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Jessica B Apr 19
You don’t have to be perfect.
Character is what makes it the most beautiful. 💛
Jessica B Apr 16
You can’t truly understand the world,
until you’ve seen it.
Jessica B Apr 3
Only emotions could create it.
I guess that can describe it.
Authentic in the slightest.
That mystery expression?
Yah, I’ve seen it before.
It can strip away all what ego stands for. Leaving only to see Beauty in its highest.
Artistry at its finest.
I guess that can describe it.

The artist turns away leaving all of his treasures behind him. Wandering the world with an open change that is no longer feared or beside him. 🖤
Jessica B Feb 22
I’m learning, if I’m learning.
That the world is a much better place if I see it that way.
To learn ones very existence.
Ones very meaning.
The one soul,
as we start from the beginning.
Who we are together.
As one we are.
The very life and purpose of this world; connecting.
How one affects the other,
As one action creates another.
And the stars stay silent.
as we are one.
Jessica B Jan 28
I know what it’s like.
I’ve felt it.
Love in its purest form.
Jessica B Jan 27
I will never forget him.
Painted in my mind.
Our story was written in permanent ink.
His soul left a mark on mine.
Showed me what love is
And what it could be.

I never believed; in a love this deep.

I will never forget him.
True love,
I did grieve.
Jessica B Jan 27
The freedom to love
and to be loved
is love. ♥
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