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Beautiful are the stars in the dim sky
When fireflies, in the silence of the night, shine
And the leaves dance with the tempest wind
As the clouds clad itself with darkness.

Beautiful are the things in life
Even if given with a horde of trials
Consider the roses robed with thorns
Or the cactus in the desert grown alone
On how they have dealt with life thus spines born
And on how their spines have made them strong.

Let the troubles opt to mist on its own.*

- qyf
jane taylor May 2016
dissipating into the morning mist
through a kaleidoscope-like view
i become every part of you

Elena Sep 4
Dew drops captivate.
Beauty’s eyes misted over,
with happinesses.
Lovely sky with your palettes of blue
Wispy clouds go by
And your dark night appears
Threat of rain
Earthly grasses excitement refrain
Not to become filled with delight
For the black clouds have turned their bellow
This rain is not for you young blades
Tonight you must hope for cool to create your misty dew
And in the morning when the yellow warmth begins
You can hope once again
The next misty cloud is just for you.
DuBray Aug 4
The mist
On my chest
Like omnipotence
While I'm a blank thesis
With a flimsy existence
Dimitris Sarris Dec 2017
Searched in old grievous forests
in barren smoky wastelands.
Alas if she did not
for such pain she could not bear.
The beast's carcass from far away
could be seen, like a lone mountain
stood in the middle of the dale
shadowing the place
something like ash was spread all around
the beast's blood it was
and from it new life arose.
Green and flowers grew again
white roses they were.
There she found the body of her beloved
pale and cold it was, eyes shut...
Tears of grief and endless pain she shed
and sang with eyes staring the sky.
"Lo the outcome of this brave soul's intent
Lo my heart's last beats
Gods i sing you this
tale where life and death vie for control
this tale where love and pain vie in mortal hearts."
And so she closed her eyes and travelled where he did.
And so her frail longing heart came to an end.
White rose is the favorite flower of my true love
and i devote this write to her..

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