Jay Lewis Nov 13

Take me back to that night,
where the lamppost was the only light in the sky.
Where you turned around and looked into my eyes, I held my breath and your lips met mine.

I felt you die in my arms that morning,
You left without any warning.
You left without a word,
You broke my wings so it would take me longer to walk away from the hurt.

It was your last chance.
And you left,
Without any regret.
I wish you held on,
I can never move on,
this for you is my swan song.

I'm Mourning you every day.
No one compares,
you were the one for me.
But I wasn't enough,
I've tried to become tough.
But his love wasn't strong enough to stay.
I wish you could see my pain.
I'm mourning you until my dying day.

There I sat, broken hearted
Try to poop but only farted.

This is an old little saying we used to say at camp when we were little. Enjoy :).
Lyn-Purcell Sep 13

L i g H t - h e a r t e d
    W h o l E - h e a r t e d
            W e A k - h e a r t e d
T e n d e R - h e a r t e d
        S o f T - h e a r t e d
                               B r o k e n - h e a r t e d
                L a R g e - h e a r t e d
                  P r O u d - h e a r t e d
                          K i n d - h e a r t e d
              F r E e - h e a r t e d
         S t o N y - h e a r t e d

We feel various sorts of 'hearted' through life...
Hari DR Sep 13

And like that, everything made sense. The words she had been waiting, to kill this dream and wake up into reality; The soothing pain of rejection.

My life is now back as it was before
Standing on the outside, as the cold rains pour
I'm battle bruised and very sore
Tired of love's slamming door
As my heart gets stomped into the floor
I loved you right down to your very core
When I asked, silence was your only roar
Your silence it spoke so much more
Guess it's time to tally the score
Seems I was just your little whore

©Pauline Russell

O stone hearted lover,
I considered you mine,
My own God of love.
I made a big mistake,
Oh what I thought,
And what turned out.
O stone hearted lover...

Carrying your face in my heart,
I would even walk on cinders,
You're still there where I prayed,
I am still where you'd left me.
There's no crazy lover like me,
O stone hearted lover...

I had thought when the nights,
Become too much desolate,
The fire of faith in her heart,
It will enlighten my path.
When I got hit then I knew,
O stone hearted lover...

Wish you had known him,
The one you have rejected,
Not just a mirror or a crystal,
You have downed a divine heart.
Now even my skies are barren,
O stone hearted lover...

My HP Poem #1547
©Atul Kaushal
Jack Jenkins May 16

I am shaking uncontrollably
All these feelings aren't mine
I want to fade into sleep
Everything is so wrong
I'm a tormented soul
My cry is unheard
I'm deaf and blind
Mute and crippled
I say not my own words
For I have no words left
I am broken
I am dead

I'm certain Rock Bottom's Basement has a sub-level...
Val Feb 16

Throwing stones to the stormy seas,

coming up tides from face to face.

I'm Hiding beneath the dam,

in orbit running round and round.

Just waiting 'til the tears subsides,

Now Sailing under someone's eyes.

If I could only turn back time,

there'll be no more cold under my spine.

Numbers, logic, and reason has no place in the heart.
Rationally speaking that was a radical thought, but hear me out.
What's the ratio of love, where's the perfect equation, that's what I thought.
I can't measure an ounce of love in one day.
Yet I'm torn from my chance because of an age.

**** Love should be liberated*******

As I've seen it
I want to reach
There's something of it
I wonder what's inside

Wonderful wonder world around
It takes time too
Gigantic paper of knowledge
I've fought it myself

Glimpse of the pages
Silent voice of mind
The turning of text
Heart that connects within

Such a long way
When is the time?
I've never stopped to
How can I know?

Words lost their way
An emotionless beautiful thing
I see your different
Can I handle you?

They want you so badly
As I really am
Someone seems to understand
Maybe I'm no special

You will be faded
Like your memories yesterday
You will be forgotten
Like you left mysteriously

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