As the years go by, give me but peace,
Freedom from ten thousand matters.
I ask myself and always answer:
What can be better than coming home?
A wind from the pine-trees blows my sash,
And my lute is bright with the mountain moon.
You ask me about good and evil fortune?....
Hark, on the lake there's a fisherman singing!

daisies Jul 2014

I wish I could have the perfect blend.
Though I've told that happiness and sadness are packed together.
There are moments where people bring bitter songs, bitter looks and spicy whips.
My little kardia is a blender;
which does nothing but blend.
It amalgamate all the spices,
and end up broken somewhere.
My lips knows nothing;
as it keeps the perfect extension.
I wish I could have the perfect blend.
My lips doesn't know.
My hand doesn't care.
My inner voice is sunk by the others' opinion.
I'm afraid for the fact that;
being loved and being hated is a package
I wish I could have the perfect blend.

Was written on 03/07/14.
I was experiencing the mood swings :p
I would like to apologize for posting late.
Allison Jan 2014

If I had to say anything I would have to say wow.  I can't believe that you are so perfect. I almost hate leaving. If having countless people hurt me in the past to lead up to being with you then I wouldn't go back and change a single moment. I'm not good with being emotional and talking about my feelings around you so that's why I'm writing them. You are amazing, sweet, caring, perfect  every word I can think of you are. How could I want anything more then just laying around and being a total goofball with you. Why would I want anything esle then being as happy as I can be. Why would I want anything esle then sleeping with you and actually sleeping all night and not waking up constantly cause I feel nervous or panicky. I don't think I could have it any better. You asked me what do I like about you and I couldn't give you good answers but I don't like your voice and I don't like your hair and I don't like your singing randomly. I love them. I love that you feel comfortable with me I love holding your hand when we are at target or the mall. I love being around you to not even caring if I come home or not. I always thought that I never was good enough for someone that everyone always would Leave me and never look back but I feel different with you that I feel safe. Safe. I do love you and those three words only have came out once before and I got totally riped apart because of it. I'm trying to put everything out on the table and rip away from any of the nagtive feelings I have towards love and open up let it all go and start new.

Day Wing Jul 2015

We were but broken hearts; hoping to find the pieces in each other's embrace

Jewbarremore May 2016

Heavily Freezing Tornado
Heavenly Furnishing Volcano
The cold dwells
The warmth settles
A Throat Grabbing Storm at night  
A Tsunami hides the light
A toonami a perfect show at night
But when life isn’t symbolic there is no anime  
And the main reason is to symbolize our own life in a way
Trying to fit it in a perfect sentence
While our heart and soul are in a life sentence
While the tornado (is in the body)
The volcano (is in the mind)
And the tsunami (is in the mouth)
Are the residences

ME Apr 2014

two human souls
one unconditional love
few tear drops
one goodbye

Zhen Feb 2015

Waking up in a world,
with a picture of prefect.
Thinking how it should be,
but it's never was.
Putting up a smile,
Making loves one relief.
Telling them a lie to hide,
cause you love them.
The fact is you are just afraid.

Stu Harley Aug 2014

life seems
so unfair
i know
you care
i hear
the sweet sound of
your voice
only because
you sent me
a perfect windsong

jimmy tee Feb 2014

the height of creation by far
the only one thing that required to be constructed
as to birth all the items, actions and facts
that build actuality
which is a mystery to us, but not to itself
so alive, such an incredible life cycle
the ten million degree womb
these furnaces hang
in defeated neon blackness
they boil in wonder

Just Melz Jun 2014

Smooth as silk on soft crimson sheets
Sliding and gliding in unison
Rhythmic hearts beating
Nothing in comparison
The heat splashes in waves
Our minds in a daze
Lost in intertwined bodies
Skin on skin, lips on lips
Tongues soothing like wine
Electricity at our finger tips
Wrapped up and warm
But oh so paralyzed
Lost in the others eyes
Totally hypnotized
Dancing to our own beat
Singing our own erotic tune
Words all spicy and sweet
The ending will come too soon
The beat gets faster, we move as a whole
Locked together as one soul
Sweating, panting, barely able to breathe
Eyes lock, arm tightens
Sensations move as a prefect one
Space around sudden lightens
The dream is finally done

Shea Novac Sep 2014

I'll tell you what you want to know I'm sycophantic romantic
I keep your number in my phone
But named you "do not answer it"

I'm old enough that I should be someone now
That made a point of making it out this town
And arguably I'm better than previously
But starting to hate people that act like me

I'm holding back the urge to focus
Why I prefer my silhouette?
Cos detail paint a prefect picture
One thousand words all say fuck whit

And much like your shoulder we're colder now
Haven't spoke to you in months and it makes me proud
Arguably I'm better than previously
But still a narcissist with out any self esteem

I don't think I
What makes a
Person Decent

You keep your heart
On your sleeve
Darling you're
Barely twenty

An apologee letter to a friend who is much better now.
nyzx Dec 2013

I'm afraid for what's belongs to me
I'm afraid of losing you
I'm afraid you'll be bored with this boring girl
I'm afraid if I'm not the best
I'm afraid if I'm not good enough
I'm afraid if I not more prettier
I'm afraid if I'm not prefect
I'm afraid if I can't stay strong

I just afraid enough . :'/
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