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caz Jan 28
(the Japanese art of fixing pottery with gold)

you filled in my cracks, my flaws, my imperfections,

with gold,

so that the scars latticed across my skin shone.

you made me beautiful,

made me perfect,

and deemed me your work of art.

they knew you ripped me apart

sewed me together again and called it mercy

but did not applaud any less

"beautiful scars" they said.

beautiful, yes,

but broken nonetheless.
hello guys! please be nice, this is my first poem on here. hope you guys liked it!
I’m barely alive, been up since five
And I can’t fall asleep
I can’t remember last night, got too high
Now she won’t even talk to me
I know I can’t hide, been trying to run
These thoughts just follow me
Can you save my life and make it right?
Or is it just all of me?
hey, i saw your bio ig bio. im here. im may not be the person you want to hear these from, but please do know that im always someone you can lean on. ill be strong for the both of us
Zack Ripley Feb 2020
I'm not here to tell you why or how.
I'm just here to help you through when life goes POW!
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
This is a reminder
That you need to
Remember always,
If you're thinking
I'll gonna leave
If I got lost
On our path
Always remember
On your mind
I wont go far
I'll be at your back
Your scent
Your love
Our us.
Sometimes we get lost on our same path
But the truth is we'll gonna meet at the future and love again.
Armand-DeamoJC Aug 2018
I wonder if death is the pen
in the story of my life
and that life is the paper
like the canvas of an artist
I wonder if the pen burst
or if I have a creative author
I wonder and wish even more
that my paper can just end
and my story can be published
in your library of life
I wish, oh I wish
the paper will befriend the pen
like the beauty tamed the beast
and the sugar of sin held him tight
To my great friend Duncan, I'll miss you buddy. He's grown very sick, with an unknown disease yet, but chances are slim
suze suze Mar 2018
and once again here i am
not knowing what's even flowing through my fingers

          hoping ,
this will soften the things floating around my mind.
Here for me
Pastell dichter Nov 2017
For the broken
For the lost
For the confused

I’m here

For those who need a hand to hold
For those curled up in a ball on the floor
For the scared

I’m here

I will hold your hand
I will help you up
I will stand up for you

I’m here
I’m here for anyone who needs help
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
"I am worried about you"
      "Don't be I'm fine I promise"
"Please just talk to me"
      "I'll text you tomorrow"
"Okay.. I love you"
     "I love you more"
That was the last conversation I had with my best friend before he attempted suicide. He lives across the country and is currently getting help in a mental hospital. If you're thinking about suicide, please stop. Someone cares about you, I promise.
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