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Jessica B Sep 6
It was nothing but peace and ease in their minds.
A Comfort in their spirits with a light that dances through us..
like a symphony….

Each story written in a poetic unison;
liberating our musical spirits.
The earth turns again,
with every breath that We take.
And The music turns again,  
With every record we put on play,
Dancing through us..
Like a symphony.…
Jessica B Aug 18
We are a Direct Reflection of the

Fallen stars of the collective.

We are the past,
the present,
and the future.

For There is no time where we come from.

Who’s to say…
That Time means nothing without limits.  No purpose, nor value,
no meaning behind it’s existence.

What is time if not wasted,  
As we measure each & every limitation.    

Time is a gift..

A gift given
To the stars…

The stars of the collective.
Jessica B Aug 11
And she looked over….
Over from the stars.  
Eyes brighter than the sky,

And whispered,  
“I see God in you.”
Jessica B Aug 7
For There is more than what meets the eye✨

To see further than the average….
More than the ignorant…
yet, humble enough to recognize that perfectionism can not be possible in this world.

It’s just….
that light….
that beautiful,
enticing light I feel most attracted to….

Like the wings of a night moth…
As it radiates towards what is familiar.

And yet…

I see the underestimating…
I recognize their energy,
their dark spirit,
Their shadows….
…that linger in the corner
of the enemy’s eye.
Jessica B May 3
….It was a maze of Beauty and Madness.
Each thought painted with a different color; a different image.
A different kind of Magic.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.

But you see…
Red was never really her color,  
and neither was blue.
Why couldn’t the Violets be violet, and the Roses be too.
F* it.
Let’s paint them yellow and green, orange and pink, even black and white too.

And so….
She left them all blank….
Waiting for the sky to turn green and the grass to turn blue.
Jessica B Feb 22
As more than one person in this world, carries that same crazy as you do.
Crazy is a reflection of what we see in one another.
Crazy is nothing more than the perception of the perceiving.
Our darkest selves in the face of the other.
Co-existing with our brightest lights.
As we Try to balance it out just right.
That Beautiful, emotional, cunning Crazy.
Crazy is our indifference.
Crazy is our same.
Crazy is You
Crazy is Me
Jessica B Dec 2021
Your Darkness doesn’t like my Light
Bc it gets too close to your own.
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