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Adron E Dozat Feb 2015
Some men have a recipe-
It is like a combination
That makes up their ideal
Which says she is gorgeous.
Such things they may itemize;
A face that is angelic,
With eyes that are lustrous          
Full lips of pure seduction,
A voice that is musical,
And hair that falls pleasingly,
It is a child's attitude
That says things make somebody.
I need no such formula
For in you I discovered
A heart that was beautiful;
Which the made me realize
That your face is radiant,
Your eyes are dark mystery,
Your voice is a symphony,
Your hair flows down gracefully,
And your lips are perfection.
I found your heart wonderful
And then I found everything
That a man could desire.
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Jeff Gaines Mar 19
There was a place.
There was a time …
There, I stood … still unknowing
and everything seemed fine.

But there in that place …
at that moment in time …
the moment I saw the eyes,
I'd never believed I'd find.

Well, what could I say?
What could I do?
In a world filled with billions …
and there … was a you.

I'd always known you were out there …
even written of something amiss.
I never, ever stopped looking for you …
because my heart always said that you exist.

My breezy Fall became harshest Winter.
My crazy life left my health running out.
I'd resigned myself that our moment had passed …
but this moment … it removed all doubt.

Well, what could I say?
Tell me, what could I do?
There we stood, staring … alone … in a city of millions …
yes, there … there was a you.

Oh, that mistress fate, she is just so cruel.
Frustration, a curse to be mine.
   I'd searched for you my entire life …
but now … my clock … knows a limit of time.

You see, I would never venture a love with you,
while knowing I'd have to leave you … hurt and alone.
I could only admire from afar … stoic and aloof …
while turning my heart into stone.

Nothing I could ever say and nothing I could ever do …
But now, at long last … at least I finally knew.

There, you stood … green seas, gazing up … into skies of blue.
My long-awaited revelation … become sorrow-laced realization.
There really is … a you.
Imagine that, for most of your adult life, you have had this sense ... this feeling that there is someone out there that you are supposed to find. Someone you are supposed to connect with. You even write about it and have no clue what made you write these things.

You don't know why ... you don't know who ... and you surely don't know when. All you do know is that it has never left your psyche and that it has always carried this strange sense of urgency.

Now ... after 2 decades, you begin to think that you were just being silly and give up on the whole idea and laugh at yourself.
Then ... just as you have accepted that ...


It hits you like a ton of bricks ... you realize that the person standing before you, looking right into your eyes is THAT person!

And you realize that you are not only too far apart in age, but you also have to deal with the fact that you are terminally sick as well. Now you ponder if it was EVER supposed to be a romantic thing or that things are just ****** up askew in this timeline ... or perhaps ... it was to fulfill or realize something else in the timeline ...

Now ... ask yourself ... What would you do?

This writing became the basis for my experimental short story entitled:

"Somewhere ... Out There".

I launched it here at HP and could NOT believe the response ...
Everyone LOVED it and it got (at this writing) over 2500 views!
So humbled, SO honored by everyone's love.
Find it here:
Leonard Green Jul 2017
Hear ye, hear ye
hearken from the medieval times of old
where knights in the round once roamed
jousting with deeds fought in truth and honor
to protect the weak, the helpless, the oppressed
with an ideology lurking since the dawn of time
that all are born free, unshackled from contrived ordeals
only to soar high with the eagles to become one with the heavens
and bask in the glory of serving the frailty and holiness of mankind

Hear ye, hear ye
it’s Merlin conjuring a magical spell for the spirit
to behold, to marvel, new stages of self-enlightenment
where the essence of the King invades sleeping visions
possibly foretelling ominous events awaiting new missions
or predestined journeys one must endure to become so bold
in knowledge and wisdom offered, living in this world’s mold
not necessarily realized, instead shrouded with unimpeded urges
akin to the signs found in youth, immaturity, the close-minded

Hear ye, hear ye
the quest to sip from the Carpenter’s silver chalice
and taste charitable love for family, friends, and foes
where reckless pride and hatred are speared with the arrow
forged in devotion of a noble belief, tempered with selfless feats
where the sun rises and sets on the wicked actions of human nature
slaughtering the divine lights prematurely, locked within many souls
yet crusades against evil continues, no retreat, no regrets, no surrender
price to uphold the spirit of Camelot, payment in full, services rendered.
One should not fight because one wants to but one has to in order to protect life.  The taking of life should never be considered a good deed...a better way?  Change their minds...
All aboard, we’re goin' down
Next stop, the loony bin!
Familiar faces, hear the sound
Of madness and bitter emotion.
Cloudy days devoid of light;
Sunrise blends into the dark
Keeping smiles out of sight
And laughter out of lonely hearts.
All aboard, destination love,
But nothing works quite like it should.
Sharing poems, dreams and stuff -
It seemed so easy in Hollywood…
****, why wait now? Don’t hold back!
On the way down, there’s no regret!
The simple claim is dressed in black
To conceal an empty cabinet.
All aboard, but brace yourself
When falling for another lover.
She won’t get dusty on a shelf,
For everyone will read her cover.

One more page, another chapter;
Knights in armor seek her trust
But that happ'ly ever after
Just won’t happen based on ****.
So all aboard, we’re back on bottom
Runnin' wild with no cause.
Affection, passion; yeah, I got ‘em
But who am I to break the laws?
Written in delusion; punctuation added for effect.
NA Oct 2016
And after all these years,
She finally found the love she's been searching for...

She found it within herself
GreenTrees Oct 26
True love is easy find when it comes from within.

Karl V.  2018
Wild Myths Sep 15
Could I find a place here?
It’s been so dark
I turned off the lights,
Pretended no one was home.

Your skin is more alive than mine
It pulses with irregular ecstasy

Our mortality beautiful as the moon retires
Its cycle one of time, ours of the body
Both bittersweet and inevitable.

But the sun is cruel, relentless
Our bodies recoil with the light
No shadows left to hide the creases around your mouth
The years you’ve lived ahead of mine.
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