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Upon the rising steam
carries my allergies,
relieving my lungs
from the sticky junk.

Breathing killed my
passion for running,
stealing my energy like
a vampire steals blood
from the living.

Asthmatic I am,
I suffer because I am
allergic to the breath
of life.

The air outside attacks
me with no remorse or
thoughts of my life.

Asthma is a deadly disease,
it steals my breath and
chokes me when I least
expect it to strike.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
You are a thorn in my side,
a bruise that never heals,
you are a knife stabbing
me in the back after you
already attached.

You are a rock in my bag,
a piece of dirt in my sandwich,
you are a virus to my sinuses
and you never supported
my feelings, instead you
turned it into your personal

You cause me anxiety
and stress until my
blood pressure rises
through the roof.

You don’t care about my pain
or the suffering you claim.

You push me away
with your sensory games,
you never bring peace and quiet,
instead you turn up the volume
causing me to seizure and

I’ve given you chance after chance,
yet you never change your attack’s
or your directional haze.

You keep playing your evil games,
you don’t care about setting
the table, or cleaning your place.

You make a mess of your life
causing me to suffer too.

I will forever be a puppet
to you, you pull on my strings
like a **** pulling the trigger.
I see your face upon the leafs
that Autumn blows.
So far away but so close you are.

My darling, my love,
upon the seasons change
your heart and soul fly’s to me,
from shore to shore
our loves embrace never
releases us from its fall.

As I wait within my windows panel
of winter’s chill a reminder
of your warmth and tender touches,
I will be here still.

Oh how I long for your
winters hug and Autumn kiss.
It’s such bliss.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
Our shadows rest under
the trees as our memories
soak within its roots.

Love knew where to find
us, it found us when
we needed it the most.

Like the seasons it
changes it grows, it
hydrates our lives.

When its roses weather
and droop, instead of
dying it morphed into
you and I for our love
soaked into the roots.

Forevermore you and I,
like the roots of a tree
it digs deeper to survive.

Love and life together

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
“To be conscious is to be
dust in the wind,
time never forgets you
it’s you that forgets you
are forever part of its change.”


The mind is a very fragile thing,
if you beat it, it runs,
if you treat it with love, it grows.

There’s a fine line between
sanity and the shore’s of reality.

We are all living in our
own simulation
of our minds creation.

What is continuances but
a concept of a common concept?
Continuing forever…

You are judged for not being
common, for being different,
for not living up to everyone else’s common sense.

Stability is a strong foundation
not a certain type of thing,
for stronger doesn’t mean
common or normal.
Sometimes it’s the odd ones that win,
sometimes it’s the freaks
that gain from being abnormal.

I use to believe
I will never be anything,
until I started to realize
it doesn’t matter what
everyone else thinks,
I am in control of my own
destination and with faith
I win everything I ever imagined.

To see there’s more to life than
my mind is to understand
it’s meaning and it’s destination
changes for me as long as
I allow it to.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
Upon the first beating breath
of the universe we expanded
into a blooming existence.

Forever was never included
in the first beating minutes
of our lives, we suffer for it.

We learn how to live
with it, acceptance is
the lesson.

We learn to become a shadow
of our fears, death follows
behind our footsteps and
awareness frightens us as
a reminder.

Aww, the suffering of consciousness
is that like a cool breeze,
it reminds us of our status
in life and age.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
How can you breathe if life
tries to smother you?

Well, I breathe deeper
and slower, I learned
how to hold my breath longer,
I don’t panic at the disco,
I keep calm and collected.

Life is beautiful and fragile,
like a porcelain heart
its known to creak and
fall apart. But if you use
the best glues and thread
your life can be brilliant
and strong.

Mind you your no Superman
or some superhuman, but
you can be anything you
want to be.

The only thing holding you
back is your heavy self-esteem,
letting go of regret and
learning from it instead,
that is what will pave
your path to success.

Don’t let life smother
you, you jump higher,
you build your own wings,
you train yourself to
be better, you smother
the fire that burns
your bridge’s before
they collapse under pressure.

Fight for survival
be the best you can be.

You want to travel the world?
All you need is a plane ticket
and your things, make friends
and work hard, don’t forget
your destination.

Life’s a bucket of water,
it’s always running over
or running out, building a
motte might work better.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
This poem is for everyone who is dealing with struggles.
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