You stole my heart
as well as my security deposit.

You grew your lies upon
my womanly intuition
as it grew like bonfires
lighting up the sky.

I knew by looking in your eyes,
you are drowning in your stories
of disguise, (You are not a spy).

You might try to hide
but you are like a cat,
everyone can see your
wiggling butt.

I know a thief when I see one.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
Thou ar’t sick love,
beating, bleeding, and bruised
you lose but gain; all the same.

Like the dying rose,
you were picked for
my amusement.

You are my cure,
my blooming inspiration,
you consumed my whimpering
dreams, with your waves of

You brought doom to my door,
a heavy knock reminding me
you are still here beside me.

Sadly you are sick (my love),
you leave me with your
infections and scares,
you managed to sit beside me
capturing my heart with your
spiders web of luring gloom,
with soft touches of blooming

Sick love made its home
within the chambers of my life,
it left its mark forever
upon my heart.

Sick love looms over my head
blocking the sun from burning
my heart, once again.

Sweet love, oh how I miss your
touches and kiss.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton
Be bold & brave, for life is too short to be afraid. © 2018 By Amanda Shelton
Shut out the light,
I don’t wish you to see
the emptiness that devours me,
all I truly want you to see
is you (are important to me).

I claim my life
with respect for its gift
but I never wanted to except
its strife until I realized,
I have no choice.

Love choose me,
I never choose
its purpose and direction
(logic is what I use to seek
until I met you).

Upon the wings of swooping
love, its cumbersome and heavy,
not for negative reasons
but because of its
emotional breath
of its life giving purpose.

Emotions can seem heavy
because of what it causes,
love has many purposes
and feelings because
of its emotional connection.

When love is my purpose
you become my purpose
because I love you.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
God is good, God is great
for he made chocolate cake.

I pray upon my knees
deeply and passionately,
I bow my head in great respect,
I put my garbage out for
God to collect.

He's my rock to my foundation,
he gave me strength and
understanding so I can
build upon his rock.

I am grateful,
I am humble,
I am proud to be
a child of God.

© By Amanda D Shelton
That lifeless thing the living fear!

Death introduced himself
as a friend.
W­hispers through the night,
shadows dance with delight
and gay merriment,
as darkness divides the light,
bent over a poor soul.

Broken, lost,
but never forgotten.

Life once was brooding and golly,
now gray and decayed,
popping at the seems (frayed).

Death introduced himself
as a friend, but you learned
a bit too late; Death is
a thieve, a stealer of soul’s.

Yet you took his hand.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
Change is good,
sometimes it’s for the best.

I have made myself what I am.

I have lived for 36 year’s,
I have fought for my life,
I have struggled through
in the toughest times.

I always came through,
I am able to see the light
at the end of the tunnel
because it’s always burning
waiting for me to arrive.

You know you are living your life
when you feel the ache settle in.
It means you are no longer busy
and you have the time to notice.

I use to be able to run nine miles
twice a day, now I am learning
how to rest nine to five.

Life wasn’t promised it would be easy or fair.

No one told you,
you don’t have too work
to get there.

Life is work, tough, and struggle
it’s up to you what you do to get
where you want to be.

Just remember you are not alone.

Just like the flea
the dog is its whole world
until he has too leave.

We don’t like change
because most view it as negative,
but the truth is; Change helps us
to grow, stay strong, and to learn.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
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