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AditiBoo Aug 23
Well... how inconvenient is it
That apparently I seem to give a ****
As you steal my attention bit by bit

There was a moment where we made a pause
Found solace in arms of others who we chose
Lost interest as they all became a lost cause we are again
Trying not to get kicked out of heaven
Unsure whether our souls have gone to Satan

You are my illogical reason  
The ubiquitous companion
The unattainable destination

It's the final point of a tennis match
A back and forth for all to watch
The airborne baseball we're both trying to catch

It's the question you refuse to answer
The commitment we avoid forever
A fear that divides us to conquer

Slowly but surely it corrodes my heart
Overplays in my mind and tears me apart
Blurs my principles and bringing me back to restart

It exhausts me to love what I am bound to lose
To be defined by what I no longer choose
To be overwhelmed by so many cryptic clues

So time reminds me that I have to love me
Since you only make me temporarily happy
As you keep disappearing so consistently
Ron Feb 2016
Smile love and take a deep breath because this forever just you and me. Holding hands and kissing while laughing is showing all the love we have. Your touch is like a spark. Seeing you smile means the world to me. Dreams are sweet when you are next to me. This is what my life is all about. Just you and me.

Just you and me is all I ever wanted. Our memories float like dreams. Keeping us aloft and above the trees. I don't want to let go of your hand. I feel safe when you are near. You erase the pain and all my fears. Just saying I love you can bring me to tears.

Seeing stars in the sky reminds me of hope. I know this from the look on your face together we'll stay. You kiss me lightly but love me hard. This is something everyone has ever wanted.

Wanting is an understatement. No words can possibly describe. The look thats in your eyes sends a chill down my spine. A shiver of excitement and a shake of anticipation. There is something that I have never felt and it keeps me alive tonight. No matter how far I seem to fall, it seems there is always more depth to this hole. A hole that is never-ending and with feelings like this why would I want it to end

Love is something everyone deserves. Finding it with you was something unplanned but very exciting. At the end of each night being here with you I thank god that I have all I need. I couldn't have anything as important to me as you.

Love is amazing, like a bright and starry night. It can make sadness fall away in tears of joy or anger subside in fits of laughter. Love is the purest emotion that one can feel but the hardest emotion to give up on. Love will build you up and make you strong and make the days easy to take on. It is the strongest four letter word ever created and the hardest one to speak unless you mean it

Hate isn't a thought for you or I. This ring from you is nothing but the symbol. We give love a definition and nothing breaks the bond we will spend a lifetime building. It's just you and me together forever babe.

An eternity together and forever in love. Seems like something from a fairy tale. I will  try my best to keep the bond. I will do my best when it comes to our love

Proving love isn'ty needed when it comes to you. I know from the look in your eyes and the smile on you face this is it. I maybe a very big dork but you are always there with me. This is as real as anything could be

It is so real to both you and me but for some reason it feels like this is a dream. If it is then I never want to wake and if it isn't I hope I never go to sleep. To keep you safe in my arms is something I long to do. To keep you close to my heart is something I can't live with out. Some say its like Romeo and Juliet but who are they to judge? We aren't what others wish us to be. We are just... you and me and together I want us to be...forever and eternity

You would only be crazy to call this a dream. But you always do have your head in the clouds. You say I'm beautiful but I never do think so. We are two peas in a pod like rebels in a small town. They said we would never last but here we are in love as ever.

rebel against the views they hold. Tear down the walls they set before us. We will overcome any obstacle and any failure that may come before us. Even if I have to carry you on my back and bear the burden of their criticism alone. I promise you I will never let you go

You are dear to my heart and I pray I'll never lose you. Arguing with you is the funniest thing ever. I couldn't ever be mad at you no matter what. I can't even think of my life without you and though we are only so young planning a future together is something that will only take a lifetime to do. The only thing I hope I do right is that I make you happy.
*This poem was written as a back forth between myself and an old girlfriend through text messages. I finally took the time to write it all on the computer.
Erika Castaldo Dec 2015
I sit and swing
Back and forth, Back and forth
as I hear the screaming of my sister
playing in my head all over again.

I hear the sound of
her bones breaking as his
foot connects with her leg.

Back and forth, Back and forth.

I hear his tone change
from violent to pained
as he apologizes and tells her
he loves her.

Back and forth, Back and forth.

I hear her beg for forgiveness
and promise him that she
will never try and leave him again.

Back and forth, Back and forth.

I push with more force
as I see the images in my mind.

Back and forth, Back and forth.
I see her and my niece
coming to dinner with bruises
they had tried to hide.

Back and forth, back and forth.

I see him glare at her
and put his hand on her shoulder
to pull her back
whenever she tries to speak
to another man.

Back and forth, Back and forth.

I see her in the hospital bed,
countless tubes and wires coming out of her
trying to keep her alive.

Back and forth, Back and forth.

I sit and swing
Back and forth, Back and forth
and stare at the sea of black down the hill.
the only color comes from a bouquet of wet
flowers on the fresh grave.

Back and forth, back and forth.

— The End —