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softcomponent Nov 2017
all those

who lock their gaze

on the study of this world

are the personifications

of confusion, servicing

walls of text to summarize

so you don't

have to.
Ron Feb 2016
Smile love and take a deep breath because this forever just you and me. Holding hands and kissing while laughing is showing all the love we have. Your touch is like a spark. Seeing you smile means the world to me. Dreams are sweet when you are next to me. This is what my life is all about. Just you and me.

Just you and me is all I ever wanted. Our memories float like dreams. Keeping us aloft and above the trees. I don't want to let go of your hand. I feel safe when you are near. You erase the pain and all my fears. Just saying I love you can bring me to tears.

Seeing stars in the sky reminds me of hope. I know this from the look on your face together we'll stay. You kiss me lightly but love me hard. This is something everyone has ever wanted.

Wanting is an understatement. No words can possibly describe. The look thats in your eyes sends a chill down my spine. A shiver of excitement and a shake of anticipation. There is something that I have never felt and it keeps me alive tonight. No matter how far I seem to fall, it seems there is always more depth to this hole. A hole that is never-ending and with feelings like this why would I want it to end

Love is something everyone deserves. Finding it with you was something unplanned but very exciting. At the end of each night being here with you I thank god that I have all I need. I couldn't have anything as important to me as you.

Love is amazing, like a bright and starry night. It can make sadness fall away in tears of joy or anger subside in fits of laughter. Love is the purest emotion that one can feel but the hardest emotion to give up on. Love will build you up and make you strong and make the days easy to take on. It is the strongest four letter word ever created and the hardest one to speak unless you mean it

Hate isn't a thought for you or I. This ring from you is nothing but the symbol. We give love a definition and nothing breaks the bond we will spend a lifetime building. It's just you and me together forever babe.

An eternity together and forever in love. Seems like something from a fairy tale. I will  try my best to keep the bond. I will do my best when it comes to our love

Proving love isn'ty needed when it comes to you. I know from the look in your eyes and the smile on you face this is it. I maybe a very big dork but you are always there with me. This is as real as anything could be

It is so real to both you and me but for some reason it feels like this is a dream. If it is then I never want to wake and if it isn't I hope I never go to sleep. To keep you safe in my arms is something I long to do. To keep you close to my heart is something I can't live with out. Some say its like Romeo and Juliet but who are they to judge? We aren't what others wish us to be. We are just... you and me and together I want us to be...forever and eternity

You would only be crazy to call this a dream. But you always do have your head in the clouds. You say I'm beautiful but I never do think so. We are two peas in a pod like rebels in a small town. They said we would never last but here we are in love as ever.

rebel against the views they hold. Tear down the walls they set before us. We will overcome any obstacle and any failure that may come before us. Even if I have to carry you on my back and bear the burden of their criticism alone. I promise you I will never let you go

You are dear to my heart and I pray I'll never lose you. Arguing with you is the funniest thing ever. I couldn't ever be mad at you no matter what. I can't even think of my life without you and though we are only so young planning a future together is something that will only take a lifetime to do. The only thing I hope I do right is that I make you happy.
*This poem was written as a back forth between myself and an old girlfriend through text messages. I finally took the time to write it all on the computer.
Q Oct 2014
She came into my life like an atom bomb
Annihilating every concept I'd molded.
She left my life like a cough fades
Harsh, but too gradually for me to notice.

He came into my life like the transition of seasons
And I was awed as I watched it happen.
He left my life like a collision of cars
Horrifying, but to quick for a reaction.

She came into my life like the morning sun
And I was awed as I watched it happen.
She's in my life as a ray of hope
Like a sinner's sweet redemption.

He came into my life like a shattered stained-glass window
All edges and cracks and broken beauty.
He fought my grasp with comparisons and words
Until I simply stopped holding and let him be.

She came into my life like a reflection in negative:
Completely me in every sense save color.
She gripped to my life the way I did to hers
Because we understand like no other.

He came into my life like a god to humanity
Ethereal and shocking, a showstopper, a freak.
He left my life like a punch to the gut
Unexpected as it stole the breath from me.

She came into my life like a drop of sour lime
Contaminating the sweets I wanted to savor.
She lingered in my life like a pungent reek
No matter how I try, I can't be rid of her.

He came into my life like sight to the blind.
She left like the stubborn scent of lavender.
He came into my life like a wounded animal.
She left like a shooting stars motion-blur.

I came into life with a whisper and a frown.
I came into life, hands outstretched to ****.
I came into life with all the knowledge I'll posses.
I came into life against my own will.

They come and they go in firework bursts of time.
They affect who I am like the smoke leaving ashes behind.
They come and they go in Kodak flashes of memory.
They affect my growth like acid water to a sapling.

There's beauty in the cloudy glass of lifeless eyes.
There's hideousness in the taught rope of blood ties.
There's peace in the chaos of rampaging thought.
There's madness in the lucidity of a single gun shot.

Life is gifted only to those clueless on how to live it.
Death visits those who know it far too well.
Life is fickle, a trickster without conscience.
Death is decided, a guide to the warmth of Hell.

Humans are wise with the possession of neglected logic.
Humans are wise with the knowledge of priority.
Humans are ignorant in the abundance of prejudice.
Humans are ignorant in the concept of conformity.

We are a small sample of the incorrect way to exist.
We revel and bathe in our wrong and enjoy it.
We are cutoff from what may be an intelligent universe.
The cancer of the galaxies, we are Earth.

Beyond this planet
Beyond this galaxy
Beyond the Andromeda
Is a blissful unity.

This galaxy is an ant under a magnifying glass
And to the galaxy of universes of cosmos
We are an experiment of exponential proportions
Intriguing from a distance and nauseating up close.

Our galaxy is a mobile hanging over a child's cradle
And, ignorant to this, we see ourselves as its center.
Should the child wake and the mobile cease to spin
Earth would end and, unconcerned, we would let her.

We came into Earth like molasses poison
And eroded at everything we found fit to touch.
We leave Earth like a disease cowed by the immune system
Though we are far too numerous to be hurt overmuch.

Zeroing in to see a face in through the violent cold fronts
There is naught but fear and pain to describe us.
Stepping back to see the entirety of this planet's sickness
There is little to see save bags of organs and blood and dust.

There is more than one that sees the futility in twenty-two billion lungs
There are others that know the worthlessness of eleven billion hearts beating
There is more than one that hopes for eleven billion lasts
There are others that see an Earth red and bleeding.

It is no wonder we do not know our own beginning.
It is no accident we are intrigued by our lack of meaning.
It is not unpredicted that we only see as far as our arms can reach.
It is not unbelievable that we cannot excel beyond our means.

Welcome to the void of complication in our simplicity.
Welcome to a glimpse of metaphysical existential reality.
Welcome to an explanation of the current and that far gone.
Welcome to a belief twenty-two stanzas far too long.
Ate a plate of whey, with the weight of the nation
on my shoulder blade, away from any destination
so underpaid, my paychecks archaic
not even a quarter to go to arcades with
it’s outrageous!
misery must be contagious
haven’t seen happy faces in ages
It may just be time to vacate
break out like rosacea to the golden gate
every swig of this whiskey brings me to a bolder state
like Colorado
i weighed my options and hopped in my Silverado
like a desperado full of bravado
with the bottle, feeling tipsy now though
singing in staccato ‘**** an intervention’  
time to get uncertain,
speed full throttle towards the intersection  
laughing and swerving
through the red light cursing
and yelling interjections
with a bottle of bourbon
horns blaring, it’s deafening
my ******* ascending
just struck a deaf person
no ***** giving
i’m out of my mind, livid
get hired and fired in 5 minutes
from any job i was given
i’m tired of living
no one even knew i existed
until i started whizzing through traffic
causing collisions,
now i’m forcing decisions
on residents w/ moral convictions
who’d rather see me oral constricted
then remain mortal in prison
got these ******* endorsing petitions
to have me executed by poison injection
shot, hung, electrified, the above all mentioned
and did i mention-
My backseat looks like a knife convention
there’s an array of switchblades i had since fifth grade’s declension
Sketching art on the desk while serving detention
some kind of wonderful, no eternal reflection
i’m reflecting as i smashed into a connection
and see my reflection in the water
as i’m descending slow motion like deception
my body is in all different positions of flexion
this is met with favorable reception
hear the crowd’s exhilaration
i’m unwilling to indulge in anymore retrospection
just waiting to hear the splash
and waves crash then….
this is my rap song

— The End —