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Jun 2014
Where does the time go
Since it so rapidly slips away
Once it's gone, it's gone for good
Leaving me wishing it had stayed

The challenge is then to endure
It's ever-lasting fleet
So cherish every moment
& Exploit every opportunity

This proves to be more difficult
When dreams dissolve in thin air
It seems freedom is more restrictive
Than others are made aware

Therefore, it takes a tenacious person
Brave enough to tackle a wall
Just when it was suppose to shatter
The wall proved it refused to fall

Equally headstrong & tormented
You vowed to forever pursue
This obsession with my confinement
Was ultimately the end of me & you

Thus, when you declared forever
it appeared to be a lie
But I realize now more clearly than ever
That it is simply the end of time
Written circa December 3, 2010
At Forum Cleansers
Ms Ann Thrope
Written by
Ms Ann Thrope
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