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the politics of stupid
where hate and fear rule
 Mar 2016 Ron
Olufunke Kolapo
I am acting the part
As stated in life's script
I'm acting my part
Smiling and keeping on
So the others
Can act their parts
Of lingering not and moving on

I drop my part
And shelf the mask
When I'm alone
I drop my part
And hang the armour
When the honest me
Takes over the weary me

Then, I drop the act
And hopefully pray
That I don't loose myself
In between the parts
 Mar 2016 Ron
Free Bird
 Mar 2016 Ron
Free Bird
Close your eyes
count backwards from fifty
Asleep you shall fall
Surely, but swiftly

If that doesn't work
It's okay, don't despair
Count imaginary sheep
As they leap through the air

You need to catch some z's
Your body is tired
Ignore the mere fact
That your mind is so wired

Oxygenate your cells
Don't worry, just breathe
Feeling relaxed yet?
Soon you'll drift to the land of dream

What's that? You're still up?
Perhaps you're just parched
Grab a quick glass of water
Then back to bed you shall march

As long as you're up
Might as well make a snack
Digestion should wear you
As the food makes way through your tract

You've wasted enough time
Now back to your slumber
Collapse onto the mattress
Slide under the covers

Each day you face your demons
Though at times it feels you're not winning
Inhale, exhale slowly
Now let's start again from the beginning
 Mar 2016 Ron
Free Bird
No words do this just
It shall remain underwritten
But to sum it all up;
Darling, I'm smitten
Inspired by this lovely holiday.

— The End —