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Milan 6d
it isn't some fairy fiction or a dark verbal snipe,

it is a tribute to an explorer and his atypical psychic hype.

Not long ago, this lost explorer met a new friend,

But he was already scarred, he was afraid to even shake hand,

this new friend of his, was full of ebullience and light,

whereas he was just a desolate soul known as the pall knight,

She wanted to create a bond, forged from love and care,

but he was chained with all the hate and isolation, he had to bear,

she gave him a source of light, she guided him out of this maze,

she annihilated the viscous demons, pacified his obnoxious rage,

its like she was sent for him, to fill his blank page,

to color his dark canvas of life, to end his forlorn stage.

he then felt a warmth in his frozen soul, he felt more alive and restored.

there was no limit to how much grateful he was,

for she freed him from a deception.

there was no limit how tranquil his soul was,

for it was guided to a superior inception.

Then when he was just ready to say hi,

to this new friend, with whom he wanted to fly,

and all these new feelings, he wanted to try,

he ran all the way to her place, he searched for his angel,

instead he found a note that inscribed,

" I'm glad you found yourself, now stay the same until you die,

maybe we'll cross our paths here or maybe in the paradise,

but you will always find me within you, if you try,

take care my friend, for now its a goodbye."
I'm still looking out for her, following my instincts....
Lora Lee Sep 2017
Within the salty swirl of foamy loam
where depths collide with rushing tides
mystical creatures' hearts do roam
their secret desires, they so carefully hide

But one day among crystalline shadows of light
in shades of turquoise and emerald,
two beauties emerge from dark into bright,
and in their meeting a shared destiny heralds.

One with a voluptuous feminine grace,
swaying hips, fullness of ******* and velvet thighs
auburn-haired, with lips made of cherry
and her mellifluous voice her treasured prize.
The other a magical alchemy
of shapely woman and magnificent fish
her violet eyes and iridescent smile
would fulfill Poseidon's deepest wish.
With gemlike scales and long, lithe limbs
a glow lights up her mystic aura
yet behind it a sadness and longing for love
hide behind the coral reef's gentle flora.

Chancing upon each other,
at first hazy shadows
in the blue-green light
the Siren and the Mermaid
started to discover
that they shared a similar plight.

"Are my eyes really seeing what I think?"
breathed the Siren into the salt
"I've never seen a more beautiful creature,
I thought the chances would be nought"
"My name is Nerine," said the Mermaid. "For a sea nymph I truly am
who has roamed the oceans day and night
feeling more empty the harder she swam"
"And I, am Ula," declared the Siren, in a voice like crystals , fine-tuned
"They say that my voice is as clear and smooth as a sapphire
which is why I am called a 'sea jewel.'"
The two embraced and began to talk, speaking of their pasts,
their present and future
and both realized that they wished for spiritual and ****** mates
to mend their hearts that were achingly sutured
"Oh darling," said Ula
"Let us journey to the land of the forests
for surely as they day I was born
we may find our blessing a-waiting us
in the spell of the wondrous Unicorn"

And so a sacred pact was made
as they swore unto each other
that their vigour would not fade
until they found their one-horned lover
and with knowing eyes,
pressed palm to palm
the beauties made their choice
Nerine would give up her tail for legs
and Ula her singing voice

Foreheads together, arms raised in light
their prayer was spun to sky
and suddenly, the two enchantresses
found themselves on land, quite dry

Excited, giggling like nymphets
they jumped and twirled in delight
and set off for the forest green
For their hearts they were ready to fight

I feel their presence first
a Fey being knows another Fey being.
The magic of the Otherworld,
announcing arrival long before seeing.

Into view they came walking along the forest path,
fluid movements hinting at an elemental source.
Chitter-chattering, the same way that finches laugh,
feet strong, steady, never straying from their course.
Two carefree girls, making trails through my Green,
I feel a purpose brooding, so sound out a call.
They stop, gracious, as if surprised to be seen,
whispering these words as on their knees they fall.

“We are Sea-sisters of the ocean,
we are here to follow our notion.
Searching the forest in gentle kind,
for the Unicorn we wish to find”.

Hark! Hear your wild Lord speak,
listen as your mind he frees,
leading you on a fantasy journey,
through valleys and betwixt the trees.
His stories weave a forest dreamscape,
a sylvan land of purest Green,
leading you by a cautious hand,
he'll show you things you've never seen.
Twisted hazel and the mighty oaks,
meadows and glades of sweetest light.
Streams that catch the moons cool rays
and secrets held within the night.
But the Unicorn, a law unto himself,
is one thing this Lord cannot show,
a creature to be sought for alone,
so off through the forest you must go.

Following deer tracks and mystical ways,
strange paths that turn and twist.
Deep into the woods the wanderers stray,
yearning the fabled Unicorn to exist.

Then it happened, inclement weather,
rain soaked the bracken and heather.
So Nerine and Ula, a decision made,
took to shelter in a canopied glade.
The irony was, to them, quite plain,
creatures of the sea hiding from rain.
The forest floor did start to steam,
creating an eerie warm sylvan dream.

And the girls so excited hugged and kissed
as a mighty beast emerged from the mist.
Slowly coalescing and so taking its form,
the raw masculine power of the Unicorn.

I had felt their presence as soon as they touched land,
emerging from the foaming waves, crawling hand in hand.
I heard the echoes on the ether, as they made their Sacrifice,
the resonance throughout feydom as they gladly pay the price.
I knew their wandering had led them a merry crooked dance,
and now they shivered before me, they think as if by chance.
But I am a law unto myself, the Unicorn of the trees,
roaming at will in the forest, showing myself to whom I please.
So these Maidens come from the sea where they were born,
two adventurous girls' brave quest to find the Unicorn.
Nerine and Ula looking awestruck statues in my presence,
rooted to the spot, rigid liked scared and paralysed pheasants.
Their deepest wish fulfilled, they marvel at my existence,
and I in turn marvel at their resilience and raw persistance.
But the Sacrifice means that the sea is no longer home,
tied well to the land, destined now to forever roam.
And what of love, their desires and **** to find a mate?
Well, for Nerine there is no choice, feelings came so late.
Parting from the Forest Lord, latent attraction she had felt,
and knew she would return his way, in his arms to melt.
The Siren Ula was very quiet, looking frightened and forlorn,
her greatest dream had always been to follow the Unicorn.
So now we walk together through glades beneath the Moon,
my primal urge keeps calling for her to sing a tune.

Sacrifice made, quest fulfilled, to her Lord, Nerine has gone.
Ula happily rides me, never once missing her Sirens Song.
And here, for now, is where this story sadly ends,
Nerine and Ula Sacrificed their gifts, forever sister-friends.

© Pagan Paul & Lora Lee (25/09/17)
Thank you, PP, for your time, flexibility and patience! This has been a lovely creative process. The end result was worth waitng for  :)
Raphael Galvan Jun 2017
Once upon a time
A childish boy full of tender and innocence
Loved his father like there was no tomorrow
He had everlasting joy because of his presence
And they played, danced, and sang without a sorrow

Until one day the father left without saying goodbye
And every promise he made became a lie
So the boy was forced to be a man and stood alone
Brave and strong in front but fragile and easily blown

Lost and shattered, he longed for a father
For it was just the boy's lifetime desire
unbeknownst to him, a Light was holding his hand all the time
And that Light mantled him even when he was covered in grime

His desire became a reality
He met the Father of all entity
So the old has gone and the new has come
A little boy no more, for he is Father's son

Then a prayer he made that his father to be saved
For the boy waits for him today so that someday he will be able to say,
"I love you just as He has loved you, Dad. Now and forever."
The end
My Father's Day gift to him and to Him
Pauline Russell Jan 2017
It was a cart once made for shopping
Now lost and long forgoten
It was a cart once silver and shiny
Now old, disgusting and grimy

She found it there in an unused lot
It was exactly what she had sought
In it she placed her worldly belongings
Including her hopes, her dreams, and longings

She took it with her wherever she went
Hours organizing it where spent
Not one thing about that cart was inept
She knew every scrap of paper, and were it was kept
There was room for her clothes, she had very few
Far less than anyone knew
A spot for the table scraps she managed to find
Who knew you could live on less than a dime

But there in the middle you'll find two old tattered tins
Her most prized possessions where tucked safely within

One tin was for the past and things that are no more
With child like eyes, she'd peek in and explore
For both Joy and Sorrow are contained inside
Amongst the Polaroids of life, a lock of child's hair did reside

The other was for her hopes and dreams
They carried her on, when there seemed to be no means
Even when all the dreams eventually explode and collide
Hope will still be standing strong by her side

Her life as it is now, out here on the streets
Was unexpected, not planned...... the memory repeats

A bright sunny day
Soaking up the sun's rays
Both out by their pool
Him sitting at the bar on a stool
But little boys sure do like to giggle
They squirm, and they wiggle

Her out stretched fingers grazed his shirt as he fell
Her screams of anguish no one could quail
As she held his limp body pleading for him to open his eyes
Screaming at the heavens..... WHY.... WHY.... WHY

Now on this block you can find her every day
Pushing that shopping cart as she limps and she sways
Come bare witness to the sad aftermath
One split second, changed a life's path

©Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
With my clothes in tatters, I stomp through the flood
Of demon and villagers body parts and blood

A steady straight line I trudged, my mother witch never taking my demon red eyes off
This was her only time to explain, her one shot

All the while vision flashed before my eyes
I watched my horrific child hood in my vision fly

I seen her hand me over, telling them to brand the symbols, do their worse
She wanted this girl child to hate, to feel that evil, and of all men curse

My mothers plan faild because of one tender hearted man
Who did put a brand a symbol of light, this she couldn't stand

So she cursed me, and with every good deed
The evil sunk in to plant the seeds

By the time the visions are through I was standing it front of her and the knight
Hissing the words through my teeth, "why did you want me on the side of the Evil Ones fight"

I stood there waiting, eyes glowing, teeth wrenching
Hands turning white from the fierce clinching

"My dear child I knew this day would come when the Dark Lord would be banished
And I as the leader would potrol the night with you by my side, oh the wonderful things on you I will lavish"

With that the sphere collapsed in on my kight and ****** out his life
There was a small twinge of pain, I flew at my mother, on was the fight
Killing him should of been my RIGHT

I committed the greatest evil,I wrapped my hands around my mother's neck and laced my fingers
She put up a **** of a fight, but I was younger and stronger in magic and strength, I choked her till no life lingered

And with that horrific evil act, the last brand sunk in to my skin
For it was the symbol of light, since the act was pure evil it was driven in

I was thrown and suspended into mid air
Pure white light shot out of my eyes, mouth and finger tips,raven black was now white hair

Transformation now complete
I gently touched down on my feet

I ran to my love, I flung myself on him
I cried and I tried every spell, I pleaded to the Gods, all of them
All to no end

So I gathered my self now a white headed witch with ink tattooed symbols covering my body
Evil still resides inside me but the light reigns, tho both are embodied

LEANA with a rush of air and a great flap of wings flew down by my side
I climbed upon her, she spirited me back to my woods so I could hide

My knights legend would live on in his deed
And in my **** he had planted his seed

He was now with his son in the netherworld, I'm sure he is watch over me and his daughter
He will see her with the love and magic of a white witch and his bravery she will have I will surly have his greatest
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
While I was dealing with the villagers plight
The knight had his own horrific fight
My spell had helped but my mother was trying to banish the light

Demon warriors surrounded him on every side
But as it looked like he would never reach the Dark Lord and his bone sword in him glide
LEANA now covered in gore no longer white descended and let him take flight

The Back Hearted Witch made it look like she tried to stop the knight
As he jumped from the dragon and impaled the Evil Ones side, which immediately let in the light
It took the Dark Lord out of the fight

I was busy protecting the people caught in the middle of this war that wasn't there own
So I a massive spell at them was thrown

"Mother Earth let your monumental stones ****** from their home
Cover the helpless with a great solid rock dome
So the dragons can't make them a ****** frothy foam"

With that last spell being said
The last evil symbol sank down and embed
Now evil was my curse, I felt a fleeting pain of dread

My skin now smooth and ink filled, all but for one that the sweet gypsy branded for light
With red burning eyes I turned to look at the fight
Demon bodies littered the ground the Evil One had retreated to ****, the only ones standing was my black hearted mother and the brave knight

I looked at my reflection in a pool of blood
I was now beautiful outside, but inside it was more like an evil flood

The dragons dispersed having had their bellies filled
Never realizing the role LEANA had them fulfill
Unknowingly they had bent to great white dragons will

My body was full of an evil rage
I was wanting to **** my knight in his armored cage
But my mother's spell caught me off guard, she was truly more than a wicked mage

She held the knight prisoner in a darkened sphere
Motioning for me to come near
Her sadistic smile said it all, she wanted me to hear
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
It was dusk when we reach the village
It had been plundered and pillaged

The knight asked me to put out the fire
I did knowing another brand on the outside would expire

With every good deed
Planted another wickedly evil seed
And that I sure didn't need

It was now dusk
And the Evil Lord's army was making it's ******
All across the horizon you could see their armor of rust

The villagers scattered
But there was no where to run, the knight screamed "take care of them, that's all that matters"

"No it's not you ****** man
Look at that witch that with the Evil One stands"
I heard her voice in my head "I am the true black Witch of these lands"

Out numbered and out matched
Ten thousand demon warriors were dispatched
When I thought all hope was gone in the sky I happened to glance

It seemed to be on fire
I thought this is the end, our situation dire

To my surprise LEANA had brought all her mighty dragon friends
With excitement I thought this might not be the end
We might even win

The sky was full of the greatest dragons
The land full of wicked dark phantoms
The villagers screaming it was more than they could imagine

And in the midst of it in a surreal moment I heard my loving knight say
"That other witch that's coming our way
Looks just like you" it was true I'd have to say

I had found my mother she was the worst
For placing on me this curse
That worked in reverse

For after this battle I would be just like her, a black hearted witch
From good to bad I would switch

No time for these thoughts
I prayed to Aris "save us from our foe"
Then my attention was turned toward my knight hero

"Let the river of time flow
Let my kight go
Straight to the heart of the matter
Let all of the demons scatter
Let this fight not rage on to long
In the end the hero will sing his victory song"

With this spell cast
I turn my attention to the last
All the villagers huddled in one mass

The dragon's swooped down gobbling up all that could be found
Demon and villagers alike
They where not in this for the fight
They cared nothing of wrong or right

The smell of rancid smoke filled my nose
The crunching of bones filled the air, this is not what I chose
Blood and guts flowed from the sky onto me, covering me in crimson red, I froze
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
As he held me in his warm loving embrace
He so feathery soft and ever so gently let his fingers trace
The new ink mark that use to be a branded scar on my face

He looked bewildered "what is this how did it become tattooed"
I spoke softly still weak "I do not know, I'm confused"
The evil pulsing throughout making my insides feel bruised

"My darling Witch where did the brand go"
I was to scared to tell him where the evil now flowed
I didn't want to tell him it was now inside that thorough my skin it had sunk below

I am beginning to realize what really was the curse
It was going against all I had ever felt it was inversed
And this stirring of evil was so unlike my compassion, it was so much worse

I was starting to see that with more good deeds
The branded evil symbols sunk below and off my soul it feeds
Will his love pull me through will it be all I need

We rested but for a little while, knowing that the Dark Lord was on his way
On this mountainside we could not stay
There was to many tunnels and caves, I could tell from the sun the day was starting to decay

I mounted our skittish dark ride
I sat in front the the knight behind
The rib from the white dragon we tried to hide

The knight had fashioned it into a sharp sword
So it could pierce any armor any flesh, for it was pure evil we where racing toward
I had seen in a vision it was going to be a great wicked horde

I prayed to the *** Itus for protection, what we where facing was immense
Even under me the demons horse it's muscles tense
The look in the knight's eye's was extremely intense

I had to ask why that particular dragon he said "because she is the sister to the dragon of the moon
LEANA slayed the demons in ones sleep, her bones the light consumes
And to the suns light the Dark Lord was not immune"

I looked at him puzzled "but the sun does not shine at night"
He replied "yes dear Witch it does, the moon has no light of it's own it reflects the sun's light
And once stuck in the evil one he can not pull it out, and the bone collects the rays and against it the dark can't fight"

We was now almost off the mountain, we where headed to the flat land
That is where I'm afraid will be our final stand

In the distance we can see a village, black smoke was bellowing like flames where being fanned
We headed towards it a stop unwanted, unplanned
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
A weird vibration coming from the ground
Shakes me from the vision I had found
I glance at the demon's horse, but he is not the reason for the sound

A bright light flashes before my eyes
I turn my attention back to the sky
It had been the sun glittering off the dragon's silver laced wing's, on every up flap rise

She is circling, she had heard my chanting song's plea
It looked like she was going to trust me
And my heart felt chant she would heed

She slowly and softly starts to descend
I tell the knight to keep his sword sheathed, this mighty beautiful creature I would befriend
The air rushed violently around me as her wings she fully extended
LEANA stood now before me, I begain to speak in the tongue of the dragon's so she would full comprehend

I was surprised to see her flowing silver main
And pearly white scales covering her body, and even the tail had the same
They threw off rainbow colors in the sun, and with her silver threaded wings make other dragons look lame

I tell the great dragon of our plight
And that the dark lord we are prepared to fight
But to secure that he will never again walk the world at night

"We need your help we need a part of you
I hope there is a way you can see your way through"
LEANA nodded yes and lifted a few scale plates used her sharp claw to cut her fleash pulled out one rib, I watched as another one in it's place grew

She handed the rib to me as the kight lifted his sword
Was he so ****** my warnings he had ignored
But I caught a flash of movement, it was demons he was racing towards

There was a cave system I had not seen, that's what the vibrations had been
The thousand demons stomping through them
Our future was looking grim

He fought them till he was covered in their blood he did so gallantly
But still a hundred at lest had jumped on the dragon's back and was ripping her apart so savagely
I used the wind and exploded all of them from within blood and guts flew I stood with face flushed, I stood there so angrily

My vision had come true, LEANA was drawing in lifes last breath
Saddness overwhelming me I did the only thing I knew to do, I pulled out the talisman I kept close to my chest
I pressed it hard to her breast

I knew with that single action my life would be cut short
For I had given her part of my life sources
But I had to she had given to much to stop on this earth the evil force

As my spirit flowed into this creature that carried no sin
Another brand with white hot pain sunk in
I could feel the evil sink below the skin

I could feel it course through my vains
The knight rushed over,on my face he seen the pain
And all my color drain

The mighty dragon let out an ear splitting cry
Took to it's wings and disappeared into the sky

I collapsed into the knight's arms
He's eye betraying his growing alarm
I could tell he loved me and was afraid I had came to the demons harm
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
As we laid there in the cool cave, winter far behind
And in the heat of the day this coolness was hard to find
I was starting to see this knight as one of a kind

I just had to ask, "What about your wife"
He gave me a look of sadness and grief, that cut like a knife

"She had died giving birth
My son was the only one I had left on this earth
With his death my life has no worth"

He stretched out his hand and stroked my ravin hair
A look come over his face like he didn't have a care
"Please my beautiful witch come here"

He pulled me closer, I put my hands on his chest
I made a feeble attempt to push away, but his hand was now on my breast
And he started to caress

He took off my cowl and kissed every inch
At every brand and scar I would flinch
We made love to the song of a finch

He was so gentle so kind
I rested my head it on his chest I could hear his heart beat, he said it was mine
We slept tangled up with each other until it was time

We awoke just before sunset, I picked some roots and berries
And pack some for us to carry
I smiled as I thought of how his chest was so hairy

As we set down to eat
I knew there was more to his feat
Than just steeling that horse
So more questions I had of course

I just had to ask "what is it you plan to do with this black creature
With it's dark seeded nature
Being it's greatest feature"

So he explained what it was that he did need
The horse's great speed
Because on top of that steed

He could chase down the white dragon LEANA to catch it
The part he was trying to omit
Was killing that wonderful creature, he thought it was only way, he finally had to admit

"What do you need so badly from this great dragon, it's gold?"
I stomped over to him my finger poking he's breastplate "are you really that cold"
He backed up violently shaking his head no

"What I need is one of her rib bones
It's part of a legend that is unknown"

"With it I can fashion a sword
That will imprison the dark lord"

"With it lodged in his side
He can never again come outside
In he's fiery **** hole he'll have to hide"

I sat down and cried

There has to be another way
than killing such a wondrous creature
There has to be another procedure
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