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Upon my waking hours,
I become a wildflower.

Slowly as my eyes open,
the mist clears, the fog
roll’s me over the hills
in my mind.

As the sun reveals her
glowing smile, dreams
fade into the darkness
as reality lights the world
bringing life to the shadows.

I am slowly aware of my freedom,
it’s like an itch burning to be

I am fully bloomed.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
I suffer from chronic illnesses,
it's a lonely path sometimes.

No one can see my pain,
it's like a bent shadow of myself.

Avoid of empathy, compassion
and vice, pain doesn't care about
your life, or your plans.

Pain separates us by it's great
chasm between nerve endings
and it's laboured breathe.

Like a thread, pain vibrates
from one end to another
with little resistance.

It comes uninvited for
pain is no one's friend.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
Oh such sorrow upon mornings
break soaks my pillow with
tears of grief.

Darkness vails what I
seek but patients and
company of others softens
the shadows and brings the
light of hope.

My mind wonder’s upon
the possibilities of release
from this doomed existence
that can be so bleak.

It is of heavenly design,
and faith.

To grieve is to know love,
to be released by emotional
stress, its to be freed from
the minds caged thoughts,
seeking meaning.

Ode to grief an unwanted
friend to many.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
Oh the seeds we sew,
upon the rows of grain
we weep, hydrating the
life we’ve lived.

Life’s a beach of many
possibilities, each piece
of sand is a possibility
waiting to be harvested.

Our experiences beat upon
the shores, colliding with
ideas and opportunities.

As we dream of higher pastures,
our future waits for us to wake.

Dream no longer, for the future
is ahead always moving forward
pushed by the ever expansion of

We are the idea of what is possible.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
We need imperfections to
grow stronger and smarter.

Mistakes are good if
we learn from them.

God teaches us how to prosper
by making imperfect life forms.

To prosper you need love
for love is prosperity
and success.

God is love.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
Wounds heal but scars
are left behind.

It’s up to you if you let
the scars define who you are.

I see scars as being tattoo
of our struggles and survival.

I am proud of my scars.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
We all are bound to circumstance,
a reminder that time is always
moving forward.

The sun always rises,
the moon too as the
tide’s reflect their

A flower will bloom,
if hydrated and fed.
But never fails to impress.

Life is a constant struggle,
it’s being pushed around by
circumstances, and karma.

The climate in which we create
from our personal experiences
is like a body of water,
it started out as a small
stream grew into a river,
a lake is formed and then
an ocean that leads to
the Sea.

Be a brave dew drop,
for you are a ripple
in time. You cause
hurricanes of change.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
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