steroids,anyone on f.bproto can partake, and we should document how we feel and what we do on fbproto multiple times a day. Took a pic of myself shirtless, can see spine coming thru skin, and I keep catching the red plant from the radiator posing in the background, or giving me bunny ears......grrrrrrrr.;(


went to smoke a spleef on the stone balcony, near the greeen house over looking the forest the other night, they grow all kinds of red and blue marjiauna there.....but there was one of those reptile hunter things, standing guard there, blocking the path, it screamed and almost blew my eardrums out, " okey dokie" I said, and slowly backed away and left......friggin nazis these pharmaceutical people are.

I got rid of the Labville app on fbproto, that game is too hard, I keep running out of butlers to feed my experiments, and my humans keep escaping into the woods. But mostly, Im sick of seeing

Albert Wesker's name with the highest score everytime I play......


Ben said he saw a handfull of scientists and guards on the helipad taking a chopper out. There is more plants decorating the halls, no one knows who put them there, some rooms are blazing hot, others are ice cold. Ben said to not go to the library, everyone who went upstairs to that room has not returned, that the blue ones have took over the cobblestone path to the courtyard where the armory is. Said he saw Kevin in the tangles running up the stone wall on the side, he had a vine going in his mouth and coming out his eye; and he said that the researchers call the red ones "evaginates," for how they trap and slowly eat you(sounds ******). Im not on Ada's top friends list anymore, angry.


the mansion is awash in accidents and fighting, roomate looks like zombie, others look like reptilian muscled gorillaz, others just a blur they move so fast.eyes hurt from staring at f.b proto. Moaning alot. everyone is playing "I Saw the sign" from Ace of Base. Vines keep stealing my hat, and eating people.


no food, ate cat,mittens and both hearts,gas lights out, dark,everyone walking around with laptops to see,blue fbproto reflections on walls.fml.


took chris' ice cofee and killed ben before he took steroids,lol,ate steroids,no one cooking food, getting hungry,guards came,ate em.....bullet hole in my chest......chaaange f.bproto profile pic to quote is mooohaha... just. saying


feel strong, fast,gruntin alot, hungry, no food, ate carl, ate red plant, carved him with my skeleton clah....I hate mondays was post on f.bproto,yum ice cofee.


oooohhhh, lol,lol, top ada friend list, ,ate benny...b.esisde armpits....he stink.....roarrrrr......oohhh....bullel wond in cheeek....see benny in thar......moving quick......hunman bones everyware....stain carpits....helicupter....mur is wit em....ace of base now.....bed of blud..I wit...fur em.....fbproto sez **** starssss ......

2..........rooooooahhhhh,yum, ohhhhhhh,lol,raohh.fml............[rest of transcript unintelligible]
Ciel Noir Jul 2018
Everything sends its own message
Even if we cannot hear
Light and sound and information
Even if it seems unclear

Everything sends its own message
Even if it says nothing
Nothing is a message too
It says "I have nothing to say"

Everything sends its own message
I am no exception
If you think that I have said nothing
That's a misperception

Everything sends its own message
Writ in flesh and blood and fire
Even a lie is information
Tells the world "I am a liar"

Everything sends its own message
And of this you can be sure
Behind every single message
Is at least one messenger

Everything sends its own message
Waves that move from place to place
We are all part of the message
We are made of the same waves
Michael Kusi May 2018
Achilles came over to where they were as Message ran to meet him with her saber to match.
But her slashes were of no use against his skin, and soon she retracted the saber into her watch.
She then touched him with her Death-Grip, and Achilles laughed saying, Death is my grandfather
When you have relatives you get certain protections, you grip is turned off so don’t bother.
Arthur walked up to the scene, as Achilles brought the Winged Fire Lance down ******* her.
Message cut the Fire Lance in two, and each part fell out of Achilles’ hand onto the grassy dust.
Achilles went down into a crouch and attacked but Arthur blocked it with Excalibur’s ******.
Arthur kicked Message over to the side, and said, This is my fight to win or die, no draw.
Arthur and Achilles fought hand to hand, and Message stood back in awe.
The hand maneuvers of Arthur with Excalibur, Message hadn’t seen before, and each one touched flesh.
By the end Achilles had several cuts on his upper body and his skin was an utter mess.
I have the scabbard, Achilles sneered, so I am invincible and cannot be routed.
But you do not, so let us see if when I am finished with you if all your blood would come out.

Achilles used the Fielden Vine to pin Arthur’s hand to his sides, so he could not reach his blade.
A detachment of the vine also ******* Message, so she could not come to his aid.
Achilles used the fire of the Lance to burn both Arthur and Message, his laughter was grotesque.
Arthur reached out for Excalibur but it refused to rise, and Message was just hoping for the best.
Suddenly the Covenantial Project leaped off the Isotrain Mechanism and cut the Fieldin Vine.
He took his sword and went into position in front of Arthur and Message, arriving just in time.
The Covenantial Project said, We have three swords against one body, that is math that works.
Achilles roared saying, I have broken better swords than yours, prepare for a world of hurt.
The Covenantial Project replied, I’ll keep him busy, while you guys get the rest of the Federation here.
He then fired his Eclipse visor, and Achilles felt the heat and was stunned to feel… fear.
Achilles stepped back, and The Covenantial Project swung his Scythe Sword in a wide arc.
You missed me, Achilles sneered, and The Covenantial Project said, Yes but I hit my target.
The scabbard fell from Achilles’ waist, and The Covenantial Project attached it to his hip.
Then put the Scythe Sword into it, so that it stood invincible in his grip.

Suddenly Federation Mechanisms arrived on the scene, and The Alliance Project stepped there.
He grabbed his Abyss Sword and told Achilles, If you do not want to die, you had better come here.
Lady of the Night was in her wheelchair, wielding the Parisian Bow with Troyate darts.
But this time they were tipped with Acidier Flames because she knew to aim for the heart.
She drew the bow back, intending to send Achilles back to where no one came from.
Suddenly Achilles rose up in the air, and a voice called out across the field My son!
It was Vibrate and Achilles landed in her spacecraft, and she said What strife you started.
You have made me a happy mother to pick up where you left off when you departed.
Achilles protested, I was about to destroy the Trojans, and Vibrate said We will.
But this time you need a army capable of assisting your Commandant Consquistador skill.
Nihilist stepped forward and Achilles rubbed his head and said Briseis?
I thought you were a captive and she said, I let you capture me for a moment like this.
She squeezed his shoulder so strongly he had to kneel, and she said, Still think you captured me?
Achilles groaned out, No, and she let go of his shoulder and said, I was not made for captivity.
When Troy fell the Greeks split up in their ships, and all headed back to their spouses.
But I overcame the Greeks in my ships, and lets just say none of them went to their house.
Now I was stuck with a ship in the middle of the sea, but I saw Vibrate and joined her.
We left Earth and built an organization, that specialized in interstellar warfare.

Arthur banged his sword onto the ground so hard it shook and said, I was supposed to slay.
He left my Excalibur for now, but sometime soon my face will be the last he sees that day.
The Alliance Project walked over to them and said, That time may be sooner than you think.
Message questioned, Why is that, and The Alliance Project pointed and said, The sky is starting to sink.
The Reinforcement went to them and said, We will handle the Earth affairs, you go up there to save.
Because if we do not act quickly, the Earth will be nothing but a mass grave.
The Covenantial Project boarded the Isotrain Mechanism, and Message said, This must be the last fight.
No, it the first day of universe peace and harmony, replied a smiling Lady of the Night.

— The End —