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Kelsey Mar 9
"Don't forget about me" She said.

"I'd forget how to breathe before I forget about you" He replied.
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
People tell me to "Move On"
How can I when I hurt
Then I get told "Forget"
How can I if it hurts me
I lost my greatest love
When I was young I lost my cat, dog, and fish
They told me to move on and forget
I won't forget you
I loved you all
Don't forget anything you care for
Remember but move on from the hurt
Let it build you up
Move on
but don't forget
Bunny Jun 2017
Please remember to
ask the happy people how
they're feeling today.
Dont slate me if i've used the wrong 'to' cos tbh I dont really care cos im not a grammar wizard
Brianna Ki Mar 2017
You've stolen my heart.
It's no longer mine.

Where have you been all of this time..?

As our lives begin to change, I hope our hearts remain the same.

Until our lips can touch,
Please remember that I love you this much.

Distance isn't forever.
But will my soul forget?
For you love,
The answer is, never...
Shawn Callahan Mar 2015
Do not listen to your heart.
Ignore the tumblr quotes.
Child, life is not measured by care.

Decisions are made by balance
Better vs Worst.
Good vs Evil.

Life's questions do not have
right or wrong answers.
Only comprehended responses.

Remember the brush of his skin.
The musky scent buried in his clothes
Don't ' forget the tears.

Feel the hairs of knuckles
across your innocent cheek.
Don't forget the laughs.

Child, listen to me
Reasons to stay and leave will always exist
The out come is yours.

Don't listen to your heart
It will always want to stay.
For once, let your mind decide.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

— The End —