Death sets a Thing significant
The Eye had hurried by
Except a perished Creature
Entreat us tenderly

To ponder little Workmanships
In Crayon, or in Wool,
With “This was last Her fingers did”—
Industrious until—

The Thimble weighed too heavy—
The stitches stopped—by themselves—
And then ’twas put among the Dust
Upon the Closet shelves—

A Book I have—a friend gave—
Whose Pencil—here and there—
Had notched the place that pleased Him—
At Rest—His fingers are—

Now—when I read—I read not—
For interrupting Tears—
Obliterate the Etchings
Too Costly for Repairs.

Aaron McDaniel Dec 2012

The first thing I felt was the dryness of my overly-chapped lips. My back ached. I hadn’t slept on a real bed in days. Leroy had left my side since I last woke. I needed to eat. The pain from the hunger was becoming unbearable. Three days without food. Seventeen house since my last drink of water. Your watch is your best chance of survival.
“Maybe I’ll find a river today.” I sighed in hope
“It’ll probably be filled with sewage and dead fish like the last two.”
I had to keep reminding myself that this world is worse than it once was.
I’ve been torturing myself with the thoughts of suicide lately. Slitting Leroy’s throat so he isn’t left to fend for himself. I was Caught off guard by something grazing my leg. My shoulders relaxed when I saw it was only Leroy.  The wet blood on his jowls suggests to me that he managed to hunt down a squirrel.
“You didn’t save any for me? Bastard.” I chuckled. I wish he could understand me. Something about the way he panted made it look like he was smiling at me. Maybe he could hear me.
I rubbed his neck, taking the time to admire all his individual fibers. I’ve always adored his calico coloring.
I got up. The sun was beating on my forehead. I needed a hat out hear. My watch read “December 18th, 2500. Oxygen content warning: LOW”
I remembered growing up with my mother saying how it snowed once when she was really little. She said it was only a few hundred years ago when this entire area of Canada was covered in snow. at least 20 feet of snow a year.
I never bought into her stories, though.
The sun is so hot. Mother talked about how there used to be people with pinkish skin. Pale even. That’s ridiculous. There’s a reason why everyone is dark. The sun bakes everyone.
I felt my stomach rumble. I need food.
My watch started beeping angrily, which is never a good thing. “OXYGEN DANGEROUSLY LOW” read on the screen
I shouted “Run Leroy!”
We started running, obviously Leroy easily pulling away, my feet pounding the pavement with every last breathe I had. The hard part is deciding where to run. You never know where the oxygen is. You could be running to more nitrogen and carbon. You could be running to your death.
In-fact, I think I was.
I was getting dizzy.
I couldn’t stay focused on running. I just wanted to lay down.
My foot landed on a large crack, and my foot rolled. I could feel my ankle snap.
In a daze, I managed to look down. The boon protruding from my skin.
I fell back. I started hyperventilating.
Leroy came back.
“Run, you stupid mutt!”
He wouldn’t. He just stayed there. He licked my ankle. If hurt so much but it had a pain that eventually became enjoyable.
He turned and started licking my face, trying to get me out of it. I could feel my heart feeling like it was about to erupt, all the while hearing Leroy’s pace of breathe begin to quicken.
Everything started going dark.
The last thing I saw was Leroy’s big brown eyes.
With the shadow of a man above him.

As the sun sets upon the horizon,

Without poetic justice,

I do not prevail.

My mind troubled,

Obfuscated by the irony,

Of everyday situations.





As the sun sets.

Tyler Nicholas Mar 2014

He says to her, "goodnight." ("I never meant to hurt you.")
She walks away from him. ("You never hurt me; you shattered me.")
He begs her, "I hope you sleep well." ("I am sorry. Please let me put you back together.")
She continues to walk. ("I am a sinking ship. I am an earthquake. I am a falcon without a falconer.

I am beyond repair.")

Sharina Saad Jul 2013

Something is burning in his heart
his wicked soul
An endless desire
hungry for power and fame..
to be the sole owner of the mother nature
There is  fire in his evil eyes
Its his desire... his greed...
A land conqueror he will be
Try to disobey and
  play your own rules
With the angriest fire
he will set this world on flame
with his fierce desire.
and you will succumb to his wants and needs..
surrender all your possessions...
to this lord of the forest, the jungle and the land...

He sets this land to blaze at last
hate, rage , jealousy, vengeance
The forest is set on fire
soon this forest and the entire land
will be  his...
The devil on fire.
There is a fire in his eyes
Fire in his spirit… fire in his soul
It keeps burning … his hatred accumulates
  burns with his deadliest desire
spreading like a forest fire
This fire is ever burning so hot..
The devil sets the world on fire...
  The unbearable hell fire on earth...

Timothy May 2013

The Sun Sets Slowly
On Another Beautiful
Day Like No Other.


© Timothy 14 May, 2013.
Michael Plum Jun 2010

Hearing nothing but my breath
I wander this war torn city alone.
A cool moist breeze hits me from behind
Signaling the start of a summer thunderstorm.

The smell of the unfallen rain is heavy
As I find my way to an old abandoned park.
The brush consumes an old rusted swing set
I rest at an old bamboo picnic table.

All around me is destruction and rubble
On my left, lightning surrounds black clouds
Quickly moving in to consume the city
The perfect euphemism for this country’s inevitable fate

As the rain begins to fall, the sun dips below the tree line
Casting a shadow on an old apartment building.
Across from it, the swaying palm trees glow orange
A luminous contrast to the storm above them

To my right, a couple is sitting on their balcony
Swallowing the chaos, welcoming the rain
Surrounded by rubble, in this infamous country
They find peace in being together

© 2010 Michael Plum
Barton D Smock Jan 2014

sickness led my brother downstairs to a blanket.  outside my mother was asking our mailbox if the man in the helicopter was alright.  my father snored in my brother’s bed while I kept from laughing in the tent beside it.  my sister brought a tub of snow inside to dig a baby from.  something my uncle said was like humping a seashell.  he shuffled cards beneath a golden brain.  our ears heard the same god punching the extra pillow.

bring me your celestial wonders of light
show me your colors of pluto and mars
quickly before the sky fades into the night

swing set
sway me so high that I fall into the clouds
launch me up into the moon and stars
quickly before we're covered by darkness' shroud

The sun sets in molten gold.
The evening clouds form a jade disk.
Where is he?
Dense white mist envelops the willows.
A sad flute plays “Falling Plum Blossoms.”
How many Spring days are left now?
This Feast of Lanterns should be joyful.
The weather is calm and lovely.
But who can tell if it
Will be followed by wind and rain?

Christine Dec 2011

Summer was

warm, fluid breezes on tan skin,

laughter, and water, and blue sky

over us.

Summer was

fierce sun

blocked by shades,

heating half-dressed flesh

to perfection.

Summer was

grilled burgers & brats,

and a cold Coke,

with potato salad

on the side.

Summer was

soft evening air,

with the first stirring of mosquitoes

as we slapped and scratched,

and wandered home in the dark,


Semerian Perez Aug 2012

Traveling along
Through space
And time
The ageless question
Haunts me
Are you thinking of me?

It tears at my core
When I worry
I reach out
For a chance
To touch you
However lite
Feather like
As it may be
I feel a sharp pain
Circculate through
Every fiber of my being
As I recoil
I feel it from you
It is visible in your eyes
What have I done...

Please tell me
Dont let
Me become a mere
Dont let the rain
Wash away the love
We have for each other

I watch the tears fall
Onto white sands
We saw the same sunrise
And now the same sunset
Dont let it set on our end
Please instead
Let the sun set on our new

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