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Ms Ann Thrope Aug 2021
Have you ever seen the way
A bushfire sets beautifully ablaze
The deepest, darkest forest trees
A melting-orange intensity
It brings about an ash of gold
Like the smothering dust of charcoal
The wildest destruction ever to see
In the eyes of a son who came from me
Written 2021
Dedicated to Knox James Alexander
Marthea Flores Mar 2019
Those hazel eyes flashed against mine,
it was a blink of an eye,
felt for the first time.

Can't hold your hand,
nor kiss your lips,
my whole world turns around our eclipse.

A silhouette love,
it's just me and you.
You are my little secret,
a secret rendezvous.
Vivian Cunniffe Feb 2015
I had never known what love was till I had seen it in your eyes.
There had been nights, no doubt, where I questions my faith to you.
I thought I was caught in the illusion that it was just you and I.
Not a soul but us on this withered earth.
But it wasn't till I saw the sun in your smile
and the summer in your eyes.
Until then I had only believed in fleeting passion
now I know I have found love.
Love is not the feeling of joy you get when you see them.
Love is haunting.
Love rattles through your bones and leaves you breathless.
But you never quite know why.
And now I stand before you, confessing that, I, am devoted to you.
That my love for you is not a fleeting moment of passion.
My love has consumed me and stripped me bare in front of your hazel eyes.
And I am whole again.
I am more alive in love than I have been in moments of passion.
And this, is what it is
to love you.

— The End —