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Jessica B Feb 4
I feel like I fit there,

That place in time.

Jessica B Jan 15

Love just changes

Like Time
Jessica B Jan 3
We learn that one day,

you speak into existence.
Jessica B Nov 2020
“You sweep the stars unwittingly”....
Searching for your place in this world.
Jessica B Oct 2020
You see the world differently .
Through the eyes of the sunflowers and the stars In the sky.
Your spirit sparkles with light and kindness, Shining for those around you.
And I thank the lord there’s people out there like you.
Jessica B Oct 2020
Take me there.
Take me To the place where you get lost.
Lost in your thoughts of love and reason.
Take me to the place where you surrender to freedom.
That part of you that No one else belongs to.
I’d like to see that beautiful place of loneliness;
where the spirit flys freely.
And magic exists.
Take me there.
Jessica B Oct 2020
I see you.
I feel you staring.
Getting lost in that familiar feeling.

I can hear the distant whispers of the universe;
Understanding its confessions.
I had never been in love.

I see you.
I feel you staring.
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