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Akshay 6d
These words are for me,
For I'm the one who's hurting,
I'm just healing myself.
I often wonder why we can't understand other's poems sometimes, but deep down it is the one who writes it knows the value of it.
Akshay 7d
Something's burning,
A deep desire is lurking,
to be in these thoughts
it's daunting.
mind is a sick place. I need to learn to control it.
Akshay Aug 26
Am I needed here, on this planet?
I question myself this every morning, every night.
I then see my mom and dad, their silly jokes and big smiles,
my sister on a call missing out on all of this fun, saying how badly she wants to join us, and I think to myself,
Why am I sad? Is it because I'm mad, or me just being paranoid on things that are bad,
I feel depressed. Am I depressed?
I don't get it, it's too complicated. It's confusing.
It's noisy, then it's all silent.
Its okay. It is going to be alright.

I'm gonna be worth it.
Akshay May 2018
I wish I could turn back the time,
When she wasn't in my life,
Take me there right now,
I wanna change how you've been found,
Lately I've been feeling this, changing on my hit list,.
I only know how to somber now,
My life I've been ******* around,
Dealing with the same ****, everyday I take some more hit,
It's hard as ****, too much but I can't quit,
Still I wanna tell you this, you're the only one I miss,
Having you beside me to kiss,
I only pray for this.
I wish there things that would make it easier for me to forget her
Akshay May 2018
I'm too hung up on you ,
I don't know what it takes, to make, you feel the same way,
All I wish is you would stay,
Could you wait, baby I want you to wait,
A little longer tonight, it's alright,
The night is just right, for you to just stay
I'll never let you go away, if you wake, right beside my head,
I promise you this, I'll never let you miss what happiness is, I'm just asking you to stay, so lay, right beside my head,
We'll look up in the sky, the night is so bright,
Moonlight makes it so shine,
I wanna see that smile that you hide,
Open up its okay,
It won't hurt to just stay, a little bit longer tonight,
So baby just stay, let your love guide you your way,
And if you're scared, take my hand, I'll show you the way,
If only you could stay, if only you could stay.
Writing can heal your soul? If it's true I wanna be saved.
Akshay Feb 2018
Are you still a friend?
Are you still a friend
Are you still a frien
Are you still a frie
Are you still a fri
Are you still a fr
Are you still a f
Are you still a
Are you still
Are you stil
Are you sti
Are you st
Are you s
Are you.
Not even friends she thinks
Akshay Feb 2018
She is a diamond, worth more than a soul,

She is a spirit, heart pure as gold,

A lesson, that she’s honest but it’s sold,

A hold, you belief once will come to life,

A time, which you hope will never come to an end,

She’s something, a force you cannot control,

The power of which you will never be sure,

She could be gone, you know you could never hold

What is she, a heart breaker or healer, God only knows,

But she’s amazing and always will be a purest form of love

which could ever be born and never gets old.

But now it’s over, you did what you could,

it’ll remain in your history, the times you never told,

Shes an angel born only for lucky souls.
This came out just after I told her how I felt about her, I'm writing this openly in a belief that it would heal my pain. Bit by bit, I try to heal.
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