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Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
I once was a beautiful neutron star
Gleaming so bright, you could see from afar
But then my star collapsed & died
& an astrophysical object derived...
It shredded my light & vacuumed me in
Never to be seen or heard from again
But as my flames began to ensue
I discovered the entities undeniable truth!
It appeared that my light was being reflected from its core
Emitting a feeling I could not ignore
So, I relinquished my fears & spiraled down like a drain
(Realizing that space/time can never be changed)
Pass the first event horizon was the radius of no return
Where time stand still, lessons are sure to be learned
Because once I reached the tempestuous light
It repulsed me back with an inconvieble might!
My World may never be the same again
But the grandeur of our love was worth it in the end
& so it must be:
Angular momentum, nonzero; uncharged
Is by far the greatest result of a dying neutron star
Written Februrary 2011, edited 2014
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
An inseparable companion

Caused by the interception of light

A comparative darkness

That is crystal clear in hindsight

Like the soul dictates a person

A shadow’s bed is made

From dawn to dusk, its fate is ******

into a merciless grave

For a shadow is dependent

On the laws of light

& It’s movement is restricted

To it’s suburbanite.

Its fleeting fate is understood

& yet it goes ignored

I wonder if the shadow could

End the misery it endures

Because as the day persists

Shadows continuously change

This lack of self must be felt

with a tremendous sense of pain

So as the shadow dwindles down

To the object it draws near

The entity becomes unbound

As night reclaims the hemisphere

Therefore, a life is worth the strife

The truth shall be unveiled

A shadow’s love for the night

Is one that will always prevail
Written July 2011
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
They brought a great big elephant
Indeed, they brought him everywhere
It is a massive elephant
Still, nobody seems to care

For that reason, I inquired of this elephant
Because I simply could not ignore
So I asked them why in the hell
Would they bring an elephant for?

An elephant is so obnoxious
It drives me up the wall!
When people readily ignore it
Just because it's against the law!
Written September 2011

Dedicated to Max Liberty Alexander & Knox James Alexander
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
I could see right thru the fortress' walls,
I knew what they enclaved
Beaten by an ocean full
of canary-yellow waves
They glistened like the stars reflected
from a moon-lit sky
Scattered like a million diamonds,
it's beauty; mesmerized  
Tho seaweed dark as forest green
did fill the ocean floor
Both translucent, & befuddling  
I could only wish to explore
For I have never seen a castle
rest in a sea of grime  
& with its image now engraved
Forever in my mind!  
& tho it's walls we're callous; thick
I thought it could still work
If only I had persisted  
(Instead, I went berserk...)
But is love not an incendiary?
For those who've gone insane?
& so it's best to resist the urge--
Your heart you must contain!
Edited 2014, 2012

Dedicated to Knox James Alexander
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
A child strutted down a gray gravel lane
That laid between a rose garden fenced frame
The young boy ran his fingers thru the brush
Filling the air with a strong floral musk
When suddenly, he retracted his hand with a wince
When it snagged some thorns on the rose garden fence
He cried aloud as his fingers ran red
The kind of yelp his mother did dread
So she descended from the house which they lived
To find her young son waist-deep in roses
She pucked him from the garden with care
& inquired in the first place, why he was in there
He replied to his mother, he wanted it dead
To **** the rose that had caused him to bled
She cleared her throat, smiled, then said,
“My dearest child, do not be misled. Killing the rose won’t cure your bloodshed.”
This made the boy cry even harder it seemed
He already killed the rose in a vengeful fury
His mother smoothed the tears from his cheeks
Cleared her throat & again began to speak,
“It’s ok to feel bad. It’s all apart of life. After all, what is happiness if not in contrast to strife?”
Written circa November 24, 2011 **Dedicated to Knox James Alexander
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
It’s what propels us all

Made kingdoms rise & fall

Told the grass to bend in the breeze

Caused a wrist to slit & bleed

Severed fingers, toes, & ears

Helped men conquer their fears

Influenced cowards to run & hide

Encouraged good woman to sin & lie

Butterflies so intense you could hurl

& it’s worth all the pain in the world
Written Circa October 2011
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
Look at the happy people

Are they not all mad?

They’ll empty out their pockets

To give more, they wish they had

& they’ll do it with a smile

Because they genuinely care

May God bless the crazy people

Who give a **** when life’s not fair
Written Circa October 2011

Dedicated to my adoring husband, Jake Dupree Alexander who would give the shirt off his back to a stranger in need.
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
So swift you come;
Brighter than the sun,
Your presence is so superb.
On top of the world
Thru rain or snow
But not long do you ever linger...
After you leave,
There's no hope for me;
Darkness always reclaims it's toll...
But may I remind;
The sun can still shine,  
Utilizing the moon as a loophole!
Given the choice,
Most celebrate day;
But I feel much more alive at night...
The distinctions are clever,
Their transition is smooth;
Creating a beautiful sight!
Therefore, be warned
Of those who are scorned
& censor what comes your way...
Do remember to note,
Emotions are like cloaks;
As interchangeable as night & day!
Written 2010
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
You talk of loneliness so frequent in your speech,
You talk of loneliness as if it's company, you beseech.
You say you search for light & truth
Integrity--it grounds your roots
You rarely talk but when you do,
It's loneliness that torments you?
It occurs to me that you are blind!
I will not rest until you're mine!

But wait...

Your heart is one I've seen before
So fragile & vacant at its core...
I couldn't live with that bloodshed on my hands
(Yet, that hasn't stopped me with any other man)
But your's is one I will respect
So, from the shadows I will protect!
I'll be your angel in disguise
No one will harm you; They'll be denied!

A saddened day with us apart
Tis better this way--to guard your heart!
You are my God, my Love, One Soul!
Do not fear, my Dear, you're never alone!
Written May 2012
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
I have contemplated long & hard
The many things I shouldn't
Of course, temptations could be barred
In my case, I knew They wouldn't!
For, I have Loved so many things
In a way that few can grasp
I attach myself obsessively
(As indicated in my past!)
& yet I often stumble on
A twisted-fleeting crux
Much like the breaking of a dawn
A grand, yet, abrupt influx
It seems that as the seasons change
They only vary in degree
& Just as quick as winter came
It degrades by intensity!
Therefore, be warned to stay away
If you cannot stand the blight!
You don't get to bask in the light of day
If you can't withstand the night!
August 2012
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
I was too young

Too young to know

That selling your soul

Is never condoned

By the angels above

or even demons in hell

Now as a misfit

In misery, I dwell

BUT my decision was

NOT made in hast

Instead, it determined

A sweet lover's fate

& if the angels above

Cannot understand

Then this sacrifice is one

I will gladly withstand

& with no hesitation

I’d quickly defend

That in the name of love

I’d do it again…
Written Circa September 2011
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
The Sunflower is awfully bigheaded

For being so tall & gangly

With fiery blooms, rough around the edges

He’s quite a sight to see annually

He looks down upon all the other flowers

With his head so high in the sky

This makes the other flowers jealous

But they fail to realize the sunflower lives a lie

Because the problem with the sunflower

Is that he turns his back on the sun

Creating the misconception

That he does not need anyone

But through the circadian rhythm

His leaves continuously change

Eluding the very revelation

That the sunflower causes his own pain

So as the sun begins to set

The sunflower realizes what he’s done

He faces the darkness with much regret

Realizing he cannot live without the sun
Written circa September 2011
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
It was definitely winter time as I trotted thru a foot of snow
My eyes were locked onto the sky;
my self-esteem was low
& yet I made it thru the field where daffodils once swayed
The Cottage laid 100 yards before me in mid-day
It's shutters had all fallen off, & only one remained
It's door was busted, rusted--all swallowed in decay
& yet I forced my entrance & stood  in the disarray  
(The fact of the matter is, I liked it better this way...)
The arms of the rocking chair were worn down to the bone
As pots & pans & tupperware were splashed around the home
At least a home it used to be but that was long ago....  
It seems it's one-time owner was knocked far from his thrown...
The windows were all busted out by rocks that laid the ground
The frost had overtook the place by more than heaps & bounds
It was obvious there'd been no visitors for more than many years
The less than freezing temperatures had made this crystal clear
& as I stood there shivering, thinking of the day
When this sight that laid before me was filled with sun & play
The Cottage was so perfectly constructed in this way
Children had once filled the field where daffodils once swayed
& now I had returned to complete my mission from the start
The plan, unfolding perfectly--The destruction of my heart.
Written May 23 2012, edited 2014
Autobiographical Poem
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
I looked into the eye of the crow
& all I saw was-black
I knew the beast had consciousness
Only reality he lacked...

He had a sort of pompousness
Which I think is misunderstood
Because he's filled with emptiness
He must portray that he's good

& yet I find it rather odd
Whenever I do see
A twinkle in the distance
That reminds myself of me

& I guess that's why I stick around
This dark & cold abyss
I hope one day his consciousness
Can help him find his bliss...

But I predict he'll never change
He'll never see what he can be
& just like that all my life
Will be shattered by my dreams...
Written June 19, 2014 circa 2:00pm
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
Where does the time go
Since it so rapidly slips away
Once it's gone, it's gone for good
Leaving me wishing it had stayed

The challenge is then to endure
It's ever-lasting fleet
So cherish every moment
& Exploit every opportunity

This proves to be more difficult
When dreams dissolve in thin air
It seems freedom is more restrictive
Than others are made aware

Therefore, it takes a tenacious person
Brave enough to tackle a wall
Just when it was suppose to shatter
The wall proved it refused to fall

Equally headstrong & tormented
You vowed to forever pursue
This obsession with my confinement
Was ultimately the end of me & you

Thus, when you declared forever
it appeared to be a lie
But I realize now more clearly than ever
That it is simply the end of time
Written circa December 3, 2010
At Forum Cleansers
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
He dusted off the old rocking chair
& asked me to have a seat
He'd tell me what he was doing there
If I'd simply take a load off my feet

I found this gesture laughable
I would rather stand!
Then listen to another word
Uttered by this despicable Man!

But His confidence eluded Him
He knew I would protest
& yet I saw Him conceal a grin
At the denial of His request!

At this point, I couldn't even move
I could barely breathe
He acknowledged my discomfort, said,
"Very well" & took the seat!

As He sat there callously,
Scoping out the room
He said He just could not believe
The daffodils won't bloom!

This absurdity helped catch my breath
I quickly snapped to interject,
"**** the flowers! **** this place!"
& turned to flee with great hast!

This made Him chortle with much glee
He barked, "Silly, girl, you cannot leave! I know you've known this all along, The Cottage is where your Soul belongs!"

I felt so angry I could cry
I hit my knees & pleaded: "WHY?!
I kicked You out so long ago! Don't speak to me as if You know!"

& this is where the story twists:
He dropped His grin & stood up quick
Now, controlled by His brown eyes
Forced to hear His every lie:

"I know that we have been apart, But that's no excuse to neglect your heart, & that is why I'm here again, to protect you from yourself, My friend..."

& that's the moment I lost my mind
To hear Him call me "friend"
As if His love, I could deny!
(So, instead, I was forced to pretend)

But He already knew my tricks
We played this game before
All this time Our stubbornness
Is the very quality We adored!

So, while He tried to lecture me
I quickly stoked a match
I had laced The Cottage previously
& dropped it on a kerosine-soaked mat!

& as I laughed maniacally
at the seconds we had left
To my surprise He grinned idly
As We slowly burned to death...
Written August 2012
Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
The rudiments of love are vested deep within the soul. Like the bleeding sands of time, our feelings can't control--An aggregation of desire, filled by many things. The light that fuels our fire, embellishes our surroundings.

We shut our eyes but cannot sleep,

we hold our breath,

clinch our teeth.

We tremble at the slightest brush, our hearts awaken from this rush! & just when we expect the flame to yield, it torches the entire battlefield!

This leaves behind a humble scene, of ash, & smoke, & broken dreams... At which point only time can heal, but merely to form another battlefield?

I believe that we were made for more, that pain is something we should endure, that life is more than a half-filled glass, but a powerful teacher of poise & class! & I, for one, will never mistake the advantages of a lost-love fate!
Written circa August 21, 2012
Ms Ann Thrope Aug 28
Have you ever seen the way
A bushfire sets beautifully ablaze
The deepest, darkest forest trees
A melting-orange intensity
It brings about an ash of gold
Like the smothering dust of charcoal
The wildest destruction ever to see
In the eyes of a son who came from me
Written 2021
Dedicated to Knox James Alexander

— The End —