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pluto Dec 5
and they never knew
they were lost stars,
building their empires
after many lost wars.
Wynn H Jun 1
What is this concept
We eternally search for?
Why is it so hard to find?

Endless searching
No finding.
[check my wallet…nope]

Do we end up settling for second
As a close first,
Purely as consolation?
Or do we keep on searching

Keep on sailing the trepid ocean of life
For that perfect storm?

I can gladly say
That I have found it

I found this rare jewel
They call happiness
[smiles abound
As he thinks of her]

As a kid, I felt lost
Unsure of the whys of my life
Unsure of my journey
I was a salmon swimming against the currents
Trying to fight life with the strength I was given
This was my flow
until I reached stillness and happiness
I was now a young adult floating in peace
Far from where I started
I felt accomplished

The quiet lake became an ocean before I could even glance at the wonder
Unfamiliar and vast
I found myself lost once again
Breaking through the waves of life
Unsure of the whys
But believing in the journey

Until one day, the deep urge to go home
To that stream where the currents were strong and familiar
For the first time in my life
I stopped swimming,
I had to go back to the mud
where my roots remained untouched

Now here I am
In nature’s water
I understand that home is not a place
Home is the current that leads me
I now swim with the tide not against it.
I stopped asking why
And started looking up
Where I can enjoy the sky
Basking in the beauty of this moment
I am trusting my path
Exploring moments without destinations

Jl 2018
Sombro Mar 4
You're an almond joy
A smooth stone in soft flesh
A blank stone sparrow
In crooked wire mesh

You looked over your shoulder
And ignored their descriptive hairs
Dancing with compliance
Giving never selling wares

What unbroken ****** skin
Around your eyes, thy
Eyebrows never meeting, stretching
Happy faces to the sky

I hoped richer feelings
Might comply to your dream, yet
It was laid on shallow and
Cracked and poorly set

Still despite your fret dancing
Your shakes and swoons so full
Graceful, hopeful, ruby bright
Fell dirtied, scratched by gravity's pull

Despite your new company,
Jackal grins that never start
Hope, not one can rival
The sweetness of a young heart.
Inheriting independence
Intruding boundaries
You let your actions stem
from insecurity and jealousy
You want to protect me
But now I feel,
I need protection from you.

You’re taking my life and air;
And Stifling me.

Love me
Don’t own me.
Protect me,
But don’t bound me.

You’re being possessive
That it turns out obsessive
And sometimes situations get aggressive.

Fire burns in your love
But your intentions become impure.
In becoming possessive
You became invasive.

You try to move my blood to your accord.
Try to be the nerve to my muscle.
But you’re blinding my eyes with tears
And leaving myself internally screaming.
It is like a curse that brings problems without a cause.

I want to b r e a t h e  
I want to s c r e a m  
I want to f l e e  

I wonder,
Where did all the happiness go?
Because I just find myself lamenting
over the days that pass by.

- Beautiful Sensitive Soul
Light a lily for love and peace;
The pure white essence,
The soft whisper of purity,
The kiss of forgiveness ,
Allow the waters of life drip ,

Let her
Heal your wounds,
Hear your words,
So you,
Can be free.
like a flowering lily be free and don't go back
open yourself and let your beauty be born <3
Dom Bobek Feb 4
All things pass,
the good,
the bad.
All things pass,
even the mood
you've had.

I think you should,
just keep on moving.
The good you did,
needs no proving.

Just keep on walking, loving, crying.
Keep on talking, struggling, vying.

'Cause above all, we're all dying..

It'd be a shame, to waste your life,
even if all you've known 'till now was strife...
twodollar Dec 2017
There are
classes that I took on
human geography.
It's not about mountains or bodies of water, but
it's about
A lot of it was about the distribution of
political parties,
But one time
my professor, he said,
"all of these statistics, but there isn't a single graph about the distribution of happiness."
Of course, he then went on by never speaking about it again
because it was originally a joke.
When I got home I looked online for
happiness graphs.
I found rates of suicide, which is similar in premise,
it wasn't quite what I was looking for.
Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough.
I have never gone to the second page of Google and I didn't have any cares to start then.
I don't know.
Other people's happiness isn't nearly as interesting as your own I guess.
Megan Oct 2017
One day the smoke clears
The shadows disappear
But as always the darkness re appears
For its never far away
The voices that echo in my head
The judgment I can’t let go
It always follows me like a dog left astray
It dragged me back and pulled me away
From the live i try and live
From the freedom I try and find each and every day
But this hollow grave, this empty thought
I still call it a friend
For it gives me meaning and it gives me light
In the thoughts i never say
Without sadness there is no hope
For in happiness there is no growth
So the struggles and the battles we face
Bring us closer to the truth
Of the child we lost in ourselves when we
Hid our true face
BladeRunner Aug 2017
A sense of lightness
is what I suppose happiness could be
Not a feeling but a state of being

And at the same time
you can also feel blue

Light blue

So it doesn´t rip you apart
but quietly soothes your mind
and lets your soul unwind
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