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lost in a huge rock cavern
the sun is blocked out and
the wind whistles through cracks in the wall

but here's a flower
that shouldn't be here
growing in a place
it doesn't belong.

see how it flourishes.
periwinkle Sep 27
a field of daisies
swaying in the breeze
the sun's light gently threading through the grass
as she dances through the warm air.
periwinkle Sep 23
warm yellow light
shining through cracks in the ceiling
laying on the floor among the daisies
and breathing in the cool night air.
periwinkle Sep 19
your light is like a flower:
you give and you give your beauty
and the more you give, the brighter you get
and the more beautiful your soul becomes.
periwinkle Sep 16
there's something so wistful about a daffodil--
and yet content.
periwinkle Sep 15
i'll go anywhere with you, love,
just keep a hold on my hand and our bouquet of marigolds
periwinkle Sep 14
a daffodil for your smile, my love,
a daisy for your laugh
a begonia for every embrace
and a sunflower for each day with you.
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