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Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014
An inseparable companion

Caused by the interception of light

A comparative darkness

That is crystal clear in hindsight

Like the soul dictates a person

A shadow’s bed is made

From dawn to dusk, its fate is ******

into a merciless grave

For a shadow is dependent

On the laws of light

& It’s movement is restricted

To it’s suburbanite.

Its fleeting fate is understood

& yet it goes ignored

I wonder if the shadow could

End the misery it endures

Because as the day persists

Shadows continuously change

This lack of self must be felt

with a tremendous sense of pain

So as the shadow dwindles down

To the object it draws near

The entity becomes unbound

As night reclaims the hemisphere

Therefore, a life is worth the strife

The truth shall be unveiled

A shadow’s love for the night

Is one that will always prevail
Written July 2011

— The End —