I walked my way through
heavy rain,
burned bridges along the way.

Through the years I suffered
pain, my bruises still raw
and hold the strife
I claim.

Over time things change
but still my soul remains
strong and bold.

I go my way burning bridges
along the way.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
A poet is an artist,
we paint with words and formats.

Our canvas is the internet,
parchment paper, a wall,
or fabric.

Our paints are pigmented with our
lives, slowly growing revealing
our strife.

With each line, we paint a grand design.

For a poet has an imagination
that has no secrets,
for us it's easy to be honest,
special when the pen
is beaconing
for us to pick it up.

You can't be a poet and be shy,
for who will take notice
of your grand design if
you won't look them in the eye?

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton
Hearts shatter so easily,
the pieces are sharp and crude.

The fragile pieces keep
cutting into my life,
making new wounds each time.

You take your knife
pushing it deeply
into my already broken life,
you screw it deeper
until there’s nothing left
for me to bleed out.

You collect my suffering
in your dirty jar’s,
savoring my last heart beat
as if waiting for another
so you can take one more slice
just incase it didn’t fell
the jars to there brem.

You have become a grim reminder,
I shouldn’t trust you
as my friend or lover.

Sadly I have been through hell
many times before,
and I have grown stronger.

© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton
You are my bud to my rose,
you are my breath to my life,
you are my coo to my caw,
you are my shadow
to my morning sun,
you are my path
to my destination,
you are my cream
to my coffee.

You are many things
to my life,
you add structure
and texture to my ever
changing world.

You give me reason for living,
you add demintion to my understanding.

You give meaning to my quest,
my journey will never be a bore
not with you aboard.

You are my desire,
my reasoning and
the only one who forever holds
the key to the chambers of my heart.

**© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
Dusty, rusty, blacked, and decayed,
I came to take everything away.

Slowly I came,
silent, and cumbersome,
I will make you remember me.

Who will forget the thing
that stole your time,
wasted life that forgot to
live to fulfillment?

I am ruin, I am decay, I am blackness,
I am memories of long forgotten.

This world can't hold both of us,
so the strongest survive,
I am ruin, I am dust, and ashes,
I am blinded by my purpose.

To the end,
I am gone but never forgotten.

I am ruin.

*© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
Between the times we are together
and apart my heart waits patiently
but eager for your returning.

Time is like a shadow,
I can't see it but I know it's there,
our love can seem the same.

Like unforgiving waves
the destination is always the same,
I crash upon your shores,
like a storm you crash into mine.

We need not climb alone,
for we've got a forever home
inside each other's arms.

Love is like a stone,
it can seem hard at times,
but it takes thousands of years
to degrade.
Our love is the same.

**© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
I write poetry,
I also write emotions
that I find difficult to express.

Emotions on the ocean,
ride the rolling tides,
like a wave washing ashore
its life, that lives
in its depths.

It gave birth to a poetic format,
emotions too high to express
through a voice.

I come to a crossroads
between emotions and me,
I always share openly.

**© 2018 By Amanda D Shelton
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