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Jessica B Feb 8
I am content with every move that I make
I can float as high as the universe controls me
Even gravity couldnt hold me down
I float Higher than the brightest sky’s could even see it’s own shadows
And then i fall like the rain as it hits my windshield
I’m content
I’m content with this motionless feeling
Jessica B Feb 2
For now I will let you go
I still feel you
I always will
But this is me
And it is time
For i will Kiss you goodbye
For every nights sky has its last star
Jessica B Jan 22
This color is primary
Solid and definite
It’s an original piece of art
Created from the beginning of time
It belongs to the rainbows and indefinite skys
And it shines within the oceans and paints the days with it’s reflection
its the best I can describe
There are a few of us that possess this color
As it lives within our eyes
This color is primary,
Definite and never forgotten
Jessica B Jan 13
You are not the love of my life,
You are the life of my love ❤️
Jessica B Jan 13
Knowing what something is,
Is not the same as knowing how something feels. ❤️
Jessica B Jan 11
Words are powerful
Words can change the mind
Words can express
Words can communicate
They portray real emotion, meaning
Words can inspire
They sing and dance
Words could detonate within these intrigued minds of ours
Words are creative, free flowing
Words could change your life
Change the world
They travel
To every inch of our universe
words are powerful
Jessica B Jan 10
Our souls were open when we first met
That’s how I knew every color of light inside you
Every part of your truest self
The most beautiful and creative parts
Then You turn around and show me your human
That egotistical human
That blind and pretentious human
Where’s that soul of yours?
That beautiful spirit I once knew
Let me know when you’d like to meet again ❤️
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