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How can I shut up!


The world is in chains
Tears flowing in rivers
Smile on faces dried
Blood on the streets flowing
Equity is in prison
Truth falling in the street
To shut up is to die unborn!
sara Jul 2018
I saw a glimpse of heaven on an old park bench
but you said the location didn't make much sense
and struggled to see the wonder amongst all the falling leaves,
so I sighed, and got up, asking if we should leave.
reflection helps me learn not to let other people **** on your wonder x
Carter Ginter Mar 2018
I'm seeing you tonight
And it's been quite a while
Four days to be exact
I remember a time when
It drove us crazy
To not see each other most days
I act like I don't care
Sometimes it feels like I don't
But I feel the sadness looming over me
How can I not when
I know I want to see you more?
Life isn't that easy though
It's best not to feel
Not to care
A self-protective coping mechanism
That lets me function as human again
I'm nervous to see you
I don't know how I'll feel and
If I really am compartmentalizing
I know it doesn't hold up
When I'm laying next to you
I don't want to want you this much
I still want to be with you though
Just not so invested
It's unsafe
It's uncontrollable
And as someone who needs to feel
A variation of both of those
I'm terrified that seeing you
Will destroy these walls I've built
Until I'm left with nothing but
My feelings
Lanina Jan 16
Everyone seems to be complaining we ain't doing sh*t.
But when we step up, you say we're too young for it.
Treating us like we don’t know the issues.
Acting like it isn't all over the news.
We're all living in a world that's trying to silence our voices.
People looking at us sideways when we're making bold choices.
Choosing to speak on all the topics people stray away from.
Got suicide, addiction, shootings, depression, sickness, and some.
All of us becoming way too familiar with all this loss.
Accepting it's a part of life, not giving it any thoughts.
It's time to stop saying we're too young for this.
This is something you really don't want to miss.
The fact is: it takes more than one.
So shut your mouth and get things done.
Mark Sep 10
Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

So she don't want you back
I could have told you that
Your fault for being so slack
Now who's wearing the top hat
At least ya don't have to put up with her girlie pack
The new gals at the bar will just think your some stray cat

Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

But I miss her so much
I miss her soft touch
I know I was a bit rough
But she messed with my brain
Getting lost down memory lane
Like a boxers hit with no real true pain

Get out of my life
Shut the front door
Or you'll be in strife
Like I've told you before

I'll treat her with more respect
I don't won't our relationship to be wrecked
Do you think she will take me back?
I want to get our relationship on the right track
But first I want to see how I go with some other gals
Maybe she would be happier, if we were just good pals.
JayceeJellies Nov 2014
The floor,

Against the splashes,
You hear them splat.
Your heart beats furiously.
The girls heart breaks.

She falls.
Eyes shut.
The hits,
Leave cuts.
Her smile,

Against her own will,
She lashes.
"Mother, no!"
Robin Lemmen Jul 2018
When you smile I come undone the threads of these carefully picked out lies start falling apart and it scares me to give in when for so long these wounds have kept me busy and occupied so I did not need to worry about living life too constrained with keeping them clean hung up on survival my rearview mirror guiding broken bones set on mending energy spent tired eyes shut life, passing by.
King Panda Oct 2015
everything is on sale
and I eat and eat
and yell at the couple
arguing in the ATM line
and smirk at the pharmacist
as I toss my meds in the
can behind the counter
king soopers
my realm
of crushed potpourri
honeycrisp apples
black cocktail dresses
shut with
peanut butter

I love grocery
Sketcher Oct 2018
Do not try to force out rhymes you cannot make,
Deplorable bars oftentimes makes me ache,
If you have nothing to talk about then keep your mouth shut,
Leave open mouths to the poets and the *****,
Your words are a disgrace to poets everywhere,
I read your new "poem" and saw you in my nightmares,
Visualized a grotesque brace face in a wheelchair,
Not only your verses, but your looks give a scare,
Don't think you created magic and will be big tomorrow,
That would be tragic considering what you will undergo,
A world of pain realizing you're nothing more than,
A miniature grain of Sahara Desert sand,
That doesn't and won't ever stand out in the slightest,
I'm burning you everywhere, I'm the sun, ***** I'm the brightest,
I will leave now but I will be back in the morning,
You better leave without a bow, this is your last warning.
It's a dis.
Shut up,
Shut up,
Shut the **** up!

Your mouth must be just another *******,
Because all I hear is **** coming out of it.
You like to **** in the wind,
But get upset when your clothes get wet.

My voice can't raise above my breath,
They want to take it away!
Well you can come and get it,
Because I am going to say what I want to say!

Shut up,
Shut up,
Shut the **** up!
I can't hear myself think,
With your voice in my head!

Who are you to tell me what to do!
We are the many and you are the few!
Lizzy Apr 2015
I say I live as a burden,
My mouth sealed shut.
So that I may not utter the words,
Of my weighted thoughts.

These truths weigh a ton,
And I've far too many for just one head.
For even mine.
My head bobs to my shoulder,
Weakened necks can't hold this.

Now I'm shaking,
Because I gave you the rocks,
The stones that broke my neck.
And you are fading,
Drifting all at once.

Give me your boulders,
And we will be even.
Give me your mountains,
So I can rest easy.

My burdenous brain
Broken neck
Heavy thoughts

I never meant to break your neck too
My heart is a bassoon
once I've tackled it
to the ground, oboe
in my good hand
As a battering ram
A morning star
A mace
A flail

Nary more a tune

My heart is a bassoon!
got it now? It waits
to fill up every room

"Water always finds
It's own level" or so they
say and if my heart were
full of water I wouldn't
have a clue what they
mean by that anyway

My heart is a *******
bassoon and if I were to
put it in the bath it would
ruin it
Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
Shut up!
They shot me down,
Speak out and I'll be "abused,"
I hate it when you "possess" me,
I'm feeling so used.

Shut up...
Can't speak out...You must.. leave...
Yenson May 25
It is the measure of the man
not the inveterate man of the measure
who without substance finds solace in posturing
and delights in undermining the glories hard won
by distinction and excellence by those with real courage

What befits the false warriors without essential probity
who takes refuge lies, smears fabrication and dastardly deeds
and wears a face of many sides each a disgrace to honor and truths
then declares in cowardice supreme I claim the value of ascension
while all and all sees their hollow columns and towers of embers

Is probity in tallness of men or the hearts that beats within
or the large carriages summoned on the never-never enslaved
Is worth of virtue and light seen in the draining snares of serpents
or the fellowship of a thousands lost sheep coerced by duplicity
a platform of harmonious unity or the assiduous guise of chicanery

It is the measure of the man
not the inveterate man of the measure
it is he that talks as it means and means as he talks, with honor
the steady and profound essence of the triumph of mind, body soul
the rock that stands the ravages of the unclean ghouls and smiles
and rides in fire and brimstone's unscathed, the edifying realness
It is the measure of the man
Umi Feb 3
Today, I closed my open eye of the heart,
To hide from this terrifying world, saddened by corruption,
I wander unnoticed, unseen, forgotten, like a rock beside the road,
Selfless love, whimsical wandering, a carefree dream,
Looking past all this hatred sealed in each heart,
Past all worries and troubled faces along the throughfare,
Unanswered love calls for growing pain,
While losing ones thoughts and motives may as well spirit them away, into a scenery unrivaled, unseen far from imagination,
But like a subterarean rose wishing to see the comforting sunlight,
I cannot be remarked but by the strong, brave feeling of hope,
Walking into the remote future, at last I can feel alive,
For, I can now no longer be hated, or even be loved,
By the people who saw me, knew me,
I am truly by myself now,
Below the conscious.

~ Umi
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