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Robin Lemmen Aug 7
Our entire relationship I felt
Like all I was doing
Was waiting for you and I to break
Like goodbye was only one kiss away
And when I finally started feeling
Like maybe, just maybe
We would prove ourselves wrong
You left me in shambles on the floor
Shards of our favorite memories
Cutting deep and letting me
Bleed flowers painted red
All over the world
I can't seem to escape
Everything feels laced
With your winter remnants
Blooming in a stark white contrast
To my deep dark wounds
Leaving broken roses everywhere
i had mercilessly turned myself
As frail as a skeleton
In obsessively trying to justify  
your repeated slips and faults
To myself
Rather than contemplating
To hold you accountable
For them
Shading your lies and fables
Like a greedy politician
Hungers for power
And striving hard to find
The smallest fragment
of truth within them
By using every bit of my
Increasingly deteriorating strength
Making incredibly sure
Like an absolute maniac
That you don't notice
Any visible sign or symptom
Of the eye-watering peace and clarity
That freely bled
From the recesses
Of my mind daily
And obliterating the faint voice
In my head
That sometimes tried
To make me aware
About the ***** fact
That i didn't deserve
So much pain
That i was deliberately
yet unknowingly
Inflicting upon myself
For someone like you
Just because
I was terrified
Of another biting fact
Apart from you
No one had made me feel
Worthy of
a half hearted and spiritless love
Ever before
I met you in Milano,
but I am sure not that is really where we met,
I met you on the heathlands of the wild hills by falls of water sweet,
but I am not sure I really met you there either,
I met you in the mountains past wild boars and making love in springs air high,
but I am not sure I met you there,
I met you in the coach arriving back in the heat,
my dress clammy and my body wet underneath ,
your eyes shining and brown looking into mine ,
blue and green,
but I am really not sure I met you there
and swimming in the warm Adriatico in summers boom
you held me there ,
but I did not meet you there ,
I met you in the Austrian alps each night in the hotel room,
eating cool yogurt and fruit in the mid day sun ,
but I did not meet you there I am sure.
I met you on the aeroplane over the iced sharp alps ,
nervous we as the flight took us home,
but no you were looking out the window
I did not meet you there,
for sure.
I met you in the Hotel Garden Terme
in the warm thermal waters free
and at night the piano maestro played to the dinners,
but no hang on you were not there ,
you were in your room on the computer .
I met you when we walked in the forests together and in hollow trees,
I seem to remember I really met you there but I am entirely not sure.
I met you by the bus terminal at Milano central station ,
it was winter, yes, the bus ready to go
and I looked through you and you through me,
and I boarded the coach to take the flight
and I saw through the darkened glass your face crying
broken ,
and alone
Oh yes I remember now,
I met you there.

That day you were never the same again ,
a changed man
and I never met you again .
Seanathon Jun 3

That's what he means when he says that she... "Pulls on his heart like she pulls on the sea."
I didn't read the news today
I just didn't care what it had to say
I rolled it up and put it away
I'm gonna keep the peace
I've got no reason to cry
I'm not gonna look for a reason why
Let the whole world pass me by
Cause I'm gonna keep the peace

There's enough to fear and dread
Without shoving more **** in your head
So, write it off and go back to bed
There'll be enough time to stress when we're dead.

The days are long and life is short
Facts are things that they all distort
Just gimme sports and the weather report
And I'm gonna keep the peace.
I hope you'll pardon my dismissive tone
As I turn off the TV and silence my phone
But all the ******* can leave me alone
Cause I'm gonna keep the peace
No news is good news.
Emotions sink inside
I pull out my heart
Bleeding through my fingers
as I slowly die
I look upon your stone face
Trying to read your eyes
No life
No smile
As your eyes divert
to the side
I keep telling myself lies
that your love is deep
Waiting to come alive

Inside the old bones
Life must still exist
perhaps our love went silent
Leaving my heart awhile

I just don't see anymore
where the light left your eyes
for me

Along the road of life
Our kisses slowly
went away in the dark
Leaving cold embraces
Traces of memories
Laughter seems to fade
As your face turned to stone
My hearts left crumbling
Small pieces still cling to yesterday
Where old memories lay
in the streets of better days.

By Weeping willow
I know men have moods,but when the smile has left your eyes
After 30 years
What else is left inside the heart
as memories fade
We drift apart;-\
Sunshine Jan 29
I guess where I need to start this
Is where other people left off
Saying **** about love
Or crying about some man
This where I need to begin again
Right on the floor next to the box of tissues
Over by the tear-stained dress
She's crying because her man was a lair
He's lying because his girl was too perfect
These things don't make any sense
So I guess this is where I make sense of it all

People are immature and rude
They say things they don't mean to
They do things they shouldn't have done
And I know life is messy
Trust me I have been down that road
But as of right now, life is life
You gotta live it as it comes
When it hurts you, you stand tall
Where love leaves you
This is where you begin

To love yourself
To love others
To just be and feel love
To love is to take the whole world
Put it on your shoulders
And keep on giving till you have nothing left
But maybe you can't relate
Sunshine Jan 28
i know im not supposed to
but i think about you often

i know you didn't love me
but i loved you more then myself
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