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The perpetual kiss of the night,
embarrassed by its foggy
hug, its mystery is here to
entrance our needs for
beauty and the monsters
lurking beneath its misty banks.

Such things crawl around in the
underbelly of bleakness of pitch
black of the night. Waiting for
our eyes to close, to drift off to sleep.

The moon hangs low
in its bow, orbiting the mystery
we call night. Such love it has
for the sky in which it calls home.

Alone moon beam lost
within the mysterious night.

© 2019 By Amanda D Shelton
Stand proud!

Be you,
be true to yourself
for you are the only one
who has to live with yourself.

Be brave,
live bold and strong.

We all fall down
but not everyone is
bold enough to wipe themselves
off and keep going until
they achieve their goals.

Forgive yourself
so you can forgive
someone else.

Fight for your rights,
use your powers of knowledge
and be kind to one another.

Empty your heart to allow
love to fell the empty spaces
you’ve created.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself
for being human, instead
use your experiences to
build a stronger foundation.

Remember you are not alone,
there are billions of people
in this world who are living

Open your mind to possibilities
and you will find purpose
and meaning.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
My mind never doubted,
my heart is never empty,
my life is full of empty
promises I’ve made to myself.

But my faith never wades,
for it’s like a powerful wave
crashing ashore.

My candle is always yearning
burning for your time,
like undying embers
faulted by there ashes.

None can measure my Lords
grace and mercy, for none
is as mightier as he
my creator.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
Brought To You
****** Quill’s Poetry Collection

Upon the weathered branches
wilts the roses,
their perfume is a reminder
how fragile this life
can be.

We are so busy running
around in our carelessness
and fast pass lifestyles
to take notice of the roses
waiting to take room
inside our noses.

Such things are beyond
our reach, yet we are
pulled in by the exotic
fumes of the dieing decor,
such beauty comes from
the perfume of the died

Oh, how I love to stop
and smell the lovely roses
but please never pick them
for they will make you bleed.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
The angles gathered
as the prayers rose
from the people praising
within the church.

He’s coming soon,
he’s like a never ending
breath, a wave rolling
over you taking you
back into his womb,
the devil has no room
in this holy place.

God never forgets,
it’s not his job to
always remind you,
it’s selfish of you
to think it’s all up
to him. He’s a foundation
of your faith not
a feared master forcing
you to kneel.

He’s more mightier than
a flooding river,
he’s faster than time
and space, he’s beyond
your emagination and
your girth is shorter
than his grace for nothing
can measure such power.

My Lord blessed me
with love and faith.

My reminder is that
I am a survivor.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
Upon my faith grows
my strangth,
deeper and deeper
my roots dig deep
into the hollow.

I become that like
a tree, my seed is small
but my roots are strong.

The more I pray
the deeper I grow
deep into the hollow,
no devil will pull me
a stray.

My faith is strongly
rooted within the depths
of the hollow, I will
always pray.

My roots,
my roots,
dip deeply into
the hollow.
I kneel to pray.

Dear Lord,
thank you for my strength,
thank you for the blessing
of your ever growing spark.

My roots grow deeply
into the barren landscape
every autumn my leafs
will fall, revealing my
trunk leaving you
a reminder I too am
a survivor.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
Upon barren and fertile
places our love grows
in spring like woe.

Around the meadow and
the physalis, our garden
grows, like the weeds
and wildflowers our hearts
know, roots like to
grow where the waters flow.

Upon the setting sun
the flowers shun its
fading beams as they
wave goodnight to
the last bit of light.
Our petals close,
the shadows lengthen
bringing the day to
an end.

Fair well my shimmering
friend until the marrow
and we meat again
upon your sun soaked smile.

© 2019 By Amanda Shelton
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