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Cool autumn breeze,
Crisp like leaves.
Cinnamon hair,
Skin so fair.
Now I am here,
But you're nowhere near.
If only a tear,
Could bring back you dear.
You crying without a tears,
You laughing without a smile draws on your face,
But still, you saved your friends,
Risking everything just for somebody else sake.
You're hero without a cape for us,
Even tho we never know that you hold everything alone,
Fighting your illness all by yourself.

But now you can take a breathe,
Now you can feel relief,
Its your finish line,
All this time you running without a leg,
Now you have your own wings to fly into a better place up there.

I love you, brother.
Sincerely, moonlight knight sister.
Yes, the owner of this account has passed away, im his sister want to close this acc after i posted this.

Goodbye, thank you so much everyone who likes and read my brother poets.
Zack Ripley Jul 2020
The day you passed away,
I couldn't see the sky.
Too many tears fell from my eyes.
But they weren't tears of grief.
They were tears of relief.
Because even though
I'd never be able to hug you
As you walked through the door,
I knew you weren't in pain anymore.
Shell May 2020
When I'm older and its time
I want you to wake me
Show me your voice I can no longer hear
Your memory will no longer be alive

Though I don't know why
Show me the reason you left
That was more important than me
Show you all that you missed
Thank you for those happy times alive
Soumia Oct 2019
No eyes can see my tears,
no ears can hear me crying,
all I have is you but where have you gone?
morallygray Feb 2019
A field of roses
Where we walked
The sun beaming off your face
Tender and delightful

I visit that same field of roses
Only now it is I who walks them
The sun beaming off my tears drops
In pain and dying

You were my rose
My reason for getting up and walking
My sunshine and light
But now you are my rock, so deep in the ground.
Why do you, with your small hands,
try to carry all these wounds on your back?

It isn’t for anyone’s sake, please don’t push yourself too hard,
Why am I.... while hesitating, i unable to escape?
What I hope is for the sun, the sun to light the way.

Find the way though in this glowing cosmos
our hands can’t quite reach each other,
We depend on only our resounding love,
Because at the end of the path we’ve travelled, we’ll find the light.

You said, “I had a long dream…
It was a very sad dream",
But what I saw wasn’t one bit clouded,
I said,
“It’s okay to cry, because I’ll stay by your side no matter what.”
All I wish is for a hand, a hand to reach up to me

Find the way,
Even without words,
Even without wings to fly on,
As long as we stand our ground in the wind,
Even if we’re the first ones afflicted with this pain.

Giving an answer surely isn’t everything
I’ll be patient, it’s all right, and so you are.

We'll find the light,
You’ll find the way.
For my late best friend, best partner, and best girlfriend ever, who passed away cause of cancer.
I hope you can rest in peace, i hope we can meet again someday.
Yeah, someday maybe..

On a place that we called, "heaven".
I'm here everyday
through so many days and night,
just for you.

I'm here every time
through the second, minutes, hours
just for you.

I'm here for every tears you shed
through every pain you feels,
but you still get along with him.

Now you were here,
with me.
you don't need to be worry,
its safe now.
the pain has gone,
now you will be an angel in heaven.
for My ex Girlfriend who passed away a years ago..
Ron Mar 2018
I can still hear your voice
Even though you've gone away
It brings a tear to my eye
Feels like only yesterday

— The End —