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Spitz Oct 2018
I get it,
you’re lost.
You’re trying to understand
this crazy life,
but you can’t even
understand yourself.
And so you’re terrified,
and worried,
and you don’t want
to let anyone see that.
And even though you hurt me,
I’m here for you,
because I get it.
You feel alone,
you’re not just tired,
you're losing your mind,
and you’re so completely lost.
So I get it.
And even though I’m hurt,
I’m not mad.
You’re amazing,
so it won’t be easy.
Your worth it,
so I won’t give up
if you don’t want me to
because if I gave up
then I wouldn’t be worthy of you.
I think everyone is going to hurt you
at least a little bit,
and I think you’re someone
that is worth suffering for.
So I’m here.
And when you want me,
I will be right here.
I hope that eventually
you’ll be able to see yourself
as I see you.
Armand-DeamoJC Aug 2018
I wonder if death is the pen
in the story of my life
and that life is the paper
like the canvas of an artist
I wonder if the pen burst
or if I have a creative author
I wonder and wish even more
that my paper can just end
and my story can be published
in your library of life
I wish, oh I wish
the paper will befriend the pen
like the beauty tamed the beast
and the sugar of sin held him tight
To my great friend Duncan, I'll miss you buddy. He's grown very sick, with an unknown disease yet, but chances are slim
suze suze Mar 2018
and once again here i am
not knowing what's even flowing through my fingers

          hoping ,
this will soften the things floating around my mind.
Here for me
Pastell dichter Nov 2017
For the broken
For the lost
For the confused

I’m here

For those who need a hand to hold
For those curled up in a ball on the floor
For the scared

I’m here

I will hold your hand
I will help you up
I will stand up for you

I’m here
I’m here for anyone who needs help
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
"I am worried about you"
      "Don't be I'm fine I promise"
"Please just talk to me"
      "I'll text you tomorrow"
"Okay.. I love you"
     "I love you more"
That was the last conversation I had with my best friend before he attempted suicide. He lives across the country and is currently getting help in a mental hospital. If you're thinking about suicide, please stop. Someone cares about you, I promise.
Delta Swingline Jul 2017
She was there.


I'm out with some friends., we find a spot on a hill, I know some of the people, I don't know some of the people.

I'm there having a good time. Trying to make conversation, not seeming like a complete loner loser.

I make due with what social skills I have left.


The fireworks have started, sparks of colour fill the sky and loud exploding noises fill my ears.

It's so dark out.
I watched the sunset not too long ago...

The sounds, the exploding bursts of shimmer and shine.

The fireworks are so vibrant, so alive...
I don't feel scared to die right now...

Maybe I should, but I don't.


I found my car and the parking lot is filled with people trying to get out. I grab a map and sit on the trunk of my car as I wait for an opening.

The night is calm if you don't pay mind to the drivers.
And I don't, I just stare at the map, searching for a way home.


I made it home about 10 minutes ago and I'm not tired yet.
I make myself a cup of hot chocolate and sit at my computer watching episodes of an old sitcom from a time I didn't live in.


I'm here.
Lying in my bed, next to nothing and no one.
It was only hours ago that I didn't feel so scared.
And now I'm here.

She wasn't there was she?
She couldn't have been...
If she was, I couldn't possibly have...

She was there.*

She was.

Our paths just missed each other.
Never crossing.

Just hours ago, I was watching fireworks.

And now I'm here.

Watching the darkness.
Celebrate the sky, light it up.
fika aprilla Oct 2016
Every night, I'm always sleep with a smile
Ready to seeing you in my dream
You just look fine, but you didn't show your smile
Is that signal you broke inside?
I don't know
Trying to cheer you up
And you crying, sob on my shoulder
Glad with you on my caress
Then I close my eyes
Just wanna obsess yours

I know you wasn't real
But I'm waiting
For you and your thoughts.
Emilio Apr 2016
It is when I look at you
or just the memory of you
The universe seems
to have shifted
And I died.
Airisgone Jul 2015
Have you ever felt trapped?
It doesn't need to be literal
That dark suffocating feeling
Like you're being dragged down

You struggle everyday
You cry every night
And it feels like
People are pulling you down even more

Will you give me a chance?
Will you listen to a stranger's advice?
I may not love you
but I know you're amazing

Eventually you'll understand
Giving up now,
Is a waste of time
So, live another day, please?

Should we continue playing?
The game of life
Where the challenge is to survive another day
Until you reach the goal

The goal,
Having a satisfied you
If I'm not giving up on you
Then, you can't give up on yourself
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