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From the gaping wounds I escape,
from its painful thrubs I leap,
relief is found in formatted sentences
and bleeding ink I smudged upon these pages.

For you to leave this page empty and
confused is to know I failed
to write a good poem.

It takes a master to draw you
in, it takes skills to paint
with words like an artist
paints with brushes.

Years of research and experience,
builds a masterful piece of work
and expressions.

Time dosen’t heal alone,
it needs help along the way.

Line by line,
slowly I build my rhyme,
it grows like a flower slowly
blooming into a beautiful tapestry;
complex and designed by a poetic

My threads are heavy, easy to read
and to imagine my story.

The simplest words and softest lines,
can build a tapestry so beautiul it
burns in your mind for a long time.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
This be truth,
love dreams of you.

You are loves wish
come true.

A kiss so fair, upon
a blushing cheek it
warms the heart even
when freezing winter’s
hug tightly holds your
heart in its contemptuous

Love is the victim
of hate and abuse,
it can hurt you or
save you from
loneliness embracing
your fragile heart.

The heart is that like
porcelaine, it’s easily
creaked and tampered by
the pressures of love and
its embracing of passionate memories.

Upon a lovers promise,love
settles with the whispering
wind as two hearts are

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
I was born a poet,
with a pen in one hand
ideas in the other.

I am also, an artist,
with paint running through
my veins, and a bigger
picture mapped out in
my brain.

Its a big responsibly,
my birthright is to
be a philosopher.

I love learning and sharing
the knowledge.

Philosophy is simple, but the
concept is complex and diverse.

It can be a river of flooded
concepts, rooted in historic
preservation of ideas.

Philosophers like myself
preserve the ideas of its
concept’s and diversity.

Faith keeps my interest free
and unchained by societies
views of how life should be.

I knew early on in my life,
I am the master of my own destany.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
To be mad, is to repeat the same thing even though its broken. Beating the heart after it stops. Not accepting chances. Not taking effort to learn. Not caring enough. Thinking poorly of everything. Depression at its deepest depths.

I once suffered from madness. I became Alice.

Now I am the raven, I am craving a poetic mockery of a desk, with a quill in one hand and ideas in the other.

No madness in sight.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
Upon the waves I crashed
ashore, the force caused change and chaos pursued.

We all are like chaotic
oceans, crashing against
the shores of life.

We become earthquakes,
moving mountains with
our technologies and

Our minds evolving over time, we become more aware of the changes we’ve caused.

Not everyone is open minded, it takes a philosophers view point to direct the way to the future possibilities.

I am a modern day philosopher, I enjoy learning and teaching.

Language is my best quality,
art is my favorite entertainment
and personal journey.

The art of living is
my job.

My poetic journey slowly
plays out upon these pages,
I’ve created.

My expressions stain the
internet with my rolling
formats of sentences and
word play.

Its a full deck of wildcards,
you never know what your going to get.

Jack be shameless,
Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack drew an ace
missed the king,
kissed the queen of hearts,
while playing a deck of

We all play a part.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
We all are playing a part
in the tragic comedy, our
lives grind to ash slowly
as we are forced to face
the harsh reality.

Blissful ignorance once
blinded me, numbed my tongue into silence making
me dumb.

As I grew, I flew into
the fog I learned how
to clear the clouds,
I took control over
my own destiny.

Once I thought I was alone,
I met myself and discovered
there’s so much more.

I am not a lonely shadow
hunting for the light,
I am a flame a beckon for those who feel the same.

I am not lost, for I found
myself and I accepted who
I am. I will always second guess myself, but I accept
that as normal.

I can only bend to my own,
climbing mountains, and
fly over hills, but in
my own unique way.

I am brave and strong,
I’ve taught others to do
the same.

That’s my job and I’m

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
To my abuser and ex love,

Upon my tears I release
my strife. The memories
of you taste like ash it
rotted and decayed long ago.

You promised me forever but brought me shattered dreams

I lost your heart to your
selfish muse, your in love
with greed and dishonesty.

I was beaten down until
I felt like I was nothing
but an annoyance an unbearable itch that keeps burning.

But it wasn’t me, it was
your sins that rules your
kingdom of hateful lies
you tell yourself.

You have no one to blame
but yourself, yet still,
still you cry wolf while wearing sheeps skin.

No one believes after
the first lie, each time
you speak to manipulate
you push a wage in between,
your a coward because you
don’t have the guts to be
honest and change your behavior.

I have worked hard to be
strong enough to not blame
myself for the abuse you
threw at me.

I am a good person,
I am a kind smart
and unique human being.

I had to learn how to accept myself while you were lying
telling me I am nuts and I
should take medication that
hurt me and I don’t need anymore.

If you are truly a good person
you would have changed your behavior and show it.

©️ 2021 By Amanda Shelton
If someone makes you feel horrible about yourself, you should get away from them. Its abusive to bully and hurt. It doesn't matter why someone abuses, it's not right. No one should allow it. Everyone deserves to be loved and feel secure. Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself. It's healthy to be honest and kind. Reflect good and good will reflect on your life too. You should talk about your issues instead of reflecting hate and ugliness. It's no one's responsibility to make you happy. Happiness is personal.
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