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Julie Smith Jun 2017
Just some words
Uttered in breathless motions
Stuttered between lucid movements
Not sure to understand
Alive in illusion
More like a mirage, a beautiful nocturnal daydream
Drowning in error
Devouring the terror
In moments of silence
These words mean the world
This is the last poem of my poem book Part II. A part which was the most fun to write and to live. It was the greatest time. Great memories. And this poem is also one of my favourites because it sparks memories which I'm not sure are even real but at least I am sure they occurred in another dimension
Julie Smith Jun 2017
It's the worst thing when you ruined your dreams yourself
Walked away, put your life on the shelf
In the end it's too late to deal with fate
Or is it just the dark days that keep you from being great?

Remembering the victories, the triumphs, the things you have done
Can they really so easily disappear, fade away like unwritten history, all this time gone?
You have lost your momentum, you were spoiled from winning and not accustomed to lose
How many more times does the same mistake need to happen to you?

Will you ever find out what is right or wrong?
You thought you had it figured but spring, summer, fall and winter, it's all a different song
Just when you think all is good, your life is saved and truth is found
It's shattered to pieces, once more, and you're alone, waiting for love to come back around
Again. A different song. And when we can't deal with fate then we have to deal with the Devil
Julie Smith Jun 2017
Forget all these poems
Forget about my love
Forget about us
And the waste of time I'm so sick of

Move on, let it go
Give up, devalue
Let all those losers'
Credos come true

You said 'forever'
But you meant 'never'
How is this romance supposed to be
If you can't even say 'hi' to me?

Live my life, I don't need you
Says common sense I don't agree to
Would you run to me, come back
If my phone's screen just turned black?
You did. But some tricks don't work twice...
Julie Smith Jun 2017
This is the hardest time without you
Mixed with memories of a time we hadn't met yet
But when I had you more than now

Expecting a day that might never come
That will allow me to make up for a mistake
Leaving you when all I wanted was living with you

How could I ever believe you would leave her for me?
Seems like that was a case of bad judgement for me
But I know without you I'll never be free

But you gave me hope and I'll just trust in you
For if it were to end now
All of this would never have happened at all
Written last September and compared to now it was actually a really great time. The best time. Very bad judgement indeed.
Julie Smith Jun 2017
The boy I learned to live from
He was out on the streets
The city lights' shimmer subliminally but he keeps in the shade
The only one who could see him, a country girl
With soft memories of a summer love

Have you ever seen him since?
A gambler's heart took him away
He touched my heart like no one else never can
Like the sky blue before a ship bound for the sea
Out of reach, I'll wait on the shore

Learn to fly and cross oceans
A morning fresh as the sun reflected in a skyscraper's glass
The wind blowing his sweet words back to me
I open the door
And let him in
Inspired by the one I always write about, the countryside and Chicago
Julie Smith Jun 2017
We haven't been talking for quite some time
But you, you've been all the time on my mind
The past is gone, the future to find
Life's like a record tape and you can't rewind

What will you do when the golden days are gone?
Will you still play the Queen when you're alone on your throne?
Will the forsaken dreams always remain undone
Or can we revive this affection held back for so long?

Please tell me without you there won't be as many days
Ahead for me as the many that made us part ways
My love, in a daze, you set it ablaze
And I promise with you it forever stays
I counted the days and it's already a lot more. Too many. But I'll keep counting forever.
Julie Smith Jun 2017
See the sun shining and the hillsides so green
The meadows reflecting the faint morning light
The lilies they blossom in nature's wide screen
While the air feels fresh after the clear pristine night

I love the dewdrops on my bare feet
Anticipating the summer heat
But I have to leave this sweet landscape behind
The blue sky has taken my peace of mind

This beauty was all I have known for years
Since I left you, steadfast but torn and in tears
You gave me freedom to follow my heart
I missed you every second we were apart

I told you I had a promise to keep
A lifetime ago and a love so deep
We will close the circle in a perfect agreement
Keeping my word I knocked out my Demon

I made a vow to come back to you
If you ever only still wanted me to
One last loving look back to the greenfields afar
Don't wipe off the tear as I walk to my car

Memories of past years come to my mind
Distant dreams of a life left behind
Piercing through my heart like cut glass
I smile through my tears while I step on the gas

The road takes me down to our favourite place
Where I told you good-bye through a dolorous haze
Parked the car, I walk down the street
Anxious to see you, I'm stumbling on my feet

Now I am standing on this holy ground
Waiting for you to come around
The sun shines in my face, so gently and warm
I blink and I smile as I wake up in your arms
Closing the circle by using some black magic to vanquish the Demon you created from a singularity. In the circle the two lines will cross in the middle while the outer curves will be the farthest away from each other. For justification the two have to be unified again. Take the deal willingly for a greater good and you will stay righteous. The Devil will give you redemption.
Julie Smith Jun 2017
Boy, you're like a dream
I mean, are you even real?
For me you're more than perfect
My heart skips when I look back
To the days we were together
Never cared about the weather
The best life had to offer
In a rose garden I found a four-leaf clover
Without you I'm lost, dead and hopeless
My love without you can't exist I confess
So don't let me wake up
In the cold, harsh world, but stay a dream and keep me
Locked up
Sometimes dreams are more real than reality
Julie Smith Jun 2017
There's nothing worse
Than full moon and you are alone
When you risk your life for something unsure
Casually said
And you cheat on the ones who love you truly
For treacherous cravings
Promising you glory in your illustriousness
Giving you nothing but perfidious setbacks
When you think you made it
But then comes the day you evoke your own curse
When you see you made it worse
Abolished, defamed, you lost all to deception
When all you wanted was airy perfection
But there's nothing worse
Than full moon
And you are alone
November 15th, 2016 was a full Moon night and I was alone...
Julie Smith Jun 2017
My Darling, she's not good for you
I bet all that she can do
Is complaining about things you do

Don't you see that she's no good
That no way she ever could
Do the things to you I would

Can't hide the truth, I'm no good liar
Quench her whining with my passion's fire
Do me a favour and just pacify her

I'll confess and won't pretend
I really hope that in the end
You'll switch from her to my boyfriend
And you did pacify her... Inspired by a song of the same name by Melanie Martinez, the music video is on point.
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