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  Apr 2021 Akshay
Grace E
I traced the texture of your words
Like my heart was blind
And your voice was braille
Akshay Nov 2020
Thank you,
Your presence from the very beginning in my life was beautiful.
Thank you,
Your words from the very beginning to me were amazing.
Thank you,
Your laugh was always the best thing to hear.
Thank you,
Your courage taught me things that I always aspired to learn.
Thank you,
Your attitude towards different things was one of the best things about you.
Thank you,
I know you should get going but please do visit again.
Akshay Oct 2020
You COULD've existed in me instead.
Oh sweet you.
Akshay Jul 2020
You wouldn't know,
How much love I'm holding in my heart for you,
And I'll never show,
Cause I know I'm not made for you,
Though when I feel alone,
It's only you that I want to turn to.
You've gotta let them go.
Akshay May 2020
Is it my heart, or is it my mind?
I know you're not mine,
But it still wants to fight,
Clouded thoughts,
Which gather in my head,
They block me from choosing,
From what's wrong and what's right.
There isn't a tiny bit of hope.
Akshay May 2020
Why do we live
If not for love
Why do we give
If not for love
Why do we dream
When we're in love
Why don't you leave
If you no longer love
Akshay Apr 2020
Hiding the truth
I drift away,
Holding my soul
Keeping me distant,
Same old reason
Please be gone,
I can't move on.
Hit another dead end
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