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Ron May 2018
I'm hooked
I'll admit it
The way your eyes light up the room
It makes everything else diminish
I can't look away
I'm captivated
Pauline Morris Nov 2017
When I look in your eyes
I see the agony of a thousand goodbyes
The tears in your cries
I see the sadness of the wise

When I look in your eyes
I see the depth of love, it's no surprise
I see the twinkling of a thousand stars in the skies
I can see the moon rise

When I look in your eyes
I see the seasons turn, Autumn comes, summer dies
I see the death of year's, our slow demise
I agonize

When I look in your eyes
I sadly realize
One day we must part, there'll be no tears, no goodbyes
I'll just look into your eyes

©Pauline Russell
Feliz G Sep 2017
Your song,

Can you hear it?

Your eyes,

A sparkle.

The melody of a twinkling star.

Your smile,

A shine.

The lyric of a moonlit river.

Your hair,

A softness.

The whisper in the wind.

Your song,

Can you hear it?
Oh Chelsea, dear Chelsea, will I be able to make you mine? A rebirth of a heartbreak, is what this is.
Lennox Jones Dec 2014
I saw the Universe—
     flowers opened before the morning Sun.
     The Moon smiled rolling aimlessly
     through the night sky, and the
     Sun cast its own shadow at your feet.

Rivers ran uphill to meet the rain
     while oceans stayed high for longer.
     Trees swayed to windless days.
     Night became day, day became night.

And the clouds, they swirled
     against blue hues that ran forever.
     And I— I stood in awe of
     what I saw when I looked
     in to your eyes.
Clang Nov 2014
From the moment I saw your eyes
I felt something inside
I asked myself Is it possible?
Or I'm just dreaming . .. .

But as I continue watching your eyes
There's the spark I cannot resist
Our connection go stronger
With the way you look me with your eyes
Eyes eyes baby :)
Jen Jo Sep 2014
Can you please lend me your eyes?
Don't be long, I promise.

Please, let me show you what I see in you.
Let me show you [you].
WCA Apr 2014
"I have began to spiral into such uncharted sorrow;
I have began to fall in love with you,
More and more,
Over and over again,
Every night.
And by the light of daylight,
I have come to love you anew.
I have began to fall into your quiet glances,
I have began to fall into your tiredness.
Your late night whispers and your haunting hands.
Yes, I have began to fall in love with you,
In the absence of daylight,
At the dose of your secret eyes."
Yet now your happiness has become a demon,
And I solemnly fear I will never sleep again.

— The End —