How does one see past the murky

I am gasping for air
as you watch me struggle,
I can sense you are there
seated upon the shore.

You push me under before I have
time to grab another mouth
full of air.

As I come up again
you are relentless you
make it harder for me to
climb ashore.

My heart is laying beneath
your feet, you have left
it bruised and beat.

I will never win against your
sin, you are blinded by your
mind’s broken eyes.

You accused me of nonsense
with no fairness, you don’t
give me a chance.

You judge me,
you damaged me,
you push me until
I lose everything I hold dear.

You don’t care,
you don’t see the love
I have only for you,
I haven’t left you,
I haven’t hurt you,
you still don’t care.

There is nothing I can say or do
to open your eyes, that’s up to you.

I will be here setting in my tear’s,
remembering the good times we had.

Like a dream our love faded away
upon your lack of measure it slipped
from my lips.

All you did was watch me scream,
I LOVE YOU! While I died underneath
your blind eyes.


How does one see past the murky waters?

I hope this is but a dream.

© 2081 By Amanda Shelton
Heavy lungs,
lifting, shaking, quivering
with every inhale I take.

My lungs are tight,
painful and week but still
I try to breathe.

It's like breathing through
a very small straw
that closes ones it opens for
an intake of full air,
I am half way there.

This is not fair,
it's worse than breathing smoggy air.
If you have asthma
you know what I mean.

I am breaking like a deep diver gasping for air.

I am breathing like a fish out of water;
I am gasping, gulping for air.

Who knew breathing would be such
a labor of love and care?

Asthma steals my breath
everytime I take an inhale and exhale
of precious life giving air.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
He whom we call Lord
cultivates and hydrates the possibilities we crave.

He is the Gardner of our lives,
always watching and protecting
our future.

He is our cultivator and
friend, he gives us provision
and guidance through this
sinful life we are rooted in.

*** gives blessings and peace
to those who welcome him
into their lives. So welcome him
with open arms and mind's.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
In between the beams of light
grow the roses. With reaching
limbs like arms stretching
too the sky, and roots
dig deeply seaking hydration
and nutrients in the earth.

We are like the roses,
we grow in between the beams
of ***’s light, we search the earth
for hydration and nutrients.

We are child like under
***’s grace and mercy.

Such divine intervention as
is the light *** shines
through the smoke and
smog we produce and design.
Sometimes we are blinded
by our smoke and smog,
until we have time to
open our eyes.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
I never feel lonely,
but I do feel neglected when
someone who says they have
support for me but doesn't give it.

People can be cruel,
selfish, and crude.
I chose happiness with ***
over a dishonest fool who
follows the devil's rules.

What happens when your
partner goes silent?
what happens when your
love of your life quites

I find it dishonest when someone
says they want to do but doesn't
follow through.

My heart is shattered
because my love decided to
sin over and over again,
even though I have suffered through
pain while he moved like a ninja
doing bad things.

I am exhausted from fighting,
I am exhausted from holding up
his weak structure.

My love, he doesn't trust in ***,
he doesn't come to me and
help me hold up the structure
we're supposed to build together.

I am very sad to say,
I had to let him go
I had to take time away,
so I can heal and he.

I am hurting deep inside,
my heart feels bruised and

I am here praying for his well being.

Hopefully he lets go and
allow *** to bless him.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
It's quite and calm
when the lights go out.

Burning candles in the
night for the electricity
shut down in the
middle of the night.

We don't realize how much
we depend on modern
technology until it collapsed
unto society causing silence
through out the land.

Some will cry for help,
others will be helping,
the few will survive on leftover
fuel supplies.

No internet,
No lightbulbs burning in their
sockets, no refrigerator to keep
food from spoiling.

What would happen if the world
was to plunge into darkness?
We burned all of our reserve's
we used every ounce of oil?
We burned the last candle?

Science says everything runs out of
gas eventually, just as we age our
bodies decay so does the earth.

Without power we'd have to start from scratch, preserve what is left
before we have nothing.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
Love aww, what beauty
blossoms upon it’s roots,
fragile but still blooms.

Such thing as love,
a passion like no other.

A phantom in the night
stealing kisses from
your dreams,

A soft touch
a shiver of passion
shimmy down your spine.
A reminder of our last
randavu, a dreamy lover
you are mine.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
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