niamh Jun 2015

Gleaming morning dew
Kisses the flowers awake
Intimate mornings


I dream that he is mine,
I dream that he is true,
And all his words I keep
As rose-leaves hold the dew.

O little thirsty rose,
O little heart beware,
Lest you should hope to hold
A hundred roses’ share.

Malintha Perera Nov 2014

Early morning
I heard a dew drop
opening its white wings ;
each crack parted
a turning wave
a frost bubbling over.              
Within its eyes
the world was moving
in a daze.
About to explode
holding out to the sky
it coughed out life
a moist lick
on a coarse dry leaf.

© Malintha Perera

Dr zik Mar 2015

its old tale
you are female or male
it was raining, it is raining
drops of tears
dew drops
same and pure, real and natural are all
look them, feel them, have them all
as many times, you recall

You are not alone
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015

Hold a dew drop
On your fingertip
Many wonders
Reflected through
Light plays through
Kissing its core
See the landscape
Through it
A new perspective
Through a dew drop

Mark Ball Jul 2015

Your morning dew breath
trickles in early
As we walk with the foxes,
by the rockpools by the shore;
By the lilies by the glade.

Petal Jan 31

I was never a rose,
But green
Not a chrysanthemum,
Nor an orchid
Something cut,
Walked upon
And yet,
You were the dew
And kissed me,
With a thousand moist kisses
Making me sparkle
In the sunrise

Well, I didnt even know this was chosen as the daily till just a second ago. Thank you all so very much!

Still I think of you,
a few drops of your tears
as the pearl dew of winter

@ Musfiq us shaleheen

Sometime tears seems me as pearl.........
Donald Guy Nov 2012

A morning dew sits on my dearest rose:
A shadow of evening's coolness stands still.
How gleeful I'd be to remove that chill—
That accursed blight, I yearn to dispose.
Not in my powers, no warmth from me flows
Not matter the measure of my goodwill.
Only the sunrise this quest shall fulfill
And light, my dear efflorescence expose

Always that morning seems ever unsure,
Yet surely it comes as the world still turns.
Finite be the hours my rose must endure;
Nothing this must be allowed to obscure!
For surely as in the sky our sol burns,
Warmth still exists for my rose to make pure.

                                 ~ D.B. Guy (1990 - )

2007. My first (and at time of this writing only) sonnet.

Greenery, O you beautiful thing, barely visible in the wake of early dawn.
Amidst the darkness,dew drops form across your petals.
Sometimes visible like crystals at my lawn.
I look through you, the ray has hit your window,
As I try to grasp the details you reflect like a mirror,
You perish upon my gentle touch,
And here I thought you would turn into gold.
Oh my, I sure am getting old.
Searching for answers within the dew drops of the early dawn,
Knowing everyone just started to yawn,
And lift their sleepy heads,
Here I am standing,wondering where do these dew drops lead to.
Dew drops,you are like ripples of tiny bubbles,
But sometimes,I feel you are the tear drops that fall from the eyes of my own.
And sometimes,I think you are the drops of love from the vast ocean,
Endless,with no edges or corners,
Perfect in your own solitude.

AB Jul 2014

It's energy in the morning
Energy at night.
Getting me through work.
Always by my side
Doesn't speak, doesn't
Judge my actions.
Simply there always.

Unless I don't have money to buy it.

I could say it's like alcohol
But more addictive.
"I can stop anytime" I say
But that's untrue
It's my friend
In the simple green and red can.

Only one other knows my obsession
We share it
And that is why we remain friends.

I usually write somewhat sad or forlorn love poems and I wanted to try my hand at something a little more altruistic
Juan Calderon May 2015

The witch's dew from the crescent moon
As it falls from heaven to earth like a wish I knew
As children grow in this afterglow
So far away to be part in days

A fallen star to help the alone
There is darkness everywhere
It can disappear into thin air
An unborn son yet you feel like a father

The wolf tears show a glow of moonlight
Water edge broken to areas around
A cry for help can alter a dream
But heaven seeks a deeper meaning of eyes and what they see

Blade slash away
Brake the fears our dying tears
To wash away forbidden taste
Soak in blood from enemies lines
Hear the echo that once was human

The crescent moon is in twilight skies
A blessful feeling of being alive
I won't leave you alone
For me we were alone but in time the dew will fall down to the ground and shatter
Just how life can be it's beautiful up and a dark falling down to finish all's hope  
This is what's suppose to happen to everyone around

Matt Koopman Jun 2014

Morning dew,
Will you prove to be
The warning sign
For the life unseen

The birds they flew,
But who knew
It is the present you see
Past tense, unwieldly

Flakes of eve
The silent sun
Makes us one
With the powers that be

Don't you see?

My time is thin
Thin like sin
As i try to rise above my demise
See my life from sacred eyes

Thoughts, they block
What i see
As i travel through the plains of 3D
Self aware of my disease

This is obscene,
Life must be a dream

These are lyrics to a song I wrote.
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